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Taxon author: Desf.

ITIS records citing taxon author "Desf."
 Kingdom Animalia
  Accipiter tachiro croizati Desfayes, 1974 -- valid
  Alaemon alaudipes (Desfontaines, 1789) -- valid -- Greater Hoopoe-Lark
  Alaemon alaudipes alaudipes (Desfontaines, 1789) -- valid
  Camaroptera brevicaudata insulata Desfayes, 1975 -- valid
  Elanus caeruleus (Desfontaines, 1789) -- valid -- Black-shouldered Kite, Black-winged Kite
  Elanus caeruleus caeruleus (Desfontaines, 1789) -- valid
  Pycnonotus barbatus (Desfontaines, 1789) -- valid -- Common Bulbul
  Pycnonotus barbatus barbatus (Desfontaines, 1789) -- valid
  Turdoides fulva (Desfontaines, 1789) -- valid
  Turdoides fulva fulva (Desfontaines, 1789) -- valid
  Turdoides fulvus (Desfontaines, 1789) -- invalid
  Turnix sylvatica (Desfontaines, 1789) -- invalid
  Turnix sylvaticus (Desfontaines, 1789) -- valid -- Common Buttonquail, Kurrichane Buttonquail
  Turnix sylvaticus sylvaticus (Desfontaines, 1789) -- valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Achillea millefolium var. rosea (Desf.) Torr. & A. Gray -- not accepted
  Achillea rosea Desf. -- not accepted
  Achyranthes sessilis (L.) Desf. ex Steud. -- not accepted
  Adenolinum grandiflorum (Desf.) W.A. Weber -- not accepted
  Agrostis caerulescens (Desf.) Poir. -- not accepted
  Agrostis coerulescens (Desf.) Lam. ex DC. -- not accepted
  Ailanthus Desf. -- accepted
  Ailanthus glandulosa Desf. -- not accepted
  Alyssum serpyllifolium Desf. -- accepted
  Amaranthus gracilis Desf. -- not accepted -- slender amaranth
  Anacyclus clavatus (Desf.) Pers. -- accepted -- whitebuttons
  Anacylus clavatus (Desf.) Pers. -- not accepted -- whitebuttons
  Andropogon citriodorum hort. ex Desf. -- not accepted
  Andropogon jwarancusa ssp. laniger (Desf.) Hook. f. -- not accepted
  Andropogon lanigerum Desf. -- not accepted
  Aristida coerulescens Desf. -- accepted
  Armeria pubigera (Desf.) Boiss. -- accepted
  Aster horizontalis Desf. -- not accepted
  Aster lateriflorus var. horizontalis (Desf.) Farw. -- not accepted -- calico aster
  Aster pyrenaeus Desf. ex DC. -- accepted
  Balsamita major Desf. -- not accepted -- costmary, costmary chrysanthemum, mint geranium
  Brassica geniculata (Desf.) Ball -- not accepted
  Bromus contortus Desf. -- not accepted
  Bromus diandrus ssp. maximus (Desf.) So -- not accepted
  Bromus grossus Desf. ex DC. -- accepted -- whiskered brome
  Bromus lanceolatus ssp. macrostachys (Desf.) Maire -- not accepted
  Bromus macrostachys Desf. -- not accepted
  Bromus madritensis var. maximus (Desf.) St.-Amans -- not accepted
  Bromus maximus Desf. -- not accepted
  Bromus rigidus ssp. maximus (Desf.) Rothm. & P. Silva -- not accepted
  Bromus secalinus ssp. grossus (Desf. ex DC.) Domin -- not accepted
  Bromus secalinus var. grossus (Desf. ex DC.) Neilr. -- not accepted
  Bromus villosus var. maximus (Desf.) Asch. & Graebn. -- not accepted
  Carduus macrocephalus Desf. -- not accepted
  Carduus nutans ssp. macrocephalus (Desf.) Nyman -- not accepted -- musk thistle, nodding plumeless thistle, nodding thistle
  Carduus nutans var. macrocephalus (Desf.) B. Boivin -- not accepted
  Carica monoica Desf. -- not accepted
  Ceanothus ovatus auct. non Desf. -- not accepted
  Cenchrus rufescens Desf. -- not accepted
  Chamelaucium Desf. -- accepted
  Chloris scoparia (Lam.) Desf. -- not accepted
  Chrysanthemum majus (Desf.) Asch. -- accepted -- daisy
  Coccoloba pyrifolia Desf. -- accepted -- uvera
  Coccoloba rugosa Desf. -- accepted -- ortegon
  Copaifera langsdorffii Desf. -- accepted -- Langsdorf's copaifera
  Copaifera langsdorfii Desf. -- not accepted -- Langsdorf's copaifera
  Cotoneaster racemiflorus (Desf.) K. Koch -- accepted
  Crataegus serratifolia Desf. -- not accepted
  Cycas rumphii ssp. undulata (Desf. ex Gaudich.) Kaneh. -- not accepted
  Cycas undulata Desf. ex Gaudich. -- not accepted
  Cyperus granularis (Desf.) Britton -- not accepted
  Cytisus Desf. -- accepted -- broom
  Digitaria debilis (Desf.) Willd. -- accepted
  Diospyros lycioides Desf. -- accepted -- red star apple
  Duranta repens var. microphylla (Desf.) Moldenke -- not accepted
  Eleusine aegyptia (L.) Desf. -- not accepted
  Eleusine aegyptiaca (L.) Desf. -- not accepted
  Elymus hordeiformis Desf. -- not accepted
  Ephedra altissima Desf. -- accepted -- high-climbing jointfir
  Ephedra fragilis Desf. -- accepted
  Equisetum ramosissimum Desf. -- not accepted -- branched scouringrush
  Eragrostis atrovirens (Desf.) Trin. ex Steud. -- accepted -- thalia lovegrass
  Erechtites glomerata (Desf. ex Poir.) DC. -- not accepted -- Australian fireweed, cutleaf burnweed
  Eucalyptus pulchella Desf. -- accepted
  Euphorbia biglandulosa Desf. -- not accepted
  Euphorbia bupleuroides Desf. -- accepted
  Euphorbia heterophylla Desf. -- not accepted
  Euphorbia paniculata Desf. -- accepted
  Euphorbia paniculata ssp. paniculata Desf. -- accepted
  Euphorbia triangularis Desf. ex A. Berger -- accepted
  Euphorbia virgata Desf. -- not accepted
  Euphrasia purpurea Desf. -- accepted
  Festuca madritensis (L.) Desf. -- not accepted
  Festuca matritensis (L.) Desf. -- not accepted
  Ficus crassinervia Desf. ex Willd. -- not accepted
  Ficus macrophylla Desf. ex Pers. -- accepted
  Ficus rubiginosa Desf. ex Vent. -- accepted -- Port Jackson fig
  Forasaccus maximus (Desf.) Bubani -- not accepted
  Genea maxima (Desf.) Dumort. -- not accepted
  Gigachilon polonicum ssp. durum (Desf.) . Lve -- not accepted
  Helianthus rigidus (Cass.) Desf. -- not accepted
  Helianthus rigidus var. rigidus (Cass.) Desf. -- not accepted
  Hordeum crinitum (Schreb.) Desf. -- not accepted
  Inula graveolens (L.) Desf. -- not accepted
  Ionopsidium acaule (Desf.) Rchb. -- accepted -- false diamondflower
  Jonopsidium acaule (Desf.) Rchb. -- not accepted
  Lantana achyranthifolia Desf. -- accepted -- brushland shrub-verbena, brushland shrubverbena
  Leonurus cardiaca ssp. villosus (Desf. ex Spreng.) Hyl. -- not accepted -- common motherwort
  Leonurus cardiaca var. villosus (Desf. ex Spreng.) Benth. -- not accepted
  Linaria granidflora Desf. -- accepted
  Linaria reticulata (Sm.) Desf. -- accepted -- purplenet toadflax
  Linum grandiflorum Desf. -- accepted -- flowering flax, red flax, scarlet flax
  Lotus hispidus Desf. ex DC. -- not accepted
  Lotus parviflorus Desf. -- accepted -- smallflower bird's-foot trefoil
  Maianthemum canadense Desf. -- accepted -- Canada mayflower, false lily-of-the-valley, twoleaved Solomonseal
  Maianthenum canadense Desf. -- not accepted
  Melilotus sulcata Desf. -- not accepted
  Melilotus sulcatus Desf. -- accepted -- Mediterranean sweetclover
  Mezonevron Desf. -- accepted
  Milium caerulescens Desf. -- not accepted
  Ononis biflora Desf. -- accepted
  Oryzopsis coerulescens (Desf.) Hack. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum rufescens (Desf.) Spreng. -- not accepted
  Phalaris bulbosa var. coerulescens (Desf.) Knoche -- not accepted
  Phalaris coerulescens Desf. -- accepted -- sunolgrass
  Phalaris paradoxa var. coerulescens (Desf.) Paunero -- not accepted
  Photinia serratifolia (Desf.) Kalkm. -- accepted -- Taiwanese photinia
  Picris rhagadioloides (L.) Desf. -- accepted
  Piptatherum caerulescens (Desf.) P. Beauv. -- accepted
  Pistacia atlantica Desf. -- accepted -- Mt. Atlas mastic tree
  Poa atrovirens Desf. -- not accepted
  Pogostemon Desf. -- accepted
  Polygonatum latifolium (Jacq.) Desf. -- accepted -- broadleaf Solomon's seal
  Polypogon Desf. -- accepted -- polypogon, rabbitsfoot grass
  Polypogon monspeliensis (L.) Desf. -- accepted -- annual rabbit's-foot grass, annual rabbitsfoot grass, rabbit'sfootgrass, rabbitfoot beardgrass, rabbitfoot grass, rabbitfoot polypogon, rabbitfootgrass
  Pyrethrum majus (Desf.) Tzvelev -- not accepted
  Ranunculus trilobus Desf. -- accepted -- threelobe buttercup
  Ribes orientale Desf. -- accepted
  Ricinocarpos Desf. -- accepted
  Ricinocarpos pinifolius Desf. -- accepted
  Sapium laurocerasus Desf. -- accepted -- milktree
  Scirpus maritimus var. tuberosus auct. non (Desf.) Roem. & Schult. -- not accepted
  Scirpus tuberosus auct. non Desf. -- not accepted -- tuberous bulrush
  Scolymus grandiflorus Desf. -- not accepted
  Senecio glomeratus Desf. ex Poir. -- accepted -- cutleaf burnweed
  Serrafalcus macrostachys (Desf.) Parl. -- not accepted
  Silene pseudatocion Desf. -- accepted -- North African catchfly
  Sisymbrium erysimoides Desf. -- accepted -- Mediterranean rocket
  Smilacina Desf. -- not accepted
  Smilacina ciliata Desf. -- not accepted
  Smilacina racemosa (L.) Desf. -- not accepted
  Smilacina stellata (L.) Desf. -- not accepted
  Smilacina trifolia (L.) Desf. -- not accepted
  Solanum glaucophyllum Desf. -- accepted -- waxyleaf nightshade
  Solidago X asperula Desf. (pro sp.) -- accepted -- goldenrod
  Stigmaphyllon periplocifolium (Desf. ex DC.) A. Juss. -- not accepted
  Stigmaphyllon tomentosum (Desf.) Nied. -- not accepted
  Stipa barbata Desf. -- accepted
  Stipa tortilis Desf. -- not accepted
  Symphyotrichum lateriflorum var. horizontale (Desf.) G.L. Nesom -- accepted -- calico aster
  Tithonia Desf. ex Juss. -- accepted -- tithonia
  Tithymalus biglandulosus (Desf.) Haw. -- not accepted
  Tithymalus bupleuroides (Desf.) Sojk -- not accepted
  Tithymalus virgatus (Desf.) Haw. -- not accepted
  Triticum aestivum ssp. durum (Desf.) Thell. -- not accepted
  Triticum durum Desf. -- accepted -- durum wheat
  Triticum glaucum Desf. ex DC. -- not accepted
  Triticum turgidum ssp. durum (Desf.) Husn. -- not accepted
  Unifolium canadense (Desf.) Greene -- not accepted
  Urachne coerulescens (Desf.) Trin. -- not accepted
  Vasconcellea monoica (Desf.) A. DC. -- accepted
  Verbena gracilis Desf. -- accepted -- Fort Huachuca verbena, Fort Huachuca vervain
  Vicia atropurpurea Desf. -- not accepted
  Vicia calcarata Desf. -- not accepted
  Xanthosoma brasiliense (Desf.) Engl. -- accepted -- Tahitian spinach
  Zerna macrostachys (Desf.) Panz. ex B.D. Jacks. -- not accepted
  Ziziphora pulegioides (L.) Desf. -- not accepted
 Kingdom Chromista
  Fucus polypodoides Desfontaines -- not accepted

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