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Taxon author: Bong.

ITIS records citing taxon author "Bong."
 Kingdom Animalia
  Pseudovelia schoenigi Hecher and Bongo, 2006 -- valid
  Pseudovelia schoenigi Hecher and Bongo, 2006 -- invalid
  Rhagovelia heissi Zettel and Bongo, 2006 -- valid
  Rhagovelia heissi Zettel and Bongo, 2006 -- invalid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Achillea borealis Bong. -- not accepted
  Achillea millefolium ssp. borealis (Bong.) Breitung -- not accepted
  Achillea millefolium var. borealis (Bong.) Farw. -- not accepted -- boreal yarrow
  Alnus rubra Bong. -- accepted -- red alder
  Alsine brachypetala (Bong.) Howell -- not accepted
  Apargidium boreale (Bong.) Torr. & A. Gray -- not accepted
  Arnica latifolia Bong. -- accepted -- broadleaf arnica
  Atriplex gmelinii C.A. Mey. ex Bong. -- accepted -- Gmelin's saltbush
  Boschniakia C.A. Mey. ex Bong. -- accepted -- groundcone
  Campanula heterodoxa Bong. -- not accepted
  Carex aquatilis var. sitchensis (Prescott ex Bong.) Kelso -- not accepted
  Carex mertensii J.D. Prescott ex Bong. -- accepted -- Mertens' sedge
  Carex sitchensis Prescott ex Bong. -- not accepted
  Cassiope mertensiana (Bong.) G. Don -- accepted -- western moss heather, white heather
  Cassiope mertensiana var. mertensiana (Bong.) G. Don -- accepted -- western moss heather
  Castilleja parviflora Bong. -- accepted -- mountain Indian paintbrush
  Castilleja parviflora var. parviflora Bong. -- accepted -- smallflower Indian paintbrush
  Cladothamnus pyroliflorus Bong. -- not accepted
  Claytonia flagellaris Bong. -- not accepted
  Claytonia parvifolia ssp. flagellaris (Bong.) Hultén -- not accepted
  Claytonia parvifolia var. flagellaris (Bong.) R.J. Davis -- not accepted
  Corallorhiza maculata ssp. mertensiana (Bong.) Calder & Roy L. Taylor -- not accepted
  Corallorhiza mertensiana Bong. -- accepted -- Pacific coralroot
  Corallorrhiza maculata ssp. mertensiana (Bong.) Calder & Roy L. Taylor -- not accepted
  Corallorrhiza mertensiana Bong. -- not accepted -- Pacific coralroot
  Diplazium riedelianum (Bong. ex Kunze) C. Presl -- accepted -- Riedel's twinsorus fern
  Elliottia pyroliflora (Bong.) Brim & P.F. Stevens -- accepted -- copperbush
  Elliottia pyroliflorus (Bong.) Brim & P.F. Stevens -- not accepted -- copperbush
  Equisetum arvense var. boreale (Bong.) Rupr. -- not accepted
  Gentiana douglasiana Bong. -- accepted -- swamp gentian
  Glyceria spectabilis var. flaccida Trin. & Bong. ex A. Gray -- not accepted
  Hesperopeuce mertensiana (Bong.) Rydb. -- not accepted
  Juncus mertensianus Bong. -- accepted -- Mertens' rush
  Kochia prostrata var. villosissima Bong. & C.A. Mey. -- not accepted
  Leutkea Bong. -- not accepted
  Luetkea Bong. -- accepted
  Luetkea sibbaldioides Bong. -- not accepted
  Malus diversifolia (Bong.) M. Roem. -- not accepted
  Malus fusca var. diversifolia (Bong.) C.K. Schneid. -- not accepted
  Microseris borealis (Bong.) Sch. Bip. -- accepted -- apargidium
  Montia flagellaris (Bong.) B.L. Rob. -- not accepted
  Montia parvifolia ssp. flagellaris (Bong.) Ferris -- not accepted -- littleleaf minerslettuce
  Montia parvifolia var. flagellaris (Bong.) C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carrière -- accepted -- coast spruce, Sitka spruce, tideland spruce, yellow spruce
  Pinus mertensiana Bong. -- not accepted
  Pinus sitchensis Bong. -- not accepted
  Polygonum buxifolium Nutt. ex Bong. -- not accepted
  Pteridium aquilinum ssp. lanuginosum (Bong.) Hultén -- not accepted
  Pteridium aquilinum var. lanuginosum (Bong.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Pyrus diversifolia Bong. -- not accepted
  Romanzoffia sitchensis Bong. -- accepted -- Sitka mistmaiden
  Salix sitchensis Sanson ex Bong. -- accepted -- Sitka willow
  Saxifraga mertensiana Bong. -- accepted -- Merten's saxifrage, wood saxifrage, woodland saxifrage
  Stellaria calycantha (Ledeb.) Bong. -- accepted -- northern chickweed, northern starwort
  Tsuga mertensiana (Bong.) Carrière -- accepted -- alpine hemlock, black hemlock, hemlock spruce, mountain hemlock
  Valeriana sitchensis Bong. -- accepted -- Sitka valerian
  Valeriana sitchensis ssp. sitchensis Bong. -- accepted -- valerian
  Valeriana sitchensis var. sitchensis Bong. -- not accepted
  Veronica alpina var. nutans (Bong.) B. Boivin -- not accepted
  Veronica nutans Bong. -- not accepted
  Veronica wormskjoldii ssp. nutans (Bong.) Pennell -- accepted -- American alpine speedwell

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