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Taxon author: Hance

ITIS records citing taxon author "Hance"
 Kingdom Plantae
  Aeschynanthus apicidens Hance -- not accepted
  Alpinia officinarum Hance -- accepted -- lesser galangal
  Alsophila metteniana Hance -- not accepted
  Amentotaxus argotaenia (Hance) Pilg. -- accepted
  Athyrium niponicum (Mett.) Hance -- accepted -- Japanese painted fern
  Boea dictyoneura Hance -- not accepted
  Boea swinhoei Hance -- not accepted
  Bridelia insulana Hance -- accepted
  Buxus harlandii Hance -- accepted
  Chirita anachoreta Hance -- accepted
  Chirita cortusifolia Hance -- not accepted
  Chirita demissa (Hance) W.T. Wang -- accepted
  Chirita eburnea Hance -- accepted
  Chirita juliae Hance -- accepted
  Chirita macrosiphon Hance -- not accepted
  Cornus kousa Hance -- accepted -- Japanese dogwood, kousa, kousa dogwood
  Cornus paucinervis Hance -- not accepted
  Ctenitis subglandulosa (Hance) Ching -- accepted
  Cyathea metteniana (Hance) C. Chr. & Tardieu -- accepted
  Cyathea subglandulosa (Hance) Copel. -- not accepted
  Didissandra macrosiphon (Hance) W.T. Wang -- not accepted
  Didymocarpus anachoretus (Hance) H. Lév. -- not accepted
  Didymocarpus cortusifolius (Hance) W.T. Wang -- accepted
  Didymocarpus demissus Hance -- not accepted
  Didymocarpus eburneus (Hance) H. Lév. -- not accepted
  Didymocarpus eburneus (Hance) Hand.-Mazz. -- not accepted
  Didymocarpus juliae (Hance) H. Lév. -- not accepted
  Didymocarpus macrosiphon (Hance) H. Lév. -- not accepted
  Didymocarpus oreocharis Hance -- not accepted
  Euphorbia sampsonii Hance -- not accepted
  Galarhoeus sampsonii (Hance) Hurus. -- not accepted
  Ixora casei Hance -- accepted
  Jasminum mesnyi Hance -- accepted -- Japanese jasmine
  Languas officinarum (Hance) Farw. -- not accepted
  Lysionotus apicidens (Hance) Yamazaki -- not accepted
  Lysionotus apicidens (Hance) T. Yamaz. -- not accepted
  Oreocharis filipes Hance -- not accepted
  Paraboea dictyoneura (Hance) B.L. Burtt -- accepted
  Paraboea filipes (Hance) B.L. Burtt -- accepted
  Paraboea swinhoei (Hance) B.L. Burtt -- accepted
  Petrocodon Hance -- accepted
  Petrocodon dealbatus Hance -- accepted
  Petrocodon dealbatus var. dealbatus Hance -- accepted
  Podocarpus argotaenia Hance -- not accepted
  Primulina Hance -- accepted
  Primulina tabacum Hance -- accepted
  Pyracantha atalantioides (Hance) Stapf -- accepted
  Pyracantha crenatiserrata (Hance) Rehder -- not accepted
  Pyracantha crenatoserrata (Hance) Rehder -- accepted
  Raphiocarpus macrosiphon (Hance) B.L. Burtt -- accepted
  Rhoeo Hance -- not accepted
  Rhoeo discolor (L'Hér.) Hance ex Walp. -- not accepted
  Roettlera anachoreta (Hance) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Roettlera anachoreta (Hance) Matsum. -- not accepted
  Roettlera cortusifolia (Hance) Fritsch -- not accepted
  Roettlera demissa (Hance) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Roettlera eburnea (Hance) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Roettlera juliae (Hance) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Roettlera macrosiphon (Hance) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Sorbus pohuashanensis (Hance) Hedl. -- not accepted
  Sportella atalantioides Hance -- not accepted
  Trichosporum apicidens (Hance) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Viburnum setigerum Hance -- accepted -- tea viburnum
  Xylosma senticosa Hance -- not accepted
  Zanthoxylum simulans Hance -- accepted -- Chinese-pepper, Sichuan-pepper

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