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Taxon author: (Grunow) Hust.

ITIS records citing taxon author "(Grunow) Hust."
 Kingdom Chromista
  Achnanthes exigua var. constricta (Grunow) Hust. -- accepted
  Anomoeneis styriaca (Grunow) Hustedt -- not accepted
  Anomoeoneis styriaca (Grunow) Hust. -- not accepted
  Anomoeoneis zellensis f. difficilis (Grunow) Hust. -- not accepted
  Diploneis smithii var. pumila (Grunow) Hust. -- accepted
  Eunotia tenella (Grunow) Hust. -- accepted
  Fragilaria leptostauron var. dubia (Grunow) Hust. -- not accepted
  Huttoniella reichardti (Grunow) Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula lorenzii (Grunow) Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula subapiculata (Grunow in Cleve and Grunow) Hustedt -- accepted
  Synedra parasitica var. subconstricta (Grunow) Hust. -- not accepted

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