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Taxon author: Alston, 1877

ITIS records citing taxon author "Alston, 1877"
 Kingdom Animalia
  Apodemus mystacinus (Danford and Alston, 1877) -- valid -- Eastern Broad-toothed Field Mouse
  Melomys rufescens (Alston, 1877) -- valid -- Black-tailed Melomys
  Oryzomys couesi (Alston, 1877) -- valid -- Coues' Oryzomys, Coues' Rice Rat, Coues's Rice Rat, Rata-arrocera de Coues
  Scotinomys teguina (Alston, 1877) -- valid -- Alston's Brown Mouse, Short-tailed Singing Mouse
  Sorex veraepacis Alston, 1877 -- valid -- Verapaz Shrew
  Sorex veraepacis veraepacis Alston, 1877 -- valid

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