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Taxon author: (Torr.) A. Gray

ITIS records citing taxon author "(Torr.) A. Gray"
 Kingdom Plantae
  Anisacanthus thurberi (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- desert honeysuckle, Thurber's desert honeysuckle
  Anisacanthus wrightii (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Antiphytum floribundum (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- Texas saucerflower
  Breweria ovalifolia (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Brizopyrum spicatum var. strictum (Torr.) A. Gray ex S. Watson -- not accepted
  Carlowrightia linearifolia (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- heath wrightwort
  Choisya dumosa (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- Mexican orange, starleaf
  Choisya dumosa var. dumosa (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- Mexican orange
  Dianthera parvifolia (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Eatonia pensylvanica var. major (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Heliotropium glabriusculum (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- greeneye heliotrope
  Hibiscus lasiocarpos var. occidentalis (Torr.) A Gray -- not accepted
  Horkelia tenuiloba (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- Santa Rosa horkelia
  Krynitzkia jamesii (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Leptoglossis texana (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Macrosiphonia brachysiphon (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted -- Huachuca Mountain rocktrumpet
  Mirabilis multiflora (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- Colorado four o'clock, Colorado four-o'clock, manyflowered four-o'clock
  Mirabilis multiflora var. multiflora (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- Colorado four o'clock
  Nissolia schottii (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- Schott yellowhood, Schott's yellowhood
  Penstemon glaber var. alpinus (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- alpine penstemon, alpine sawsepal penstemon
  Perityle dissecta (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- dissected rockdaisy, slimlobe rockdaisy
  Perityle emoryi var. nuda (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Phlox longifolia var. stansburyi (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Physalis crassifolia var. cardiophylla (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Physalis viscosa var. spathulifolia (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Pogogyne serpylloides (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- thymeleaf mesamint
  Poliomintha incana (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- frosted mint, hoary rosemarymint, rosemary mint
  Poliomintha mollis (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Polionintha incana (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Prunus fasciculata (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- desert almond, desert peach
  Prunus fasciculata var. fasciculata (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- desert almond
  Psathyrotes ramosissima (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- turtleback, velvet turtleback
  Reboulea pensylvanica var. major (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Rhynchospora scirpoides (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- longbeak beaksedge
  Scirpus carinatus (Hook. & Arn. ex Torr.) A. Gray, non Sm. -- not accepted
  Scirpus fluviatilis (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Sclerochloa arenaria var. fasciculata (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Siphonoglossa longiflora (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted -- longflower tubetongue
  Sporobolus cryptandrus (Torr.) A. Gray -- accepted -- sand dropseed
  Thelesperma gracile (Torr.) A. Gray -- not accepted

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