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Taxon author: Sutherland

ITIS records citing taxon author "Sutherland"
 Kingdom Fungi
  Alternaria maritima Sutherland -- accepted
  Cercospora salina Sutherland, 1916 -- not accepted
  Dendryphiella salina (Sutherland) Pugh and Nicot -- accepted
  Didymella fucicola (Sutherland) Kohlm. -- accepted
  Didymosphaeria fucicola Sutherland -- not accepted
  Didymosphaeria pelvetiana Sutherland -- not accepted
  Diplodina laminariana Sutherland, 1916 -- accepted
  Dothidella pelvetiae Sutherland -- not accepted
  Epicoccum maritimum Sutherland, 1916 -- accepted
  Fusidium maritimum Sutherland, 1916 -- accepted
  Leiophloea pelvetiae (Sutherland) Kohlm. and Kolhm. -- accepted
  Lulworthia fucicola Sutherland -- accepted
  Macrosporium laminarianum Sutherland, 1916 -- not accepted
  Mycosphaerella pelvetiae Sutherland -- not accepted
  Placostroma pelvetiae (Sutherland) Meyers -- not accepted
  Pleospora pelvetiae Sutherland -- accepted
  Sphaerella pelvetiae (Sutherland) Sacc. and Trotter -- not accepted
  Sporotrichum maritimum Sutherland, 1916 -- accepted
  Trailia Sutherland, 1915 -- accepted
  Trailia ascophylli Sutherland -- accepted

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