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Taxon author: Kiaersk.

ITIS records citing taxon author "Kiaersk."
 Kingdom Plantae
  Amomis grisea (Kiaersk.) Britton -- not accepted
  Calyptranthes krugii Kiaersk. -- accepted -- limoncillo
  Calyptranthes sintenisii Kiaersk. -- accepted -- limoncillo de monte
  Calyptropsidium sintenisii Kiaersk. -- not accepted
  Eugenia aggregata (Vell.) Kiaersk. -- not accepted -- aggregate eugenia
  Eugenia bahamensis Kiaersk. -- not accepted
  Eugenia cordata var. sintenisii (Kiaersk.) Krug & Urb. -- accepted -- lathberry
  Eugenia eggersii Kiaersk. -- accepted -- guasabara
  Eugenia sintenisii Kiaersk. -- not accepted
  Eugenia stahlii (Kiaersk.) Krug & Urb. -- accepted -- Stahl's stopper
  Marlierea sintenisii Kiaersk. -- accepted -- beruquillo, murta
  Mosiera bahamensis (Kiaersk.) Small -- not accepted
  Myrtus bahamensis (Kiaersk.) Urb. -- not accepted
  Pimenta racemosa var. grisea (Kiaersk.) Fosberg -- accepted -- bayrumtree
  Plinia sintenisii (Kiaersk.) Britton -- not accepted
  Psidium sintenisii (Kiaersk.) Alain -- accepted -- hoja menuda, Sintenis' guava

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