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Taxon author: Hedw.

ITIS records citing taxon author "Hedw."
 Kingdom Animalia
  Cotesia ruficoxis (Hedwig, 1962) -- valid
 Kingdom Fungi
  Caloplaca cernia (Ehrh. ex Hedw.) Th. Fr. -- accepted
  Gymnosporangium R. Hedw. ex DC. -- accepted
 Kingdom Plantae
  Abietinella abietina (Hedw.) M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Acaulon muticum (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Acaulon muticum var. muticum (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Acrocladium cordifolium (Hedw.) P. Rich. & Wallace -- not accepted
  Acrocladium cuspidatum (Hedw.) Lindb. -- not accepted
  Aloina rigida (Hedw.) Limpr. -- accepted -- rigid aloina moss
  Aloina rigida var. rigida (Hedw.) Limpr. -- accepted
  Amblyodon dealbatus (Hedw.) P. Beauv. -- accepted
  Amblyodon dealbatus (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- not accepted
  Amblystegiella adnata (Hedw.) Nichols -- not accepted
  Amblystegiella subtilis (Hedw.) Loeske -- not accepted
  Amblystegium fluviatile (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Amblystegium riparium (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Amblystegium serpens (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Amblystegium serpens var. serpens (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Amblystegium stellatum (Hedw.) Lindb. -- not accepted
  Amblystegium subtile (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Amblystegium tenax (Hedw.) C.E.O. Jensen -- not accepted
  Amblystegium tenax var. tenax (Hedw.) C.E.O. Jensen -- not accepted
  Amblystegium varium (Hedw.) Lindb. -- not accepted
  Amphidium lapponicum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted -- Lapland amphidium moss
  Andreaea Hedw. -- accepted
  Andreaea alpina Hedw. -- accepted
  Andreaea rupestris Hedw. -- accepted
  Andreaea rupestris var. rupestris Hedw. -- not accepted
  Aneura palmata (Hedw.) Dumort. -- not accepted
  Anictangium ciliatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Anictangium lapponicum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Anisothecium crispum (Hedw.) Lindb. -- not accepted
  Anisothecium schreberianum (Hedw.) Dixon -- not accepted
  Anisothecium varium (Hedw.) Mitt. -- not accepted
  Anoectangium aestivum (Hedw.) Mitt. -- accepted
  Anomodon attenuatus (Hedw.) Huebener -- not accepted
  Anomodon minor (Hedw.) Lindb. -- accepted
  Anomodon rostratus (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Anomodon viticulosus (Hedw.) Hook. & Taylor -- accepted
  Antitrichia curtipendula (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Antitrichia curtipendula var. curtipendula (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Aphanorrhegma patens (Hedw.) Lindb. -- not accepted
  Archidium alternifolium (Dicks. ex Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted -- alternateleaf archidium moss
  Arctoa falcata (Hedw.) Loeske -- not accepted
  Arrhenopterum Hedw. -- accepted
  Arrhenopterum heterostichum Hedw. -- accepted
  Atrichum undulatum (Hedw.) P. Beauv. -- accepted -- undulate atrichum moss
  Atrichum undulatum var. undulatum (Hedw.) P. Beauv. -- not accepted
  Aulacommium androgynum (Hedw.) Schwägr. -- not accepted
  Aulacommium heterostichum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- not accepted
  Aulacommium palustre (Hedw.) Schwägr. -- not accepted
  Aulacomnium androgynum (Hedw.) Schwägr. -- accepted
  Aulacomnium heterostichum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- not accepted
  Aulacomnium palustre (Hedw.) Schwägr. -- accepted
  Barbula Hedw. -- accepted
  Barbula agraria Hedw. -- not accepted
  Barbula convoluta Hedw. -- accepted -- convoluted barbula moss
  Barbula convoluta var. convoluta Hedw. -- not accepted -- convoluted barbula moss
  Barbula fallax Hedw. -- not accepted
  Barbula humilis Hedw. -- not accepted
  Barbula inclinata (R. Hedw.) Schwägr. -- not accepted
  Barbula mutica (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- not accepted
  Barbula mutica var. mutica (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- not accepted
  Barbula rigida Hedw. -- not accepted
  Barbula rigidula (Hedw.) Milde -- not accepted
  Barbula ruralis Hedw. -- not accepted
  Barbula unguiculata Hedw. -- accepted
  Barbula unguiculata f. apiculata (Hedw.) Mönk. -- not accepted
  Barbula unguiculata var. apiculata (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- not accepted
  Barbula unquiculata Hedw. -- not accepted
  Bartramia Hedw. -- not accepted
  Bartramia Hedw. -- accepted
  Bartramia halleriana Hedw. -- accepted -- Haller's bartramia moss
  Bartramia pomiformis Hedw. -- accepted
  Blasia palmata (Hedw.) Fr. -- not accepted
  Blindia acuta (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted -- acute blindia moss
  Brachytheciastrum velutinum (Hedw.) Ignatov & Huttunen -- accepted
  Brachytheciastrum velutinum var. velutinum (Hedw.) Ignatov & Huttunen -- accepted
  Brachythecium acuminatum (Hedw.) Austin -- accepted -- acuminate brachythecium moss
  Brachythecium acuminatum var. acuminatum (Hedw.) Austin -- not accepted
  Brachythecium acuminatum var. rupincola (Hedw.) Rau & Herv. -- not accepted
  Brachythecium acuminatum var. setosum (Hedw.) Rau & Herv. -- not accepted
  Brachythecium albicans (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Brachythecium flagellare (Hedw.) Jenn. -- not accepted
  Brachythecium piliferum (Hedw.) Kindb. -- not accepted
  Brachythecium plumosum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Brachythecium populeum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Brachythecium rutabulum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Brachythecium serrulatum (Hedw.) H. Rob. -- not accepted
  Brachythecium velutinum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Brachythecium velutinum var. velutinum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Bryoandersonia illecebra (Hedw.) H. Rob. -- accepted
  Bryoerythrophyllum recurvirostre (Hedw.) Chen -- not accepted
  Bryoerythrophyllum recurvirostrum (Hedw.) P.C. Chen -- accepted
  Bryohaplocladium microphyllum (Hedw.) Wat. & Z. Iwats. -- not accepted
  Bryum Hedw. -- accepted
  Bryum androgynum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Bryum annotinum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Bryum argenteum Hedw. -- accepted -- silvergreen bryum moss
  Bryum argenteum var. argenteum Hedw. -- accepted
  Bryum caespiticium Hedw. -- not accepted -- dry calcareous bryum moss
  Bryum canescens (Hedw.) Hoffm. ex With. -- not accepted
  Bryum capillare Hedw. -- not accepted
  Bryum capillare var. capillare Hedw. -- not accepted
  Bryum cernuum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- not accepted
  Bryum delicatulum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Bryum dichotomum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Bryum heterostichum (Hedw.) Dicks. -- not accepted
  Bryum ovatum (Hedw.) Dicks. ex With. -- not accepted
  Bryum pseudotriquetrum (Hedw.) G. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb. -- not accepted -- common green bryum moss
  Bryum squarrosum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Bryum turbinatum (Hedw.) Turner -- not accepted
  Bryum zieri Hedw. -- not accepted
  Buckiella undulata (Hedw.) Ireland -- accepted
  Bucklandiella heterosticha (Hedw.) Bedn.-Ochyra & Ochyra -- accepted
  Bucklandiella microcarpa (Hedw.) Bedn.-Ochyra & Ochyra -- accepted
  Buxbaumia Hedw. -- accepted
  Buxbaumia aphylla Hedw. -- accepted
  Buxbaumia foliosa Hedw. -- not accepted
  Callicladium imponens (Hedw.) Hedenäs, Schlesak & D. Quandt -- accepted
  Calliergon alpestre (Hedw.) Kindb. -- not accepted
  Calliergon cordifolium (Hedw.) Kindb. -- accepted
  Calliergon cuspidatum (Hedw.) Kindb. -- not accepted
  Calliergon molle (Hedw.) Kindb. -- not accepted
  Calliergonella curvifolia (Hedw.) B.H. Allen -- accepted
  Calliergonella cuspidata (Hedw.) Loeske -- accepted
  Camptothecium nitens (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Campyliadelphus stellatus (Hedw.) Kanda -- not accepted
  Campylium halleri (Hedw.) Lindb. -- not accepted -- Haller's campylium moss
  Campylium stellatum (Hedw.) C.E.O. Jensen -- accepted -- star campylium moss
  Campylium stellatum var. stellatum (Hedw.) C.E.O. Jensen -- not accepted -- star campylium moss
  Campylophyllum halleri (Hedw.) M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Campylopus flexuosus auct. Amer. non (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Campylopus flexuosus (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Campylopus introflexus (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Campylopus introflexus auct. Amer. non (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Catoscopium nigritum (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted -- black golf club moss
  Ceratodon purpurascens (Hedw.) Jenn. -- not accepted
  Ceratodon purpureus (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Ceratodon purpureus ssp. purpureus (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Ceratodon purpureus var. purpurascens (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Ceratodon purpureus var. purpureus (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Chamberlainia acuminata (Hedw.) Grout -- not accepted
  Chamberlainia acuminata var. rupincola (Hedw.) Grout -- not accepted
  Chamberlainia albicans (Hedw.) H. Rob. -- not accepted
  Chamberlainia velutina (Hedw.) H. Rob. -- not accepted
  Cirriphyllum illecebrum (Hedw.) L.F. Koch -- not accepted
  Cirriphyllum piliferum (Hedw.) Grout -- accepted
  Claopodium rostratum (Hedw.) Ignatov -- accepted
  Climacium dendroides (Hedw.) F. Weber & D. Mohr -- accepted -- tree climacium moss
  Codriophorus acicularis (Hedw.) P. Beauv. -- accepted
  Codriophorus fascicularis (Hedw.) Bedn.-Ochyra & Ochyra -- accepted
  Conostomum tetragonum (Hedw.) Lindb. -- accepted
  Coscinodon cribrosus (Hedw.) Spruce -- accepted
  Cratoneuron filicinum (Hedw.) Spruce -- accepted
  Cryphaea filiformis (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted -- filiform cryphaea moss
  Ctenidium molluscum (Hedw.) Mitt. -- accepted -- mollusc ctenidium moss
  Cynodontium polycarpon (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Cynodontium polycarpum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Cynodontium strumiferum (Hedw.) Lindb. -- accepted
  Cynodontium virens (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Cynontodium capillaceum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Cynontodium cernuum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Cynontodium inclinatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Cyrto-hypnum involvens (Hedw.) W.R. Buck & H.A. Crum -- accepted
  Cyrto-hypnum minutulum (Hedw.) W.R. Buck & H.A. Crum -- accepted
  Cyrtopus setosus (Hedw.) Hook. f. -- accepted
  Desmatodon heimii (Hedw.) Mitt. -- not accepted -- Heim's desmatodon moss
  Desmatodon heimii var. heimii (Hedw.) Mitt. -- not accepted -- Heim's desmatodon moss
  Desmatodon latifolius (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted -- wideleaf desmatodon moss
  Dichelyma falcatum (Hedw.) Myrin -- accepted -- sickle dichelyma moss
  Dichodontium pellucidum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Dicranella cerviculata (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Dicranella cerviculata var. pusilla (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Dicranella crispa (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Dicranella curvata (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Dicranella heteromalla (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Dicranella heteromalla var. orthocarpa (Hedw.) A. Jaeger -- not accepted
  Dicranella pusilla (Hedw.) E. Britton -- not accepted
  Dicranella schreberiana (Hedw.) Hilf. ex H.A. Crum & L.E. Anderson -- accepted -- Schreber's dicranella moss
  Dicranella schreberiana var. schreberiana (Hedw.) Hilf. ex H.A. Crum & L.E. Anderson -- not accepted -- Schreber's dicranella moss
  Dicranella subulata (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Dicranella subulata var. curvata (Hedw.) Rabenh. -- not accepted
  Dicranella varia (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Dicranoweisia cirrata (Hedw.) Lindb. ex Milde -- accepted
  Dicranoweisia crispula (Hedw.) Milde -- accepted
  Dicranum Hedw. -- accepted
  Dicranum aciculare Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum ambiguum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum cerviculatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum condensatum Hedw. -- accepted -- condensed dicranum moss
  Dicranum crispum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum falcatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum flagellare Hedw. -- accepted -- dicranum moss
  Dicranum flexuosum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum glaucum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum heteromallum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum introflexum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum latifolium Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum longifolium Ehrh. ex Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum montanum Hedw. -- accepted -- montane dicranum moss
  Dicranum orthocarpum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum ovale Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum pellucidum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum purpurascens Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum purpureum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum pusillum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum schreberianum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum scoparium Hedw. -- accepted
  Dicranum spurium Hedw. -- accepted
  Dicranum subulatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum varium Hedw. -- not accepted
  Dicranum virens Hedw. -- not accepted
  Didymodon Hedw. -- accepted
  Didymodon fallax (Hedw.) R.H. Zander -- accepted
  Didymodon fallax var. fallax (Hedw.) R.H. Zander -- not accepted
  Didymodon homomallus Hedw. -- not accepted
  Didymodon pusillus Hedw. -- not accepted
  Didymodon recurvirostris (Hedw.) Jenn. -- not accepted
  Didymodon rigidulus Hedw. -- accepted -- rigid didymodon moss
  Didymodon rigidulus var. rigidulus Hedw. -- accepted -- rigid didymodon moss
  Didymodon trifarius (Hedw.) Röhl. -- not accepted
  Didymoglossum hymenoides (Hedw.) Copel. -- accepted -- parchment bristle fern
  Diphyscium foliosum (Hedw.) D. Mohr -- accepted
  Distichium capillaceum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted
  Distichium capillaceum var. capillaceum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- not accepted
  Distichium inclinatum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted -- incline distichium moss
  Distichium pallidum (Hedw.) Hampe -- not accepted
  Ditrichum cylindricum (Hedw.) Grout -- not accepted
  Ditrichum heteromallum (Hedw.) E. Britton -- accepted
  Ditrichum homomallum (Hedw.) Hampe -- not accepted
  Ditrichum pallidum (Hedw.) Hampe -- accepted -- pale ditrichum moss
  Ditrichum pusillum (Hedw.) Hampe -- accepted
  Dorcadion striatum (Hedw.) Lindb. -- not accepted
  Drepanocladus aduncus (Hedw.) Warnst. -- accepted
  Drepanocladus aduncus var. aduncus (Hedw.) Warnst. -- not accepted
  Drepanocladus fluitans (Hedw.) Warnst. -- not accepted
  Drepanocladus uncinatus (Hedw.) Warnst. -- not accepted
  Drummondia prorepens (Hedw.) E. Britton -- accepted
  Dryptodon patens (Dicks. ex Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Elymus durus Hedw. ex Steud. -- not accepted
  Encalypta Hedw. -- accepted -- candle snuffer moss
  Encalypta affinis R. Hedw. -- accepted -- candle snuffer moss
  Encalypta affinis var. affinis R. Hedw. -- not accepted -- candle snuffer moss
  Encalypta ciliata Hedw. -- accepted -- fringed candle snuffer moss
  Encalypta lanceolata Hedw. -- not accepted
  Encalypta vulgaris Hedw. -- accepted -- common candle snuffer moss
  Entodon cladorrhizans (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Entodon compressus (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- accepted -- compressed entodon moss
  Entodon macropodus (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Entodon macropus (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- not accepted
  Entodon seductrix (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- accepted -- seductive entodon moss
  Entosthodon fascicularis (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- accepted
  Ephemerum cohaerens (Hedw.) Hampe -- accepted
  Ephemerum serratum (Schreb. ex Hedw.) Hampe -- accepted -- serrate ephemerum moss
  Erythrobarbula recurvirostris (Hedw.) Steere -- not accepted
  Eucalypta Hedw. -- not accepted
  Eucalypta ciliata Hedw. -- not accepted
  Eurhynchiastrum pulchellum (Hedw.) Ignatov & Huttunen -- accepted
  Eurhynchiastrum pulchellum var. pulchellum (Hedw.) Ignatov & Huttunen -- accepted
  Eurhynchium fasciculosum (Hedw.) Dixon -- not accepted
  Eurhynchium hians (Hedw.) Sande Lac. -- not accepted
  Eurhynchium praecox (Hedw.) De Not. -- not accepted
  Eurhynchium praelongum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Eurhynchium pulchellum (Hedw.) Jenn. -- not accepted
  Eurhynchium pulchellum var. praecox (Hedw.) Dixon -- not accepted
  Eurhynchium pulchellum var. pulchellum (Hedw.) Jenn. -- not accepted -- eurhynchium moss
  Eurhynchium riparioides (Hedw.) P. Rich. -- not accepted
  Eurhynchium serrulatum (Hedw.) Kindb. -- not accepted
  Eurhynchium strigosum var. praecox (Hedw.) Husn. -- not accepted
  Fissidens Hedw. -- accepted
  Fissidens adianthoides Hedw. -- accepted
  Fissidens asplenioides Hedw. -- accepted -- asplenium fissidens moss
  Fissidens bryoides Hedw. -- accepted -- bryoid fissidens moss
  Fissidens exilis Hedw. -- accepted
  Fissidens osmundioides Hedw. -- not accepted
  Fissidens osmundoides Hedw. -- accepted -- osmund fissidens moss
  Fissidens polycarpos Hedw. -- not accepted
  Fissidens polycarpus Hedw. -- not accepted
  Fissidens polypodioides Hedw. -- accepted -- polypody fissidens moss
  Fissidens pulvinatus Hedw. -- not accepted
  Fissidens strumifer Hedw. -- not accepted
  Fissidens subbasilaris Hedw. -- accepted
  Fissidens taxifolius Hedw. -- accepted
  Fontinalis Hedw. -- accepted
  Fontinalis antipyretica Hedw. -- accepted -- antifever fontinalis moss
  Fontinalis antipyretica var. antipyretica Hedw. -- not accepted -- antifever fontinalis moss
  Fontinalis falcata Hedw. -- not accepted
  Forsstroemia trichomitria (Hedw.) Lindb. -- accepted
  Funaria Hedw. -- accepted
  Funaria Hedw. -- not accepted
  Funaria fascicularis (Hedw.) Lindb. -- not accepted
  Funaria hygrometrica Hedw. -- accepted
  Funaria hygrometrica var. hygrometrica Hedw. -- accepted
  Gemmabryum caespiticium (Hedw.) J.R. Spence -- accepted
  Gemmabryum dichotomum (Hedw.) J.R. Spence & H.P. Ramsay -- accepted
  Georgia pellucida (Hedw.) Rabenh. -- not accepted
  Grimmia Hedw. -- accepted -- grimmia dry rock moss
  Grimmia acicularis (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- not accepted
  Grimmia alpicola Hedw. -- not accepted
  Grimmia alpicola var. alpicola Hedw. -- not accepted
  Grimmia apocarpa Hedw. -- not accepted
  Grimmia apocarpa var. apocarpa Hedw. -- not accepted
  Grimmia apocarpa var. pulvinata (Hedw.) G. Jones -- not accepted
  Grimmia canescens (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- not accepted
  Grimmia cribosa Hedw. -- not accepted
  Grimmia cribrosa Hedw. -- not accepted
  Grimmia heterosticha (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- not accepted
  Grimmia ovalis (Hedw.) Lindb. -- accepted -- oval dry rock moss
  Grimmia patens (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- not accepted
  Grimmia plagiopoda Hedw. -- not accepted
  Grimmia plagiopodia Hedw. -- accepted -- grimmia dry rock moss
  Grimmia pulvinata (Hedw.) Sm. -- accepted -- pulvinate dry rock moss
  Grimmia pulvinata var. africana (Hedw.) Hook. f. & Wilson -- not accepted -- African dry rock moss
  Grimmia pulvinata var. pulvinata (Hedw.) Sm. -- not accepted -- pulvinate dry rock moss
  Grimmia recurvata Hedw. -- not accepted
  Gymnomitrion palmatum (Hedw.) Huebener -- not accepted
  Gymnostomum aestivum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Gymnostomum curvirostre Hedw. ex Brid. -- not accepted
  Gymnostomum fasciculare Hedw. -- not accepted
  Gymnostomum heimii Hedw. -- not accepted
  Gymnostomum ovatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Gymnostomum pennatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Gymnostomum prorepens Hedw. -- not accepted
  Gymnostomum pyriforme Hedw. -- not accepted
  Gymnostomum recurvirostre Hedw. -- not accepted
  Gymnostomum recurvirostrum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Gymnostomum tenue Schrad. ex Hedw. -- not accepted
  Gymnostomum truncatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Gyroweisia tenuis (Schrad. ex Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Haplocladium microphyllum (Hedw.) Broth. -- accepted
  Hedwigia ciliata (Hedw.) P. Beauv. -- accepted -- ciliate hedwigia moss
  Hennediella heimii (Hedw.) R.H. Zander -- accepted
  Hennediella heimii var. heimii (Hedw.) R.H. Zander -- accepted
  Homalia trichomanoides (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Homalia trichomanoides var. trichomanoides (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Homalotheciella subcapillata (Hedw.) Broth. -- accepted
  Homalotheciella suncapillata (Hedw.) Broth. -- not accepted
  Homalothecium nitens (Hedw.) H. Rob. -- not accepted
  Homalothecium sericeum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted -- silken homalothecium moss
  Homalothecium subcapillatum (Hedw.) Sull. -- not accepted
  Homomallium adnatum (Hedw.) Broth. -- accepted
  Homomallum adnatum (Hedw.) Broth. -- not accepted
  Hookeria lucens (Hedw.) Sm. -- accepted
  Hygroamblystegium fluviatile (Hedw.) Loeske -- not accepted -- streamside hygroamblystegium moss
  Hygroamblystegium tenax (Hedw.) Jenn. -- not accepted
  Hygroamblystegium tenax var. tenax (Hedw.) Jenn. -- not accepted
  Hygroamblystegium varium (Hedw.) Mönk. -- accepted
  Hygroamblystegium varium ssp. varium (Hedw.) Mönk. -- accepted
  Hygroamblystegium varium var. varium (Hedw.) Mönk. -- accepted
  Hygrohypnum alpestre (Hedw.) Loeske -- not accepted
  Hygrohypnum luridum (Hedw.) Jenn. -- accepted
  Hygrohypnum molle (Hedw.) Loeske -- accepted
  Hylocomiastrum umbratum (Hedw.) M. Fleisch. ex Broth. -- accepted
  Hylocomium splendens (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted -- splendid feather moss
  Hylocomium umbratum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Hymenophyllum fragile (Hedw.) C.V. Morton -- accepted -- fragile filmy fern
  Hymenostomum microstomum (Hedw.) Nees & Hornsch. -- not accepted
  Hymenostomum microstomum (Hedw.) R. Br. -- not accepted
  Hymenostylium recurvirostre (Hedw.) Dixon -- not accepted
  Hymenostylium recurvirostrum (Hedw.) Dixon -- accepted
  Hymenostylium recurvirostrum var. recurvirostrum (Hedw.) Dixon -- accepted
  Hyophiladelphus agrarius (Hedw.) R.H. Zander -- accepted
  Hypnum Hedw. -- accepted
  Hypnum abietinum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum adnatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum aduncum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum albicans Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum alpestre Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum attenuatum (Hedw.) Sm. -- not accepted
  Hypnum compressiforme Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum compressiforme var. compressiforme Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum cordifolium Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum crista-castrensis Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum cupressiforme Hedw. -- accepted
  Hypnum cupressiforme var. cupressiforme Hedw. -- accepted
  Hypnum cupressiforme var. imponens (Hedw.) Mach. -- not accepted
  Hypnum curvifolium Hedw. -- not accepted -- curveleaf hypnum moss
  Hypnum cuspidatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum delicatulum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum denticulatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum filicinum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum fluitans Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum halleri Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum hians Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum illecebrum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum imponens Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum intricatum (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- not accepted
  Hypnum loreum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum lucens Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum luridum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum microphyllum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum minutulum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum molle Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum molluscum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum nigrescens Sw. ex Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum nitens Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum pallescens (Hedw.) P. Beauv. -- not accepted
  Hypnum pallescens var. pallescens (Hedw.) P. Beauv. -- not accepted
  Hypnum patulum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum piliferum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum plumosum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum populeum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum praelongum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum pulchellum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum purum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum recognitum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum riparium Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum rostratum (Hedw.) P. Beauv. -- not accepted
  Hypnum rugosum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum rutabulum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum scorpioides Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum serpens Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum serrulatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum smithii Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum spiniforme Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum splendens Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum squarrosum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum stellatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum tamariscinum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum tomentosum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum triquetrum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum umbratum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum uncinatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum undulatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum velutinum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Hypnum viticulosum (Hedw.) With. -- not accepted
  Hypopterygium tamariscinum (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Isopterygiopsis pulchella (Hedw.) Z. Iwats. -- accepted
  Isopterygium pulchellum (Hedw.) A. Jaeger -- not accepted
  Isothecium polyanthum (Hedw.) Spruce -- not accepted
  Jochenia pallescens (Hedw.) Hedenäs, Huttunen, Shevock & D.H. Norris -- accepted
  Jungermannia multifida var. palmata (Hedw.) Hartm. -- not accepted
  Jungermannia palmata Hedw. -- not accepted
  Kiaeria falcata (Hedw.) I. Hagen -- accepted -- sickle kiaeria moss
  Kindbergia praelonga (Hedw.) Ochyra -- accepted
  Leiophyllum (Pers.) R. Hedw. -- not accepted -- leiophyllum
  Lepidopilum polytrichoides (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Leptobryum pyriforme (Hedw.) Wilson -- accepted
  Leptodictyum riparium (Hedw.) Warnst. -- accepted -- streamside leptodictyum moss
  Leptodon smithii (Hedw.) F. Weber & D. Mohr -- accepted -- Smith's leptodon moss
  Leptodon trichomitrius (Hedw.) Sull. -- not accepted
  Leptostomum macrocarpum (Hedw.) Bach. Pyl. -- accepted
  Lescuraea incurvata (Hedw.) E. Lawton -- not accepted
  Leskea Hedw. -- accepted
  Leskea acuminata Hedw. -- not accepted
  Leskea attenuata Hedw. -- not accepted
  Leskea complanata Hedw. -- not accepted
  Leskea dendroides Hedw. -- not accepted
  Leskea gracilescens Hedw. -- accepted
  Leskea incurvata Hedw. -- not accepted
  Leskea involvens Hedw. -- not accepted
  Leskea obscura Hedw. -- accepted
  Leskea pallescens Hedw. -- not accepted
  Leskea polyantha Hedw. -- not accepted
  Leskea polycarpa Hedw. -- accepted
  Leskea polycarpa var. paludosa (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Leskea pulchella Hedw. -- not accepted
  Leskea rostrata Hedw. -- not accepted
  Leskea sericea Hedw. -- not accepted
  Leskea subtilis Hedw. -- not accepted
  Leskea trichomanoides Hedw. -- not accepted
  Leskea varia Hedw. -- not accepted
  Leucobryum glaucum (Hedw.) Ångstr. -- accepted
  Leucodon julaceus (Hedw.) Sull. -- accepted
  Lewinskya striata (Hedw.) F. Lara, Garilleti & Goffinet -- accepted
  Meesia Hedw. -- accepted
  Meesia dealbata Hedw. -- not accepted
  Meesia longiseta Hedw. -- accepted
  Meesia uliginosa Hedw. -- accepted
  Meteoriopsis patula (Hedw.) Broth. -- not accepted
  Meteorium nigrescens (Sw. ex Hedw.) Dozy & Molk. -- accepted
  Microbryum starckeanum (Hedw.) R.H. Zander -- accepted
  Microbryum starckeanum var. starckeanum (Hedw.) R.H. Zander -- accepted
  Mnium Hedw. -- accepted -- mnium calcareous moss
  Mnium crudum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Mnium cuspidatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Mnium fontanum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Mnium hormum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Mnium hornum Hedw. -- accepted -- horn calcareous moss
  Mnium marchicum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Mnium palustre Hedw. -- not accepted
  Mnium pseudotriquetrum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Mnium punctatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Mnium punctatum var. punctatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Mnium roseum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Mnium sphaericarpon Hedw. -- not accepted
  Mnium spiniforme (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- not accepted
  Mnium stellare Hedw. -- accepted -- stellar calcareous moss
  Mnium tetragonum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Mnium turbinatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Mnium undulatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Neckera Hedw. -- accepted
  Neckera cladorrhizans Hedw. -- not accepted
  Neckera complanata (Hedw.) Huebener -- accepted
  Neckera curtipendula Hedw. -- not accepted
  Neckera disticha Hedw. -- not accepted
  Neckera filiformis Hedw. -- not accepted
  Neckera macropoda Hedw. -- not accepted
  Neckera minor (Hedw.) P. Beauv. -- not accepted
  Neckera pennata Hedw. -- accepted
  Neckera seductrix Hedw. -- not accepted
  Neckera undulata Hedw. -- not accepted
  Neckera viticulosa Hedw. -- not accepted
  Neckera viticulosa var. minor Hedw. -- not accepted
  Neckeropsis disticha (Hedw.) Kindb. -- accepted
  Neckeropsis undulata (Hedw.) Reichardt -- accepted -- undulate neckeropsis moss
  Neckeropsis undulata (Hedw.) Kindb. ex J. A. Allen -- not accepted
  Niphotrichum canescens (Hedw.) Bedn.-Ochyra & Ochyra -- accepted
  Niphotrichum canescens ssp. canescens (Hedw.) Bedn.-Ochyra & Ochyra -- accepted
  Nogopterium gracile (Hedw.) Crosby & W.R. Buck -- accepted
  Ochyraea alpestris (Hedw.) Ignatov & Ignatova -- not accepted
  Ochyraea mollis (Hedw.) Ignatov -- not accepted
  Octoblepharum Hedw. -- accepted
  Octoblepharum albidum Hedw. -- accepted
  Oligotrichum hercynicum (Hedw.) Lam. & DC. -- accepted
  Oncophorus polycarpus (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Oncophorus polycarpus var. strumiferus (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Oncophorus virens (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Orthodicranum flagellare (Hedw.) Loeske -- not accepted
  Orthodicranum montanum (Hedw.) Loeske -- not accepted
  Orthotrichum Hedw. -- accepted
  Orthotrichum anomalum Hedw. -- accepted
  Orthotrichum crispum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Orthotrichum striatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Oxyrrhynchium hians (Hedw.) Loeske -- accepted
  Oxyrrhynchium praelongum (Hedw.) Warnst. -- not accepted
  Oxyrrhynchium riparioides (Hedw.) Jenn. -- not accepted
  Paludella squarrosa (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted -- angled paludella moss
  Papillaria nigrescens (Sw. ex Hedw.) A. Jaeger -- not accepted -- black papillaria moss
  Paraleucobryum longifolium (Ehrh. ex Hedw.) Loeske -- accepted -- longleaf paraleucobryum moss
  Phascum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Phascum alternifolium Dicks. ex Hedw. -- not accepted
  Phascum cohaerens Hedw. -- not accepted
  Phascum cuspidatum Hedw. -- not accepted -- toothed phascum moss
  Phascum cuspidatum var. piliferum (Hedw.) Amann -- not accepted
  Phascum cuspidatum var. piliferum (Hedw.) Hook. & Taylor -- not accepted
  Phascum muticum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Phascum nitidum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Phascum patens Hedw. -- not accepted
  Phascum serratum Schreb. ex Hedw. -- not accepted
  Phascum subulatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Philonotis fontana (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Philonotis fontana var. fontana (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Philonotis marchica (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Philonotis sphaericarpa (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Philonotis sphaerocarpa (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Philonotis sphaerocarpus (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Physcomitrella patens (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted
  Physcomitrium pyriforme (Hedw.) Hampe -- accepted
  Pilotrichum antipyreticum (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- not accepted
  Plagiobryum zieri (Hedw.) Lindb. -- accepted
  Plagiomnium cuspidatum (Hedw.) T.J. Kop. -- accepted -- toothed plagiomnium moss
  Plagiomnium undulatum (Hedw.) T.J. Kop. -- accepted
  Plagiothecium denticulatum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted -- toothed plagiothecium moss
  Plagiothecium pulchellum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Plagiothecium undulatum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted -- undulate plagiothecium moss
  Platydictya subtile (Hedw.) H.A. Crum -- not accepted
  Platydictya subtilis (Hedw.) H.A. Crum -- accepted
  Platyhypnidium riparoides (Hedw.) Dixon -- not accepted
  Platyhypnum alpestre (Hedw.) Ochyra -- accepted
  Pleuridium alternifolium (Dicks. ex Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Pleuridium nitidum (Hedw.) Rabenh. -- not accepted
  Pleuridium subulatum (Hedw.) Rabenh. -- accepted
  Pogonatum alpinum (Hedw.) Röhl. -- not accepted
  Pogonatum pensilvanicum (Bartram ex Hedw.) P. Beauv. -- accepted -- Pennsylvania pogonatum moss
  Pogonatum urnigerum (Hedw.) P. Beauv. -- accepted
  Pohlia Hedw. -- accepted
  Pohlia annotina (Hedw.) Lindb. -- accepted
  Pohlia annotina var. annotina (Hedw.) Lindb. -- not accepted
  Pohlia cruda (Hedw.) Lindb. -- accepted
  Pohlia delicatula (Hedw.) Grout -- not accepted
  Pohlia elongata Hedw. -- accepted -- elongate pohlia moss
  Pohlia elongata var. elongata Hedw. -- not accepted -- elongate pohlia moss
  Pohlia longicolla (Hedw.) Lindb. -- accepted
  Pohlia nutans (Hedw.) Lindb. -- accepted
  Pohlia pulchella (Hedw.) Lindb. -- not accepted
  Pohlia zierii (Hedw.) Schwägr. -- not accepted
  Polytrichastrum alpinum (Hedw.) G.L. Sm. -- accepted -- alpine polytrichastrum moss
  Polytrichastrum alpinum var. alpinum (Hedw.) G.L. Sm. -- accepted -- alpine polytrichastrum moss
  Polytrichastrum formosum (Hedw.) G.L. Sm. -- accepted
  Polytrichastrum formosum var. formosum (Hedw.) G.L. Sm. -- accepted
  Polytrichium undulatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Polytrichum Hedw. -- accepted
  Polytrichum alpinum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Polytrichum commune Hedw. -- accepted
  Polytrichum commune var. commune Hedw. -- accepted
  Polytrichum formosum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Polytrichum hercynicum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Polytrichum juniperinum Hedw. -- accepted -- juniper polytrichum moss
  Polytrichum juniperinum var. juniperinum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Polytrichum norvegicum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Polytrichum norvegicum sensu Frye non Hedw. -- not accepted
  Polytrichum norwegicum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Polytrichum pensilvanicum Bartram ex Hedw. -- not accepted
  Polytrichum piliferum Hedw. -- accepted
  Polytrichum undulatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Polytrichum urnigerum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Pottia heimii (Hedw.) Hampe -- not accepted
  Pottia lanceolata (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- not accepted -- lance pottia moss
  Pottia starckeana (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- not accepted
  Pottia starkeana (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- not accepted -- Starke's pottia moss
  Pottia truncata (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- not accepted -- truncate pottia moss
  Pottia truncata var. truncata (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- not accepted
  Pseudanomodon attenuatus (Hedw.) Ignatov & Fedosov -- accepted
  Pseudephemerum nitidum (Hedw.) Loeske -- accepted
  Pseudoleskea incurvata (Hedw.) Loeske -- accepted
  Pseudoleskea incurvata var. incurvata (Hedw.) Loeske -- accepted
  Pseudoscleropodium purum (Hedw.) M. Fleisch. -- accepted
  Pterigynandrum Hedw. -- accepted
  Pterigynandrum filiforme Hedw. -- accepted
  Pterigynandrum gracile Hedw. -- not accepted
  Pterigynandrum hirtellum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Pterigynandrum intricatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Pterigynandrum julaceum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Pterigynandrum subcapillatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Pterigynandrum trichomitrion Hedw. -- not accepted
  Pterigynandrum trichomitrium Hedw. -- not accepted
  Pterogonium gracile (Hedw.) Sm. -- not accepted
  Pterogonium intricatum (Hedw.) Schwägr. -- not accepted
  Pterogonium polyanthos (Hedw.) Muhl. -- not accepted
  Pterygoneurum ovatum (Hedw.) Dixon -- accepted -- ovate pterygoneurum moss
  Ptilium crista-castrensis (Hedw.) De Not. -- accepted -- knights plume moss
  Ptychostomum cernuum (Hedw.) Hornsch. -- accepted
  Ptychostomum pseudotriquetrum (Hedw.) J.R. Spence & H.P. Ramsay ex Holyoak & N. Pedersen -- accepted
  Ptychostomum turbinatum (Hedw.) J.R. Spence -- accepted
  Pylaisia intricata (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Pylaisia polyantha (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Pylaisiella intricata (Hedw.) Grout -- not accepted -- intricate pylaisiella moss
  Pylaisiella polyantha (Hedw.) Grout -- not accepted
  Pyrrhobryum spiniforme (Hedw.) Mitt. -- accepted
  Racomitrium aciculare (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Racomitrium canescens (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Racomitrium canescens var. canescens (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Racomitrium fasciculare (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Racomitrium heterostichum (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Racomitrium heterostichum var. microcarpon (Hedw.) Boul. -- not accepted
  Racomitrium heterostichum var. microcarpum (Hedw.) Boulay -- not accepted
  Racomitrium lanuginosum (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Racomitrium microcarpon (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Racomitrium microcarpum (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Racomitrium patens (Dicks. ex Hedw.) Huebener -- not accepted
  Racopilum tomentosum (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Rhacomitrium aciculare (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Rhacomitrium canescens (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Rhacomitrium fasciculare (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Rhacomitrium heterostichum (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Rhacomitrium heterostichum var. heterostichum (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Rhacomitrium heterostichum var. microcarpon (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Rhacomitrium lanuginosis (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Rhizogonium spiniforme (Hedw.) Bruch -- not accepted
  Rhizomnium punctatum (Hedw.) T.J. Kop. -- accepted
  Rhodobryon roseum (Hedw.) Limpr. -- not accepted
  Rhodobryum roseum (Hedw.) Limpr. -- accepted -- rose rhodobryum moss
  Rhynchostegium hians (Hedw.) Delogne -- not accepted
  Rhynchostegium pulchellum (Hedw.) H. Rob. -- not accepted
  Rhynchostegium riparioides (Hedw.) Cardot -- accepted
  Rhynchostegium serrulatum (Hedw.) A. Jaeger -- accepted
  Rhytidiadelphus loreus (Hedw.) Warnst. -- accepted -- loreus goose neck moss
  Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus (Hedw.) Warnst. -- accepted -- square goose neck moss
  Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus (Hedw.) Warnst. -- accepted -- rough goose neck moss
  Rhytidium rugosum (Hedw.) Kindb. -- accepted
  Riccardia palmata (Hedw.) Carruth. -- accepted
  Roemeria palmata (Hedw.) Raddi -- not accepted
  Rosulabryum capillare (Hedw.) J.R. Spence -- accepted
  Saelania glaucescens (Hedw.) Broth. -- accepted
  Sanionia uncinata (Hedw.) Loeske -- accepted
  Sanionia uncinata var. uncinata (Hedw.) Loeske -- not accepted
  Sarcomitrium palmatum (Hedw.) Corda -- not accepted
  Schistidium alpicola (Hedw.) Limpr. -- not accepted
  Schistidium apocarpum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted
  Schistidium apocarpum var. pulvinatum (Hedw.) C.E.O. Jensen -- not accepted
  Schistidium pulvinatum (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted -- pulvinate schistidium moss
  Schistostega pennata (Hedw.) F. Weber & D. Mohr -- accepted
  Sciuro-hypnum plumosum (Hedw.) Ignatov & Huttunen -- accepted
  Sciuro-hypnum populeum (Hedw.) Ignatov & Huttunen -- accepted
  Scleropodium purum (Hedw.) Limpr. -- not accepted
  Scorpidium scorpioides (Hedw.) Limpr. -- accepted
  Seligeria calcarea (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted -- small limestone moss
  Seligeria pusilla (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted -- small limestone moss
  Seligeria recurvata (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted -- recurved small limestone moss
  Serpoleskea subtilis (Hedw.) Loeske -- not accepted
  Sphagnum capillifolium (Ehrh.) Hedw. -- accepted
  Sphagnum capillifolium var. capillifolium (Ehrh.) Hedw. -- not accepted
  Sphagnum cymbifolium (Ehrh.) Hedw. -- not accepted
  Splachnum Hedw. -- accepted -- splachnum dung moss
  Splachnum ampullaceum Hedw. -- accepted -- small capsule dung moss
  Splachnum angustatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Splachnum froelichianum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Splachnum luteum Hedw. -- accepted -- yellow moosedung moss
  Splachnum luteum var. luteum Hedw. -- not accepted -- yellow moosedung moss
  Splachnum mnioides Hedw. -- not accepted
  Splachnum ovatum Dicks. ex Hedw. -- not accepted
  Splachnum ovatum var. sphaericum (Hedw.) Dixon -- not accepted
  Splachnum rubrum Hedw. -- accepted -- brilliant red dung moss
  Splachnum serratum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Splachnum sphaericum Hedw. -- accepted -- pinkstink dung moss
  Splachnum urceolatum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Splachnum vasculosum Hedw. -- accepted -- splachnum dung moss
  Splachnum vasculosum var. vasculosum Hedw. -- not accepted -- splachnum dung moss
  Steerecleus serrulatus (Hedw.) H. Rob. -- not accepted
  Stellariomnium stellare (Hedw.) M.C. Bowers -- not accepted
  Stereodon cupressiformis (Hedw.) Brid. ex Mitt. -- not accepted
  Stereodon curvifolius (Hedw.) Brid. -- not accepted
  Stereodon imponens (Hedw.) Brid. ex Mitt. -- not accepted
  Stereodon intricatus (Hedw.) Lindb. & Arnell -- not accepted
  Stereodon molluscus (Hedw.) Mitt. -- not accepted
  Stereodon pallescens (Hedw.) Mitt. -- not accepted
  Stereodon polyanthos (Hedw.) Mitt. -- not accepted
  Stereodon undulatus (Hedw.) Mitt. -- not accepted
  Stokesiella praelonga (Hedw.) H. Rob. -- not accepted
  Streblotrichum convolutum (Hedw.) P. Beauv. -- accepted
  Syntrichia agraria (Hedw.) F. Weber & D. Mohr -- not accepted
  Syntrichia ruralis (Hedw.) F. Weber & D. Mohr -- accepted
  Tayloria froelichiana (Hedw.) Mitt. ex Broth. -- accepted -- Froelich's dung moss
  Tayloria serrata (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted -- serrate dung moss
  Tetraphis Hedw. -- accepted
  Tetraphis pellucida Hedw. -- accepted
  Tetraphis pellucida var. pellucida Hedw. -- accepted
  Tetraphis rigida R. Hedw. -- not accepted
  Tetraplodon angustatus (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted -- toothedleaf nitrogen moss
  Tetraplodon mnioides (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted -- entireleaf nitrogen moss
  Tetraplodon mnioides var. brewerianus (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- not accepted
  Tetraplodon mnioides var. urceolatus (Hedw.) Steere -- not accepted
  Tetraplodon urceolatus (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. -- accepted -- urceolate nitrogen moss
  Thelia hirtella (Hedw.) Sull. -- accepted
  Thuidium abietinum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Thuidium delicatulum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted -- delicate thuidium moss
  Thuidium delicatulum var. delicatulum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Thuidium involvens (Hedw.) Mitt. -- not accepted
  Thuidium microphyllum (Hedw.) A. Jaeger -- not accepted
  Thuidium minutulum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- not accepted
  Thuidium recognitum (Hedw.) Lindb. -- accepted
  Thuidium recognitum var. delicatulum (Hedw.) Warnst. -- not accepted
  Thuidium tamariscinum (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted -- tamarisk thuidium moss
  Timmia Hedw. -- not accepted
  Timmia Hedw. -- accepted
  Timmia austriaca Hedw. -- accepted -- Austria timmia moss
  Timmia megapolitana Hedw. -- accepted
  Timmia megapolitana ssp. megapolitana Hedw. -- accepted
  Timmia megapolitana var. megapolitana Hedw. -- not accepted
  Tomenthypnum nitens (Hedw.) Loeske -- not accepted
  Tomenthypnum nitens var. nitens (Hedw.) Loeske -- not accepted
  Tomentypnum nitens (Hedw.) Loeske -- accepted
  Tortella humilis (Hedw.) Jenn. -- accepted
  Tortella inclinata (R. Hedw.) Limpr. -- accepted
  Tortella inclinata var. inclinata (R. Hedw.) Limpr. -- accepted
  Tortella tortuosa (Hedw.) Limpr. -- accepted -- tortured tortella moss
  Tortella tortuosa var. tortuosa (Hedw.) Limpr. -- accepted
  Tortula Hedw. -- accepted
  Tortula acaulon var. pilifera (Hedw.) R.H. Zander -- not accepted
  Tortula agraria (Hedw.) P. Beauv. -- not accepted
  Tortula inclinata R. Hedw. -- not accepted
  Tortula lanceolata (Hedw.) P. Beauv. -- not accepted
  Tortula muralis Hedw. -- accepted
  Tortula ruralis (Hedw.) G. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb. -- not accepted
  Tortula subulata Hedw. -- accepted
  Tortula tortuosa Hedw. -- not accepted
  Tortula truncata (Hedw.) Mitt. -- accepted
  Trachypus nigrescens (Sw. ex Hedw.) Mitt. -- not accepted
  Trematodon ambiguus (Hedw.) Hornsch. -- accepted -- ambiguous trematodon moss
  Trichodon cylindricus (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Trichodon cylindricus var. cylindricus (Hedw.) Schimp. -- accepted
  Tricholepis nigrescens (Sw. ex Hedw.) Grout -- not accepted
  Trichomanes hymenoides Hedw. -- not accepted -- parchment bristle fern
  Trichomanes pinnatum Hedw. -- accepted -- tansy bristle fern
  Trichostomum aciculare (Hedw.) P. Beauv. -- not accepted
  Trichostomum canescens Hedw. -- not accepted
  Trichostomum canescens var. ericoides Hedw. -- not accepted
  Trichostomum cylindricum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Trichostomum fasciculare Hedw. -- not accepted
  Trichostomum glaucescens Hedw. -- not accepted
  Trichostomum heterostichum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Trichostomum lanuginosum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Trichostomum microcarpum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Trichostomum pallidum Hedw. -- not accepted
  Ulota crispa (Hedw.) Brid. -- accepted
  Warnstorfia fluitans (Hedw.) Loeske -- accepted
  Warnstorfia fluitans var. fluitans (Hedw.) Loeske -- not accepted
  Webera longicolla Hedw. -- not accepted
  Webera nutans Hedw. -- not accepted
  Webera pyriformis Hedw. -- not accepted
  Weissia Hedw. -- accepted
  Weissia acuta Hedw. -- not accepted
  Weissia calcarea Hedw. -- not accepted
  Weissia capillacea Hedw. ex Brid. -- not accepted
  Weissia cirrata Hedw. -- not accepted
  Weissia controversa Hedw. -- accepted -- controverial weissia moss
  Weissia crispula Hedw. -- not accepted
  Weissia heteromalla Hedw. -- not accepted
  Weissia microdonta Hedw. ex Brid. -- not accepted
  Weissia microstoma (Hedw.) Müll. Hal. -- not accepted
  Weissia nigrita Hedw. -- not accepted
  Weissia pusilla Hedw. -- not accepted
  Weissia recurvirostris Hedw. -- not accepted
  Weissia starckeana Hedw. -- not accepted
  Weissia striata (Hedw.) Schreb. ex G. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb. -- not accepted
  Weissia viridula Hedw. ex Brid. -- not accepted
  Zelometeorium patulum (Hedw.) Manuel -- accepted

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