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Taxon author: Sheikh

ITIS records citing taxon author "Sheikh"
 Kingdom Animalia
  Anhomoeus haripurensis Ahmad and Sheikh, 1983 -- valid
  Anhomoeus schaeferi Ahmad and Sheikh, 1983 -- valid
  Dolichurus venkataramani Girish Kumar and Sheikh, 2018 -- valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Eryngium aristulatum var. hooveri Sheikh -- accepted -- Hoover's button-celery, Hoover's eryngo
  Eryngium constancei Sheikh -- accepted -- Loch Lomond coyote-thistle, Loch Lomond eryngo
  Eryngium mathiasiae Sheikh -- accepted -- Mathias' coyote-thistle, Mathias' eryngo
  Riccia chitaleyae M.T. Sheikh & Kapgate -- accepted

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