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Taxon author: Brandegee

ITIS records citing taxon author "Brandegee"
 Kingdom Plantae
  Abronia alpina Brandegee -- accepted -- Ramshaw Meadows abronia, Ramshaw Meadows sand verbena, Ramshaw Meadows sand-verbena
  Achimenes saxicola (Brandegee) C.V. Morton -- accepted
  Aliciella sedifolia (Brandegee) J.M. Porter -- accepted -- stonecrop gilia
  Allium praecox Brandegee -- accepted -- early onion
  Allocarya salsa Brandegee -- not accepted
  Amalophyllon Brandegee -- accepted
  Amalophyllon rupestre Brandegee -- accepted
  Argythammia californica Brandegee -- not accepted
  Argythamnia californica Brandegee -- not accepted -- California silverbush
  Argythamnia coatepensis (Brandegee) Croizat -- accepted
  Argythamnia sitiens (Brandegee) J.W. Ingram -- accepted
  Astragalus coccineus Brandegee -- accepted -- scarlet milkvetch
  Beloperone guttata Brandegee -- not accepted
  Besleria chiapensis Brandegee -- not accepted
  Boerhavia ciliata Brandegee -- accepted -- Mathis' spiderling
  Bursera odorata Brandegee -- not accepted
  Calamintha chandleri Brandegee -- not accepted -- San Miguel calamint, San Miguel savory
  Cardamine macrocarpa Brandegee -- accepted -- largeseed bittercress
  Cardamine macrocarpa var. macrocarpa Brandegee -- not accepted -- largeseed bittercress
  Carlowrightia parvifolia Brandegee -- accepted -- littleleaf wrightwort
  Centrosema sagittatum (Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.) Brandegee -- accepted -- arrowleaf butterfly pea
  Centrostegia vortriedei (Brandegee) Goodman -- not accepted
  Cereus pensilis K. Brandegee -- not accepted
  Cereus sciurus K. Brandegee -- not accepted
  Cereus striatus Brandegee -- not accepted
  Chaetopappa fragilis (Brandegee) D.D. Keck -- not accepted
  Chamaebatia australis (Brandegee) Abrams -- accepted -- southern mountain misery
  Chamaebatia foliolosa var. australis Brandegee -- not accepted -- southern mountain misery
  Chamaesyce anthonyi (Brandegee) G.A. Levin -- not accepted
  Chamaesyce incerta (Brandegee) Millsp. -- not accepted
  Chamaesyce picachensis (Brandegee) Millsp. -- not accepted
  Chamaesyce scopulorum (Brandegee) Millsp. -- not accepted
  Chlorogalum purpureum Brandegee -- accepted -- purple amole
  Chlorogalum purpureum var. purpureum Brandegee -- accepted -- purple amole, purple anole
  Chorizanthe vortriedei Brandegee -- not accepted
  Chrysophyllum mexicanum Brandegee ex Standl. -- accepted -- caimitillo
  Claytonia saxosa Brandegee -- accepted -- Brandegee's springbeauty
  Clinopodium chandleri (Brandegee) P.D. Cantino & Wagstaff -- accepted -- San Miguel calamint
  Cochemiea (K. Brandegee) Walton -- not accepted
  Cochemiea halei (Brandegee) Britton & Rose -- not accepted
  Corynopuntia invicta (Brandegee) F.M. Knuth -- accepted
  Coryphantha nickelsiae (K. Brandegee) Britton & Rose -- accepted -- Biznaga-partida de Laredo, Nickels' cactus
  Coryphantha sulcata var. nickelsiae (K. Brandegee) L.D. Benson -- not accepted -- Nickels' cory cactus
  Cowania mexicana var. dubia Brandegee -- not accepted
  Cracca potosina (Brandegee) Standl. -- not accepted
  Croton coatepensis Brandegee -- not accepted
  Croton jucundus Brandegee -- accepted
  Croton purpusii Brandegee -- accepted
  Croton sitiens Brandegee -- not accepted
  Cryptantha costata Brandegee -- accepted -- ribbed catseye, ribbed cryptantha
  Cryptantha excavata Brandegee -- accepted -- deepscar cryptantha
  Cryptantha mexicana (Brandegee) I.M. Johnst. -- accepted -- Mexican catseye, Mexican cryptantha
  Cuscuta denticulata var. vetchii (Brandegee) T. Beliz -- not accepted -- Nevada dodder, Veatch's dodder, Vetch's dodder
  Cuscuta tuberculata Brandegee -- accepted -- tuber dodder, tubercle dodder
  Cuscuta veatchii Brandegee -- accepted -- Veatch's dodder
  Cuscuta vetchii Brandegee -- not accepted
  Cylindropuntia molesta (Brandegee) F.M. Knuth -- accepted
  Cymopterus deserticola Brandegee -- accepted -- desert cymopterus, desert springparsley
  Cynanchum sinaloense (Brandegee) Woodson -- not accepted
  Deinandra clementina (Brandegee) B.G. Baldw. -- accepted -- Catalina tarweed
  Delphinium purpusii Brandegee -- accepted -- Kern County larkspur
  Dermatophyllum purpusii (Brandegee) Vincent -- accepted
  Diastema rupestre Brandegee -- accepted
  Diplacus clevelandii (Brandegee) Greene -- accepted -- Cleveland's bush monkeyflower
  Ditaxis californica (Brandegee) A. Heller -- not accepted -- California ditaxis
  Ditaxis serrata var. californica (Brandegee) V.W. Steinm. & Felger -- not accepted
  Drymonia chiapensis Brandegee -- not accepted
  Eastwoodia Brandegee -- accepted -- eastwoodia
  Eastwoodia elegans Brandegee -- accepted -- yellow aster
  Echinocereus pensilis (K. Brandegee) J.A. Purpus -- accepted
  Echinocereus sciurus (K. Brandegee) Dams -- accepted
  Echinocereus sciurus ssp. sciurus (K. Brandegee) Dams -- accepted
  Elaphrium odoratum (Brandegee) Rose -- not accepted
  Encelia farinosa var. radians Brandegee ex S.F. Blake -- not accepted -- goldenhills
  Epilobium nivium Brandegee -- accepted -- Snow Mountain willowherb
  Episcia aurea Brandegee -- not accepted
  Episcia inclinata Brandegee -- not accepted
  Episcia purpusii (Brandegee) Brandegee -- not accepted
  Episcia truncicola Brandegee -- not accepted
  Eriogonum giganteum ssp. formosum (Brandegee) P.H. Raven -- not accepted
  Eriogonum giganteum var. formosum Brandegee -- accepted -- San Clemente Island buckwheat
  Eriogonum kennedyi ssp. purpusii (Brandegee) Munz -- not accepted
  Eriogonum kennedyi var. purpusii (Brandegee) Reveal -- accepted -- Purpus' buckwheat
  Eriogonum purpusii Brandegee -- not accepted -- Purpus' buckwheat
  Eriophyllum ambiguum var. paleaceum (Brandegee) Ferris -- accepted -- beautiful woolly sunflower, beautiful woollysunflower
  Eriophyllum congdonii Brandegee -- accepted -- Congdon's woolly sunflower
  Eriophyllum nubigenum var. congdonii (Brandegee) Constance -- not accepted
  Eumecanthus chiapensis (Brandegee) Millsp. -- not accepted
  Eumecanthus cofradianus (Brandegee) Millsp. -- not accepted
  Eumecanthus humayensis (Brandegee) Millsp. -- not accepted
  Eumecanthus latericolor (Brandegee) Millsp. -- not accepted
  Eumecanthus sinaloensis (Brandegee) Millsp. -- not accepted
  Euphorbia anthonyi Brandegee -- accepted
  Euphorbia anthonyi var. clarionensis (Brandegee) I.M. Johnst. -- not accepted
  Euphorbia bicapitata Brandegee -- not accepted
  Euphorbia chiapensis Brandegee -- not accepted
  Euphorbia clarionensis Brandegee -- not accepted
  Euphorbia cofradiana Brandegee -- not accepted
  Euphorbia collina Brandegee -- not accepted
  Euphorbia consoquitlae Brandegee -- not accepted
  Euphorbia elata Brandegee -- not accepted
  Euphorbia enalla Brandegee -- not accepted
  Euphorbia humayensis Brandegee -- accepted
  Euphorbia incerta Brandegee -- accepted
  Euphorbia latericolor Brandegee -- not accepted
  Euphorbia padifolia Brandegee -- not accepted
  Euphorbia pediculifera var. inornata Brandegee -- not accepted
  Euphorbia picachensis Brandegee -- accepted
  Euphorbia pueblensis Brandegee -- accepted
  Euphorbia scopulorum Brandegee -- accepted
  Euphorbia scopulorum var. scopulorum Brandegee -- accepted
  Euphorbia sinaloensis Brandegee -- accepted
  Euphorbia tehuacana (Brandegee) V.W. Steinm. -- accepted
  Euphorbia xeropoda Brandegee -- not accepted
  Forsellesia pungens (Brandegee) A. Heller -- not accepted
  Fouquieria purpusii Brandegee -- accepted
  Gilia sedifolia Brandegee -- not accepted -- stonecrop gilia, stonecrop gily-flower
  Glossopetalon pungens Brandegee -- accepted -- dwarf greasebush, smooth greasebush
  Grusonia invicta (Brandegee) E.F. Anderson -- not accepted
  Guaiacum unijugum Brandegee -- accepted
  Halliophytum fasciculatum var. hallii (Brandegee) McMinn -- not accepted
  Halliophytum hallii (Brandegee) I.M. Johnst. -- not accepted
  Haplopappus macleanii Brandegee -- not accepted
  Helianthus niveus (Benth.) Brandegee -- accepted -- showy sunflower, snowy sunflower
  Helianthus niveus ssp. niveus (Benth.) Brandegee -- accepted
  Helianthus niveus var. niveus (Benth.) Brandegee -- not accepted
  Hemizonia clementina Brandegee -- not accepted -- Catalina tarweed
  Houstonia prostrata Brandegee -- accepted -- New Mexico starviolet
  Ipomoea melanotricha Brandegee -- not accepted
  Ivesia arizonica var. saxosa (Brandegee) Ertter -- accepted -- rock whitefeather, whitefeather ivesia
  Kohleria chiapensis Brandegee -- not accepted
  Kohleria collina Brandegee -- not accepted
  Kohleria elegans var. pedunculata (Brandegee) C.V. Morton -- not accepted
  Kohleria fruticosa Brandegee -- not accepted
  Kohleria pedunculata Brandegee -- not accepted
  Kohleria saxicola Brandegee -- not accepted
  Kohleria viminalis Brandegee -- not accepted
  Laothoe purpurea (Brandegee) Greene -- not accepted
  Laphamia fastigiata Brandegee -- not accepted
  Laphamia intricata Brandegee -- not accepted
  Laphamia megalocephala ssp. intricata (Brandegee) D.D. Keck -- not accepted
  Lepidium jaredii Brandegee -- accepted -- Jared's pepperweed
  Lepidium jaredii ssp. jaredii Brandegee -- not accepted -- Jared's peppergrass, Jared's pepperweed
  Lewisia kelloggii K. Brandegee -- accepted -- Kellogg's lewisia
  Lewisia kelloggii ssp. kelloggii K. Brandegee -- not accepted -- Kellogg's lewisia
  Lotus plebeius (Brandegee) Barneby -- not accepted -- common birdsfoot trefoil, long-bract bird's-foot-trefoil, longbrack trefoil, New Mexico bird's-foot trefoil, New Mexico birdsfoot trefoil
  Lupinus concinnus var. pallidus (Brandegee) C.P. Sm. -- not accepted
  Lupinus pallidus Brandegee -- accepted -- pale desert lupine
  Lyonothamnus floribundus var. aspleniifolius (Greene) Brandegee -- not accepted
  Lysiloma candidum Brandegee -- accepted -- palo blanco
  Machaerocereus eruca (Brandegee) Britton & Rose -- not accepted
  Mammillaria armillata K. Brandegee -- accepted
  Mammillaria armillata ssp. armillata K. Brandegee -- not accepted
  Mammillaria brandegeei (J.M. Coult.) Engelm. ex K. Brandegee -- accepted
  Mammillaria brandegeei ssp. brandegeei (J.M. Coult.) Engelm. ex K. Brandegee -- accepted
  Mammillaria dioica K. Brandegee -- accepted -- Biznaga llavina, strawberry cactus
  Mammillaria dioica ssp. dioica K. Brandegee -- accepted
  Mammillaria gabbii (J.M. Coult.) Engelm. ex K. Brandegee -- not accepted
  Mammillaria halei Brandegee -- accepted
  Mammillaria lenta K. Brandegee -- accepted
  Mammillaria longimamma var. sphaerica (A. Dietr.) K. Brandegee -- not accepted
  Mammillaria mainiae K. Brandegee -- accepted -- Biznaga de Nogales, counterclockwise nipple cactus, Maine pincushion cactus
  Mammillaria nickelsae K. Brandegee -- not accepted
  Mammillaria nickelsiae K. Brandegee -- not accepted
  Mammillaria petrophila K. Brandegee -- accepted
  Mammillaria petrophila ssp. petrophila K. Brandegee -- accepted
  Mammillaria pringlei (J.M. Coult.) K. Brandegee -- accepted
  Marshallocereus thurberi var. littoralis (K. Brandegee) Backeb. -- not accepted
  Mellichampia sinaloensis (Brandegee) Kearney & Peebles -- not accepted
  Mentzelia chrysantha Engelm. ex Brandegee -- accepted -- gold blazingstar
  Mentzelia leucophylla Brandegee -- accepted -- Ash Meadows blazingstar
  Metastelma mexicanum (Brandegee) Fishbein & R.A. Levin -- accepted
  Mimulus cleavelandii Brandegee -- not accepted
  Mimulus clevelandii Brandegee -- not accepted
  Montia saxosa (Brandegee) Brandegee ex B.L. Rob. -- not accepted
  Morangaya pensilis (K. Brandegee) G.D. Rowley -- not accepted
  Moussonia fruticosa (Brandegee) Wiehler -- accepted
  Moussonia viminalis (Brandegee) Wiehler -- accepted
  Napeanthus saxicola Brandegee -- not accepted
  Neoevansia striata (Brandegee) Sánchez-Mej. -- not accepted
  Nestotus macleanii (Brandegee) R.P. Roberts, Urbatsch & Neubig -- accepted -- Maclean's goldenweed
  Niphaea saxicola (Brandegee) D.N. Gibson -- not accepted
  Nuttallia chrysantha (Engelm. ex Brandegee) Greene -- not accepted
  Opuntia bradtiana (J.M. Coult.) K. Brandegee -- not accepted
  Opuntia invicta Brandegee -- not accepted
  Opuntia molesta Brandegee -- not accepted
  Orobanche multicaulis Brandegee -- accepted -- spiked broomrape
  Orobanche multicaulis ssp. multicaulis Brandegee -- not accepted
  Orobanche multicaulis var. multicaulis Brandegee -- accepted
  Oxyrhynchus Brandegee -- accepted
  Oxyrhynchus volubilis Brandegee -- accepted -- twining bluehood
  Pedilanthus campester Brandegee -- not accepted
  Pedilanthus petraeus Brandegee -- not accepted
  Pedilanthus purpusii Brandegee -- not accepted
  Pedilanthus rubescens Brandegee -- not accepted
  Pedilanthus tehuacanus Brandegee -- not accepted
  Peniocereus striatus (Brandegee) Buxb. -- accepted -- gearstem cactus
  Penstemon bicolor (Brandegee) Clokey & D.D. Keck -- accepted -- pinto beardtongue, pinto penstemon
  Penstemon bicolor ssp. bicolor (Brandegee) Clokey & D.D. Keck -- not accepted -- pinto beardtongue, twocolor penstemon
  Penstemon calcareus Brandegee -- accepted -- limestone beardtongue, limestone penstemon
  Penstemon floridus Brandegee -- accepted -- Panamint beardtongue, Panamint penstemon
  Penstemon floridus var. floridus Brandegee -- accepted -- Panamint beardtongue, Panamint penstemon
  Penstemon incertus Brandegee -- accepted -- Mojave beardtongue
  Penstemon petiolatus Brandegee -- accepted -- lime penstemon, petiolate beardtongue
  Penstemon purpusii Brandegee -- accepted -- Snow Mountain beardtongue
  Penstemon stephensii Brandegee -- accepted -- Stephens' beardtongue, Stephens' penstemon
  Pentachaeta fragilis Brandegee -- accepted -- fragile pygmydaisy
  Pereskiopsis porteri (Brandegee ex F.A.C. Weber) Britton & Rose -- accepted
  Perityle fastigiata (Brandegee) Shinners -- not accepted
  Perityle intricata (Brandegee) Shinners -- accepted -- narrowleaf laphamia
  Perityle megalocephala var. intricata (Brandegee) A. Powell -- not accepted -- narrowleaf laphamia
  Perityle microglossa var. saxosa (Brandegee) A.M. Powell -- accepted -- shortray rockdaisy
  Phacelia eisenii Brandegee -- accepted -- Eisen's phacelia
  Phacelia purpusii Brandegee -- accepted -- Purpus' phacelia
  Phacelia racemosa (Kellogg) Brandegee -- accepted -- racemose phacelia
  Phyllanthus evanescens Brandegee -- accepted -- birdseed leaf-flower
  Plagiobothrys salsus (Brandegee) I.M. Johnst. -- accepted -- salty popcornflower
  Platystemon californicus var. nutans Brandegee -- not accepted
  Polygala nitida Brandegee -- accepted -- shining milkwort
  Polygala nitida var. nitida Brandegee -- accepted -- shining milkwort
  Polygala nudata Brandegee -- accepted -- smallflower milkwort
  Potentilla osterhoutii var. saxosa (Brandegee) J.T. Howell -- not accepted
  Psorothamnus emoryi var. arenarius (Brandegee) Barneby -- not accepted
  Purpusia Brandegee -- not accepted
  Purpusia saxosa Brandegee -- not accepted
  Ranunculus harveyi var. australis (Brandegee) L.D. Benson -- accepted
  Sabatia purpusii Brandegee -- not accepted
  Sairocarpus pusillus (Brandegee) D.A. Sutton -- accepted -- lesser snapdragon
  Salvia greatae Brandegee -- not accepted -- lavender sage
  Salvia greatai Brandegee -- accepted -- lavender sage, Orocopia sage
  Salvia mellifera ssp. revoluta (Brandegee) Abrams -- not accepted
  Satureja chandleri (Brandegee) Druce -- not accepted
  Scopulophila rixfordii (Brandegee) Munz & I.M. Johnst. -- accepted -- Rixford's rockwort, Rixfords' scopulophila
  Scutellaria potosina Brandegee -- accepted -- Mexican skullcap
  Scutellaria potosina ssp. potosina Brandegee -- accepted -- Mexican skullcap
  Sedum pinetorum Brandegee -- not accepted -- Pine City stonecrop
  Selenicereus vagans (Brandegee) Britton & Rose -- accepted
  Sisymbrium purpusii (Brandegee) O.E. Schulz -- not accepted
  Solanum dasyanthum Brandegee -- accepted
  Solenophora purpusii Brandegee -- accepted
  Sophora purpusii Brandegee -- not accepted
  Stenocereus eruca (Brandegee) A.C. Gibson & K.E. Horak -- accepted
  Stenocereus littoralis (K. Brandegee) L.W. Lenz -- not accepted
  Stenocereus thurberi ssp. littoralis (K. Brandegee) N.P. Taylor -- accepted
  Stenotus macleanii (Brandegee) A. Heller -- not accepted
  Sullivantia hapemanii var. purpusii (Brandegee) Soltis -- accepted -- Purpus' sullivantia
  Sullivantia purpusii (Brandegee) Rosend. -- not accepted
  Systenotheca vortriedei (Brandegee) Reveal & Hardham -- accepted -- Vortriede's spineflower
  Tephrosia potosina Brandegee -- accepted -- Edwards Plateau hoarypea
  Tetracoccus fasciculatus var. hallii (Brandegee) Dressler -- not accepted
  Tetracoccus hallii Brandegee -- accepted -- chuckawallabush, Hall's four-pod spurge, Hall's shrubby-spurge
  Thelypodiopsis purpusii (Brandegee) Rollins -- accepted -- Purpus' tumble-mustard, Purpus' tumblemustard
  Thelypodiopsis versicolor (Brandegee) Rollins -- accepted
  Thelypodium purpusii Brandegee -- not accepted
  Tithymalus petraeus (Brandegee) Croizat -- not accepted
  Tithymalus purpusii (Brandegee) Croizat -- not accepted
  Tithymalus tehuacanus (Brandegee) Croizat -- not accepted
  Wilcoxia striata (Brandegee) Britton & Rose -- not accepted
  X Pacherocactus orcuttii (K. Brandegee) G.D. Rowley -- accepted

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