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Taxon author: Juss.

ITIS records citing taxon author "Juss."
 Kingdom Plantae
  Abronia Juss. -- accepted -- sand verbena
  Acicarpha Juss. -- accepted
  Acicarpha tribuloides Juss. -- accepted -- madam gorgon
  Aerva javanica (Burm. f.) Juss. ex Schult. -- accepted -- Java aerva
  Aerva lanata (L.) Juss. ex Schult. -- accepted
  Aloysia Juss. -- accepted -- beebrush
  Andira Juss. -- accepted
  Anredera Juss. -- accepted -- Madeira-vine, madieravine
  Antirhea Comm. ex Juss. -- accepted -- quina
  Araucaria Juss. -- accepted -- araucaria
  Argythammia fasciculata (Vahl ex A. Juss.) Müll. Arg. -- not accepted
  Argythamnia fasciculata (Vahl ex A. Juss.) Müll. Arg. -- not accepted -- broom silverbush
  Asperella Juss. -- not accepted
  Aspicarpa humilis (Benth.) A. Juss. -- not accepted
  Azadirachta A. Juss. -- accepted
  Azadirachta indica A. Juss. -- accepted -- neem
  Banisteria wydleriana (A. Juss.) C.B. Rob. -- not accepted
  Blechnum brownei Juss. -- not accepted
  Blechum brownei Juss. -- not accepted
  Bougainvillea Comm. ex Juss. -- accepted
  Cactaceae Juss. -- accepted -- cacti, cactus
  Calibrachoa parviflora (Juss.) D'Arcy -- accepted -- seaside petunia, seaside-petunia
  Callaeum septentrionale (A. Juss.) D.M. Johnson -- accepted -- naranjillo
  Callicarpa purpurea Juss. -- not accepted
  Cantua Juss. ex Lam. -- accepted -- cantua
  Cayratia Juss. -- accepted
  Chenopodium retusum Juss. ex Moq. -- not accepted -- goosefoot
  Chiropetalum A. Juss. -- accepted
  Chiropetalum quinquecuspidatum (A. Juss.) Pax & K. Hoffm. -- accepted
  Chiropetalum tricuspidatum (Lam.) A. Juss. -- accepted
  Chrozophora A. Juss. -- accepted
  Chrozophora oblongifolia (Delile) A. Juss. ex Spreng. -- accepted
  Chrozophora plicata (Vahl) A. Juss. ex Spreng. -- accepted
  Chrozophora senegalensis A. Juss. -- not accepted
  Chrozophora tinctoria (L.) A. Juss. ex Spreng. -- accepted -- giradol
  Claoxylon A. Juss. -- accepted
  Clitoria rubiginosa Juss. ex Pers. -- not accepted
  Cnidium Cusson ex Juss. -- accepted -- snowparsley
  Codiaeum A. Juss. -- accepted
  Codiaeum variegatum (L.) Rumph. ex A. Juss. -- accepted -- garden croton
  Colletia Juss. -- accepted
  Croton quinquecuspidatus A. Juss. -- not accepted
  Cuscuta compacta Juss. ex Choisy -- accepted -- compact dodder
  Cuscuta compacta var. compacta Juss. ex Choisy -- accepted -- compact dodder
  Datura inermis Juss. ex Jacq. -- not accepted -- smooth thorn-apple
  Dicliptera Juss. -- accepted -- foldwing
  Dicliptera assurgens (L.) Juss. -- not accepted
  Dicliptera chinensis (L.) Juss. -- accepted -- Chinese foldwing
  Dicliptera martinicensis (Jacq.) Juss. -- accepted -- Martinique foldwing
  Dicliptera resupinata (Vahl) Juss. -- accepted -- Arizona foldwing
  Dicliptera sexangularis (L.) Juss. -- accepted -- sixangle foldwing
  Ditaxis Vahl ex A. Juss. -- accepted -- silverbush
  Ditaxis fasciculata Vahl ex A. Juss. -- accepted -- broom silverbush
  Elephantopus spicatus Juss. ex Aubl. -- not accepted
  Eryngium nasturtiifolium Juss. ex Delar. f. -- accepted -- hierba del sapo, hierba-del-sapo
  Euphorbia laurifolia Juss. ex Lam. -- accepted -- Lechero, Nonocta, noñocta
  Euphorbiodendron laurifolium (Juss. ex Lam.) Millsp. -- not accepted
  Exothea paniculata (Juss.) Radlk. -- accepted -- butterbough, inkwood
  Flaveria Juss. -- accepted -- yellowtops
  Galvezia Dombey ex Juss. -- accepted
  Gayophytum A. Juss. -- accepted -- groundsmoke
  Gayophytum humile Juss. -- accepted -- dwarf groundsmoke, low groundsmoke
  Gelsemium Juss. -- accepted -- trumpetflower
  Glandularia chamaedryfolia Juss. -- not accepted
  Grewia flavescens Juss. -- accepted
  Gymnostyles Juss. -- not accepted -- burrweed, gymnostyles
  Gymnostyles anthemidifolia Juss. -- not accepted
  Gymnostyles anthemifolia Juss. -- not accepted -- button burrweed
  Gymnostyles nasturtiifolia auct. non Juss. -- not accepted
  Hebe Comm. ex Juss. -- accepted
  Heteropteris laurifolia (L.) A. Juss. -- not accepted -- dragon withe
  Heteropteris wydlerana A. Juss. -- not accepted
  Heteropteris wydleriana A. Juss. -- not accepted -- ahorca caballo
  Heteropterys laurifolia (L.) A. Juss. -- accepted -- dragon withe
  Heteropterys wydleriana A. Juss. -- accepted -- ahorca caballo
  Hevea brasiliensis (Willd. ex A. Juss.) Müll. Arg. -- accepted -- rubber tree
  Homalanthus A. Juss. -- accepted
  Hymenoxys anthemoides (Juss.) Cass. -- accepted -- South American rubberweed
  Icacina A. Juss. -- accepted
  Icacina senegalensis A. Juss. -- not accepted -- false yam
  Incarvillea Juss. -- accepted
  Jaborosa Juss. -- accepted
  Jacaranda Juss. -- accepted -- jacaranda
  Janusia A. Juss. -- accepted
  Khaya A. Juss. -- accepted -- African mahogany
  Khaya senegalensis (Desr.) A. Juss. -- accepted -- Senegal mahogany
  Lagetta Juss. -- accepted
  Lobelia rotundifolia Juss. ex A. DC. -- accepted -- roundleaf lobelia
  Luziola Juss. -- accepted -- luziola, watergrass
  Luziola peruviana Juss. ex J.F. Gmel. -- accepted -- Peruvian watergrass
  Martiusia rubiginosa (Juss. ex Pers.) Britton -- not accepted
  Melicocca paniculata Juss. -- not accepted
  Menziesia pilosa (Michx.) Juss. -- accepted -- minniebush
  Micagrostis Juss. -- not accepted
  Microstachys A. Juss. -- accepted
  Nelumbium Juss. -- not accepted
  Ochrosia Juss. -- accepted -- yellowwood
  Omalanthus A. Juss. -- not accepted
  Pariti tiliaceum (L.) A. Juss. ex Britton & Millsp. -- not accepted
  Passiflora bilobata Juss. -- accepted -- twolobe passionflower
  Passiflora ligularis Juss. -- accepted -- sweet granadilla, yellow passionfruit
  Passiflora manicata (Juss.) Pers. -- accepted -- red passionflower
  Passiflora mexicana Juss. -- accepted -- Mexican passionflower
  Passiflora sexflora Juss. -- accepted -- goatsfoot
  Passiflora tripartita (Juss.) Poir. -- accepted -- banana poka
  Pediomelum pentaphyllum var. pentaphyllum (B. Juss.) J.W. Grimes -- not accepted
  Petunia Juss. -- accepted -- petunia
  Petunia parviflora Juss. -- not accepted
  Petunia violacea auct. non Juss. -- not accepted
  Phacelia Juss. -- accepted -- phacélies, scorpion-weed
  Phyla scaberrima (Juss.) Moldenke -- not accepted -- rough fogfruit, rough frogfruit
  Pilea inaequalis (Juss. ex Poir.) Wedd. -- accepted -- West Indian clearweed
  Pilea semidentata (Juss. ex Poir.) Wedd. -- accepted -- cliffside clearweed
  Pogonia Juss. -- accepted
  Procris Juss. -- accepted
  Pseudelephantopus spicatus (Juss. ex Aubl.) C.F. Baker -- accepted -- dog's-tongue
  Pseudo-elephantopus spicatus (Juss. ex Aubl.) Gleason -- not accepted
  Rhagadiolus Juss. -- accepted -- rhagadiolus
  Salvia coccinea Juss. ex Murray -- not accepted -- blood sage
  Securinega Comm. ex Juss. -- accepted
  Serissa Comm. ex Juss. -- accepted -- snowrose
  Siphonia brasiliensis Willd. ex A. Juss. -- not accepted
  Soliva anthemifolia (Juss.) R. Br. ex Less. -- accepted -- button burrweed, Mutis' burrweed
  Soliva nasturtiifolia auct. non (Juss.) DC. -- not accepted
  Soliva pterosperma (Juss.) Less. -- not accepted -- field burrweed
  Stigmaphyllon A. Juss. -- accepted -- Amazonvine
  Stigmaphyllon diversifolium (Kunth) A. Juss. -- accepted -- heartleaf Amazonvine
  Stigmaphyllon emarginatum (Cav.) A. Juss. -- accepted -- monarch Amazonvine
  Stigmaphyllon periplocifolium (Desf. ex DC.) A. Juss. -- not accepted
  Stigmaphyllon puberum (Rich.) A. Juss. -- accepted -- South American Amazonvine
  Talauma Juss. -- accepted
  Talinum fruticosum (L.) Juss. -- accepted -- Verdolaga-Francesa
  Tecoma Juss. -- accepted -- trumpetbush
  Tecoma radicans (L.) Juss. -- not accepted
  Tecoma stans (L.) Juss. ex Kunth -- accepted -- trumpetbush, trumpetflower, yellow elder, yellow trumpet-flower, yellow trumpetbush
  Thespesia tiliaceum (L.) A. Juss. -- not accepted
  Thevetia neriifolia Juss. ex Steud. -- not accepted -- lucky nut
  Tigridia Juss. -- accepted -- peacock flower
  Tithonia Desf. ex Juss. -- accepted -- tithonia
  Vangueria Comm. ex Juss. -- accepted
  Viola pedata var. ranunculifolia (Juss. ex Poir.) Ging. ex DC. -- accepted -- birdfoot violet
  Vitex parviflora Juss. -- accepted -- smallflower chastetree

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