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Taxon author: C.R. Bell

ITIS records citing taxon author "C.R. Bell"
 Kingdom Plantae
  Asclepias longifolia ssp. hirtella (Pennell) J. Farmer & C.R. Bell -- not accepted
  Asclepias longifolia var. hirtella (Pennell) J. Farmer & C.R. Bell -- not accepted
  Calystegia sericata (House) C.R. Bell -- not accepted
  Sarracenia X ahlesii C.R. Bell & Case -- accepted -- Ahles' pitcherplant
  Sarracenia X gilpinii C.R. Bell & Case -- accepted -- Gilpin's pitcherplant
  Sarracenia X harperi C.R. Bell -- accepted -- Harper's pitcherplant
  Sarracenia X readei C.R. Bell -- accepted
  Sarracenia X readii C.R. Bell -- not accepted -- Read's pitcherplant
  Sarracenia X rehderi C.R. Bell -- accepted -- Rehder's pitcherplant

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