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Taxon author: C.N. Forbes

ITIS records citing taxon author "C.N. Forbes"
 Kingdom Plantae
  Brighamia citrina (C.N. Forbes & Lydgate) H. St. John -- not accepted
  Chamaesyce celastroides var. stokesii (C.N. Forbes) O. Deg. & I. Deg. -- not accepted -- `ekoko
  Chamaesyce rockii (C.N. Forbes) Croizat & O. Deg. -- not accepted -- `akoko, Koolau Range sandmat
  Clermontia samuelii C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- Hana clermontia, oha wai
  Clermontia samuelii ssp. samuelii C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- Hana clermontia
  Clermontia tuberculata C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- Haleakala clermontia
  Cyanea baldwinii C.N. Forbes & Munro -- not accepted
  Cyanea lobata ssp. baldwinii (C.N. Forbes & Munro) Lammers -- accepted
  Cyanea parvifolia (C.N. Forbes) Lammers, Givnish & Sytsma -- accepted -- Waioli Valley rollandia
  Cyanea profuga C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- Mapulehu Valley cyanea
  Cyanea truncata var. juddii (C.N. Forbes) H. St. John -- not accepted
  Cyanea undulata C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- leechleaf cyanea
  Cyrtandra hii C.N. Forbes -- not accepted
  Cyrtandra munroi C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- ha`iwale, Lanaihale cyrtandra
  Cyrtandra olona C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- Kauai cyrtandra
  Cyrtandra propinqua C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- arrowleaf cyrtandra
  Euphorbia celastroides var. stokesii (C.N. Forbes) Sherff -- not accepted -- `ekoko
  Euphorbia rockii C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- Koolau Range sandmat
  Euphorbia stokesii C.N. Forbes -- not accepted
  Exocarpos luteolus C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- heau, leafy ballart
  Haplostachys minroi C.N. Forbes -- not accepted
  Haplostachys munroi C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- Lanai islandmint
  Hedyotis fluviatilis (C.N. Forbes) Fosberg -- not accepted -- kamapua'a, Kampua'a
  Hibiscadelphus bombycinus C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- hau kuahiwi
  Hibiscus kahilii C.N. Forbes -- not accepted
  Kadua fluviatilis C.N. Forbes -- accepted
  Labordia kaalae C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- Waianae Range labordia
  Labordia lydgatei C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- kamakahala, Wahiawa Mountain labordia
  Lobelia parvifolia C.N. Forbes -- not accepted
  Lysimachia filifolia C.N. Forbes & Lydgate -- accepted -- Wailua River yellow loosestrife
  Munroidendron racemosum (C.N. Forbes) Sherff -- not accepted -- false `ohe
  Phyllostegia electra C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- nehe kuhiwa
  Physostegia electra C.N. Forbes -- not accepted
  Polyscias racemosa (C.N. Forbes) Lowry & G.M. Plunkett -- accepted
  Rollandia parvifolia C.N. Forbes -- not accepted
  Stenogyne affinis C.N. Forbes -- not accepted
  Viola helena C.N. Forbes & Lydgate -- not accepted
  Viola helenae C.N. Forbes & Lydgate -- accepted -- Wahiawa stream violet
  Viola kauaensis var. wahiawaensis C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- Nani wai`ale`ale, pohe hiwa
  Viola kauaiensis var. wahiawaensis C.N. Forbes -- not accepted -- nani wai'ale'ale
  Viola oahuensis C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- Oahu violet

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