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Taxon author: Aubl.

ITIS records citing taxon author "Aubl."
 Kingdom Animalia
  Prionospio caspersi Laubler, 1965 -- valid
 Kingdom Fungi
  Chaetolentomita Maubl. Apund Maubl. and Rang -- not accepted
  Melanobasidium Maublanc, 1906 -- not accepted
 Kingdom Plantae
  Adiantum guianense Aubl. -- not accepted
  Aeschynomene emerus Aubl. -- not accepted
  Aiouea Aubl. -- accepted
  Allamanda cathartica var. grandiflora (Aubl.) L.H. Bailey & Raffill -- not accepted
  Alloplectus coccineus (Aubl.) Mart. -- not accepted
  Alpinia aromatica Aubl. -- not accepted
  Anechites nerium (Aubl.) Urb. -- accepted -- Natal plum
  Aniba Aubl. -- accepted
  Aniba guianensis Aubl. -- accepted
  Anthurium scandens (Aubl.) Engl. -- accepted -- pearl laceleaf
  Apeiba Aubl. -- accepted
  Apeiba tibourbou Aubl. -- accepted
  Arthrostylidium farctum (Aubl.) Soderstr. & Lourteig. -- accepted -- old man's beard
  Arundo farcta Aubl. -- not accepted
  Arundo sagittata Aubl. ex P. Beauv. -- not accepted
  Arundo sagittata (Aubl.) Pers. -- not accepted
  Aulomyrcia citrifolia (Aubl.) Amsh. -- not accepted
  Bacopa Aubl. -- accepted -- water hyssop, waterhyssop
  Baillieria sylvestris Aubl. -- not accepted
  Banara Aubl. -- accepted -- palo de ramon
  Besleria coccinea Aubl. -- not accepted
  Besleria incarnata Aubl. -- not accepted
  Borreria alata (Aubl.) DC. -- not accepted
  Brosimum guianense (Aubl.) Huber -- accepted -- Guiana brosimum
  Buchenavia tetraphylla (Aubl.) Howard -- accepted -- fourleaf buchenavia
  Cabomba Aubl. -- accepted -- fanwort
  Calathea allouia (Aubl.) Lindl. -- accepted -- llerenes
  Calathea lutea (Aubl.) G. Mey. -- not accepted
  Calathea lutea (Aubl.) Schult. -- accepted -- pampano
  Campyloneurum repens (Aubl.) C. Presl -- accepted -- creeping strapfern
  Carapa Aubl. -- accepted
  Carapa guianensis Aubl. -- accepted -- crabwood
  Carapichea Aubl. -- accepted
  Casearia guianensis (Aubl.) Urb. -- accepted -- Guyanese wild coffee
  Cassipourea Aubl. -- accepted
  Cassipourea guianensis Aubl. -- accepted -- goatwood
  Chaetochloa sulcata (Aubl.) Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Chamaeraphis sulcata (Aubl.) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Chromolaena corymbosa (Aubl.) R.M. King & H. Rob. -- accepted -- Caribbean thoroughwort
  Clibadium sylvestre (Aubl.) Baill. -- accepted
  Coccocypselum herbaceum Aubl. -- accepted -- yerba de guava
  Columnea coccinea (Aubl.) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Coumarouna odora Aubl. -- not accepted
  Coumarouna odorata Aubl. -- not accepted
  Couroupita Aubl. -- accepted -- cannonball tree
  Couroupita guianensis Aubl. -- accepted -- cannonball tree
  Crantzia coccinea (Aubl.) Fritsch -- not accepted
  Croton guianensis Aubl. -- accepted
  Croton matourensis Aubl. -- accepted
  Cyperus globulosus auct. non Aubl. -- not accepted
  Desmodium distortum (Aubl.) J.F. Macbr. -- accepted
  Dialium guianense (Aubl.) Sandwith -- accepted
  Dichaea pendula (Aubl.) Cogn. -- accepted -- Swartz's leafystem orchid
  Didymopanax morototonii (Aubl.) Decne. & Planch. -- not accepted -- matchwood
  Didymopanax morotoyoni (Aubl.) Decne. & Planch. -- not accepted
  Dipteryx odorata (Aubl.) Willd. -- accepted -- tonka bean
  Dipteryx oppositifolia (Aubl.) Willd. -- not accepted
  Dracontium scandens Aubl. -- not accepted
  Drymonia coccinea (Aubl.) Wiehler -- accepted
  Elaphoglossum rigidum (Aubl.) Urb. -- accepted -- stiff tonguefern
  Elephantopus spicatus Juss. ex Aubl. -- not accepted
  Encyclia bifida (Aubl.) Britton & P. Wilson -- not accepted -- thicket butterfly orchid
  Epidendrum bifidum Aubl. -- not accepted
  Eupatorium corymbosum Aubl. -- not accepted -- Caribbean thoroughwort
  Faramea Aubl. -- accepted -- false coffee
  Ficus americana Aubl. -- accepted -- Jamaican cherry fig
  Fimbrolina incarnata (Aubl.) Raf. -- not accepted
  Galipea Aubl. -- accepted
  Guapira Aubl. -- accepted -- blolly
  Gynerium sagittatum (Aubl.) P. Beauv. -- accepted -- wildcane
  Gynerium sagittatum var. sagittatum (Aubl.) P. Beauv. -- accepted
  Heliconia humilis (Aubl.) Jacq. -- not accepted
  Hevea Aubl. -- accepted
  Hibiscus trilobus Aubl. -- accepted -- threelobe rosemallow
  Hyptis americana (Aubl.) Urb. -- not accepted -- American bushmint
  Icacorea Aubl. -- not accepted
  Ilex guianensis (Aubl.) Kuntze -- accepted -- maconcona
  Iroucana guianensis Aubl. -- not accepted
  Lasiacis maculata (Aubl.) Urb. -- not accepted
  Lecythis zabucajo Aubl. -- accepted -- monkeynut, paradise nut
  Leptochilus guianensis (Aubl.) C. Chr. -- not accepted
  Licania Aubl. -- accepted
  Licaria Aubl. -- accepted
  Lindsaea guianensis (Aubl.) Dryand. -- accepted
  Lomagramma guianensis (Aubl.) Ching -- accepted -- Guiana fern
  Lomogramma guianensis (Aubl.) Ching -- not accepted
  Lonchocarpus nicou (Aubl.) DC. -- not accepted -- barbasco
  Lophalix coccinea (Aubl.) Raf. -- not accepted
  Lophiaris maculata (Aubl.) Ackerman -- not accepted
  Mapania Aubl. -- accepted
  Maranta lutea Aubl. -- not accepted
  Mariscus globulosus auct. non (Aubl.) Urb. -- not accepted
  Matayba Aubl. -- accepted
  Matelea Aubl. -- accepted -- milkvine
  Mayaca Aubl. -- accepted
  Mayaca fluviatilis Aubl. -- accepted -- stream bogmoss
  Melastoma aquaticum Aubl. -- not accepted
  Miconia mirabilis (Aubl.) L.O. Williams -- accepted -- camasey cuatrocanales
  Miconia racemosa (Aubl.) DC. -- accepted -- camasey felpa
  Mouriri Aubl. -- accepted
  Myrcia citrifolia (Aubl.) Urb. -- accepted -- red rodwood
  Myrcia citrifolia var. citrifolia (Aubl.) Urb. -- accepted -- red rodwood
  Myrsine guianensis auct. non (Aubl.) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Myrsine guianensis (Aubl.) Kuntze -- accepted
  Nepsera aquatica (Aubl.) Naudin -- accepted -- altea
  Ocotea Aubl. -- accepted -- sweetwood
  Ocotea globosa (Aubl.) Schltdl. & Cham. -- not accepted -- shinglewood
  Oncidium maculatum (Aubl.) Ackerman -- not accepted
  Osmia corymbosa (Aubl.) Britton & P. Wilson -- not accepted
  Ouratea Aubl. -- accepted
  Pachira Aubl. -- accepted
  Pachira aquatica Aubl. -- accepted -- Guiana-chestnut
  Palicourea Aubl. -- accepted -- cappel
  Palicourea guianensis Aubl. -- accepted -- showy cappel
  Palicourea guianensis ssp. guianensis Aubl. -- accepted
  Palicourea guianensis var. guianensis Aubl. -- not accepted
  Panicum sulcatum Aubl. -- not accepted
  Pariana Aubl. -- accepted
  Pariana campestris Aubl. -- accepted
  Parinari Aubl. -- accepted
  Passiflora coccinea Aubl. -- accepted -- scarlet passionflower
  Pharus lappulaceus Aubl. -- accepted -- Cape Francais stalkgrass
  Phoradendron racemosa (Aubl.) Krug & Urb. -- not accepted
  Phoradendron racemosum (Aubl.) Krug & Urb. -- accepted -- bigleaf mistletoe
  Phyllodes lutea (Aubl.) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Piriqueta Aubl. -- accepted -- stripeseed
  Polygala violacea Aubl. -- accepted -- violet milkwort
  Polypodium repens Aubl. -- not accepted
  Polystachya minuta (Aubl.) Britton -- not accepted
  Posoqueria Aubl. -- accepted
  Pouteria Aubl. -- accepted
  Pseudelephantopus spicatus (Juss. ex Aubl.) C.F. Baker -- accepted -- dog's-tongue
  Pseudo-elephantopus spicatus (Juss. ex Aubl.) Gleason -- not accepted
  Psychilis bifida (Aubl.) Sauleda -- accepted -- thicket butterfly orchid
  Psychotria officinalis (Aubl.) Raeusch. ex Sandwith -- accepted
  Quararibea Aubl. -- accepted
  Rapanea Aubl. -- not accepted
  Rapanea guianensis auct. non Aubl. -- not accepted
  Rechsteineria incarnata (Aubl.) Leeuwenb. -- not accepted
  Remirea Aubl. -- accepted -- beachstar
  Remirea maritima Aubl. -- accepted -- beachstar
  Renealmia aromatica (Aubl.) Griseb. -- not accepted
  Rourea Aubl. -- accepted
  Sabicea Aubl. -- accepted -- woodvine
  Sabicea cinerea Aubl. -- accepted -- largeflower woodvine
  Saccharum sagittatum Aubl. -- not accepted
  Sacoila lanceolata (Aubl.) Garay -- accepted
  Sacoila lanceolata var. lanceolata (Aubl.) Garay -- accepted -- leafless beaked lady orchid
  Salvinia auriculata auct. non Aubl. -- not accepted
  Salvinia auriculata Aubl. -- accepted -- eared watermoss, giant salvinia
  Schefflera morototoni (Aubl.) Maguire, Steyerm. & Frodin -- accepted -- matchwood
  Schefflera morototonii (Aubl.) Maguire, Steyerm. & Frodin -- not accepted -- matchwood
  Sesban emerus (Aubl.) Britton & P. Wilson -- not accepted
  Sesbania emerus (Aubl.) Urb. -- not accepted -- coffeebean, danglepod
  Setaria sulcata (Aubl.) Desv. -- not accepted
  Setaria sulcata (Aubl.) A. Camus -- not accepted
  Simarouba Aubl. -- accepted
  Sinningia incarnata (Aubl.) Denham -- accepted
  Solanum tegore Aubl. -- accepted
  Spermacoce alata Aubl. -- accepted -- broadleaf buttonweed, winged false buttonweed
  Spermacoce latifolia Aubl. -- not accepted -- oval-leaf false buttonweed
  Spermacoce prostrata Aubl. -- accepted -- prostrate false buttonweed
  Spiranthes lanceolata (Aubl.) Léon -- not accepted -- leafless beaked ladiestresses
  Spiranthes lanceolata var. lanceolata (Aubl.) Léon -- not accepted -- leafless beaked ladiestresses
  Stenorrhynchos lanceolatum (Aubl.) Rich. -- not accepted -- Cutzis de espolón, leafless beaked ladies'-tresses, leafless beaked lady orchid
  Stenorrhynchos lanceolatum var. lanceolatum (Aubl.) Rich. -- not accepted -- leafless beaked ladies'-tresses, leafless beaked lady orchid
  Stylosanthes guianensis (Aubl.) Sw. -- accepted
  Stylosanthes guianensis var. guianensis (Aubl.) Sw. -- accepted
  Tachigali Aubl. -- accepted
  Talisia Aubl. -- accepted
  Tamonea Aubl. -- accepted
  Tamonea guianensis Aubl. -- not accepted
  Taralea Aubl. -- accepted
  Taralea oppositifolia Aubl. -- accepted -- opposite taralea
  Tetramicra canaliculata (Aubl.) Urb. -- accepted -- serpentine wallflower orchid
  Theobroma sativa (Aubl.) Lign. & Le Bey -- not accepted
  Tibouchina Aubl. -- accepted -- glorytree
  Tontanea herbacea (Aubl.) Standl. -- not accepted
  Trichocentrum maculatum (Aubl.) M.W. Chase -- not accepted -- Cape Sable orchid
  Vantanea Aubl. -- accepted
  Virola Aubl. -- accepted
  Virola sebifera Aubl. -- accepted
  Voyria Aubl. -- accepted -- ghostplant
  Xiphidium Aubl. -- accepted
  Xiphidium caeruleum Aubl. -- accepted -- cola de paloma
  Xiphidium ceruleum Aubl. -- not accepted
  Xiphidium coeruleum Aubl. -- not accepted -- cola de paloma
  Xylopia frutescens Aubl. -- accepted -- pimientillo
  Zephyranthes bifolia (Aubl.) M. Roem. -- accepted -- West Indian zephyrlily

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