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Taxon author: Vahl

ITIS records citing taxon author "Vahl"
 Kingdom Animalia
  Cacomantis passerinus (Vahl, 1797) -- valid -- Grey-bellied Cuckoo
  Caecula Vahl, 1794 -- valid
  Caecula pterygera Vahl, 1794 -- valid
  Chiridota pellacida (Vahl, 1806) -- invalid
  Chiridota pellucida (Vahl, 1806) -- invalid
  Cuculus varius Vahl, 1797 -- valid
  Cuculus varius varius Vahl, 1797 -- valid
  Cynopterus sphinx (Vahl, 1797) -- valid -- greater short-nosed fruit bat, Greater Short-nosed Fruit Bat
  Cynopterus sphinx sphinx (Vahl, 1797) -- valid
  Haliclona urceola (Rathke and Vahl, 1806) -- valid
  Halieutaea stellata (Vahl, 1797) -- valid -- stellate seabat
  Holothuria pellucida Vahl, 1806 -- invalid
  Issena lacera (Rathke and Vahl, 1806) -- invalid
  Lophiomus setigerus (Vahl, 1797) -- valid -- baudroie bouche noire, blackmouth angler, blackmouth goosefish, rape boca negra
  Noctilio leporinus mastivus (Vahl, 1797) -- valid
  Proceratophrys belzebul Dias, Amaro, Carvahlo-e-Silva and Rodrigues, 2013 -- valid
  Proceratophrys izecksohni Dias, Amaro, Carvahlo-e-Silva and Rodrigues, 2013 -- valid
  Vespertilio mastivus Vahl, 1797 -- invalid
  Vespertilio sphinx Vahl, 1797 -- invalid
 Kingdom Fungi
  Caloplaca jungermanniae (Vahl) Th. Fr. -- accepted
  Pannaria leucophaea (Vahl) P.M. Jřrg. -- accepted
  Psoroma hypnorum (Vahl) Gray -- accepted
 Kingdom Plantae
  Abildgaardia Vahl -- accepted -- sedge
  Abildgaardia monostachya (L.) Vahl -- not accepted
  Acacia mellifera (Vahl) Benth. -- accepted
  Acaena sanguisorbae auct. non (L. f.) Vahl -- not accepted
  Acanthophora spicifera (Vahl) Borgesen -- accepted
  Acanthus ebracteatus Vahl -- accepted -- acanthus
  Agalinis tenuifolia (Vahl) Raf. -- accepted -- slender-leaf false foxglove, slenderleaf false foxglove
  Agalinis tenuifolia var. tenuifolia (Vahl) Raf. -- not accepted -- slenderleaf false foxglove
  Alopecurus alpinus f. antarctica (Vahl) Hack. -- not accepted
  Alopecurus alpinus var. antarcticus (Vahl) Macloskie & Dusén -- not accepted
  Alopecurus antarcticus Vahl -- not accepted
  Alysicarpus glumaceus (Vahl) DC. -- accepted
  Ampelodesmos tenax (Vahl) Link -- not accepted
  Amphilophium lactiflorum (Vahl) L.G. Lohmann -- accepted
  Aneilema serrulatum (Vahl) G. Don -- not accepted
  Anisacanthus quadrifidus (Vahl) Nees -- accepted -- Wright's desert honeysuckle
  Anisacanthus quadrifidus (Vahl) Nees -- not accepted
  Antennaria alpina var. glabrata J. Vahl -- not accepted
  Antennaria glabrata (J. Vahl) Greene -- not accepted
  Anthoxanthum redolens (Vahl) P. Royen -- accepted
  Anthoxanthum redolens var. redolens (Vahl) P. Royen -- accepted
  Antirhea coriacea (Vahl) Urb. -- not accepted -- pegwood
  Ardisia humilis Vahl -- accepted -- low shoebutton
  Arenaria caespitosa J. Vahl -- not accepted
  Argythammia fasciculata (Vahl ex A. Juss.) Müll. Arg. -- not accepted
  Argythamnia fasciculata (Vahl ex A. Juss.) Müll. Arg. -- not accepted -- broom silverbush
  Aristolochia ringens Vahl -- accepted -- gaping dutchman's pipe
  Armeria juniperifolia (Vahl) Hoffmanns. & Link -- not accepted
  Arnica alpina ssp. angustifolia (Vahl) Maguire -- not accepted
  Arnica alpina var. angustifolia (Vahl) Fernald -- not accepted
  Arnica angustifolia Vahl -- accepted -- narrowleaf arnica
  Arnica angustifolia ssp. angustifolia Vahl -- accepted -- narrowleaf arnica
  Arundo tenax Vahl -- not accepted
  Avena redolens (Vahl) Pers. -- not accepted
  Ayapana triplinervis (Vahl) King & H. Rob. -- accepted -- yapana
  Baccharis dioica Vahl -- accepted -- broombush false willow
  Baeothryon pumilum (Vahl) Á. Löve & D. Löve -- not accepted
  Barleria opaca (Vahl) Nees -- accepted -- kwahu
  Bignonia serratifolia Vahl -- not accepted
  Bostrychia tenella (Vahl) J. Agardh -- accepted
  Brassica integrifolia (Vahl) O.E. Schulz -- not accepted
  Brickellia diffusa (Vahl) A. Gray -- accepted
  Bromus catharticus Vahl -- accepted -- rescue brome, rescue grass, rescuegras, rescuegrass
  Bromus catharticus var. catharticus Vahl -- accepted
  Buchenavia capitata (Vahl) Eichler -- not accepted
  Bucida capitata Vahl -- not accepted
  Bulbostylis juncoides (Vahl) Kük. -- accepted -- rush hairsedge
  Calycophyllum candidissimum (Vahl) DC. -- accepted -- degame
  Cardamine bellidifolia var. sinuata (J. Vahl) Lange -- not accepted
  Carissa edulis (Forssk.) Vahl -- accepted -- Egyptian carissa
  Carmona retusa (Vahl) Masam. -- accepted -- scorpionbush
  Cassia angustifolia Vahl -- not accepted
  Catha edulis (Vahl) Forssk. ex Endl. -- accepted -- khat
  Caulerpa taxifolia (Vahl) C. Ag. -- accepted
  Celastrus edulis Vahl -- not accepted
  Celosia nitida Vahl -- accepted -- West Indian cock's comb
  Cenchrus setiger Vahl -- accepted -- cow sandbur
  Cenchrus setigerus Vahl -- not accepted -- cow sandbur
  Ceratochloa cathartica (Vahl) Henrard -- not accepted
  Ceratochloa cathartica (Vahl) Herter -- not accepted
  Chrozophora plicata (Vahl) A. Juss. ex Spreng. -- accepted
  Cinchona pubescens Vahl -- accepted -- quinine, quinine tree
  Cissus obovata Vahl -- accepted -- spoonleaf treebine
  Cissus rhombifolia Vahl -- accepted -- grape ivy
  Cissus rotundifolia (Forssk.) Vahl -- accepted -- Venezuelan treebine
  Clerodendrum squamatum Vahl -- not accepted
  Commelina forskaolii Vahl -- accepted -- rat's ear
  Commelina serrulata Vahl -- not accepted
  Convolvulus incanus auct. non Vahl -- not accepted
  Cordia nitida Vahl ex West -- not accepted
  Crotalaria falcata Vahl ex DC. -- accepted
  Croton avenius Vahl ex Geiseler -- not accepted
  Croton betulinus Vahl -- accepted -- beechleaf croton
  Croton callicarpifolius Vahl -- not accepted
  Croton coccineus Vahl -- not accepted
  Croton domingensis Vahl ex Geiseler -- not accepted
  Croton elaeagnifolius Vahl -- not accepted
  Croton glandulifer Vahl ex Geiseler -- not accepted
  Croton gossypiifolius Vahl -- accepted
  Croton laevigatus Vahl -- accepted
  Croton maculatus Vahl -- accepted
  Croton mollissimus Vahl ex Geiseler -- not accepted
  Croton muricatus Vahl -- accepted
  Croton obliquus Vahl -- not accepted
  Croton ovalifolius Vahl -- accepted -- yerba
  Croton plicatus Vahl -- not accepted
  Croton prunifolius Vahl -- not accepted
  Croton sidifolius var. domingensis (Vahl) Müll. Arg. -- not accepted
  Croton squamulosus Vahl -- not accepted
  Cynoglossum zeylanicum (Vahl) Thunb. ex Lehm. -- accepted -- Ceylon hound's tongue, Indian hound's tongue
  Cynosurus paspaloides Vahl -- not accepted
  Cynosurus retroflexus Vahl -- not accepted
  Cyperus amabilis Vahl -- accepted -- foothill flatsedge
  Cyperus congestus Vahl -- accepted -- clustered flatsedge
  Cyperus croceus Vahl -- accepted -- Baldwin's flatsedge
  Cyperus diffusus Vahl -- accepted -- diffused flatsedge
  Cyperus filicinus Vahl -- accepted -- fern flatsedge
  Cyperus filiculmis auct. non Vahl -- not accepted
  Cyperus filiculmis Vahl -- accepted
  Cyperus flavus (Vahl) Nees, non J. Presl & C. Presl -- not accepted
  Cyperus flexuosus Vahl -- accepted -- Vahl's flatsedge
  Cyperus giganteus Vahl -- accepted -- giant flatsedge
  Cyperus hyalinus Vahl -- accepted -- Queensland sedge
  Cyperus ochraceus Vahl -- accepted -- pond flatsedge
  Cyperus pilosus Vahl -- accepted -- fuzzy flatsedge
  Cyperus polystachyos var. filicinus (Vahl) C.B. Clarke -- not accepted -- manyspike flatsedge
  Cyperus radiatus Vahl -- not accepted
  Cyperus reflexus Vahl -- accepted -- bentawn flatsedge
  Cyperus sanguindentus Vahl -- not accepted
  Cyperus sanguinolentus Vahl -- accepted -- purpleglume flatsedge
  Cyperus speciosus Vahl -- not accepted
  Dacryodes Vahl -- accepted
  Dacryodes excelsa Vahl -- accepted -- candletree
  Desmodium molle (Vahl) DC. -- not accepted
  Dianthera secunda (Vahl) Griesb. -- not accepted
  Diapedium resupinatum (Vahl) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Dichromena ciliata Vahl -- not accepted
  Dicliptera resupinata (Vahl) Juss. -- accepted -- Arizona foldwing
  Dinebra retroflexa (Vahl) Panz. -- accepted -- viper grass
  Dinebra retroflexa var. retroflexa (Vahl) Panz. -- accepted
  Distictis lactiflora (Vahl) DC. -- accepted -- liana fragante
  Ditaxis Vahl ex A. Juss. -- accepted -- silverbush
  Ditaxis fasciculata Vahl ex A. Juss. -- accepted -- broom silverbush
  Draba arctica J. Vahl -- accepted -- arctic whitlowgrass
  Draba arctica ssp. arctica J. Vahl -- not accepted -- arctic whitlowgrass
  Draba aurea Vahl ex Hornem. -- accepted -- drave dorée, golden draba, golden whitlowgrass
  Dracopis amplexicaulis (Vahl) Cass. -- not accepted -- clasping coneflower, clasping-coneflower
  Dryas integrifolia Vahl -- accepted -- entireleaf mountain-avens
  Dryas integrifolia ssp. integrifolia Vahl -- accepted -- entireleaf mountain-avens
  Dryas octopetala var. integrifolia (Vahl) Hook. f. -- not accepted
  Dryopteris opposita (Vahl) Urb. -- not accepted
  Drypetes Vahl -- accepted
  Drypetes glauca Vahl -- accepted -- varital
  Echites tomentosa Vahl -- not accepted
  Echites tomentosus Vahl -- not accepted
  Eichhornia diversifolia (Vahl) Urb. -- accepted -- variableleaf water hyacinth
  Eleocharis interstincta (Vahl) Roem. & Schult. -- accepted -- knotted spikerush
  Elymus arenarius var. giganteus (Vahl) Schmalh. -- not accepted
  Elymus giganteus Vahl -- not accepted
  Elymus giganteus var. giganteus Vahl -- not accepted
  Elytraria imbricata (Vahl) Pers. -- accepted -- purple scalystem
  Elytraria tridentata Vahl -- not accepted
  Empetrum rubrum Vahl ex Willd. -- accepted
  Encyclia papilionacea (Vahl) Schltr. -- not accepted
  Eranthemum nervosum (Vahl) R. Br. ex Roem. & Schult. -- not accepted
  Erigeron eriocephalus J. Vahl -- not accepted
  Erigeron spathulatus Vahl -- not accepted
  Erigeron uniflorus ssp. eriocephalus (J. Vahl) Cronquist -- not accepted -- oneflower fleabane
  Erigeron uniflorus var. eriocephalus (J. Vahl) B. Boivin -- accepted -- oneflower fleabane
  Eugenia sessiliflora Vahl -- accepted -- sessileleaf stopper
  Eupatorium triplinerve Vahl -- not accepted -- yapana
  Euphorbia cuneata Vahl -- accepted
  Euphorbia cuneata ssp. cuneata Vahl -- accepted
  Euphorbia imbricata Vahl -- not accepted
  Euphorbia laevigata Vahl -- not accepted
  Euphorbia linifolia Vahl -- not accepted
  Euphorbia pubescens Vahl -- not accepted
  Euploca ternata (Vahl) J.I.M. Melo & Semir -- accepted -- bushy heliotrope
  Eustachys paspaloides (Vahl) Lanza & Mattei -- accepted
  Eustachys paspaloides ssp. paspaloides (Vahl) Lanza & Mattei -- accepted
  Ficus laevigata Vahl -- not accepted
  Ficus lutea Vahl -- accepted -- Lagos rubbertree
  Ficus microcarpa Vahl -- not accepted
  Fimbristylis Vahl -- accepted -- fimbry
  Fimbristylis aestivalis (Retz.) Vahl -- accepted -- summer fimbry
  Fimbristylis castanea (Michx.) Vahl -- not accepted -- marsh fimbry, saltmarsh fimbristylis
  Fimbristylis dichotoma (L.) Vahl -- accepted -- forked fimbry
  Fimbristylis dichotoma ssp. dichotoma (L.) Vahl -- accepted
  Fimbristylis diphylla (Retz.) Vahl -- not accepted
  Fimbristylis ferruginea (L.) Vahl -- accepted -- West Indian fimbry
  Fimbristylis juncoides (Vahl) Alain -- not accepted
  Fimbristylis laxa Vahl -- not accepted
  Fimbristylis miliacea (L.) Vahl -- not accepted -- grass-like fimbry, grasslike fimbry
  Fimbristylis pilosa Vahl -- accepted
  Fimbristylis puberula (Michx.) Vahl -- accepted -- hairy fimbry
  Fimbristylis puberula var. puberula (Michx.) Vahl -- accepted -- hairy fimbry
  Fimbristylis quinquangularis (Vahl) Kunth -- accepted -- fiveangle fimbry
  Fimbristylis schoenoides (Retz.) Vahl -- accepted -- ditch fimbry
  Fimbristylis spadicea auct. non (L.) Vahl -- not accepted
  Fimbristylis spadicea (L.) Vahl -- accepted
  Fimbristylis squarrosa Vahl -- accepted
  Fimbristylis tomentosa Vahl -- not accepted -- woolly fimbry
  Fimbristylis umbellaris (Lam.) Vahl -- accepted
  Forsythia Vahl -- accepted
  Forsythia suspensa (Thunb.) Vahl -- accepted -- weeping forsythia
  Fraxinus pennsylvanica var. integerrima (Vahl) Fernald -- not accepted
  Fraxinus pennsylvanica var. subintegerrima (Vahl) Fernald -- not accepted
  Fuirena simplex Vahl -- accepted -- western umbrella-sedge, western umbrellasedge
  Fuirena simplex var. simplex Vahl -- accepted -- western umbrella-sedge, western umbrellasedge
  Galarhoeus imbricatus (Vahl) Haw. -- not accepted
  Galarhoeus pubescens (Vahl) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Garcia Vahl ex Rohr -- accepted
  Garcia nutans Vahl ex Rohr -- accepted -- false tungoiltree
  Garcinia humilis (Vahl) C.D. Adams -- accepted
  Gastrolychnis affinis (J. Vahl ex Fr.) Tolm. & Kozhanch. -- not accepted
  Gerardia tenuifolia Vahl -- not accepted
  Ginoria rohrii (Vahl) Koehne -- accepted -- bastard gregre
  Guarea glabra Vahl -- accepted -- alligatorwood
  Guettarda parviflora Vahl -- not accepted
  Handroanthus serratifolius (Vahl) S.O. Grose -- accepted -- yellow poui
  Hedysarum molle Vahl -- not accepted
  Heliotropium amplexicaule Vahl -- accepted -- clasping heliotrope
  Heliotropium ternatum Vahl -- not accepted -- bushy heliotrope
  Heliotropium undulatum Vahl -- not accepted
  Hemicarpha micrantha (Vahl) Pax -- not accepted
  Henckelia incana (Vahl) Spreng. -- accepted
  Henriettea triflora auct. non (Vahl) Alain -- not accepted
  Henriettea triflora (Vahl) Alain -- accepted -- Bois cendre
  Henriettella triflora auct. non (Vahl) Triana -- not accepted
  Henriettella triflora (Vahl) Triana -- not accepted
  Heteranthera graminea (Michx.) Vahl -- not accepted
  Hibiscus ovalifolius (Forssk.) Vahl -- accepted
  Hierochloe antarctica var. redolens (Vahl) Brongn. -- not accepted
  Hierochloe redolens (Vahl) Roem. & Schult. -- not accepted
  Hierochloe redolens var. redolens (Vahl) Roem. & Schult. -- not accepted
  Holcus redolens Vahl -- not accepted
  Hornemannia Vahl -- not accepted
  Hornemannia racemosa Vahl -- not accepted
  Hybanthus linearifolius (Vahl) Urb. -- accepted -- chancleta
  Hygrophila salicifolia (Vahl) Nees -- not accepted
  Ilex nitida (Vahl) Maxim. -- accepted -- Puerto Rico holly
  Ilex nitida var. nitida (Vahl) Maxim. -- accepted -- Puerto Rico holly
  Indigofera subulata Vahl ex Poir. -- not accepted
  Indigofera trita ssp. subulata (Vahl ex Poir.) Ali -- accepted -- Asian indigo
  Ionidium linearifolium (Vahl) Ging. -- not accepted
  Ipomoea acuminata (Vahl) Roem. & Schult. -- not accepted
  Ipomoea hispida (Vahl) Roem. & Schult. -- not accepted
  Ipomoea imperati (Vahl) Griseb. -- accepted -- beach morning-glory, beach morningglory
  Ipomoea indica var. acuminata (Vahl) Fosberg -- not accepted
  Ipomoea rubra (Vahl) Millsp. -- not accepted
  Ipomoea triquetra (Vahl) Roem. & Schult. -- not accepted
  Isolepis cernua (Vahl) Roem. & Schult. -- accepted -- low bulrush
  Ixora parviflora Vahl -- not accepted
  Jacquemontia ovalifolia ssp. ovalifolia (Vahl ex West) Hallier f. -- accepted -- ovalleaf clustervine
  Jacquinia arborea Vahl -- accepted -- braceletwood
  Jaquinia aborea Vahl -- not accepted
  Jasminum dichotomum Vahl -- accepted -- Gold Coast jasmine
  Jatropha spinosa Vahl -- accepted
  Justicia americana (L.) Vahl -- accepted -- American water-willow, carmantine d'Amérique, common water-willow, spike justica
  Justicia imbricata Vahl -- not accepted
  Justicia quadrifida Vahl -- not accepted
  Justicia quadrifidus Vahl -- not accepted
  Justicia resupinata Vahl -- not accepted
  Justicia secunda Vahl -- accepted
  Justicia sphaerosperma Vahl. -- accepted -- tropical waterwillow
  Krugiodendron ferreum (Vahl) Urb. -- accepted -- leadwood
  Kyllinga odorata Vahl -- accepted -- fragrant spikesedge
  Kyllinga squamulata Thonn. ex Vahl -- accepted -- Asian spikesedge
  Laugeria resinosa Vahl -- not accepted
  Lepidagathis alopecuroidea (Vahl) R. Br. ex Griseb. -- accepted -- pata de gallina
  Lepidagathis alopecuroides (Vahl) R. Br. ex Griseb. -- not accepted
  Leymus giganteus (Vahl) Pilg. -- not accepted
  Limnophila sessiliflora (Vahl) Blume -- accepted -- ambulia, Asian marshweed
  Lipocarpha micrantha (Vahl) G.C. Tucker -- accepted -- dwarf bulrush, lipocarphe ŕ petites fleurs, small-flower halfchaff sedge, smallflower halfchaff sedge, smallflower hemicarpha
  Lychnis affinis J. Vahl ex Fr. -- not accepted
  Lyciopsis cuneata (Vahl) Schweinf. -- not accepted
  Machaerina Vahl -- accepted -- twigrush
  Machaerina restioides (Sw.) Vahl -- accepted -- forest twigrush
  Macrocnemum candidissimum Vahl -- not accepted
  Macroscepis hirsuta (Vahl) Schltr. -- not accepted -- rattan
  Mariscus capillaris (Sw.) Vahl -- not accepted
  Mariscus congestus (Vahl) C.B. Clarke -- not accepted
  Mariscus cyperinus (Retz.) Vahl -- not accepted
  Mariscus filiculmis auct. non (Vahl) T. Koyama -- not accepted
  Mariscus flavus Vahl -- not accepted
  Mariscus gracilis Vahl -- not accepted
  Marsypianthes chamaedrys (Vahl) Kuntze -- accepted -- ortela
  Matelea denticulata (Vahl) Fontella & E.A. Schwarz -- accepted
  Matelea hirsuta (Vahl) Woodson -- accepted
  Maytenus laevigata (Vahl) Griseb. ex Eggers -- accepted -- white cinnamon
  Meibomia mollis (Vahl) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Melandrium affine (J. Vahl ex Fr.) J. Vahl -- not accepted
  Melandrium triflorum (R. Br. ex Sommerf.) J. Vahl -- not accepted
  Melastoma triflorum Vahl -- not accepted
  Miconia virescens (Vahl) Triana -- not accepted
  Micropiper humile (Vahl) Small -- not accepted
  Microstachys corniculata (Vahl) Griseb. -- accepted -- hato tejas
  Murdannia simplex (Vahl) Brenan -- accepted
  Neolaugeria resinosa (Vahl) Nicolson -- not accepted -- aquilon
  Nephrolepis rivularis (Vahl) Mett. ex Krug -- accepted -- streamside swordfern
  Nomaphila stricta (Vahl) Nees -- accepted -- stiff beargrass
  Oligomeris linifolia (Vahl) J.F. Macbr. -- accepted -- linearleaf combess, lineleaf whitepuff
  Operculina triquetra (Vahl) Hallier f. -- not accepted
  Oryzopsis bicolor (Vahl) Speg. -- not accepted
  Paneion glaucum (Vahl) Lunell -- not accepted
  Pappophorum alopecuroideum Vahl -- not accepted
  Pappophorum pappiferum var. alopecurodes (Vahl) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Pedicularis oederi Vahl ex Hornem. -- accepted -- Oeder's lousewort
  Pennisetum ciliare var. setigerum (Vahl) Leeke -- not accepted -- cow sandbur
  Pennisetum setigerum (Vahl) Wipff -- not accepted
  Peperomia hernandifolia (Vahl) A. Dietr. -- not accepted
  Peperomia hernandiifolia (Vahl) A. Dietr. -- accepted -- West Indian peperomia
  Peperomia myrtifolia (Vahl) A. Dietr. -- accepted -- myrtleleaf peperomia
  Phyllanthus acuminatus Vahl -- accepted -- Jamaican gooseberry tree
  Piaropus diversifolius (Vahl) P. Wilson -- not accepted
  Pictetia aculeata (Vahl) Urb. -- accepted -- fustic
  Pilocarpus Vahl -- accepted
  Pilocarpus racemosus Vahl -- accepted -- aceitillo
  Piper aequale Vahl -- accepted
  Piper hernandiifolium Vahl -- not accepted
  Piper humile Vahl -- not accepted
  Piper retrofractum Vahl -- accepted -- Javanese long pepper
  Piptochaetium bicolor (Vahl) E. Desv. -- accepted
  Piptochaetium bicolor var. bicolor (Vahl) E. Desv. -- not accepted
  Poa caesia var. glauca (Vahl) Hartm. -- not accepted
  Poa glauca Vahl -- accepted -- glaucous bluegrass, white bluegrass
  Poa glauca ssp. glauca Vahl -- accepted -- glaucous bluegrass, white blue grass
  Poa nemoralis ssp. glauca (Vahl) Gaudin -- not accepted
  Poa nemoralis var. glauca (Vahl) Wahlenb. -- not accepted
  Poa pendulina (Laest.) J. Vahl -- not accepted
  Poa racemosa Vahl -- not accepted
  Poitea florida (Vahl) Lavin -- accepted -- wattapama
  Prinos nitidus Vahl -- not accepted
  Psilocarya nitens (Vahl) Alph. Wood -- not accepted
  Pycreus sanguindentus (Vahl) Nees -- not accepted
  Pycreus sanguinolentus (Vahl) Nees -- not accepted
  Rhamnus ferreus Vahl -- not accepted
  Rhexia longifolia Vahl -- not accepted
  Rhynchospora Vahl -- accepted -- beaksedge, rhynchospora
  Rhynchospora alba (L.) Vahl -- accepted -- white beaksedge
  Rhynchospora capitellata (Michx.) Vahl -- accepted -- brownish beakrush, brownish beaksedge
  Rhynchospora distans (Michx.) Vahl -- not accepted
  Rhynchospora fascicularis (Michx.) Vahl -- accepted -- fascicled beaksedge
  Rhynchospora fascicularis var. fascicularis (Michx.) Vahl -- not accepted -- fascicled beaksedge
  Rhynchospora filiformis Vahl -- accepted -- bird beaksedge
  Rhynchospora glauca Vahl -- not accepted
  Rhynchospora glomerata (L.) Vahl -- accepted -- clustered beaksedge
  Rhynchospora glomerata var. glomerata (L.) Vahl -- not accepted -- clustered beaksedge
  Rhynchospora hispidula (Vahl) Boeckeler -- not accepted -- hairy beaksedge
  Rhynchospora inexpansa (Michx.) Vahl -- accepted -- nodding beaksedge
  Rhynchospora micrantha Vahl -- not accepted -- tropical beaksedge
  Rhynchospora nervosa (Vahl) Boeckeler -- accepted -- yerba de estrella
  Rhynchospora nervosa ssp. ciliata (Vahl) T. Koyama -- accepted -- yerba de estrella
  Rhynchospora nitens (Vahl) A. Gray -- accepted -- shortbeak beaksedge
  Rhynchospora polyphylla Vahl -- accepted -- leafy beaksedge
  Rhynchospora rugosa (Vahl) Gale -- accepted -- claybank beaksedge
  Rhynchospora rugosa ssp. rugosa (Vahl) Gale -- accepted -- claybank beaksedge
  Roettlera incana Vahl -- not accepted
  Rudbeckia amplexicaulis Vahl -- accepted -- clasping coneflower
  Ruellia alopecuroidea Vahl -- not accepted
  Ruellia alopecuroides Vahl -- not accepted
  Ruellia coccinea (L.) Vahl -- accepted -- yerba maravilla
  Sabinea florida (Vahl) DC. -- not accepted -- wattapama
  Sagina caespitosa (J. Vahl) Lange -- accepted -- tufted pearlwort
  Sagina nivalis var. caespitosa (J. Vahl) B. Boivin -- not accepted
  Salvia elegans Vahl -- accepted -- pineapple sage
  Salvia micrantha Vahl -- accepted -- Yucatan sage
  Salvia micrantha var. micrantha Vahl -- accepted -- Yucatan sage
  Salvia tiliifolia Vahl -- accepted -- linden-leaf sage, lindenleaf sage
  Sarcomphalus reticulatus (Vahl) Urb. -- not accepted
  Scaevola plumieri (L.) Vahl -- accepted -- gullfeed
  Scaevola sericea Vahl -- not accepted -- beach naupaka
  Scaevola sericea var. sericea Vahl -- not accepted -- beach naupaka
  Scaevola taccada var. sericea (Vahl) H. St. John -- not accepted
  Schizaea elegans auct. non (Vahl) Sw. -- not accepted
  Schoenoplectus lacustris ssp. validus (Vahl) T. Koyama -- not accepted
  Schoenoplectus pungens (Vahl) Palla -- accepted -- common threesquare, Schoenoplectus
  Schoenoplectus pungens var. pungens (Vahl) Palla -- accepted -- common threesquare
  Schoenoplectus validus (Vahl) Á. Löve & D. Löve -- not accepted
  Schoenus rugosus Vahl -- not accepted
  Schradera Vahl -- accepted
  Scirpus cernuus Vahl -- not accepted -- low bulrush
  Scirpus interstinctus Vahl -- not accepted
  Scirpus lacustris ssp. validus (Vahl) T. Koyama -- not accepted
  Scirpus micranthus Vahl -- not accepted
  Scirpus polyphyllus Vahl -- accepted -- leafy bulrush
  Scirpus pumilus Vahl -- not accepted
  Scirpus pungens Vahl -- not accepted
  Scirpus quinquangularis Vahl -- not accepted
  Scirpus validus Vahl -- not accepted
  Scolosanthus Vahl -- accepted
  Scolosanthus versicolor Vahl -- accepted -- Puerto Rico devilbrush
  Sebastiania corniculata (Vahl) Müll. Arg. -- not accepted -- hato tejas
  Senna angustifolia (Vahl) Batka -- not accepted
  Setiscapella pusilla (Vahl) Barnhart -- not accepted
  Solanum hirtum Vahl -- accepted
  Solanum polygamum Vahl -- accepted -- cakalaka berry
  Solanum rubiginosum Vahl -- accepted
  Spergella caespitosa (J. Vahl) Á. Löve & D. Löve -- not accepted
  Stachytarpheta Vahl -- accepted -- porterweed
  Stachytarpheta cayennensis (Rich.) Vahl -- accepted -- blue snakeweed, bluetop, Cayenne porterweed, Cayenne snakeweed, rattail, rough-leaf false vervain, snakeweed
  Stachytarpheta dichotoma (Ruiz & Pav.) Vahl -- not accepted -- branched porterweed
  Stachytarpheta indica Vahl -- not accepted
  Stachytarpheta jamaicensis (L.) Vahl -- accepted -- light-blue snakeweed
  Stachytarpheta mutabilis (Jacq.) Vahl -- accepted -- changeable velvetberry
  Stachytarpheta strigosa Vahl -- accepted -- West Indian porterweed
  Stenostomum coriaceum (Vahl) Griseb. -- accepted
  Stenostomum resinosum (Vahl) Griseb. -- accepted
  Stipa bicolor Vahl -- not accepted
  Stipa seminuda Vahl ex Hornem. -- not accepted
  Stomoisia juncea (Vahl) Barnhart -- not accepted
  Symphysia racemosa (Vahl) Stearn -- accepted -- hoja ancha, leatherleaf eelvine
  Syringa villosa Vahl -- accepted -- villous lilac
  Tabebuia serratifolia (Vahl) G. Nicholson -- not accepted -- yellow poui
  Tamarix articulata Vahl -- not accepted
  Taraxacum phymatocarpum J. Vahl -- accepted -- northern dandelion
  Tecoma serratifolia (Vahl) G. Don -- not accepted
  Teliostachya alopecuroidea (Vahl) Nees -- not accepted -- pata de gallina
  Teliostachys alopecuroidea (Vahl) Nees -- not accepted
  Terebraria resinosa (Vahl) Sprague -- not accepted
  Tetraclinis articulata (Vahl) Mast. -- accepted -- arar tree
  Teucrium cubense ssp. laevigatum (Vahl) E.M. McClint. & Epling -- not accepted
  Teucrium cubense var. laevigatum (Vahl) Shinners -- not accepted -- small coastal germander
  Thelypteris opposita (Vahl) Ching -- accepted -- oppositeleaf maiden fern
  Tibouchina longifolia (Vahl) Baill. ex Cogn. -- accepted -- longleaf glorytree
  Tirucalia cuneata (Vahl) P.V. Heath -- not accepted
  Tithymalus imbricatus (Vahl) Klotzsch & Garcke -- not accepted
  Tithymalus pubescens (Vahl) Samp. -- not accepted
  Torresia redolens (Vahl) Roem. & Schult. -- not accepted
  Tournefortia syringaefolia Vahl -- not accepted
  Tournefortia syringifolia Vahl -- not accepted
  Trichilia emetica Vahl -- accepted
  Trichophorum pumilum (Vahl) Schinz & Thell. -- accepted -- Rolland's bulrush
  Tripogandra serrulata (Vahl) Handlos -- accepted -- pink Trinity
  Triumfetta velutina Vahl -- not accepted -- African burrbark
  Utricularia juncea Vahl -- accepted -- southern bladderwort
  Utricularia pusilla Vahl -- accepted -- tiny bladderwort
  Utricularia uliginosa Vahl -- accepted -- bladderwort
  Vaccinium racemosum (Vahl) Wilbur & Luteyn -- not accepted
  Valerianoides strigosa (Vahl) Britton -- not accepted
  Vangueria edulis (Vahl) Vahl -- not accepted
  Verbena scabra Vahl -- accepted -- sandpaper vervain
  Veronica gentianoides Vahl -- accepted
  Veronica serpyllifolia var. humifusa (Dicks.) Vahl -- not accepted
  Viola linearifolia Vahl -- not accepted
  Vitis palmata Vahl -- accepted -- catbird grape
  Zanthoxylum flavum Vahl -- accepted -- West Indian satinwood
  Zanthoxylum punctatum Vahl -- accepted -- dotted pricklyash
  Ziziphus reticulata (Vahl) DC. -- accepted -- cacao rojo

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