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Taxon author: F. Michx.

ITIS records citing taxon author "F. Michx."
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acer nigrum F. Michx. -- accepted -- black maple, black sugar maple, érable noir, hard maple, rock maple, sugar maple
  Acer saccharum ssp. nigrum (F. Michx.) Desmarais -- not accepted
  Acer saccharum var. nigrum (F. Michx.) Britton -- not accepted
  Amelanchier arborea (F. Michx.) Fernald -- accepted -- Allegheny serviceberry, apple shadbush, common serviceberry, downy serviceberry, shadblow
  Amelanchier arborea var. arborea (F. Michx.) Fernald -- not accepted -- common serviceberry
  Betula lutea F. Michx. -- not accepted
  Carya aquatica (F. Michx.) Elliott -- accepted
  Carya myristiciformis (F. Michx.) Elliott -- accepted -- nutmeg hickory
  Cladrastis lutea (F. Michx.) K. Koch -- not accepted
  Hicoria aquatica (F. Michx.) Britton -- not accepted
  Hicoria myristiciformis (F. Michx.) Britton -- not accepted
  Mespilus arborea F. Michx. -- not accepted
  Quercus borealis F. Michx. -- not accepted
  Quercus rubra var. borealis (F. Michx.) Farw. -- not accepted
  Quercus X heterophylla F. Michx. (pro sp.) -- accepted -- oddleaf oak
  Saccharodendron nigrum (F. Michx.) Small -- not accepted
  Salix ligustrina F. Michx. -- not accepted

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