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Taxon author: Endl.

ITIS records citing taxon author "Endl."
 Kingdom Animalia
  Agelena secsuensis Lendl, 1898 -- valid
  Araneus loczyanus (Lendl, 1898) -- valid
  Bombus discrepans Pendlebury, 1923 -- invalid
  Bombus maxwelli Pendlebury, 1923 -- invalid
  Bombus rufoflavus Pendlebury, 1923 -- invalid
  Bombus tahanensis Pendlebury, 1923 -- invalid
  Cerceris polybioides Pendlebury, 1927 -- valid
  Diporodemus attemsi (Bendl, 1909) -- invalid
  Microplana attemsi (Bendl, 1909) -- valid
  Microplana henrici (Bendl, 1908) -- valid
  Microplana purpurea (Bendl, 1908) -- valid
  Microplana richardi (Bendl, 1909) -- invalid
  Ophioderma devaneyi Hendler and Miller, 1984 -- valid
  Parophiopsyllus Humes and Hendler, 1972 -- valid
  Parophiopsyllus ligatus Humes and Hendler, 1972 -- valid
  Presynaptiphilus amphiopli Humes and Hendler, 1972 -- valid
  Rhynchodemus attemsi Bendl, 1909 -- invalid
  Rhynchodemus henrici (Bendl, 1908) -- invalid
  Rhynchodemus purpureus Bendl, 1908 -- invalid
  Rhynchodemus richardi Bendl, 1909 -- invalid
  Tetragnatha nigrita Lendl, 1886 -- valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acacia longissima H.L. Wendl. -- accepted
  Acacia mucronata Willd. ex H.L. Wendl. -- accepted -- narrow-leaf wattle
  Acacia saligna (Labill.) H.L. Wendl. -- accepted -- orange wattle
  Acoelorraphe H. Wendl. -- accepted -- paurotis palm
  Acoelorraphe wrightii (Griseb. & H. Wendl.) H. Wendl. ex Becc. -- accepted -- Everglades palm, paurotis palm
  Acoelorrhaphe H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Acoelorrhaphe wrightii (Griseb. & H. Wendl.) H. Wendl. ex Becc. -- not accepted -- Everglades palm
  Aiphanes caryotaefolia (Kunth) H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Aiphanes caryotifolia (Kunth) H. Wendl. -- not accepted -- coyure palm
  Aiphanes corallina (Mart.) H. Wendl. -- not accepted -- coyor
  Aiphanes lindeniana (H. Wendl.) H. Wendl. -- accepted
  Aiphanes truncata (Brongn. ex Mart.) H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Aloe macrocarpa ssp. wollastonii (Rendle) Wabuyele -- accepted
  Aloe rabaiensis Rendle -- accepted
  Aloe rhodesiana Rendle -- accepted -- Rhodesian aloe
  Aloe swynnertonii Rendle -- accepted -- Swynnerton's aloe, Swynnerton's spotted leaf aloe
  Aloe wollastonii Rendle -- not accepted
  Alphitonia Reissek ex Endl. -- accepted
  Alpinia speciosa (Wendl.) K. Schum. -- not accepted
  Alternanthera ficoidea var. flavogrisea Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted -- hairy joyweed
  Amelanchier asiatica (Siebold & Zucc.) Endl. ex Walp. -- accepted
  Andropogon phoenix (Rendle) K. Schum. -- not accepted
  Anigozanthos bicolor Endl. -- accepted
  Anigozanthos preissii Endl. -- accepted
  Anigozanthos viridis Endl. -- accepted
  Antidaphne Poepp. & Endl. -- accepted
  Antidaphne viscoidea Poepp. & Endl. -- accepted
  Antigonon Endl. -- accepted
  Archontophoenix H. Wendl. & Drude -- accepted -- archontophoenix
  Archontophoenix alexandrae (F. Muell.) H. Wendl. & Drude -- accepted -- Alexandra palm
  Arctotheca J.C. Wendl. -- accepted -- Capeweed
  Argyrodendron (Endl.) Klotzsch -- accepted
  Aristidium (Endl.) Lindl. -- not accepted
  Arundo richardii Endl. -- not accepted
  Astripomoea grantii (Rendle) Verdc. -- accepted
  Atriplex littoralis (Jacq.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted -- grassleaf orache
  Austroderia richardii (Endl.) N. P. Barker & H. P. Linder -- accepted
  Baloghia Endl. -- accepted
  Bambusa vulgaris Schrad. ex J.C. Wendl. -- accepted -- common bamboo
  Barosma betulina (Bergius) Bartl. & H.L. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Billbergia nutans H. Wendl. ex Regel -- accepted -- queen's-tears
  Biota orientalis (L.) Endl. -- not accepted
  Blepharochloa Endl. -- not accepted
  Blyttia lyellii (Hook.) Endl. ex Gottsche Lindenb. & Nees -- not accepted
  Brachiaria dictyoneura ssp. humidicola (Rendle) Catasús -- not accepted
  Brachiaria humidicola (Rendle) Schweick. -- not accepted
  Brachychiton Schott & Endl. -- accepted
  Brachychiton populneum (Schott & Endl.) R. Br. -- not accepted -- whiteflower kurrajong
  Brachychiton populneus (Schott & Endl.) R. Br. -- accepted
  Brahea filamentosa (Fenzi) H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Brahea serrulata (Michx.) H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Brassaia actinophylla Endl. -- not accepted
  Brosimum aubletii Poepp. & Endl. -- not accepted
  Calamus deerratus G. Mann & H. Wendl. -- accepted -- calamus
  Callistemon linearis (Schrad. & J.C. Wendl.) Colvill ex Sweet -- accepted -- narrow-leaf bottlebrush
  Callistemon pinifolius (J.C. Wendl.) Sweet -- accepted -- pine-leaf bottlebrush
  Callistopteris baueriana (Endl.) Copel. -- accepted -- Bauer's bristle fern
  Callitropsis benthamii (Endl.) D.P. Little -- accepted -- Bentham cypress
  Campylocentrum sullivanii Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted
  Catha edulis (Vahl) Forssk. ex Endl. -- accepted -- khat
  Catimbium speciosum (Wendl.) Holttum -- not accepted
  Cephalotaxus Siebold & Zucc. ex Endl. -- accepted -- cephalotaxus
  Ceratotheca Endl. -- accepted
  Ceratotheca sesamoides Endl. -- accepted -- false sesame
  Ceratozamia miqueliana H. Wendl. -- accepted
  Chaetocarpus globosus (Sw.) Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted
  Chamaecyparis funebris (Endl.) Franco -- accepted -- Chinese weeping chamaecyparis, Chinese weeping-cypress, mourning-cypress
  Chamaecyparis obtusa (Siebold & Zucc.) Siebold & Zucc. ex Endl. -- accepted -- hinoki false cypress
  Chamaephoenix sargentii H. Wendl. ex Curtiss -- not accepted
  Chamaesyce arnottiana (Endl.) O. Deg., I. Deg. & Croizat -- not accepted -- `akoko
  Chamaesyce eylesii (Rendle) Koutnik -- not accepted
  Chamaesyce obliqua (F.A. Bauer ex Endl.) J. Florence -- not accepted
  Chrysalidocarpus H. Wendl. -- not accepted -- chrysalidocarpus palm
  Chrysalidocarpus lutescens H. Wendl. -- not accepted -- Madagascar palm
  Claoxylon longifolium (Blume) Endl. ex Hassk. -- accepted
  Claoxylon longifolium var. longifolium (Blume) Endl. ex Hassk. -- accepted
  Clidemia cymosa (Wendl. ex Spreng.) Alain -- not accepted -- camasey terciopelo
  Clinostigma H. Wendl. -- accepted
  Coelococcus amicarum (H. Wendl.) W. Wight -- not accepted
  Coelostylis loganioides Torr. & A. Gray ex Endl. & Fenzl -- not accepted
  Cola Schott & Endl. -- accepted
  Cola acuminata (P. Beauv.) Schott & Endl. -- accepted -- abata cola
  Cola nitida (Vent.) Schott & Endl. -- accepted
  Comparettia Poepp. & Endl. -- accepted
  Comparettia falcata Poepp. & Endl. -- accepted -- Comparettia rosada, snail orchid
  Copernicia Mart. ex Endl. -- accepted -- copernicia
  Copernicia wrightii Griseb. & H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Cordyline australis (G. Forst.) Endl. -- accepted -- cabbage tree
  Cortaderia richardii (Endl.) Zotov -- not accepted
  Corytholoma merckii (H. Wendl.) Decne. ex Regel -- not accepted
  Costus malortieanus H. Wendl. -- accepted
  Crassula falcata Wendl. -- not accepted
  Crataegus pruinosa (Wendl. f.) K. Koch -- accepted -- frosted hawthorn, waxyfruit hawthorn
  Crataegus pruinosa var. pruinosa (Wendl. f.) K. Koch -- accepted -- waxyfruit hawthorn
  Crotalaria sagittalis var. fruticosa (Mill.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted
  Cupressus funebris Endl. -- not accepted
  Cupressus lusitanica var. benthamii (Endl.) Carričre -- not accepted
  Cymbopogon nardus (L.) Rendle -- accepted -- citronella grass
  Cymbopogon phoenix Rendle -- not accepted
  Cymbopogon rufus (Nees) Rendle -- not accepted
  Cymbopogon rufus var. fulvicomus (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Rendle -- not accepted
  Cymbopogon rufus var. major Rendle -- not accepted
  Cymbopogon ruprechtii (Hack.) Rendle -- not accepted
  Cymbopogon schoenanthus var. densiflorus (Hack.) Rendle -- not accepted
  Cynodon dactylon var. elegans Rendle -- not accepted
  Cyperus aggregatus (Willd.) Endl. -- accepted -- inflated-scale flatsedge, inflatedscale flatsedge
  Cyperus brevifolius (Rottb.) Endl. ex Hassk. -- not accepted
  Cyperus kyllingia Endl. -- not accepted
  Dacrycarpus (Endl.) de Laub. -- accepted -- dacrycarpus
  Desmodium purpureum (Mill.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted
  Dichelachne Endl. -- accepted -- plumegrass
  Dichelachne montana Endl. -- not accepted
  Digitaria henryi Rendle -- not accepted
  Digitaria milanjiana (Rendle) Stapf -- accepted -- Madagascar crabgrass
  Digitaria sanguinalis var. horizontalis (Willd.) Rendle -- not accepted
  Dillwynia retorta (J.C. Wendl.) Druce -- accepted
  Diplacus glutinosus (J.C. Wendl.) Nutt. -- not accepted
  Dypsis lutescens (H. Wendl.) Beentje & J. Dransf. -- accepted -- yellow butterfly palm
  Elionurus welwitschii Rendle -- not accepted
  Entada gigas (L.) Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted -- nicker bean
  Epidendrum angustilobum Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted
  Epidendrum belvederense Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted -- royal star orchid
  Epidendrum tridens Poepp. & Endl. -- accepted -- oblong-leaf star orchid, round-leaf star orchid
  Eremospatha (G. Mann & H. Wendl.) G. Mann & H. Wendl. -- accepted
  Eremospatha macrocarpa (G. Mann & H. Wendl.) G. Mann & H. Wendl. -- accepted -- rattan palm
  Erythrodes hirtella (Sw.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted -- Cuban false helmetorchid
  Erythrodes plantaginea (L.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted -- Caribbean false helmetorchid
  Eucalyptus decipiens Endl. -- accepted
  Eucalyptus occidentalis Endl. -- accepted -- flat-top yate, swamp yate
  Eucalyptus rudis Endl. -- accepted -- desert gum, Western Australian floodedgum
  Eulophia alta (L.) Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted -- Eulophia alta, wild coco
  Euphorbia arnottiana Endl. -- accepted -- `akoko
  Euphorbia eylesii Rendle -- accepted
  Euphorbia mulemae Rendle -- not accepted
  Euphorbia nirurioides (Millsp.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted
  Euphorbia obliqua F.A. Bauer ex Endl. -- accepted
  Euphorbia tetracantha Rendle -- accepted
  Exydra Endl. -- not accepted
  Exydra aquatica (L.) Endl. -- not accepted
  Fallugia Endl. -- accepted -- Apache plume
  Fallugia paradoxa (D. Don) Endl. ex Torr. -- accepted -- Apache plume
  Firmiana platanifolia (L. f.) Schott & Endl. -- not accepted
  Gahnia vitiensis Rendle -- accepted -- Fijian sawsedge
  Galium hypocarpium (L.) Endl. ex Griseb. -- accepted
  Galorhoeus Endl. -- not accepted
  Garovaglia Endl. -- accepted
  Gaussia H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Gaussia H. Wendl. -- accepted -- gaussia
  Gesneria bulbosa var. merckii (H. Wendl.) Klotzsch -- not accepted
  Gesneria merckii H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Gesneria tubiflora Endl. -- not accepted
  Glycine clandestina J.C. Wendl. -- accepted
  Halodule Endl. -- accepted
  Harrisella Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted
  Harrisella porrecta (Rchb. f.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted -- needleroot airplant orchid
  Heterotrichum cymosum (Wendl. ex Spreng.) Urb. -- not accepted -- camasey terciopelo
  Hibiscus incanus J.C. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Hibiscus moscheutos ssp. incanus (J.C. Wendl.) H.E. Ahles -- not accepted
  Hibiscus pilosus auct. non (Sw.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted
  Hierochloe banksiana Endl. -- not accepted
  Hyparrhenia rufa var. major (Rendle) Stapf -- not accepted
  Hyphaene benguelensis Welw. ex H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Ilex sandwicensis (Endl.) Loes. -- not accepted
  Indigofera glandulosa J.C. Wendl. -- accepted
  Inga nobilis ssp. quaternata (Poepp. & Endl.) T.D. Penn. -- accepted -- guama venezolano
  Inga quaternata Poepp. & Endl. -- not accepted -- guama venezolano
  Juniperus gracilis Endl. -- not accepted
  Lamprocapnos Endl. -- not accepted -- bleeding heart
  Languas speciosa (J.C. Wendl.) Merr. -- not accepted
  Lathyrus littoralis (Nutt.) Endl. ex Walp. -- accepted -- Gray beach pea, silky beach pea
  Leleba vulgaris (Schrad. ex J.C. Wendl.) Nakai -- not accepted
  Lepanthes harrisii Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted
  Linospadix H. Wendl. -- accepted -- linospadix
  Linospadix monostachya (Mart.) H. Wendl. -- not accepted -- walking-stick palm
  Linospadix monostachyos (Mart.) H. Wendl. -- accepted -- walking-stick palm
  Liparis harrisii Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted -- Harris' widelip orchid
  Lobelia crispa (Gaudich.) Endl. -- not accepted
  Lochnera rosea (L.) Rchb. ex Endl. -- not accepted
  Lortia Rendle -- not accepted
  Lortia erubescens Rendle -- not accepted
  Maxillaria parviflora (Poepp. & Endl.) Garay -- not accepted -- purple tiger orchid
  Maxillaria sessilis (Sw.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted
  Melaleuca huegelii Endl. -- accepted -- chenille honeymyrtle
  Melaleuca teretifolia Endl. -- accepted
  Melinis minutiflora var. inermis (Döll) Rendle -- not accepted
  Melocactus caesius H.L. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Melocactus curvispinus ssp. caesius (H.L. Wendl.) N.P. Taylor -- accepted
  Melochia villosa (Mill.) Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted
  Merremia Dennst. ex Endl. -- accepted -- woodrose
  Merremia tuberosa (L.) Rendle -- accepted -- Spanish arborvine, wood rose
  Metroxylon amicarum (H. Wendl.) Becc. -- accepted -- Caroline ivory nutpalm
  Microchloa indica var. gracilis Rendle -- not accepted
  Mimulus glutinosus J.C. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Monadenium erubescens (Rendle) N.E. Br. -- not accepted
  Monotaxis grandiflora Endl. -- accepted
  Mucuna sloanei Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted -- horseeye bean
  Mucuna sloanei var. sloanei Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted -- horseeye bean
  Musa velutina H. Wendl. & Drude -- accepted -- hairy banana, pink velvet banana
  Naccaria Endlicher, 1836 -- accepted
  Naccaria wiggii (Turner) Endlicher Ex Agardh -- accepted
  Opuntia pubescens J.C. Wendl. ex Pfeiff. -- accepted
  Opuntia robusta H.L. Wendl. ex Pfeiff. -- accepted
  Orbignya Mart. ex Endl. -- not accepted -- orbignya
  Palisota Rchb. ex Endl. -- accepted
  Panicum colliei Endl. -- not accepted
  Panicum henryi (Rendle) Makino & Nemoto -- not accepted
  Panicum humidicola Rendle -- not accepted
  Panicum milanjianum Rendle -- not accepted
  Pappophorum pusillum (Rendle) K. Schum. -- not accepted
  Paurotis wrightii (Griseb. & H. Wendl.) Britton -- not accepted
  Pavonia fruticosa (Mill.) Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted -- anamu
  Petrocosmea ionantha (H. Wendl.) Rodigas -- not accepted
  Philodendron bipinnatifidum Schott ex Endl. -- accepted
  Philodendron imbe Schott ex Endl. -- accepted -- philodendron
  Philodendron speciosum Schott ex Endl. -- accepted -- philodendron
  Phyllanthus glabellus (L.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted
  Phyllostachys congesta Rendle -- not accepted
  Phyllostachys henryi Rendle -- not accepted
  Phyllostachys nigra var. henionis (Mitford) Stapf ex Rendle -- not accepted
  Phyllostachys nigra var. henonis (Mitford) Stapf ex Rendle -- accepted
  Phyllostachys quadrangularis (Franceschi) Rendle -- not accepted
  Phytolacca sandwicensis Endl. -- accepted -- Hawai'i pokeweed
  Pinus bungeana Zucc. ex Endl. -- accepted -- Bunge's pine, lacebark pine
  Pisonia brunoniana Endl. -- accepted -- Australasian catchbirdtree
  Poa alopecurus ssp. prichardii (Rendle) Giussani & Soreng -- accepted
  Poa prichardii Rendle -- not accepted
  Podocarpus macrophyllus var. maki Endl. -- accepted -- yew plum pine
  Poecilodermis populnea Schott & Endl. -- not accepted
  Pogonatherum huillense (Rendle) Roberty -- not accepted
  Polymnia sonchifolia Poep. & Endl. -- accepted -- yacon
  Polystachya minor Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted
  Ponthieva ventricosa (Griseb.) Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted -- smooth shadow witch
  Portulaca australis Endl. -- accepted
  Pritchardia Seem. & H. Wendl. -- accepted -- pritchardia
  Pritchardia gaudichaudii (Mart.) H. Wendl. -- not accepted -- lo'ulu
  Pritchardia martii (Gaudich.) H. Wendl. -- accepted -- Koolau Range pritchardia
  Pseudomorus brunoniana (Endl.) Bureau -- not accepted
  Pseudophoenix H. Wendl. ex Sarg. -- accepted -- pseudophoenix
  Pseudophoenix sargentii H. Wendl. ex Sarg. -- accepted -- Florida cherry palm, Palma kuká
  Pseudophoenix sargentii ssp. sargentii H. Wendl. ex Sarg. -- accepted -- buccaneer palm, Florida cherry palm, Sargent's cherry palm
  Pterygota Schott & Endl. -- accepted
  Ptychosperma macarthurii (H. Wendl. ex H.J. Veitch) H. Wendl. ex Hook f. -- accepted
  Ranunculus recurvatus var. tropicus (Griseb.) Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted -- blisterwort
  Raphia hookeri G. Mann & H. Wendl. -- accepted -- Ivory Coast raphia palm
  Ravenea H. Wendl. ex C.D. Bouché -- accepted
  Rechsteineria merckii (H. Wendl.) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Relbunium (Endl.) Benth. & Hook. f. -- not accepted
  Reussia Endl. -- not accepted -- reussia
  Rhapidophyllum H. Wendl. & Drude -- accepted -- rhapidophyllum
  Rhapidophyllum hystrix (Fraser ex Thouin) H. Wendl. & Drude -- accepted -- needle palm
  Rhynchosia galactoides (Nutt.) Endl. ex Walp. -- not accepted
  Rhytachne benguellensis Rendle -- not accepted
  Ribes odoratum H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Rosa bracteata J.C. Wendl. -- accepted -- Macartney rose
  Saccharum officinarum var. oceanicum Endl. -- not accepted
  Saintpaulia H. Wendl. -- accepted -- African violet
  Saintpaulia ionantha H. Wendl. -- accepted
  Saintpaulia ionantha ssp. ionantha H. Wendl. -- accepted
  Salmalia malabarica (DC.) Schott & Endl. -- not accepted
  Sargentia aricocca H. Wendl. & Drude -- not accepted
  Scaphyglottis Poepp. & Endl. -- accepted
  Scaphyglottis parviflora Poepp. & Endl. -- not accepted
  Schefflera actinophylla (Endl.) Harms -- accepted -- ivy palm, octopus tree, umbrella tree
  Schistophragma Benth. ex Endl. -- accepted
  Scybalium Schott & Endl. -- accepted
  Scybalium jamaicense (Sw.) Schott & Endl. -- accepted -- John crownose
  Securinega acidoton (L.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted
  Sequoia Endl. -- accepted -- redwood
  Sequoia sempervirens (Lamb. ex D. Don) Endl. -- accepted -- California redwood, coast redwood, redwood
  Severinia Ten. ex Endl. -- accepted
  Silene latifolia (Mill.) Britten & Rendle -- not accepted -- bladder campion
  Solanum bauerianum Endl. -- accepted
  Solanum robustum H. Wendl. -- accepted -- shrubby nightshade
  Sorghum caudatum var. angolense (Rendle) Stapf -- not accepted
  Sorghum halepense f. aristatum Rendle -- not accepted
  Sorghum nigricans var. angolense (Rendle) Snowden -- not accepted
  Sorghum vulgare var. angolense Rendle -- not accepted
  Spermacoce confusa Rendle -- accepted -- river false buttonweed
  Sphaeropteris excelsa (R. Br. ex Endl.) R.M. Tryon -- not accepted
  Spigelia loganioides (Torr. & A. Gray ex Endl. & Fenzl) A. DC. -- accepted -- Florida pinkroot
  Stenocarpus sinuatus (A. Cunn.) Endl. -- accepted -- firewheeltree
  Streblus pendulinus (Endl.) F. Muell. -- accepted -- Hawai'i roughbush
  Suhria J. Agardh ex Endl. -- not accepted
  Suhria vittata (L.) Endl. -- not accepted
  Syntherisma henryi (Rendle) Newbold -- not accepted
  Syntherisma henryi (Rendle) Honda -- not accepted
  Thelypodium Endl. -- accepted -- thelypody
  Thelypodium integrifolium (Nutt.) Endl. ex Walp. -- accepted -- entire-leaf thelypody, entireleaf thelypody, entireleaved thelypody, smoothleaved thelypody
  Thelypodium integrifolium ssp. integrifolium (Nutt.) Endl. ex Walp. -- accepted -- entire-leaf thelypody, entireleaved thelypody
  Thelypodium laciniatum (Hook.) Endl. ex Walp. -- accepted -- cutleaf thelypody
  Thelypodium sagittatum (Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray) Endl. ex Walp. -- accepted -- arrow thelypody, slender thelypody
  Thelypodium sagittatum ssp. sagittatum (Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray) Endl. ex Walp. -- accepted -- arrow thelypody
  Thrinax morrisii H. Wendl. -- accepted -- brittle-thatch, Key thatch palm, Key thatchpalm
  Toona (Endl.) M. Roem. -- accepted -- redcedar
  Trachycarpus H. Wendl. -- accepted -- Chinese windmill palm
  Trachycarpus fortunei (Hook.) H. Wendl. -- accepted -- Chinese windmill palm
  Trichocentrum Poepp. & Endl. -- accepted
  Trichomanes baueranum Endl. -- not accepted
  Trichomanes bauerianum Endl. -- not accepted -- Bauer's bristle fern
  Trichoon phragmites (L.) Rendle -- not accepted
  Trillium rugelii Rendle -- accepted -- illscented wakerobin
  Triplathera (Endl.) Lindl. -- not accepted
  Ungnadia Endl. -- accepted
  Ungnadia speciosa Endl. -- accepted -- Mexican buckeye
  Urochloa humidicola (Rendle) Morrone & Zuloaga -- accepted
  Vigna antillana (Urb.) Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted -- Antilles bean
  Vigna peduncularis (Kunth) Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted -- purple cowpea
  Washingtonia H. Wendl. -- accepted -- fan palm
  Washingtonia filifera (Linden ex André) H. Wendl. ex de Bary -- accepted -- California fan palm, Washingtonia de Castilla
  Washingtonia filifera (Linden ex André) H. Wendl. -- not accepted -- California fan palm, Washingtonia de Castilla
  Washingtonia robusta H. Wendl. -- accepted -- Mexican fan palm, Washington fan palm, Washingtonia colorada
  Wikstroemia Endl. -- accepted -- false ohelo
  Zehneria Endl. -- accepted
 Kingdom Chromista
  Navicula subcarinata (Grunow) Hendley -- not accepted

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