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Taxon author: Osterh.

ITIS records citing taxon author "Osterh."
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acrolasia humilis Osterh. -- not accepted
  Agoseris agrestis Osterh. -- not accepted
  Agoseris glauca var. agrestis (Osterh.) Q. Jones ex Cronquist -- not accepted -- pale agoseris
  Agoseris X agrestis Osterh. (pro sp.) -- accepted -- pale agoseris
  Allium arenicola Osterh., non Small -- not accepted
  Allium rubrum Osterh. -- not accepted
  Allium sabulicola Osterh. -- not accepted
  Artemisia arbuscula ssp. longiloba (Osterh.) L.M. Shultz -- accepted -- alkali sagebrush, early sagebrush, little sagebrush
  Artemisia arbuscula var. longiloba (Osterh.) Dorn -- not accepted
  Artemisia cana ssp. viscidula (Osterh.) Beetle -- accepted -- Coaltown sagebrush, mountain silver sagebrush, silver sagebrush
  Artemisia cana var. viscidula Osterh. -- not accepted
  Artemisia longiloba (Osterh.) Beetle -- not accepted
  Artemisia spiciformis Osterh. -- accepted -- big sagebrush
  Artemisia spiciformis var. longiloba Osterh. -- not accepted
  Artemisia tridentata ssp. spiciformis (Osterh.) Kartesz & Gandhi -- not accepted -- big sagebrush, subalpine big sagebrush
  Artemisia tridentata var. spiciformis (Osterh.) Dorn -- not accepted
  Astragalus linifolius Osterh. -- accepted -- Grand Junction milk-vetch
  Astragalus puniceus Osterh. -- accepted -- Trinidad milkvetch
  Astragalus puniceus var. puniceus Osterh. -- accepted -- Trinidad milkvetch
  Carduus araneosus Osterh. -- not accepted
  Carduus spathulatus Osterh. -- not accepted
  Cirsium acuatum (Osterh.) Petr. -- not accepted
  Cirsium coccinatum Osterh. -- not accepted
  Cirsium laterifolium (Osterh.) Petr. -- not accepted -- porcupine thistle
  Cirsium modestum (Osterh.) Cockerell -- not accepted -- lacy thistle
  Cirsium vernale (Osterh.) Cockerell -- not accepted -- spring thistle
  Cryptantha breviflora (Osterh.) Payson -- accepted -- Uinta basin cryptantha
  Cryptantha gracilis Osterh. -- accepted -- narrowstem catseye, narrowstem cryptantha, narrowstem pick-me-not
  Cryptantha stricta (Osterh.) Payson -- accepted -- Yampa River cryptantha
  Cymopterus planosus (Osterh.) Mathias -- accepted -- Rocky Mountain springparsley
  Gilia laxiflora (J.M. Coult.) Osterh. -- not accepted
  Hymenopappus filifolius var. polycephalus (Osterh.) B.L. Turner -- accepted -- fine-leaf woollywhite, manyhead hymenopappus
  Hymenopappus polycephalus Osterh. -- not accepted
  Juncus exilis Osterh. -- not accepted
  Lepidium divergens Osterh. -- not accepted
  Lepidium ramosissimum var. divergens (Osterh.) Rollins -- not accepted -- manybranched pepperweed
  Lomatium concinnum (Osterh.) Mathias -- accepted -- adobe desert-parsley, adobe desertparsley
  Machaeranthera coloradoensis (A. Gray) Osterh. -- not accepted -- Colorado tansyaster
  Machaeranthera coloradoensis var. coloradoensis (A. Gray) Osterh. -- not accepted -- Colorado tansyaster
  Mentzelia marginata (Osterh.) H.J. Thomps. & Prigge -- accepted -- Colorado blazingstar
  Mentzelia marginata var. marginata (Osterh.) H.J. Thomps. & Prigge -- accepted -- Colorado blazingstar
  Mentzelia multicaulis (Osterh.) A. Nelson ex J. Darl. -- accepted -- manystem blazingstar
  Mentzelia multicaulis var. multicaulis (Osterh.) A. Nelson ex J. Darl. -- accepted -- manystem blazingstar
  Mentzelia nuda var. stricta (Osterh.) H.D. Harr. -- accepted -- bractless blazingstar, bractless stickleaf
  Mentzelia speciosa Osterh. -- accepted -- jeweled blazingstar
  Mentzelia stricta (Osterh.) G.W. Stevens ex Jeffs & Little -- not accepted
  Nuttallia marginata Osterh. -- not accepted
  Nuttallia multicaulis Osterh. -- not accepted
  Nuttallia speciosa (Osterh.) Greene -- not accepted
  Nuttallia stricta (Osterh.) Greene -- not accepted
  Oreocarya breviflora Osterh. -- not accepted
  Oreocarya stricta Osterh. -- not accepted
  Phacelia denticulata Osterh. -- accepted -- Rocky Mountain phacelia, Rocky Mountain scorpionweed
  Phacelia formosula Osterh. -- accepted -- North Park phacelia
  Potentilla effusa var. rupincola (Osterh.) Th. Wolf -- accepted -- branched cinquefoil, Front Range cinquefoil, rock cinquefoil, rockloving cinquefoil
  Potentilla rupincola Osterh. -- not accepted -- rock cinquefoil
  Quamoclidion cordifolium Osterh. -- not accepted
  Rumex densiflorus Osterh. -- accepted -- dense-flower dock, denseflowered dock
  Senecio fendleri var. lanatus Osterh. -- not accepted
  Seriphidium arbusculum ssp. longilobum (Osterh.) W.A. Weber -- not accepted
  Seriphidium canum ssp. viscidulum (Osterh.) W.A. Weber -- not accepted
  Townsendia leptotes (A. Gray) Osterh. -- accepted -- common Townsend daisy, common townsendia

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