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Taxon author: (Greene) Standl.

ITIS records citing taxon author "(Greene) Standl."
 Kingdom Plantae
  Agastache rupestris (Greene) Standl. -- accepted -- thread-leaf giant hyssop, threadleaf giant hyssop
  Anemone multiceps (Greene) Standl. -- accepted -- Porcupine River thimbleweed
  Chamaesyce neomexicana (Greene) Standl. -- not accepted
  Hesperonia aspera (Greene) Standl. -- not accepted
  Mirabilis rotundifolia (Greene) Standl. -- accepted -- roundleaf four o'clock, roundleaf four-o'clock
  Oxybaphus rotundifolius (Greene) Standl. -- not accepted
  Sideranthus wootonii (Greene) Standl. -- not accepted

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