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 Kingdom Plantae
  Heliconia humilis (Aubl.) Jacq. – not accepted
  Cleome spinosa auct. non Jacq. – not accepted – spider flower, spiny spiderflower
  Coccoloba laurifolia auct. non Jacq. – not accepted
  Coccoloba obtusifolia auct. non Jacq. – not accepted
  Epidendrum difforme auct. non Jacq. – not accepted – umbrella star orchid
  Ipomoea hederacea auct. non Jacq. – not accepted
  Justicia periplocifolia auct. non Jacq. – not accepted – tropical waterwillow
  Piper tuberculatum auct. non Jacq. – not accepted
  Salvia virgata auct. non Jacq. – not accepted – meadow sage
  Sapium aucuparium auct. non Jacq. – not accepted
  Juncus trifidus var. monanthos auct. non (Jacq.) Bluff & Fingerh. – not accepted
  Amphiglottis difformis auct. non (Jacq.) Britton – not accepted
  Calyptracordia alba auct. non (Jacq.) Britton – not accepted
  Bunchosia nitida auct. non (Jacq.) DC. – not accepted – woodland coffee
  Desmodium uncinatum auct. non (Jacq.) DC. – not accepted
  Ipomoea hirsutula auct. non Jacq. f. – not accepted
  Lonchocarpus violaceus auct. non (Jacq.) Kunth ex DC. – not accepted
  Meibomia uncinata auct. non (Jacq.) Kuntze – not accepted
  Neolehmannia difformis auct. non (Jacq.) Pabst – not accepted
  Cordia alba auct. non (Jacq.) Roem. & Schult. – not accepted
  Diandrostachya (C.E. Hubb.) Jacq.-Fél. – not accepted
  Nocca mollis (Cav.) Jacq. – not accepted
  Silphium terebinthinaceum Elliot non Jacq. – not accepted – prairie rosinweed
  Oxalis rosea Feuillée ex Jacq. – accepted – sorrel
  Bromus wolgensis Fisch. ex J. Jacq. – not accepted
  Filipendula lobata (Gronov. ex Jacq.) Maxim. – not accepted
  Thecanisia lobata (Gronov. ex Jacq.) Raf. – not accepted
  Gesneria punctata H. Jacq. – not accepted
  Lachenalia J. Jacq. ex Js. Murray – accepted – lachenalia
  Pennisetum scandens J. Jacq. ex Roem. & Schult. – not accepted
  Acalypha alopecuroidea Jacq. – accepted – foxtail copperleaf
  Achyranthes altissima Jacq. – not accepted
  Acrostichum longifolium Jacq. – not accepted
  Aegiphila Jacq. – accepted – spiritweed
  Aegiphila martinicensis Jacq. – accepted – Caribbean spiritweed
  Aeschynomene bispinosa Jacq. – not accepted
  Agrostis tenacissima Jacq. – not accepted
  Allium multibulbosum Jacq. – not accepted
  Alopecurus nigrescens Jacq. – not accepted
  Alpinia spicata Jacq. – not accepted
  Amerimnon brownei Jacq. – not accepted
  Amerimnon brownii Jacq. – not accepted
  Amyris maritima Jacq. – not accepted
  Anguria Jacq. – not accepted
  Annona mucosa Jacq. – accepted
  Annona muscosa Jacq. – not accepted
  Anthemis austriaca Jacq. – accepted – Austrian chamomile
  Apocynum sibiricum Jacq. – not accepted
  Aralia capitata Jacq. – not accepted
  Arctotis fastuosa Jacq. – accepted – monarch-of-the-veld
  Aristolochia anguicida Jacq. – accepted – harlequin dutchman's pipe
  Aristolochia maxima Jacq. – accepted – Florida dutchman's pipe
  Aristolochia oblongata Jacq. – accepted
  Aristolochia pentandra Jacq. – accepted – Marsh's dutchman's pipe
  Asclepias maritima Jacq. – not accepted
  Asclepias quadrifolia Jacq. – accepted – fourleaf milkweed
  Asplenium anthriscifolium Jacq. – not accepted
  Astragalus asper Jacq. – accepted
  Astragalus austriacus Jacq. – accepted
  Astragalus laxmannii Jacq. – accepted – Laxmann's milkvetch
  Avicennia nitida Jacq. – not accepted
  Besleria serrulata Jacq. – not accepted
  Boehmeria Jacq. – accepted – false nettle
  Bourreria succulenta Jacq. – accepted – pigeon berry, bodywood
  Bryonia dioica Jacq. – accepted – Cretan bryony, red bryony, wild hop
  Calea aspera Jacq. – not accepted
  Calliandra caracasana Jacq. – not accepted – snail stickpea
  Calycanthus succulenta Jacq. – not accepted
  Campanula carpatica Jacq. – accepted – tussock bellflower
  Capparis frondosa Jacq. – not accepted – caper
  Capparis hastata Jacq. – not accepted – broadleaf caper
  Capparis tenuisiliqua Jacq. – accepted
  Capsicum chinense Jacq. – accepted – aji
  Casearia Jacq. – accepted
  Casearia aculeata Jacq. – accepted – rabo de ranton
  Casearia decandra Jacq. – accepted – wild honeytree
  Cassia multiglandulosa Jacq. – not accepted
  Cassia polyphylla Jacq. – not accepted
  Celosia virgata Jacq. – accepted – albahaca
  Cestrum cauliflorus Jacq. – not accepted
  Cestrum salicifolium Jacq. – accepted – pussywillow jessamine
  Chionanthus caribaeus Jacq. – not accepted
  Chrysophyllum argenteum Jacq. – accepted – bastard redwood
  Cinchona caribaea Jacq. – not accepted
  Cissus tuberculata Jacq. – not accepted – West Indian treebine
  Clematis polygama Jacq. – accepted
  Cleome serrata Jacq. – not accepted – toothed spiderflower
  Cleome spinosa Jacq. – not accepted – spiny spiderflower
  Clusia flava Jacq. – accepted
  Clusia rosea Jacq. – accepted – Florida clusia, Scotch attorney
  Coccoloba diversifolia Jacq. – accepted – tietongue, pigeon plum
  Coccoloba grandifolia Jacq. – not accepted
  Coix exaltata Jacq. – not accepted
  Commelina longicaulis Jacq. – not accepted
  Commiphora Jacq. – accepted – myrrh
  Comocladia dentata Jacq. – accepted – toothed maidenplum
  Convolvulus dissectus Jacq. – not accepted
  Conyza carolinensis Jacq. – not accepted
  Cordia humilis Jacq. – not accepted
  Coreopsis ferulifolia Jacq. – not accepted
  Coreopsis parviflora Jacq. – not accepted
  Coronilla montana Jacq. – not accepted
  Corypha minor Jacq. – not accepted
  Costus cylindricus Jacq. – not accepted
  Costus villosissimus Jacq. – accepted – spiral flag
  Cotoneaster nitidus Jacq. – accepted
  Crataegus monogyna Jacq. – accepted – singleseed hawthorn, oneseed hawthorn
  Crataegus monogyna var. monogyna Jacq. – accepted – oneseed hawthorn
  Crataegus punctata Jacq. – accepted – dotted hawthorn
  Crotalaria capensis Jacq. – accepted
  Croton balsamifer Jacq. – not accepted
  Croton linearis Jacq. – accepted – pineland croton, grannybush
  Croton niveus Jacq. – accepted
  Croton polygamus Jacq. – not accepted
  Croton procumbens Jacq. – accepted
  Croton punctatus Jacq. – accepted – gulf croton
  Croton pungens Jacq. – accepted
  Cuphea viscosissima Jacq. – accepted – blue waxweed
  Cuphea viscossima Jacq. – not accepted
  Cynosurus domingensis Jacq. – not accepted
  Cynosurus siculus Jacq. – not accepted
  Dinebra Jacq. – accepted – viper grass
  Dinebra arabica Jacq. – not accepted
  Diospyros digyna Jacq. – accepted – black sapote
  Diphysa Jacq. – accepted
  Dolichos gladiata Jacq. – not accepted
  Doronicum austriacum Jacq. – accepted
  Echites agglutinata Jacq. – not accepted
  Echites agglutinatus Jacq. – not accepted – babeiro, azufaifo
  Echites quinquangularis Jacq. – not accepted
  Echites umbellata Jacq. – not accepted – devil's potato
  Echites umbellatus Jacq. – accepted – devil's potato
  Elaeis Jacq. – accepted – oil palm
  Elaeis guineensis Jacq. – accepted – African oil palm
  Elaeodendron Jacq. – accepted
  Epidendrum anceps Jacq. – accepted – brown-flower butterfly orchid
  Epidendrum difforme Jacq. – accepted
  Epidendrum nocturnum Jacq. – accepted – Epidendrum nocturno, dama de noche, night scented orchid
  Epidendrum ramosum Jacq. – accepted – Epidendrum ramoso, mountain star orchid
  Epidendrum rigidum Jacq. – accepted – Epidendrum rigido, stiff flower star orchid
  Epidendrum secundum Jacq. – accepted – thicket star orchid, lopsided star orchid
  Erigeron chinensis Jacq. – not accepted
  Erithalis odorifer Jacq. – not accepted
  Erithalis odorifera Jacq. – accepted – scented blacktorch
  Eugenia pseudopsidium Jacq. – accepted – Christmas cherry
  Euonymus atropurpurea Jacq. – not accepted – eastern wahoo, wahoo
  Euonymus atropurpurea var. atropurpurea Jacq. – not accepted – eastern wahoo
  Euonymus atropurpureus Jacq. – accepted – eastern burningbush, burningbush, wahoo, eastern wahoo
  Euonymus atropurpureus var. atropurpureus Jacq. – accepted – eastern wahoo
  Euphorbia angulata Jacq. – accepted
  Euphorbia bombensis Jacq. – accepted – Dixie sandmat
  Euphorbia bracteata Jacq. – accepted
  Euphorbia bupleurifolia Jacq. – accepted
  Euphorbia carniolica Jacq. – accepted
  Euphorbia clandestina Jacq. – accepted
  Euphorbia clava Jacq. – accepted
  Euphorbia diffusa Jacq. – not accepted
  Euphorbia divaricata Jacq. – not accepted
  Euphorbia gerardiana Jacq. – not accepted
  Euphorbia graminea Jacq. – accepted – grassleaf spurge
  Euphorbia graminea var. graminea Jacq. – accepted
  Euphorbia hystrix Jacq. – not accepted
  Euphorbia literata Jacq. – not accepted
  Euphorbia mesembrianthemifolia Jacq. – not accepted – coastal beach sandmat
  Euphorbia mesembryanthemifolia Jacq. – accepted – Coastal beach sandmat
  Euphorbia nudiflora Jacq. – not accepted
  Euphorbia obliterata Jacq. – not accepted
  Euphorbia picta Jacq. – not accepted
  Euphorbia prunifolia Jacq. – not accepted – painted euphorbia
  Euphorbia saxatilis Jacq. – accepted
  Euphorbia scordiifolia Jacq. – accepted
  Euphorbia spartioides Jacq. – not accepted
  Euphorbia vahlii Jacq. – not accepted
  Galega caribaea Jacq. – not accepted
  Genipa clusiifolia Jacq. – not accepted – seven-year-apple
  Gentiana aphylla Jacq. – not accepted
  Geoffroea Jacq. – accepted
  Geum aleppicum Jacq. – accepted – yellow avens
  Geum canadense Jacq. – accepted – white avens
  Geum canadense var. canadense Jacq. – not accepted – white avens
  Ginoria Jacq. – accepted
  Glycine caribaea Jacq. – not accepted
  Gomphrena decumbens Jacq. – not accepted
  Gouania Jacq. – accepted – chewstick
  Hamelia Jacq. – accepted
  Hamelia erecta Jacq. – not accepted
  Hamelia patens Jacq. – accepted – scarletbush
  Hapalanthus repens Jacq. – not accepted
  Heisteria Jacq. – accepted
  Helicteres apetala Jacq. – not accepted
  Helicteres jamaicensis Jacq. – accepted – screwtree
  Helicteres jamicensis Jacq. – not accepted
  Heracleum sibiricum var. angustifolium Jacq. – not accepted
  Hibiscus phoeniceus Jacq. – accepted – Brazilian rosemallow
  Hillia Jacq. – accepted
  Hillia Jacq. – not accepted
  Hillia parasitica Jacq. – accepted – tibey trepador
  Hiraea Jacq. – accepted
  Hirtella americana Jacq. – not accepted
  Homalium Jacq. – accepted
  Homalium racemosum Jacq. – accepted – white cogwood
  Hybanthus Jacq. – accepted – greenviolet
  Hyptis Jacq. – accepted – bushmint
  Hyptis capitata Jacq. – accepted – false ironwort
  Hyptis verticillata Jacq. – accepted – John Charles
  Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq. – accepted – trailing indigo, creeping indigo
  Ipomoea angustifolia Jacq. – not accepted
  Ipomoea carnea Jacq. – accepted – gloria de la manana
  Ipomoea carnea ssp. carnea Jacq. – accepted – gloria de la manana
  Ipomoea hederacea Jacq. – accepted – entireleaf morningglory, Mexican morningglory, ivyleaf morningglory, ivyleaf morning-glory
  Ipomoea mauritiana Jacq. – accepted
  Ipomoea repanda Jacq. – accepted – bejuco colorado
  Ipomoea repanda var. repanda Jacq. – not accepted – bejuco colorado
  Iris martinicensis Jacq. – not accepted
  Jacquinia armillaris Jacq. – accepted – braceletwood
  Jacquinia revoluta Jacq. – not accepted
  Jatropha integerrima Jacq. – accepted – peregrina
  Jatropha integerrima var. integerrima Jacq. – not accepted – peregrina
  Juncus compressus Jacq. – accepted – roundfruit rush
  Juncus monanthos Jacq. – accepted
  Justicia carthagenensis Jacq. – accepted – woodland water-willow
  Justicia carthaginensis Jacq. – not accepted
  Justicia martinicensis Jacq. – not accepted
  Justicia nitida Jacq. – not accepted
  Justicia nitidia Jacq. – not accepted
  Justicia pectoralis Jacq. – accepted – freshcut
  Justicia periplocifolia Jacq. – accepted
  Justicia sessilis Jacq. – not accepted
  Justicia spinosa Jacq. – not accepted
  Kleinia ruderalis Jacq. – not accepted
  Lactuca intybacea Jacq. – not accepted
  Lactuca villosa Jacq. – not accepted
  Laugeria odorata Jacq. – not accepted
  Lecythis minor Jacq. – accepted – coco de mono, lecythis
  Leontodon danubialis Jacq. – not accepted
  Loranthus Jacq. – accepted – mulberry mistletoe
  Lycium americanum Jacq. – accepted
  Lycopodium dichotomum Jacq. – not accepted
  Malachra alceifolia Jacq. – accepted – yellow leafbract
  Malachra fasciata Jacq. – accepted – roadside leafbract
  Malpighia linearis Jacq. – accepted – bastard cherry
  Mappia Jacq. – accepted
  Mappia racemosa Jacq. – accepted – palo de cańa, palo de cana
  Medicago carstiensis Jacq. – accepted
  Melicoccus bijugatus Jacq. – accepted – Spanish lime
  Mimosa cyclocarpa Jacq. – not accepted
  Mimosa portoricensis Jacq. – not accepted
  Mussaenda formosa Jacq. – not accepted
  Myrospermum Jacq. – accepted
  Myrospermum frutescens Jacq. – accepted – cercipo
  Nissolia Jacq. – accepted – yellowhood
  Orobanche purpurea Jacq. – not accepted
  Oxalis dillenii Jacq. – accepted – Dillen's oxalis, slender yellow woodsorrel
  Oxalis dillenii ssp. dillenii Jacq. – not accepted – Dillen's oxalis
  Pancratium declinatum Jacq. – not accepted – false spiderlily
  Pancratium littorale Jacq. – not accepted – pancratium
  Panicum gongylodes Jacq. – not accepted
  Panicum maximum Jacq. – not accepted – guineagrass
  Panicum maximum var. maximum Jacq. – not accepted
  Passiflora tuberosa Jacq. – accepted – tuberous passionflower
  Paullinia diversifolia Jacq. – not accepted
  Petitia Jacq. – not accepted
  Petitia Jacq. – accepted
  Petitia domingensis Jacq. – accepted – bastard stopper
  Phaseolus aconitifolius Jacq. – not accepted
  Phleum asperum Jacq. – not accepted
  Phleum asperum var. asperum Jacq. – not accepted
  Phoenix reclinata Jacq. – accepted – Senegal date palm, reclining date palm
  Physalis barbadensis Jacq. – not accepted
  Piper marginatum Jacq. – accepted – marigold pepper
  Piscidia carthagenensis Jacq. – accepted – stinkwood
  Piscidia carthaginensis Jacq. – not accepted
  Pisonia obtusata Jacq. – not accepted
  Plantago patagonica Jacq. – accepted – woolly Indianwheat, woolly plantain
  Poa abyssinica Jacq. – not accepted
  Poa distans Jacq. – not accepted
  Poa peruviana Jacq. – not accepted
  Pollinia diversifolia Jacq. – not accepted
  Portulaca paniculata Jacq. – not accepted
  Portulacaria Jacq. – accepted
  Pothos acaulis Jacq. – not accepted
  Psychotria domingensis Jacq. – not accepted – cheakyberry
  Psychotria undata Jacq. – not accepted
  Pterocarpus Jacq. – accepted
  Pterocarpus officinalis Jacq. – accepted – dragonsblood tree
  Pyrus nivalis Jacq. – accepted – snow pear
  Rauvolfia hirsuta Jacq. – not accepted – devil root
  Rauvolfia nitida Jacq. – accepted – glasswood, smooth rauwolfia, palo amargo, palo amargo
  Rhamnus saxatilis Jacq. – accepted – rock buckthorn
  Rhus leucantha Jacq. – not accepted
  Rosa chinensis Jacq. – accepted – Chinese rose
  Ruellia patula Jacq. – accepted
  Rumex alpestris Jacq. – not accepted
  Russelia Jacq. – accepted
  Salvia virgata Jacq. – accepted – wand sage
  Samyda Jacq. – accepted
  Samyda dodecandra Jacq. – accepted – guayabilla
  Sapium Jacq. – accepted – milktree
  Saxifraga aizoon Jacq. – not accepted
  Schaefferia Jacq. – not accepted
  Schaefferia Jacq. – accepted
  Schaefferia frutescens Jacq. – accepted – Florida boxwood
  Sclerocarpus Jacq. – accepted – bonebract, sclerocarpus
  Sclerocarpus africanus Jacq. – accepted – African bonebract
  Scopolia Jacq. – accepted
  Scopolia carniolica Jacq. – accepted – European scopolia
  Scutellaria havanensis Jacq. – accepted – Havana skullcap
  Sida abutiloides Jacq. – not accepted
  Sida atrosanguinea Jacq. – not accepted
  Sida trisulcata Jacq. – not accepted
  Sideroxylon foetidissimum Jacq. – accepted – false mastic
  Sideroxylum sapota Jacq. – not accepted
  Silphium terebinthinaceum Jacq. – accepted – prairie rosinweed
  Silphium terebinthinaceum var. terebinthinaceum Jacq. – accepted – prairie rosinweed
  Sisymbrium austriacum Jacq. – accepted – jeweled rocket
  Smilax havanensis Jacq. – accepted – Everglades greenbrier
  Solanum aculeatissimum Jacq. – accepted
  Solanum corymbosum Jacq. – accepted
  Solanum ferrugineum Jacq. – accepted
  Solanum giganteum Jacq. – accepted
  Solanum havanense Jacq. – accepted
  Solanum lanceifolium Jacq. – accepted – lanceleaf nightshade
  Solanum nodiflorum Jacq. – not accepted
  Solanum racemosum Jacq. – not accepted – canker berry
  Solanum stramoniifolium Jacq. – accepted
  Solanum stramoniifolium var. stramoniifolium Jacq. – accepted
  Solanum subinerme Jacq. – accepted
  Solanum triste Jacq. – accepted
  Spermacoce suffrutescens Jacq. – not accepted
  Spilanthes Jacq. – accepted – spilanthes
  Spilanthes urens Jacq. – accepted – pigeoncoop
  Strumpfia Jacq. – accepted
  Strumpfia maritima Jacq. – accepted – pride of Big Pine
  Swietenia Jacq. – accepted – mahogany
  Symplocos Jacq. – accepted – sweetleaf
  Symplocos martinicensis Jacq. – accepted – Martinique sweetleaf
  Tabernaemontana amygdalifolia Jacq. – accepted
  Teucrium cubense Jacq. – accepted – small coastal germander
  Teucrium cubense var. cubense Jacq. – not accepted – Cuban germander, small coastal germander
  Tournefortia maculata Jacq. – not accepted – bejuco de masa
  Tradescantia geniculata Jacq. – not accepted
  Tragopogon major Jacq. – not accepted
  Trifolium pannonicum Jacq. – accepted – Hungarian clover
  Triodia cuprea Jacq. – not accepted
  Triumfetta rhomboidea Jacq. – accepted – burr bush, Chinese burr, dadangsi, masiksik lahe, mo'osipo, paroquet bur, diamond burrbark, diamond burbark
  Triumfetta semitriloba Jacq. – accepted – dadangsi, masiksik lahe, Sacramento burrbark, Sacramento burbark, mosote, burweed
  Ulmus parvifolia Jacq. – accepted – lacebark elm, Chinese elm
  Urtica caracasana Jacq. – not accepted
  Varronia curassavica Jacq. – accepted
  Varronia globosa Jacq. – not accepted
  Verbena squamosa Jacq. – not accepted
  Verbesina gigantea Jacq. – accepted
  Veronica fruticans Jacq. – accepted – woodystem speedwell
  Vicia serratifolia Jacq. – accepted
  Wedelia Jacq. – accepted – creepingoxeye, wedelia
  Wedelia fruticosa Jacq. – accepted – coastal plain creepingoxeye, smallflower creepingoxeye, coastalplain creepingoxeye
  Zamia angustifolia Jacq. – accepted
  Zamia cycadifolia Jacq. – not accepted
  Zamia horrida Jacq. – not accepted
  Zamia lanuginosa Jacq. – not accepted
  Zamia longifolia Jacq. – not accepted
  Zamia media Jacq. – not accepted
  Zinnia elegans Jacq. – not accepted
  Melochia tomentosa var. frutescens (Jacq.) A. DC. – not accepted
  Platycodon grandiflorum (Jacq.) A. DC. – not accepted – balloon flower
  Platycodon grandiflorus (Jacq.) A. DC. – accepted – balloon-flower, Chinese-bellflower
  Peperomia magnoliifolia (Jacq.) A. Dietr. – accepted – spoonleaf peperomia
  Spiranthes speciosa (Jacq.) A. Rich. – not accepted – Latin American ladiestresses
  Malachra alceifolia var. fasciata (Jacq.) A. Robyns – not accepted
  Odontostephana carolinensis (Jacq.) Alexander – not accepted
  Odontostephana obliqua (Jacq.) Alexander – not accepted
  Cirsium pyrenaicum (Jacq.) All. – accepted – Pyrenean thistle
  Eragrostis pilosa ssp. abyssinica (Jacq.) Asch. & Graebn. – not accepted
  Aegiphila integrifolia (Jacq.) B.D. Jacks. – accepted – entireleaf spiritweed
  Megathyrsus maximus (Jacq.) B.K. Simon & S.W.L. Jacobs – accepted
  Sclerochloa distans (Jacq.) Bab. – not accepted
  Cynodendron argenteum (Jacq.) Baehni – not accepted
  Rollinia mucosa (Jacq.) Baill. – not accepted – wild sugar apple
  Rollinia muscosa (Jacq.) Baill. – not accepted
  Calliandra portoricensis (Jacq.) Benth. – not accepted – white stickpea
  Cracca caribaea (Jacq.) Benth. – not accepted
  Galactia longifolia (Jacq.) Benth. – accepted – longleaf milkpea
  Ixora ferrea (Jacq.) Benth. – accepted – palo de hierro
  Pithecellobium saman (Jacq.) Benth. – not accepted
  Vigna luteola (Jacq.) Benth. – accepted – hairypod cowpea, Dalrymple vigna, deer pea
  Juncus trifidus var. monanthos (Jacq.) Bluff & Fingerh. – not accepted
  Euphorbia cupanii var. spartioides (Jacq.) Boiss. – not accepted
  Euphorbia graminea var. picta (Jacq.) Boiss. – not accepted
  Pedilanthus bracteatus (Jacq.) Boiss. – not accepted
  Amphiglottis anceps (Jacq.) Britton – not accepted
  Amphiglottis nocturna (Jacq.) Britton – not accepted
  Anneslea portoricensis (Jacq.) Britton – not accepted
  Anneslia portoricensis (Jacq.) Britton – not accepted
  Calyptracordia alba (Jacq.) Britton – not accepted
  Leptilon chinense (Jacq.) Britton – not accepted
  Spathiger ramosus (Jacq.) Britton – not accepted
  Torrubia obtusata (Jacq.) Britton – not accepted
  Vincetoxicum carolinense (Jacq.) Britton – not accepted
  Vincetoxicum obliquum (Jacq.) Britton – not accepted
  Adenoropium hastatum (Jacq.) Britton & P. Wilson – not accepted
  Dudleya cotyledon (Jacq.) Britton & Rose – not accepted
  Peiranisia polyphylla (Jacq.) Britton & Rose – not accepted
  Duggena hirsuta (Jacq.) Britton ex Britton & P. Wilson – not accepted
  Colubrina cubensis (Jacq.) Brongn. – accepted – Cuba colubrina, Cuban nakedwood
  Plantinia aspera (Jacq.) Bubani – not accepted
  Aiphanes horrida (Jacq.) Burret – accepted
  Porophyllum ruderale (Jacq.) Cass. – accepted – yerba porosa
  Porophyllum ruderale ssp. ruderale (Jacq.) Cass. – accepted – yerba porosa
  Diplachne domingensis (Jacq.) Chapm. – not accepted
  Randia clusiifolia (Jacq.) Chapm. – not accepted
  Aniseia martinicensis (Jacq.) Choisy – accepted – whitejacket
  Aniseia martinicensis var. martinicensis (Jacq.) Choisy – accepted
  Exogonium repandum (Jacq.) Choisy – not accepted
  Pharbitis hederacea (Jacq.) Choisy – not accepted
  Tithymalus platyphyllos ssp. literatus (Jacq.) Chrtek & Krísa – not accepted
  Capparidastrum frondosum (Jacq.) Cornejo & Iltis – accepted
  Sapota zapotilla (Jacq.) Cov. ex Saff. – not accepted
  Chamaesyce scordiifolia (Jacq.) Croizat – not accepted
  Lactuca floridana var. villosa (Jacq.) Cronquist – not accepted – woodland lettuce
  Kalanchoe integra var. verea (Jacq.) Cuf. – accepted – neverdie
  Siphonoglossa sessilis (Jacq.) D.N. Gibson – accepted – tropical tubetongue, tropical tube tongue
  Adesmia muricata (Jacq.) DC. – accepted
  Bidens ferulifolia (Jacq.) DC. – not accepted – Apache beggarticks
  Bracyrhamphus intybaceus (Jacq.) DC. – not accepted
  Canavaia gladiata (Jacq.) DC. – not accepted
  Canavalia gladiata (Jacq.) DC. – accepted – sword jackbean
  Kigelia pinnata (Jacq.) DC. – not accepted
  Palicourea domingensis (Jacq.) DC. – accepted
  Rhus copallina var. leucantha (Jacq.) DC. – not accepted – southern sumac
  Rhus copallinum var. leucantha (Jacq.) DC. – not accepted – winged sumac, shining sumac
  Rhynchosia caribaea (Jacq.) DC. – accepted – Caribbean snoutbean
  Tephrosia caribaea (Jacq.) DC. – not accepted
  Zanthoxylum spinifex (Jacq.) DC. – not accepted – niaragato
  Zanthoxylum tragodes (Jacq.) DC. – accepted
  Ibatia maritima (Jacq.) Decne. – not accepted – beach milkvine, guanabanilla cimarrona, popón
  Oreopanax capitatus (Jacq.) Decne. & Planch. – accepted
  Polygonatum latifolium (Jacq.) Desf. – accepted – broadleaf Solomon's seal
  Tripolium pannonicum (Jacq.) Dobrocz. – accepted – sea aster
  Chamaesyce bombensis (Jacq.) Dugand – not accepted – Dixie sandmat
  Chamaesyce mesembrianthemifolia (Jacq.) Dugand – not accepted – coastal beach sandmat
  Catalpa longissima (Jacq.) Dum. Cours. – accepted – Haitian catalpa
  Desmazeria sicula (Jacq.) Dumort. – accepted
  Panicum maximum var. gongylodes (Jacq.) Döll – not accepted
  Panicum polygamum var. gongylodes (Jacq.) E. Fourn. – not accepted
  Freesia refracta (Jacq.) Eckl. ex Klatt – accepted – common freesia
  Solanum americanum var. nodiflorum (Jacq.) Edmonds – not accepted
  Sesbania vesicaria (Jacq.) Elliott – accepted – bagpod
  Bulnesia arborea (Jacq.) Engl. – accepted – maracaibo lignumvitae
  Alopecurus elatior Jacq. ex Hook. f. – not accepted
  Bursera Jacq. ex L. – accepted – bursera
  Cotoneaster melanocarpus var. laxiflorus (Jacq. ex Lindl.) C.K. Schneid. – not accepted
  Cotoneaster niger var. laxiflorus (Jacq. ex Lindl.) Dippel – not accepted
  Passiflora gracilis Jacq. ex Link – accepted – crinkled passionflower
  Indigofera endecaphylla Jacq. ex Poir. – not accepted
  Bactris Jacq. ex Scop. – accepted – bactris palm
  Drimia Jacq. ex Willd. – accepted
  Ipomoea hirsutula Jacq. f. – not accepted
  Syringa josikaea Jacq. f. ex Rchb. – accepted – Hungarian lilac
  Albizia saman (Jacq.) F. Muell. – not accepted – saman tree, raintree
  Rosenbergiodendron formosum (Jacq.) Fagerl. – accepted
  Atriplex littoralis (Jacq.) Fawc. & Rendle – not accepted – grassleaf orache
  Myriopus maculatus (Jacq.) Feuillet – accepted – laurel-leaf soldierbush
  Varronia bullata ssp. humilis (Jacq.) Feuillet – accepted – curaciao bush
  Jatropha integerrima var. hastata (Jacq.) Fosberg – not accepted – peregrina
  Tridens flavus f. cuprea (Jacq.) Fosberg – not accepted
  Triodia flava f. cuprea (Jacq.) Fosberg – not accepted
  Esula gerardiana (Jacq.) Fourr. – not accepted
  Sidastrum multiflorum (Jacq.) Fryxell – accepted – manyflower sandmallow
  Jacquemontia pentantha (Jacq.) G. Don – not accepted – skyblue clustervine
  Jacquemontia pentanthos (Jacq.) G. Don – accepted – skyblue clustervine
  Pluchea carolinensis (Jacq.) G. Don – accepted – cure for all
  Forsteronia corymbosa (Jacq.) G. Mey. – not accepted – leche de perra
  Leptostachys domingensis (Jacq.) G. Mey. – not accepted
  Tabebuia chrysantha (Jacq.) G. Nicholson – not accepted – roble amarillo
  Talinum paniculatum (Jacq.) Gaertn. – accepted – big talinum, jewels of Opar
  Talinum paniculatum var. paniculatum (Jacq.) Gaertn. – not accepted – big talinum, jewels of Opar
  Polystachya concreta (Jacq.) Garay & H.R. Sweet – accepted – greater yellowspike orchid
  Abutilon abutiloides (Jacq.) Garcke ex Hochr. – accepted – shrubby Indian mallow
  Urera caracasana (Jacq.) Gaudich. ex Griseb. – accepted – flameberry
  Cordia bullata ssp. humilis (Jacq.) Gaviria – not accepted
  Leiphaimos aphylla (Jacq.) Gilg – not accepted
  Manilkara zapotilla (Jacq.) Gilly – not accepted
  Atropis distans (Jacq.) Griseb. – not accepted
  Enterolobium cyclocarpum (Jacq.) Griseb. – accepted – monkeysoap
  Sciadophyllum capitatum (Jacq.) Griseb. – not accepted
  Sciodaphyllum capitatum (Jacq.) Griseb. – not accepted
  Sterculia apetala (Jacq.) H. Karst. – accepted – Panama tree
  Pouteria sapota (Jacq.) H.E. Moore & Stearn – accepted – naseberry, sapote, mamey sapote, mammee sapote
  Mastichodendron foetidissimum (Jacq.) H.J. Lam – not accepted – false mastic
  Zapoteca caracasana (Jacq.) H.M. Hern. – accepted
  Zapoteca portoricensis (Jacq.) H.M. Hern. – accepted – white stickpea
  Senna mexicana (Jacq.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby – accepted – Mexican senna
  Senna multiglandulosa (Jacq.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby – accepted – glandular senna
  Senna polyphylla (Jacq.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby – accepted – retama prieta
  Merremia dissecta (Jacq.) Hallier f. – accepted – noyau vine
  Jacquemontia jamaicensis (Jacq.) Hallier f. ex Soler. – not accepted
  Hydrochloa distans (Jacq.) Hartm. – not accepted
  Molinia distans (Jacq.) Hartm. – not accepted
  Chondrosea aizoon (Jacq.) Haw. – not accepted
  Esula diffusa (Jacq.) Haw. – not accepted
  Galarhoeus carniolicus (Jacq.) Haw. – not accepted
  Galarhoeus literatus (Jacq.) Haw. – not accepted
  Tithymalus bracteatus (Jacq.) Haw. – not accepted
  Tithymalus bupleurifolius (Jacq.) Haw. – not accepted
  Tithymalus pictus (Jacq.) Haw. – not accepted
  Tithymalus prunifolius (Jacq.) Haw. – not accepted
  Treisia clava (Jacq.) Haw. – not accepted
  Treisia hystrix (Jacq.) Haw. – not accepted
  Treisia tuberculata (Jacq.) Haw. – not accepted
  Trimezia martinicensis (Jacq.) Herb. – accepted – Martinique trimezia
  Urostachys dichotomus (Jacq.) Herter – not accepted
  Euphorbia pilulifera var. obliterata (Jacq.) Hitchc. – not accepted
  Euphorbia platyphyllos ssp. literata (Jacq.) Holub – accepted
  Xanthoxalis dillenii (Jacq.) Holub – not accepted
  Operculina dissecta (Jacq.) House – not accepted
  Aira aquatica var. distans (Jacq.) Huds. – not accepted
  Cordia globosa var. humilis (Jacq.) I.M. Johnst. – not accepted – curaciao bush
  Cleoserrata serrata (Jacq.) Iltis – accepted – toothed spiderflower
  Cynophalla hastata (Jacq.) J. Presl – accepted
  Quadrella jamaicensis (Jacq.) J. Presl – accepted
  Cuphea carthagenensis (Jacq.) J.F. Macbr. – accepted – Colombian waxweed
  Dalea carthagenensis (Jacq.) J.F. Macbr. – accepted – Cartagena prairie clover
  Dalea carthagenensis var. carthagenensis (Jacq.) J.F. Macbr. – accepted – Cartagena prairie clover
  Dalea carthaginensis (Jacq.) J.F. Macbr. – not accepted
  Dalea carthaginensis var. carthagenensis (Jacq.) J.F. Macbr. – not accepted
  Lysiloma divaricatum (Jacq.) J.F. Macbr. – accepted – quebracho
  Allotoonia agglutinata (Jacq.) J.F. Morales & J.K. Williams – accepted
  Cynanchum maritimum (Jacq.) Jacq. – not accepted
  Cynanchum racemosum (Jacq.) Jacq. – accepted – talayote
  Poa sicula (Jacq.) Jacq. – not accepted
  Dicliptera martinicensis (Jacq.) Juss. – accepted – Martinique foldwing
  Crepis pannonica (Jacq.) K. Koch – accepted – pasture hawksbeard
  Eragrostis sicula (Jacq.) K. Koch – not accepted
  Geophila herbacea (Jacq.) K. Schum. – not accepted
  Gonzalagunia hirsuta (Jacq.) K. Schum. – accepted – mata de Mariposa
  Randia formosa (Jacq.) K. Schum. – not accepted – jasmin de rosa
  Sparaxis fragrans (Jacq.) Ker Gawl. – accepted – fragrant wandflower
  Adenopetalum gramineum (Jacq.) Klotzsch & Garcke – not accepted
  Adenopetalum pictum (Jacq.) Klotzsch & Garcke – not accepted
  Alectoroctonum nudiflorum (Jacq.) Klotzsch & Garcke – not accepted
  Anisophyllum scordiifolium (Jacq.) Klotzsch & Garcke – not accepted
  Medusea tuberculata (Jacq.) Klotzsch & Garcke – not accepted
  Poinsettia prunifolia (Jacq.) Klotzsch & Garcke – not accepted
  Linociera caribaea (Jacq.) Knobl. – not accepted
  Amomis caryophyllata (Jacq.) Krug & Urb. – not accepted
  Forestiera segregata (Jacq.) Krug & Urb. – accepted – Florida privet, Florida swampprivet
  Forestiera segregata var. segregata (Jacq.) Krug & Urb. – accepted – Florida swampprivet
  Aphelandra pulcherrima (Jacq.) Kunth – accepted
  Bunchosia glandulifera (Jacq.) Kunth – accepted – cafe falso
  Chamissoa altissima (Jacq.) Kunth – accepted – false chaff flower
  Cipura martinicensis (Jacq.) Kunth – not accepted
  Cordia globosa (Jacq.) Kunth – not accepted – curaciao bush
  Cordia globosa var. globosa (Jacq.) Kunth – not accepted – curaciao bush
  Festuca distans (Jacq.) Kunth – not accepted
  Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) Kunth – accepted – quickstick
  Leptochloa arabica (Jacq.) Kunth – not accepted
  Peperomia blanda (Jacq.) Kunth – accepted – arid-land peperomia
  Peperomia pereskiifolia (Jacq.) Kunth – accepted – peperomia
  Uralepis cuprea (Jacq.) Kunth – not accepted
  Benthamantha caribaea (Jacq.) Kuntze – not accepted
  Crassina elegans (Jacq.) Kuntze – not accepted
  Mayepea caribaea (Jacq.) Kuntze – not accepted
  Odontonema nitidum (Jacq.) Kuntze – accepted – shrubby toothedthread
  Panicularia distans (Jacq.) Kuntze – not accepted
  Tithymalodes bracteatum (Jacq.) Kuntze – not accepted
  Callisia repens (Jacq.) L. – accepted – creeping inchplant
  Copaifera officinalis (Jacq.) L. – accepted – copaiba
  Coccothrinax argentata (Jacq.) L.H. Bailey – accepted – Florida silver palm
  Maxillaria coccinea (Jacq.) L.O. Williams – not accepted – flame orchid
  Apium repens (Jacq.) Lag. – accepted – creeping marshwort
  Festuca domingensis (Jacq.) Lam. – not accepted
  Guettarda odorata (Jacq.) Lam. – accepted – cucubano de vieques
  Coursetia caribaea (Jacq.) Lavin – accepted – anil falso
  Coursetia caribaea var. caribaea (Jacq.) Lavin – accepted – anil falso
  Encephalartos cycadifolius (Jacq.) Lehm. – accepted
  Encephalartos horridus (Jacq.) Lehm. – accepted
  Encephalartos lanuginosus (Jacq.) Lehm. – not accepted
  Encephalartos longifolius (Jacq.) Lehm. – accepted
  Brizopyrum siculum (Jacq.) Link – not accepted
  Cyperus incompletus (Jacq.) Link – not accepted
  Eragrostis abessinica (Jacq.) Link – not accepted
  Eragrostis abyssinica (Jacq.) Link – not accepted
  Leptochloa virgata var. domingensis (Jacq.) Link ex Griseb. – not accepted
  Catabrosa distans (Jacq.) Link ex Heynh. – not accepted
  Guapira obtusata (Jacq.) Little – accepted – corcho prieto
  Acrocomia aculeata (Jacq.) Lodd. ex Mart. – accepted
  Hymenocallis declinata (Jacq.) M. Roem. – not accepted
  Pinochia corymbosa (Jacq.) M.E. Endress & B.F. Hansen – accepted – leche de perra, Sanjuanera, bejuco de San Juan, resino
  Trichocentrum carthagenense (Jacq.) M.W. Chase & N.H. Williams – accepted
  Heteranthera dubia (Jacq.) MacMill. – accepted – grassleaf mudplantain, grass-leaf mud-plantain
  Drymonia serrulata (Jacq.) Mart. – accepted
  Vigna aconitifolia (Jacq.) Maréchal – accepted – moth bean
  Tectaria plantaginea (Jacq.) Maxon – accepted – plantainleaf halberd fern
  Tectaria plantaginea var. plantaginea (Jacq.) Maxon – accepted
  Abutilon mauritianum (Jacq.) Medik. – accepted
  Calocarpum sapota (Jacq.) Merr. – not accepted
  Samanea saman (Jacq.) Merr. – accepted – raintree
  Ledum palustre var. latifolium (Jacq.) Michx. – not accepted
  Colubrina colubrina (Jacq.) Millsp. – not accepted
  Eumecanthus gramineus (Jacq.) Millsp. – not accepted
  Sieglingia cuprea (Jacq.) Millsp. – not accepted
  Helianthemum mutabile (Jacq.) Moench – not accepted
  Dianthera pectoralis (Jacq.) Murray – not accepted
  Croton flavens var. balsamifer (Jacq.) Müll. Arg. – not accepted
  Rhabdadenia biflora (Jacq.) Müll. Arg. – accepted – mangrovevine
  Lampranthus multiradiatus (Jacq.) N.E. Br. – accepted – creeping redflush
  Adhatoda carthaginensis (Jacq.) Nees – not accepted
  Anthacanthus spinosus (Jacq.) Nees – not accepted
  Thyrsacanthus nitidus (Jacq.) Nees – not accepted
  Calophyllum calaba Jacq., non L. – not accepted
  Cestrum alternifolium (Jacq.) O.E. Schulz – accepted – alternateleaf jessamine
  Citharexylum fruticosum var. villosum (Jacq.) O.E. Schulz – not accepted – Florida fiddlewood
  Jacquemontia tridentata ssp. angustifolia (Jacq.) Ooststr. – not accepted
  Merremia tridentata ssp. angustifolia (Jacq.) Ooststr. – not accepted
  Launaea intybacea (Jacq.) P. Beauv. – accepted – achicoria azul
  Rabdochloa domingensis (Jacq.) P. Beauv. – not accepted
  Guarea guara (Jacq.) P. Wilson – not accepted
  Ludwigia octovalis (Jacq.) P.H. Raven – not accepted
  Ludwigia octovalvis (Jacq.) P.H. Raven – accepted – Mexican primrosewillow, Mexican primrose-willow
  Ludwigia octovalvis ssp. octovalvis (Jacq.) P.H. Raven – not accepted – Mexican primrose-willow, Mexican primrosewillow
  Puccinellia distans (Jacq.) Parl. – accepted – spreading alkali grass, weeping alkaligrass, European alkaligrass
  Puccinellia distans ssp. distans (Jacq.) Parl. – accepted – weeping alkaligrass
  Puccinellia distans var. distans (Jacq.) Parl. – not accepted
  Cosmos parviflorus (Jacq.) Pers. – accepted – southwestern cosmos
  Eleusine domingensis (Jacq.) Pers. – not accepted
  Sabal minor (Jacq.) Pers. – accepted – dwarf palmetto
  Vismia cayennensis (Jacq.) Pers. – accepted
  Voyria aphylla (Jacq.) Pers. – accepted – leafless ghostplant
  Ipomoea X leucantha Jacq. (pro. sp.) – accepted – morningglory
  Ipomoea dissecta (Jacq.) Pursh – not accepted
  Isochilus linearis (Jacq.) R. Br. – accepted – Cresta-de-gallo delgada, narrowleaf equallip orchid
  Pleurothallis ruscifolia (Jacq.) R. Br. – accepted – green bonnet orchid
  Parkia biglobosa (Jacq.) R. Br. ex G. Don – accepted – Clapperton's parkia
  Livistona chinensis (Jacq.) R. Br. ex Mart. – accepted – fountain palm, Chinese fan palm
  Gonolobus carolinensis (Jacq.) R. Br. ex Schult. – not accepted
  Gonolobus obliquus (Jacq.) R. Br. ex Schult. – not accepted
  Acacia retusa (Jacq.) R.A. Howard – not accepted – catch and keep
  Urochloa maxima (Jacq.) R.D. Webster – not accepted – guineagrass
  Glottidium vesicarium (Jacq.) R.M. Harper – not accepted – bagpod
  Serjania diversifolia (Jacq.) Radlk. – accepted – fowlsfoot
  Nisomenes diffusa (Jacq.) Raf. – not accepted
  Oplonia spinosa (Jacq.) Raf. – accepted – pricklybush
  Stethoma pectoralis (Jacq.) Raf. – not accepted
  Tarenaya spinosa (Jacq.) Raf. – accepted – spiny spiderflower
  Tithymalus angulatus (Jacq.) Raf. – not accepted
  Tithymalus carniolicus (Jacq.) Raf. – not accepted
  Tithymalus literatus (Jacq.) Raf. – not accepted
  Tithymalus saxatilis (Jacq.) Raf. – not accepted
  Xamesike scordiifolia (Jacq.) Raf. – not accepted
  Cynodon abyssinicus (Jacq.) Raspail – not accepted
  Cynodon domingense (Jacq.) Raspail – not accepted
  Stenorrhynchos speciosum (Jacq.) Rich. ex Spreng. – accepted – Latin American lady orchid, Latin American ladies'-tresses
  Stenorrhynchos speciosus (Jacq.) Rich. ex Spreng. – not accepted
  Cordia alba (Jacq.) Roem. & Schult. – not accepted – white manjack
  Cordia curassavica (Jacq.) Roem. & Schult. – not accepted
  Exostema caribaeum (Jacq.) Roem. & Schult. – accepted – Caribbean princewood, princewood
  Gibasis geniculata (Jacq.) Rohweder – accepted – Tahitian bridalveil
  Momisia iguanaea (Jacq.) Rose & Standl. – not accepted
  Euphorbia dulcis ssp. angulata (Jacq.) Rouy – not accepted
  Sesban bispinosus (Jacq.) Rydb. – not accepted
  Handroanthus chrysanthus (Jacq.) S.O. Grose – accepted – roble amarillo
  Amphiglottis secunda (Jacq.) Salisb. – not accepted
  Hymenocallis littoralis (Jacq.) Salisb. – accepted – beach spiderlily
  Ornithidium coccineum (Jacq.) Salisb. ex R. Br. – accepted
  Celtis iguanaea (Jacq.) Sarg. – accepted – iguana hackberry
  Dalbergia brownei (Jacq.) Schinz – accepted – Brown's Indian rosewood
  Libidibia coriaria (Jacq.) Schltdl. – accepted
  Funastrum clausum (Jacq.) Schltr. – accepted – white twinevine
  Jacquiniella globosa (Jacq.) Schltr. – accepted – redblotch tufted orchid, Jacquiniella globosa
  Acnistus cauliflorus (Jacq.) Schott – not accepted
  Anthurium acaule (Jacq.) Schott – accepted
  Dieffenbachia seguine (Jacq.) Schott – accepted – dumbcane
  Dieffenbachia sequine (Jacq.) Schott – not accepted
  Philodendron hederaceum (Jacq.) Schott – accepted – vilevine
  Philodendron hederaceum var. hederaceum (Jacq.) Schott – accepted – vilevine
  Philodendron lacerum (Jacq.) Schott – accepted
  Xanthosoma helleborifolium (Jacq.) Schott – accepted – belembe silvestre
  Sarcostemma clausum (Jacq.) Schult. – not accepted – white twinevine
  Malephora crocea (Jacq.) Schwantes – accepted – coppery mesemb, crocea iceplant
  Vicia narbonensis var. serratifolia (Jacq.) Ser. – not accepted
  Clerodendrum kaempferi (Jacq.) Siebold – not accepted – Kaempfer's glorybower
  Leontodon hispidus ssp. danubialis (Jacq.) Simonkai – not accepted – bristly hawkbit
  Mulgedium villosum (Jacq.) Small – not accepted
  Neocleome serrata (Jacq.) Small – not accepted
  Neocleome spinosa (Jacq.) Small – not accepted
  Spathiger rigidus (Jacq.) Small – not accepted
  Zosterella dubia (Jacq.) Small – not accepted
  Aster tripolium ssp. pannonicus (Jacq.) Soo – not accepted
  Prestonia quinquangularis (Jacq.) Spreng. – accepted
  Atriplex pentandra (Jacq.) Standl. – not accepted – crested saltbush, seashore orach
  Cyperus hermaphroditus (Jacq.) Standl. – accepted – hermaphrodite flatsedge
  Ervatamia coronaria (Jacq.) Stapf – not accepted
  Venidium fastuosum (Jacq.) Stapf – accepted – monarch of the veld
  Tithymalus gerardianus (Jacq.) Steud. – not accepted
  Melanthera aspera (Jacq.) Steud. ex Small – not accepted – yerba de cabra
  Melanthera aspera var. aspera (Jacq.) Steud. ex Small – not accepted – yerba de cabra
  Linum perenne ssp. alpinum (Jacq.) Stoj. & Stef. – accepted – alpine flax
  Costus spicatus (Jacq.) Sw. – accepted – spiked spiralflag
  Hymenophyllum decurrens (Jacq.) Sw. – accepted – Sierra de Luquillo filmy fern
  Oncidium altissimum (Jacq.) Sw. – accepted – Wydler's dancing-lady orchid
  Oncidium carthagenense (Jacq.) Sw. – not accepted – Coot Bay dancing-lady
  Oncidium carthaginense (Jacq.) Sw. – not accepted – Coot Bay dancing-lady orchid
  Oncidium cebolleta (Jacq.) Sw. – accepted – Oncidium cuerno-de-cabra, queen orchid
  Sechium edule (Jacq.) Sw. – accepted – chayote
  Piriqueta racemosa (Jacq.) Sweet – accepted – rigid stripeseed
  Sclerochloa multiculmis var. distans (Jacq.) Syme – not accepted
  Ventenatia bracteata (Jacq.) Tratt. – not accepted
  Oxalis corniculata var. dillenii (Jacq.) Trel. – not accepted
  Huperzia dichotoma (Jacq.) Trevis. – accepted – hanging clubmoss
  Eragrostis peruviana (Jacq.) Trin. – accepted
  Leptochloa domingensis (Jacq.) Trin. – not accepted
  Bryonia cretica ssp. dioica (Jacq.) Tutin – not accepted – Cretan bryony
  Astroloba bullulata (Jacq.) Uitewaal – accepted
  Abutilon trisulcatum (Jacq.) Urb. – accepted – anglestem Indian mallow
  Casasia clusiifolia (Jacq.) Urb. – accepted – sevenyear apple
  Furcraea hexapetala (Jacq.) Urb. – accepted – Cuban hemp
  Galactia striata (Jacq.) Urb. – accepted – Florida hammock milkpea
  Gouania polygama (Jacq.) Urb. – accepted – liane savon
  Jacquemontia havanensis (Jacq.) Urb. – accepted – Havana clustervine
  Rochefortia spinosa (Jacq.) Urb. – accepted – espino
  Stachytarpheta mutabilis (Jacq.) Vahl – accepted – changeable velvetberry
  Euphorbia tridentata var. ornithopus (Jacq.) van Veldh. & Lawant – accepted
  Tragopogon dubius ssp. major (Jacq.) Voll. – not accepted
  Euphorbia platyphyllos var. literata (Jacq.) W. Koch – not accepted
  Sesbania bispinosa (Jacq.) W. Wight – accepted – dunchi fiber
  Phlegmariurus dichotomus (Jacq.) W.H. Wagner – not accepted – hanging clubmoss
  Leucas martinicensis (Jacq.) W.T. Aiton – accepted – whitewort
  Glyceria distans (Jacq.) Wahlenb. – not accepted
  Asplenium pumilum var. anthriscifolium (Jacq.) Wherry – not accepted
  Caesalpinia coriaria (Jacq.) Willd. – not accepted – divi divi
  Inga fastuosa (Jacq.) Willd. – accepted
  Tabernaemontana coronaria (Jacq.) Willd. – not accepted
  Talinum triangulare (Jacq.) Willd. – not accepted – Ceylon spinach, Philippine spinach
  Aneilema geniculatum (Jacq.) Woodson – not accepted
  Matelea carolinensis (Jacq.) Woodson – accepted – maroon Carolina milkvine
  Matelea maritima (Jacq.) Woodson – accepted – beach milkvine
  Matelea obliqua (Jacq.) Woodson – accepted – climbing milkvine
  Prestonia agglutinata (Jacq.) Woodson – not accepted – babeiro
  Dryopteris austriaca (Jacq.) Woyn. ex Schinz & Thell. – not accepted
  Acetosa alpestris (Jacq.) Á. Löve – not accepted
  Acetosa pratensis ssp. alpestris (Jacq.) Á. Löve – not accepted
  Rumex acetosa ssp. alpestris (Jacq.) Á. Löve – not accepted – garden sorrel
  Phippsia distans (Jacq.) Á. Löve & D. Löve – not accepted
  Arthraxon quartinianus var. montanus Jacq.-Fél. – not accepted
  Robynsiochloa Jacq.-Fél. – not accepted
  Schizachyrium brevifolium var. maclaudii Jacq.-Fél. – not accepted
  Schizachyrium maclaudii (Jacq.-Fél.) S.T. Blake – accepted
  Datura inermis Juss. ex Jacq. – not accepted – smooth thorn-apple
  Anguria pedata (L.) Jacq. – not accepted
  Anguria trilobata (L.) Jacq. – not accepted
  Casearia nitida (L.) Jacq. – accepted – smooth honeytree
  Dodonaea viscosa (L.) Jacq. – accepted – hopbush, hopseed bush, Florida hopbush
  Ipomoea muricata (L.) Jacq. – not accepted
  Portulacaria afra (L.) Jacq. – accepted – elephant bush
  Silene acaulis (L.) Jacq. – accepted – cushion-pink, moss campion
  Silene acaulis var. acaulis (L.) Jacq. – not accepted – moss campion
  Swietenia mahagoni (L.) Jacq. – accepted – West Indian mahogany
  Diandrostachya chrysothrix (Nees) Jacq.-Fél. – not accepted
  Atheropogon procumbens (P. Durand) J. Jacq. – not accepted
  Pennisetum geniculatum (Poir.) Jacq. – not accepted
  Pennisetum scandens (Schrad.) Jacq. – not accepted
  Solanum aculeatissimum sensu Schulz, non Jacq. – not accepted
  Heterotis rotundifolia (Sm.) Jacq.-Fél. – accepted
  Eragrostis elongata (Willd.) J. Jacq. – accepted – long lovegrass

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