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Taxon author: Franch.

ITIS records citing taxon author "Franch."
 Kingdom Animalia
  Gymnorhadinorhynchidae Braicovich, Lanfranchi, Farber, Marvaldi, Luque and Timi, 2014 -- valid
  Gymnorhadinorhynchus Braicovich, Lanfranchi, Farber, Marvaldi, Luque and Timi, 2014 -- valid
  Gymnorhadinorhynchus decapteri Braicovich, Lanfranchi, Farber, Marvaldi, Luque and Timi, 2014 -- valid
  Heterosentis martini Lanfranchi and Timi, 2011 -- valid
  Lutheria interstitialis Lanfranchi and Papi, 1978 -- valid
  Lutheria minuta interstitialis Lanfranchi and Papi, 1978 -- invalid
  Notocaryoturbella Lanfranchi, 1969 -- valid
  Notocaryoturbella bigermaria Lanfranchi, 1969 -- valid
  Otoplana oxyspina Lanfranchi and Melai, 2007 -- valid
  Otoplana proxima Lanfranchi and Melai, 2010 -- valid
  Otoplana truncaspina Lanfranchi, 1969 -- valid
  Parotoplana macrostyla Lanfranchi, 1978 -- valid
  Parotoplana rosignana Lanfranchi and Melai, 2008 -- valid
  Parotoplana truncaspina (Lanfranchi, 1969) -- invalid
  Parotoplana uncinata Lanfranchi, 1978 -- valid
  Parotoplanella heterorhabditica Lanfranchi, 1969 -- valid
  Philosyrtis aegusae Lanfranchi, Melai and Meini, 2011 -- valid
  Postbursoplana macromystax Lanfranchi, 1969 -- valid
  Postbursoplana parafibulata Lanfranchi, Melai and Meini, 2010 -- valid
  Postbursoplana tyrrhenica Lanfranchi, 1969 -- valid
  Rhodnius barretti Abad-Franch, Palomeque and Monteiro in Abad-Franch et al., 2013 -- valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acer griseum (Franch.) Pax -- accepted -- paperbark maple
  Agrostis airoides Franch. -- not accepted
  Agrostis magellanica var. antartica (Hook. f.) Franch. -- not accepted
  Aira aciphylla Franch. -- not accepted
  Aira aciphylla var. pumila Franch. -- not accepted
  Ancylostemon aureus (Franch.) B.L. Burtt -- not accepted
  Ancylostemon aureus var. aureus (Franch.) B.L. Burtt -- not accepted
  Ancylostemon lancifolius (Franch.) B.L. Burtt -- not accepted
  Andropogon bouangensis Franch. -- not accepted
  Andropogon osikensis Franch. -- not accepted
  Andropogon pachyneurus Franch. -- not accepted
  Aster bietii Franch. -- accepted
  Aster brachytrichus Franch. -- accepted
  Aster mongolicus Franch. -- not accepted
  Aster oreophilus Franch. -- accepted
  Aster tongolensis Franch. -- accepted
  Aster yunnanensis Franch. -- accepted
  Bambusa chino Franch. & Sav. -- not accepted
  Bambusa senanensis Franch. & Sav. -- not accepted
  Bauhinia yunnanensis Franch. -- accepted -- Yunnan bauhinia
  Boea rufescens Franch. -- not accepted
  Briggsia delavayi (Franch.) Chun -- not accepted
  Briggsia mihieri (Franch.) Craib -- accepted
  Briggsiopsis delavayi (Franch.) K.Y. Pan -- accepted
  Buddleja davidii Franch. -- accepted -- orange eye butterflybush
  Carex angustisquama Franch. -- accepted
  Chirita fauriei Franch. -- not accepted
  Chirita tibetica (Franch.) B.L. Burtt -- accepted
  Chrysanthemum nipponicum (Franch. ex Maxim.) Spreng. -- not accepted
  Chrysosplenium wrightii Franch. & Sav. -- accepted -- Wright's golden saxifrage
  Chrysosplenium wrightii var. wrightii Franch. & Sav. -- not accepted -- Wright's golden saxifrage
  Cladoraphis Franch. -- accepted -- bristly lovegrass
  Clematis armandii Franch. -- accepted
  Clematis maximowicziana Franch. & Sav. -- not accepted
  Codonopsis pilosula (Franch.) Nannf. -- accepted -- bellflower
  Corallodiscus plicatus (Franch.) B.L. Burtt -- not accepted
  Cornus quinquinervis Franch. -- accepted
  Corylus chinensis Franch. -- accepted
  Corylus colurna var. chinensis (Franch.) Burkill -- not accepted -- Chinese hazelnut
  Corylus ferox var. thibetica (Batalin) Franch. -- not accepted -- Tibetan hazelnut
  Corylus ferox var. tibetica (Batalin) Franch. -- accepted -- Tibetan hazelnut
  Cotoneaster angustifolius Franch. -- not accepted
  Cotoneaster buxifolius f. cochleatus Franch. -- not accepted
  Cotoneaster buxifolius f. vellaeus Franch. -- not accepted
  Cotoneaster cochleatus (Franch.) G. Klotz -- accepted
  Cotoneaster glaucophyllus Franch. -- accepted
  Cotoneaster microphyllus var. cochleatus (Franch.) Rehder & E.H. Wilson -- not accepted
  Cotoneaster microphyllus var. melanotrichus (Franch.) Rehder -- not accepted
  Cotoneaster moupinensis Franch. -- accepted
  Cotoneaster pannosus Franch. -- accepted -- firethorn, silverleaf cotoneaster
  Cotoneaster salicifolius Franch. -- accepted
  Cotoneaster thymifolius var. cochleatus (Franch.) Franch. -- not accepted
  Cyperus brevifolius var. leiolepis (Franch. & Savigny) T. Koyama -- not accepted
  Deschampsia aciphylla (Franch.) Speg. -- not accepted
  Deschampsia aciphylla var. pumila (Franch.) Macloskie -- not accepted
  Didissandra delavayi Franch. -- not accepted
  Didissandra fargesii Franch. -- not accepted
  Didissandra lancifolia Franch. -- not accepted
  Didissandra lanuginosa var. flabellata Franch. ex Diels -- not accepted
  Didissandra longifolia Franch. -- not accepted
  Didissandra mihieri Franch. -- not accepted
  Didissandra morganii Franch. -- not accepted
  Didissandra plicata Franch. -- not accepted
  Didymocarpus aureus (Franch.) Diels -- not accepted
  Didymocarpus fauriei (Franch.) H. Lév. -- not accepted
  Didymocarpus mihieri (Franch.) H. Lév. -- not accepted
  Didymocarpus tibeticus (Franch.) Hand.-Mazz. -- not accepted
  Didymocarpus uniflorus (Franch.) Borza -- not accepted
  Didymocarpus yunnanensis (Franch.) W.W. Sm. -- accepted
  Didymocarpus yunnanensis (Franch.) C.E.C. Fischer -- not accepted
  Dorcoceras rufescens (Franch.) Schltr. -- not accepted
  Eleusine coracana var. tocussa (Fresen.) Franch. -- not accepted
  Elymus cylindricus (Franch.) Honda -- not accepted
  Euclasta Franch. -- accepted -- mock bluestem
  Euclasta glumacea Franch. -- not accepted
  Euonymus alatus var. ciliato-dentatus Franch. & Sav. -- not accepted
  Euphorbia faurotii Franch. -- not accepted
  Euphorbia onoi Franch. & Sav. -- not accepted
  Euphorbia pekinensis var. onoi (Franch. & Sav.) Makino -- not accepted
  Euphorbia rochebrunei Franch. & Sav. -- not accepted
  Euphorbia sieboldiana var. grandifolia (Franch. & Sav. ex Hurus.) Oudejans -- not accepted
  Euphorbia turkestanica Franch. -- not accepted
  Fargesia Franch. -- accepted
  Fargesia spathacea Franch. -- accepted
  Fauria Franch. -- not accepted
  Festuca commersonii Franch. -- not accepted
  Festuca pogonantha Franch. -- not accepted
  Galarhoeus sieboldianus f. grandifolius Franch. & Sav. ex Hurus. -- not accepted
  Galium peregrinum (L.) Franch. -- not accepted
  Glaziophyton Franch. -- accepted
  Glaziophyton mirabile Franch. -- accepted
  Hemiboea gracilis Franch. -- accepted
  Hemiboea gracilis var. gracilis Franch. -- accepted
  Hordeum jubatum var. pilosulum Franch. -- not accepted
  Incarvillea delavayi Bureau & Franch. -- accepted
  Isometrum fargesii (Franch.) B.L. Burtt -- not accepted
  Isometrum lancifolium (Franch.) K.Y. Pan -- not accepted
  Isometrum lancifolium var. lancifolium (Franch.) K.Y. Pan -- not accepted
  Kalimeris mongolica (Franch.) Kitam. -- accepted
  Koelreuteria bipinnata Franch. -- accepted -- goldenrain tree
  Leucanthemum nipponicum Franch. ex Maxim. -- not accepted -- Nippon daisy
  Ligustrum sempervirens (Franch.) Lingelsh. -- accepted -- privet
  Lonicera ferdinandi Franch. -- accepted
  Lonicera maackii f. podocarpa Franch. ex Rehder -- not accepted -- late honeysuckle
  Lonicera pileata f. yunnanensis (Franch.) Rehder -- not accepted
  Lonicera tatsienensis Franch. -- accepted
  Loxostigma mekongense (Franch.) B.L. Burtt -- accepted
  Lysionotus heterophyllus Franch. -- accepted
  Lysionotus heterophyllus var. heterophyllus Franch. -- accepted
  Lysionotus involucratus Franch. -- accepted
  Malus yunnanensis (Franch.) C.K. Schneid. -- accepted -- Yunnan crabapple
  Melinis nerviglumis (Franch.) Zizka -- accepted
  Monophyllaea hirticalyx Franch. -- accepted
  Monophyllaea hirticalyx var. hirticalyx Franch. -- accepted
  Nipponanthemum nipponicum (Franch. ex Maxim.) Kitam. -- accepted -- Nippon daisy
  Opithandra fargesii (Franch.) B.L. Burtt -- not accepted
  Oreocharis aurantiaca Franch. -- accepted
  Oreocharis delavayi Franch. -- accepted
  Oreocharis fargesii (Franch.) Mich. Möller & A. Weber -- accepted
  Oreocharis fokienensis Franch. -- not accepted
  Oreocharis lancifolia (Franch.) Mich. Möller & A. Weber -- accepted
  Oreocharis lancifolia var. lancifolia (Franch.) Mich. Möller & A. Weber -- accepted
  Oreocharis tubicella Franch. -- accepted
  Oryza paraguayensis Franch. -- not accepted
  Oryza sativa var. paraguayensis Franch. -- not accepted
  Osmanthus delavayi Franch. -- accepted
  Paeonia delavayi Franch. -- accepted -- dian mu dan
  Paeonia lutea Delavay ex Franch -- not accepted
  Paraboea rufescens (Franch.) B.L. Burtt -- accepted
  Paraboea rufescens var. rufescens (Franch.) B.L. Burtt -- accepted
  Perantha aurantiaca (Franch.) Pellegr. -- not accepted
  Pinus armandii Franch. -- accepted -- Armand pine, Chinese white-pine
  Pleioblastus chino (Franch. & Sav.) Makino -- accepted
  Poa commersonii Franch. -- not accepted
  Poa pogonantha (Franch.) Parodi -- not accepted
  Pyracantha angustifolia (Franch.) C.K. Schneid. -- accepted -- narrowleaf firethorn
  Rhabdothamnopsis chinensis (Franch.) Hand.-Mazz. -- not accepted
  Ridleyandra morganii (Franch.) A. Weber -- accepted
  Roettlera aurea Franch. -- not accepted
  Roettlera fargesii Franch. -- not accepted
  Roettlera mekongensis Franch. -- not accepted
  Roettlera uniflora Franch. -- not accepted
  Roettlera yunnanensis Franch. -- not accepted
  Rosa lucieae Franch. & Rochebr. ex Crép. -- accepted -- memorial rose, Wichura's rose
  Rubus viburnifolius Franch. -- accepted
  Rubus xanthocarpus Bureau & Franch. -- accepted
  Salix variegata Franch. -- accepted
  Sasa senanensis (Franch. & Sav.) Rehder -- accepted
  Siphonosmanthus delavayi (Franch.) Stapf -- not accepted
  Solanum somalense Franch. -- accepted
  Sophora davidii (Franch.) Skeels -- accepted
  Streptocarpus chinensis Franch. -- not accepted
  Strophanthus thollonii Franch. -- accepted -- Thollon's strophanthus
  Syringa amurensis var. japonica (Maxim.) Franch. & Sav. -- not accepted
  Tricholaena nerviglumis Franch. -- not accepted
  Trisetum dozei Franch. -- not accepted
  Verbascum X pterocaulon Franch. -- accepted -- mullein
  Vitex negundo var. heterophylla (Franch.) Rehder -- accepted -- Chinese chastetree, negundo chastetree

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