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Taxon author: Delp.

ITIS records citing taxon author "Delp."
 Kingdom Animalia
  Fagesia Delphy, 1938 -- invalid
  Hyalomma glabrum Delpy, 1949 -- valid
  Hyalomma rufipes glabrum Delpy, 1949 -- invalid
  Paragalago Masters, Génin, Couette, Groves, Nash, Delpero and Pozzi, 2017 -- valid -- eastern dwarf galagos
  Tockus erythrorhynchus ruahae Kemp & Delport, 2002 -- valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Closterium brebissonii Delpont -- accepted
  Closterium flaccidum Delponte -- accepted
  Cosmarium candianum Delponte -- accepted
  Cosmarium candianum var. candianum Delponte -- accepted
  Cosmarium intermedium Delponte -- accepted
  Cosmarium lundellii Delp. -- accepted
  Cosmarium lundellii var. lundellii Delp. -- accepted
  Diodella apiculata (Willd. & Roem. & Schult.) Delprete -- accepted
  Diodella radula (Willd. ex Roem. & Schult.) Delprete -- accepted
  Euastrum ansatum var. pyxidatum Delponte -- accepted
  Euastrum spinulosum Delponte -- accepted
  Euastrum verrucosum var. coarctatum Delp. -- accepted
  Hyalotheca dissiliens var. minor Delponte -- accepted
  Pleurotaenium minutum (Ralfs) Delp -- accepted
  Pleurotaenium minutum var. minutum (Ralfs) Delp -- accepted
  Pleurotaenium trabecula var. rectum (Delp.) West and West -- accepted
  Scutellaria platyphylla (Epling) B.L. Turner & Delprete -- not accepted
  Spermacoce dasycephala (Cham. & Schltdl.) Delprete -- accepted
  Staurastrum crenulatum (Naegeli) Delp. -- accepted
  Staurastrum crenulatum var. crenulatum (Naegeli) Delp. -- accepted
  Staurastrum manfeldtii Delp. -- accepted
  Staurastrum manfeldtii var. manfeldtii Delp. -- accepted
  Ziziphus rignonii Delponte -- accepted -- soana
 Kingdom Bacteria
  Phormidium valderianum (Delp.) Gomont -- valid

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