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Taxon author: Buckley

ITIS records citing taxon author "Buckley"
 Kingdom Animalia
  Atta texana (Buckley, 1860) -- valid -- Texas leafcutting ant
  Camponotus americanus (Buckley, 1866) -- valid
  Camponotus ater (Buckley, 1839) -- valid
  Camponotus discolor (Buckley, 1866) -- valid
  Camponotus festinatus (Buckley, 1866) -- valid
  Camponotus floridanus (Buckley, 1866) -- valid
  Camponotus sansabeanus (Buckley, 1866) -- valid
  Camponotus septentrionalis (Buckley, 1866) -- valid
  Camponotus tejonia (Buckley, 1866) -- valid
  Conomyrma insana (Buckley, 1866) -- invalid -- pyramid ant
  Ctenosaura melanosterna Buckley, 1997 -- valid -- Black-chested Spiny-tailed Iguana
  Dorymyrmex insanus (Buckley, 1866) -- valid
  Formica arenicola Buckley, 1866 -- valid
  Formica connecticutensis Buckley, 1866 -- valid
  Formica gnava Buckley, 1866 -- valid
  Formica lincecumii Buckley, 1866 -- valid
  Formica nortonii Buckley, 1866 -- valid
  Formica novaeanglae Buckley, 1866 -- valid
  Formica occidentalis Buckley, 1866 -- valid
  Formica politurata Buckley, 1866 -- valid
  Formica saxicola Buckley, 1866 -- valid
  Formica subspinosa Buckley, 1866 -- valid
  Formica tenuissima Buckley, 1866 -- valid
  Formica virginiana Buckley, 1866 -- valid
  Gnathamitermes tubiformans (Buckley, 1862) -- valid
  Lasius monticola (Buckley, 1866) -- valid
  Leptogenys elongata (Buckley, 1866) -- valid
  Liometopum masonium (Buckley, 1866) -- valid
  Monomorium minimum (Buckley, 1867) -- valid -- fourmi (petite) noire, little black ant
  Myrmica diversa Buckley, 1867 -- valid
  Myrmica lineolata Buckley, 1867 -- valid
  Myrmica montana Buckley, 1867 -- valid
  Myrmica scabrata Buckley, 1867 -- valid
  Myrmica sublanuginosa Buckley, 1867 -- valid
  Neivamyrmex coeca (Buckley, 1867) -- valid
  Palaeoleptidae Poinar and Buckley, 2009 -- valid
  Palaeoleptus Poinar and Buckley, 2009 -- valid
  Palaeoleptus burmanicus Poinar and Buckley, 2009 -- valid
  Paratrechina perminuta (Buckley, 1866) -- valid
  Paratrechina terricola (Buckley, 1866) -- valid
  Pheidole picea (Buckley, 1867) -- valid
  Pogonomyrmex californicus (Buckley, 1867) -- valid -- California harvester ant
  Polyergus texana Buckley, 1866 -- valid
  Ponera pennsylvanica Buckley, 1866 -- valid
  Pseudepidalea sicula (Stck, Sicilia, Belfiore, Buckley, Lo Brutto, Lo Valvo and Arculeo, 2008) -- valid
  Solenopsis brazoensis (Buckley, 1867) -- valid
  Solenopsis sabeana (Buckley, 1867) -- valid
  Tenuirostritermes cinereus (Buckley, 1862) -- valid
 Kingdom Fungi
  Candida beechii Buckley and Van Uden -- accepted
  Candida freyschussii Buckley and Van Uden -- accepted
  Candida maritima (Siepmann) Vanuden and Buckley -- accepted
  Candida melibiosica Buckley and Van Uden -- accepted
  Candida sake (Saito and Ota) Van Uden and Buckley -- accepted
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acamptoclados sessilispicus (Buckley) Nash -- not accepted
  Aesculus arguta Buckley -- not accepted
  Aesculus glabra var. arguta (Buckley) B.L. Rob. -- accepted -- Ohio buckeye, Texas buckeye
  Agrostis albicans Buckley -- not accepted
  Agrostis alopecuroides (Buckley) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Agrostis aquatica Buckley -- not accepted
  Agrostis barbata Buckley ex A. Gray -- not accepted
  Agrostis scabriuscula Buckley -- not accepted
  Allionia pauciflora (Buckley) Standl. -- not accepted
  Amorpha texana Buckley -- not accepted
  Ampelopsis heptaphylla Buckley -- not accepted
  Ampelopsis heterophylla Buckley -- not accepted
  Amyris texana (Buckley) P. Wilson -- accepted -- chapatillo, Texas torchwood
  Angelica curtisii Buckley -- not accepted
  Anthoxanthum occidentale (Buckley) Veldkamp -- accepted
  Anthoxanthum occidentale (Buckley) G.C. Tucker -- not accepted
  Aphanostephus pilosus Buckley -- accepted -- hairy dozedaisy
  Arbutus texana Buckley -- not accepted
  Arbutus xalapensis var. texana (Buckley) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Aristida curtiseta Buckley -- not accepted
  Aristida filipendula Buckley -- not accepted
  Aristida pauciflora Buckley -- not accepted
  Astragalus brazoensis Buckley -- accepted -- Brazos milkvetch
  Baptisia texana Buckley -- not accepted
  Berberis swaseyi Buckley ex M.J. Young -- accepted -- Texas barberry
  Bouteloua brevifolia Buckley -- not accepted
  Bouteloua pumila Buckley -- not accepted
  Brachiaria ciliatissima (Buckley) Chase -- not accepted -- fringed signalgrass
  Brachiaria texana (Buckley) S.T. Blake -- not accepted -- Texas signalgrass
  Bromus breviaristatus Buckley -- not accepted
  Bromus californicus Nutt. ex Buckley -- not accepted
  Bromus marginatus var. brevaristatus (Buckley) Beetle -- not accepted
  Bromus marginatus var. breviaristatus (Buckley) Beetle -- not accepted -- mountain brome
  Bromus setaceus Buckley -- not accepted
  Bromus virens Buckley -- not accepted
  Bumelia lanuginosa var. texana (Buckley) Cronquist -- not accepted
  Bumelia monticola Buckley -- not accepted
  Bumelia texana Buckley -- not accepted
  Calamagrostis albescens Buckley ex A. Gray -- not accepted
  Calamagrostis albicans Buckley -- not accepted
  Calamagrostis longirostris Buckley -- not accepted
  Calamagrostis oregonensis Buckley -- not accepted
  Calamagrostis rubescens Buckley -- accepted -- pinegrass
  Carex misera Buckley -- accepted -- wretched sedge
  Carex styloflexa Buckley -- accepted -- bent sedge
  Carlowrightia parviflora (Buckley) Wassh. -- accepted -- smallflower wrightwort
  Carya texana Buckley -- accepted -- black hickory
  Cassia texana Buckley -- not accepted
  Cenchrus setoides Buckley -- not accepted
  Centaurium calycosum (Buckley) Fernald -- not accepted -- Arizona centaury
  Centaurium calycosum var. calycosum (Buckley) Fernald -- not accepted -- Arizona centaury
  Chamaecrista flexuosa var. texana (Buckley) H.S. Irwin & Barneby -- accepted -- Texas sensitive pea
  Cheilanthes alabamensis (Buckley) Kunze -- accepted -- Alabama lip fern, Alabama lipfern
  Cirsium texanum Buckley -- accepted -- Texas thistle
  Clematis texensis Buckley -- accepted -- scarlet leather flower, Texas clematis
  Clinelymus glaucus (Buckley) Nevski -- not accepted
  Coriflora texensis (Buckley) W.A. Weber -- not accepted
  Crataegus texana Buckley -- accepted -- Texas hawthorn
  Cyanococcus hirsutus (Buckley) Small -- not accepted
  Cymopterus macrorhizus Buckley -- accepted -- bigroot springparsley
  Cyperus esculentus var. hermannii (Buckley) Britton -- accepted -- chufa flatsedge, yellow nutgrass, yellow nutsedge
  Cyperus retroflexus Buckley -- accepted -- one-flower flatsedge, oneflower flatsedge
  Deyeuxia rubescens (Buckley) Vasey -- not accepted
  Dianthera parviflora (Buckley) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Diervilla sessilifolia Buckley -- accepted -- southern bush honeysuckle
  Disporum maculatum (Buckley) Britton -- not accepted -- yellow mandarin
  Drejera parviflora Buckley -- not accepted
  Eleocharis acutisquamata Buckley -- not accepted -- sharpscale spikerush
  Eleocharis compressa var. acutisquamata (Buckley) S.G. Sm. -- accepted -- sharpscale spikerush
  Eleocharis cylindrica Buckley -- accepted -- cylinder spikerush
  Eleocharis membranacea (Buckley) Gilly -- not accepted
  Elymus canadensis var. interruptus (Buckley) G.L. Church -- not accepted
  Elymus condensatus var. triticoides (Buckley) Thurb. -- not accepted
  Elymus glaucus Buckley -- accepted -- blue wild rye, blue wildrye
  Elymus glaucus ssp. glaucus Buckley -- accepted -- blue wild rye, blue wildrye
  Elymus glaucus var. glaucus Buckley -- not accepted
  Elymus interruptus Buckley -- accepted -- Texas wildrye
  Elymus sibiricus var. glaucus (Buckley) Ramaley -- not accepted
  Elymus triticoides Buckley -- not accepted
  Elymus triticoides ssp. triticoides Buckley -- not accepted
  Elymus triticoides var. triticoides Buckley -- not accepted
  Elymus virginicus ssp. interruptus (Buckley) . Lve -- not accepted
  Eragrostis curtipedicellata Buckley -- accepted -- gummy lovegrass
  Eragrostis diffusa Buckley -- not accepted
  Eragrostis diffusa var. diffusa Buckley -- not accepted
  Eragrostis purshii var. diffusa (Buckley) Vasey -- not accepted
  Eragrostis sessilispica Buckley -- accepted -- tumble lovegrass
  Erigeron nudiflorus Buckley -- not accepted
  Erioneuron pilosum (Buckley) Nash -- accepted -- hairy tridens, hairy woollygrass
  Erioneuron pilosum var. pilosum (Buckley) Nash -- accepted
  Erythraea calycosa Buckley -- not accepted
  Eubotrys recurva (Buckley) Britton -- accepted -- mountain fetterbush, redtwig doghobble
  Festuca gracilenta Buckley -- not accepted
  Festuca pusilla Buckley -- not accepted
  Festuca reflexa Buckley -- not accepted
  Gatesia laetevirens (Buckley) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Gaura hexandra var. triangulata (Buckley) Munz -- not accepted
  Gaura triangulata Buckley -- not accepted -- prairie beeblossom, threepetal gaura
  Gaura tripetala var. triangulata (Buckley) Munz -- not accepted
  Glyceria bulbosa Buckley -- not accepted
  Glyceria leptostachya Buckley -- accepted -- Davy mannagrass
  Glyceria microtheca Buckley -- not accepted
  Glyceria montana Buckley -- not accepted
  Glyceria stricta Buckley -- not accepted
  Halea repanda Buckley -- not accepted
  Helictotrichon canescens (Buckley) Clayton -- not accepted
  Heterotheca latifolia Buckley -- not accepted
  Heterotheca subaxillaris ssp. latifolia (Buckley) Semple -- accepted
  Heterotheca subaxillaris var. latifolia (Buckley) Gandhi & R.D. Thomas -- not accepted
  Hierochloe occidentalis Buckley -- not accepted -- California sweetgrass
  Hilaria mutica (Buckley) Benth. -- accepted
  Hypericum graveolens Buckley -- accepted -- mountain St. Johnswort
  Indigofera miniata var. texana (Buckley) B.L. Turner -- not accepted -- Texas indigo
  Iris duerinckii Buckley -- not accepted
  Juncus diffusissimus Buckley -- accepted -- slimpod rush
  Juncus filipendulus Buckley -- accepted -- ringseed rush
  Justicia laetevirens Buckley -- not accepted
  Lechea san-sabeana (Buckley) Hodgdon -- not accepted -- San Saba pinweed
  Lechea sansabeana (Buckley) Hodgdon -- accepted -- San Saba pinweed
  Lepidium texanum Buckley -- not accepted
  Leucothoe recurva (Buckley) A. Gray -- not accepted -- redtwig doghobble
  Leymus triticoides (Buckley) Pilg. -- accepted -- beardless lyme grass, beardless wildrye, creeping wildrye
  Mahonia swaseyi (Buckley ex M.J. Young) Fedde -- not accepted -- Texas barberry, Texas Oregongrape
  Micranthes texana (Buckley) Small -- accepted -- Texas saxifrage
  Mirabilis pauciflora (Buckley) Standl. -- not accepted
  Morus microphylla Buckley -- accepted -- Texas mulberry
  Muhlenbergia arenacea (Buckley) Hitchc. -- accepted -- ear muhly, eared muhly
  Muhlenbergia arenicola Buckley -- accepted -- sand muhly
  Muhlenbergia monticola Buckley -- not accepted
  Muhlenbergia pauciflora Buckley -- accepted -- New Mexico muhly
  Muhlenbergia texana Buckley -- accepted -- Texas muhly
  Oenothera greggii var. lampasana (Buckley) Munz -- not accepted
  Oenothera triangulata (Buckley) W.L. Wagner & Hoch -- accepted -- prairie beeblossom
  Oxybaphus pauciflorus Buckley -- not accepted
  Panicularia leptostachya (Buckley) Piper -- not accepted
  Panicum ciliatissimum Buckley -- not accepted
  Panicum glomeratum Buckley -- not accepted
  Panicum repente Buckley -- not accepted
  Panicum saccharatum Buckley -- not accepted
  Panicum texanum Buckley -- not accepted -- Texas signalgrass
  Pappophorum apertum var. vaginatum (Buckley) Scribn. ex L.H. Dewey -- not accepted
  Pappophorum vaginatum Buckley -- accepted -- Pima pappusgrass, whiplash pappusgrass
  Parthenium lobatum Buckley -- not accepted
  Parthenocissus heptaphylla (Buckley) Britton ex Small -- accepted -- sevenleaf creeper
  Pellaea alabamensis (Buckley) Baker ex Hook. -- not accepted
  Phacelia brevistyla Buckley -- not accepted
  Phacelia purschii Buckley -- not accepted
  Phacelia purshii Buckley -- accepted -- Miami mist
  Phlox X glutinosa Buckley (pro. sp.) -- accepted -- phlox
  Pleuraphis mutica Buckley -- not accepted -- tobosa, tobosagrass
  Poa densiflora Buckley -- not accepted
  Poa laxiflora Buckley -- accepted -- looseflower bluegrass
  Poa tenuifolia Buckley -- not accepted
  Podosemum arenicola (Buckley) Bush -- not accepted
  Podosemum texanum (Buckley) Bush -- not accepted
  Polypogon alopecuroides Buckley -- not accepted
  Prosartes maculata (Buckley) A. Gray -- accepted -- yellow mandarin
  Psedera heptaphylla (Buckley) Rehder -- not accepted
  Puccinellia pauciflora var. microtheca (Buckley) C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Quercus annulata Buckley -- not accepted
  Quercus durandii Buckley -- accepted
  Quercus durandii var. durandii Buckley -- accepted -- bastard oak
  Quercus mohriana Buckley ex Rydb. -- accepted -- Mohr's oak, Mohr's shinoak
  Quercus nuttallii var. texana (Buckley) -- not accepted
  Quercus pungens var. vaseyana (Buckley) C.H. Mull. -- not accepted -- sandpaper oak, Vasey's oak
  Quercus rubra var. texana (Buckley) Buckley -- not accepted
  Quercus san-sabeana Buckley -- not accepted
  Quercus shumardii Buckley -- accepted -- Shumard's oak
  Quercus shumardii var. shumardii Buckley -- not accepted -- Shumard's oak
  Quercus shumardii var. texana (Buckley) Ashe -- not accepted
  Quercus sinuata var. san-sabeana (Buckley) Buckley -- not accepted
  Quercus texana auct. non Buckley -- not accepted
  Quercus texana Buckley -- accepted -- Nuttall's oak, Texas red oak
  Quercus vaseyana Buckley -- accepted -- sandpaper oak
  Sabatia formosa Buckley -- accepted -- stately rose gentian
  Saxifraga texana Buckley -- not accepted -- Texas saxifrage
  Schleropelta Buckley -- not accepted
  Schleropelta stolonifera Buckley -- not accepted
  Scutellaria arguta Buckley -- accepted -- Blue Ridge skullcap
  Sieglingia elongata (Buckley) Nash -- not accepted
  Sieglingia pilosa (Buckley) Nash -- not accepted
  Sphenopholis interrupta (Buckley) Scribn. -- accepted
  Sphenopholis interrupta ssp. interrupta (Buckley) Scribn. -- accepted
  Sporobolus angustus Buckley -- not accepted
  Sporobolus arenaceus Buckley -- not accepted
  Sporobolus diffusissimus Buckley -- not accepted
  Sporobolus sabeanus Buckley ex Vasey -- not accepted
  Streptanthus brazoensis Buckley -- not accepted
  Terrellia glauca (Buckley) Lunell -- not accepted
  Tetragonotheca repanda (Buckley) Small -- accepted -- showy nerveray
  Tetragonothela repanda (Buckley) Small -- not accepted
  Thalictrum debile Buckley -- accepted -- southern meadow-rue
  Thaspium pinnatifidum (Buckley) A. Gray -- accepted -- cutleaf meadowparsnip
  Torreyochloa pauciflora var. microtheca (Buckley) B. Boivin -- not accepted
  Torreyochloa pauciflora var. microtheca (Buckley) Roy L. Taylor & MacBryde -- not accepted
  Trichachne saccharatum (Buckley) Nash -- not accepted
  Tricuspis elongata (Buckley) A. Heller -- not accepted
  Tricuspis pilosa (Buckley) A. Heller -- not accepted
  Tridens elongatus (Buckley) Nash -- not accepted
  Tridens muticus var. elongatus (Buckley) Shinners -- accepted -- rough tridens, slim tridens
  Tridens pilosus (Buckley) Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Trillium pusillum var. texanum (Buckley) Reveal & C.R. Broome -- not accepted -- Texas trillium
  Trillium pusillum var. texanum (Buckley) C.F. Reed -- not accepted
  Trillium texanum Buckley -- accepted -- Texas wakerobin
  Triodanis coloradoensis (Buckley) McVaugh -- accepted -- Colorado Venus' looking-glass, Colorado Venus' lookingglass
  Triodia elongata (Buckley) Scribn. -- not accepted
  Triodia pilosa (Buckley) Merr. -- not accepted
  Trisetum canescens Buckley -- not accepted -- tall trisetum
  Trisetum cernuum ssp. canescens (Buckley) Calder & Roy L. Taylor -- accepted
  Trisetum cernuum var. canescens (Buckley) Beal -- not accepted -- tall oatgrass
  Trisetum glabrum Buckley -- not accepted
  Trisetum interruptum Buckley -- not accepted -- prairie false oat, prairie trisetum
  Trisetum interruptum var. interruptum Buckley -- not accepted
  Uniola flexuosa Buckley -- not accepted
  Uralepis brevicuspidata Buckley -- not accepted
  Uralepis densiflora Buckley -- not accepted
  Uralepis elongata Buckley -- not accepted
  Uralepis pilosa Buckley -- not accepted
  Uralepis poaeoides Buckley -- not accepted
  Uralepsis composita Buckley -- not accepted
  Urochloa ciliatissima (Buckley) R.D. Webster -- accepted -- almejita signalgrass, fringed, fringed signalgrass
  Urochloa texana (Buckley) R.D. Webster -- accepted -- Texas signalgrass
  Vaccinium hirsutum Buckley -- accepted -- hairy blueberry, small cluster blueberry, wooly berry
  Valota saccharata (Buckley) Chase -- not accepted
  Verbesina texana Buckley -- not accepted
  Vilfa agrostoidea Buckley -- not accepted
  Vilfa alba Buckley -- not accepted
  Vilfa angusta Buckley -- not accepted
  Vilfa rigida Buckley -- not accepted
  Vilfa sabeana Buckley -- not accepted
  Vitis aestivalis var. lincecumii (Buckley) Munson -- accepted -- long grape, pinewoods grape
  Vitis aestivalis var. monticola (Buckley) Engelm. -- not accepted
  Vitis heptaphylla (Buckley) Britton -- not accepted
  Vitis lincecumii Buckley -- not accepted
  Vitis montana Buckley ex Fox -- not accepted
  Vitis monticola Buckley -- accepted -- mountain grape, sweet mountain grape
  Vitis mustangensis Buckley -- accepted -- mustang grape
  Vulpia reflexa (Buckley) Rydb. -- not accepted
  Yeatesia laetevirens (Buckley) Small -- not accepted
  Yucca constricta Buckley -- accepted -- buckley yucca, Buckley's yucca
  Zanthoxylum hirsutum Buckley -- accepted -- prickly-ash, Texas Hercules' club
  Zeltnera calycosa (Buckley) G. Mans. -- accepted
 Kingdom Bacteria
  Ideonella Malmqvist et al., 1994 emend. Noar and Buckley, 2009 -- valid
  Ideonella azotifigens Noar and Buckley, 2009 -- valid

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