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Taxon author: L. f.

ITIS records citing taxon author "L. f."
 Kingdom Animalia
  Apogon pselion Randall, Fraser and Lachner, 1990 -- valid
  Aratinga pintoi L. F. Silveira, F. C. T. De Lima & E. Hofling, 2005 -- valid
  Cercopithecus lomamiensis Hart, Detwiler, Gilbert, Burrell, Fuller, Emetshu, Hart, Vosper, Sargis and Tosi, 2012 -- valid -- Lesula
  Dolichurus foroforo Ohl, Fritz and Neumann, 2004 -- valid
  Ephebopus foliatus West, Marshall, Fukushima & Bertani, 2008 -- valid
  Epinephelus compressus Postel, Fourmanoir and Gueze, 1963 -- invalid
  Epinephelus magniscuttis Postel, Fourmanoir and Guz, 1963 -- valid -- speckled grouper
  Fernaldella georgiana (Covell, Finkelstein and Towers, 1984) -- valid
  Hylodes amnicola Pombal, Feio and Haddad, 2002 -- valid
  Myotis indochinensis Son, Grfl, Francis, Motokawa, Estk, Endo, Thong, Dang, Oshida and Csorba, 2013 -- valid -- Indochinese mouse-eared bat
  Narraga georgiana Covell, Finkelstein and Towers, 1984 -- invalid
  Suthora nipalensis garhwalensis (R. L. Fleming & Traylor, 1964) -- valid
  Treron pompadora conoveri Rand & R. L. Fleming, 1953 -- valid
  Trochalopteron affine bethelae (Rand & R. L. Fleming, 1956) -- valid
  Xiphorhynchus fuscus pintoi Longmore & L. F. Silveira, 2005 -- valid
 Kingdom Fungi
  Biatora vernalis (L.) Fr. -- accepted
  Cladonia fimbriata (L.) Fr. -- accepted
  Cladonia subulata (L.) F.H. Wigg. -- accepted
  Collema cristatum (L.) F.H. Wigg. -- accepted
  Collema fasciculare (L.) F.H. Wigg. -- accepted
  Enteridium lycoperdon (Bull.) M.L. Farr -- accepted
  Fuligo septica (L.) F.H. Wigg. -- accepted
  Hemitrichia calyculata (Speg.) M.L. Farr -- accepted
  Lycogala epidendrum (J.C. Buxb. ex L.) Fr. -- accepted
  Ramalina calicaris (L.) Fr. -- accepted
  Sterigmatomyces indicus (Fell) Fell -- accepted
  Umbillicaria polyrrhiza (L.) Fr. -- accepted
  Usnea hirta (L.) F.H. Wigg. -- accepted
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acacia catechu (L. f.) Willd. -- accepted -- black cutch
  Acacia eburnea (L. f.) Willd. -- not accepted
  Acaena sanguisorbae auct. non (L. f.) Vahl -- not accepted
  Acanthopanax spinosum (L. f.) Miq. -- not accepted
  Acanthopanax spinosus (L. f.) Miq. -- not accepted
  Acanthoxanthium spinosum (L.) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Acer nigrum var. leucoderme (Small) Fosberg -- not accepted
  Adiantopsis radiata (L.) Fe -- accepted
  Agathis robusta (C. Moore ex F. Muell.) F.M. Bailey -- accepted -- Queensland kauri
  Agropyron pumilum (L. f.) P. Beauv. -- not accepted
  Agrostis crinita (L. f.) R. Br. -- not accepted
  Agrostis decumbens Hall. f. ex Gaudin -- not accepted
  Agrostis tenacissima L. f. -- not accepted
  Airopsis caryophyllea (L.) Fr. -- not accepted
  Airopsis praecox (L.) Fr. -- not accepted
  Albizia falcataria (L.) Fosberg -- not accepted
  Albizia odoratissima (L. f.) Benth. -- accepted -- albizia
  Alnus rugosa var. americana (Regel) Fernald -- not accepted
  Aloe spicata L. f. -- accepted -- bottle brush aloe, Gazaland aloe, Lebombo aloe
  Alopecurus geniculatus var. aequalis (Sobol.) Fiori -- not accepted
  Alpinia exaltata (L. f.) Roem. & Schult. -- not accepted
  Alsine elegans (Cham. & Schltdl.) Fenzl -- not accepted
  Alstroemeria pulchella L. f. -- accepted -- parrot-lily, parrotlily
  Amblystegium fluviatile var. noterophilum (Sull. & Lesq. in Sull.) Flow. -- not accepted
  Amphicarpa bracteata (L.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Amphicarpaea bracteata (L.) Fernald -- accepted -- American hogpeanut, hog-peanut
  Amphicarpaea bracteata var. bracteata (L.) Fernald -- accepted -- American hogpeanut
  Amphicarpaea bracteata var. comosa (L.) Fernald -- accepted -- American hogpeanut
  Anacolia laevisphaera (Tayl.) Flow. -- accepted -- anacolia moss
  Annona hexapetala L. f. -- not accepted
  Anthistiria L. f. -- not accepted
  Anthistiria ciliata L. f. -- not accepted
  Antiphylla oppositifolia (L.) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Apera crinita (L. f.) P. Beauv. -- not accepted
  Apocynum cannabinum var. nemorale (G.S. Mill.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Aponogeton L. f. -- accepted -- aponogeton
  Aponogeton distachyos L. f. -- accepted -- Cape pondweed
  Aptenia cordifolia (L. f.) Schwantes -- accepted -- baby sun-rose, heartleaf iceplant
  Argyreia speciosa (L. f.) Sweet -- not accepted
  Arnica alpina var. angustifolia (Vahl) Fernald -- not accepted
  Artabotrys hexapetalus (L. f.) Bhandari -- accepted -- climbing ilang-ilang
  Artocarpus incisa (Thunb.) L. f. -- not accepted
  Artocarpus incisus (Thunb.) L. f. -- not accepted
  Artocarpus integrifolius L. f. -- not accepted
  Asarum canadense var. ambiguum (E.P. Bicknell) Farw. -- not accepted
  Asclepias carnosa L. f. -- not accepted
  Aster occidentalis var. delectabilis (H.M. Hall) Ferris -- not accepted -- delectable aster
  Aster tataricus L. f. -- accepted -- Tatarian aster
  Astragalus chinensis L. f. -- accepted -- Chinese milkvetch
  Astrebla pectinata (Lindl.) F. Muell. -- accepted
  Aureolaria flava (L.) Farw. -- accepted -- smooth yellow false foxglove
  Aureolaria flava var. flava (L.) Farw. -- not accepted -- smooth yellow false foxglove
  Austrocactus spiniflorus (Phil.) F. Ritter -- accepted
  Avena lupulina L. f. -- not accepted
  Avena purpurea L. f. -- not accepted
  Avena sativa var. fatua (L.) Fiori -- not accepted
  Avena sativa var. sterilis (L.) Fiori -- not accepted
  Banksia L. f. -- accepted
  Banksia ericifolia L. f. -- accepted -- heath-leaf banksia
  Banksia integrifolia L. f. -- accepted -- coast banksia, white-honeysuckle
  Barbarea vulgaris var. arcuata (Opiz ex J. Presl & C. Presl) Fr. -- not accepted
  Barbarea vulgarus var. arcuata (Opiz ex J. Presl & C. Presl) Fr. -- not accepted
  Barbella pebdula (Sull.) Fl. -- accepted
  Barbella pendula (Sull.) Fleisch. -- accepted -- pendulous barbella moss
  Bergenia crassifolia (L.) Fritsch -- accepted -- Siberian-tea
  Betula papyrifera var. commutata (Regel) Fernald -- not accepted -- western paper birch
  Betula papyrifera var. cordifolia (Regel) Fernald -- not accepted -- mountain paper birch, paper birch
  Betula papyrifera var. humilis (Regel) Fernald & Raup -- not accepted
  Betula pendula f. dalecarlica (L. f.) C.K. Schneid. -- not accepted
  Bikkia tetrandra (L. f.) A. Rich. -- accepted
  Blasia epiphylla (L.) Fr. -- not accepted
  Blasia furcata (L.) Fr. -- not accepted
  Blasia multifida (L.) Fr. -- not accepted
  Blepharostoma arachnoideum var. brevirete (Bryhn & Kaal.) Frye & Clark -- not accepted
  Boltonia asteroides var. glastifolia (Hill) Fernald -- not accepted
  Brachypodium caninum (L.) F. Herm. ex Lindm. -- not accepted
  Brachypodium pinnatum var. phoenicoides (L.) Fiori -- not accepted
  Brickellia brachyphylla var. hinckleyi (Standl.) Flyr -- not accepted -- Hinckley's brickellia
  Bromelica aristata (Thurb. ex Bol.) Farw. -- not accepted
  Bromelica harfordii (Bol.) Farw. -- not accepted
  Bromus hordeaceus var. mollis (L.) Fiori -- not accepted
  Bromus hordeaceus var. racemosus (L.) Fiori -- not accepted
  Bromus mollis var. hordeaceus (L.) FRIES -- not accepted
  Bromus mollis var. neglectus (Parl.) Fiori -- not accepted
  Bromus mollis var. racemosus (L.) Fiori -- not accepted
  Brotherella roellii (Ren. & Card. in Rll) Fleisch. -- accepted -- Roell's brotherella moss
  Cacalia cordifolia L. f. -- not accepted
  Callitriche palustris var. verna (L.) Fenley ex Jeps. -- not accepted
  Calochortus argillosus (Hoover) Zebell & P.L. Fiedl. -- accepted -- clay mariposa lily
  Calochortus clavatus var. pallidus (Hoover) P.L. Fiedl. & Zebell -- accepted -- clubhair mariposa lily
  Calochortus clavatus var. recurvifolius (Hoover) P.L. Fiedl. & Zebell -- accepted -- Arroyo de la Cruz mariposa lily
  Calophaca wolgarica (L. f.) Fisch. ex DC. -- accepted
  Carex atlantica var. incomperta (E.P. Bicknell) F.J. Herm. -- not accepted
  Carex chordorrhiza Ehrh. ex L. f. -- accepted -- creeping sedge, rope-root sedge
  Carex heleonastes L. f. -- accepted -- Hudson Bay sedge
  Carex heleonastes ssp. heleonastes L. f. -- not accepted -- Hudson Bay sedge
  Carpinus caroliniana ssp. virginiana (Marshall) Furlow -- accepted -- American hornbeam
  Carpinus caroliniana var. virginiana (Marshall) Fernald -- not accepted
  Caryolophora sempervirens (L.) Fisch. & Trautv. -- not accepted
  Cassia bacillaris L. f. -- not accepted
  Cassia brewsteri (F. Muell.) F. Muell. ex Benth. -- accepted -- Leichardt-bean
  Cassia grandis L. f. -- accepted -- pink shower
  Cassia tomentosa L. f. -- not accepted
  Castilleja Mutis ex L. f. -- accepted -- castilljie, Indian paintbrush
  Catabrosa algida (Sol.) Fr. -- not accepted
  Catha edulis (Vahl) Forssk. ex Endl. -- accepted -- khat
  Celtis tenuifolia var. georgiana (Small) Fernald & B.G. Schub. -- not accepted
  Centaurium spicatum (L.) Fritsch -- not accepted -- spiked centaury
  Centella erecta (L. f.) Fernald -- not accepted -- erect centella
  Centrosema arenicola (Small) F.J. Herm. -- accepted -- pineland butterfly pea
  Cerasus pensylvanica (L. f.) Loisel. -- not accepted
  Chaetochloa italica var. germanica (Mill.) Farw. -- not accepted
  Chaetochloa verticillata var. breviseta (Mutel) Farw. -- not accepted
  Chaetochloa viridis var. breviseta (Dll) Farw. -- not accepted
  Chamaecyparis funebris (Endl.) Franco -- accepted -- Chinese weeping chamaecyparis, Chinese weeping-cypress, mourning-cypress
  Chamaecystis prolifera (L. f.) Link -- not accepted
  Chamaecytisus glaber (L. f.) Rothm. -- accepted
  Chamaecytisus prolifera (L. f.) Link -- accepted -- escabon
  Chamaecytisus prolifera var. prolifera (L. f.) Link -- accepted -- escabon
  Chamaefistula bacillaris (L. f.) G. Don -- not accepted
  Chenopodium cristatum (F. Muell.) F. Muell. -- not accepted -- crested goosefoot
  Chilochloa dentata (L. f.) Trin. -- not accepted
  Christia verspertilionis (L. f.) Bakh. f. -- accepted -- East Indian island pea
  Chrysopsis mariana var. floridana (Small) Fernald -- not accepted
  Chylogala serrata (L.) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Cinna crinita (L. f.) Trin. -- not accepted
  Cirsium incanum (S.G. Gmel.) Fisch. ex M. Bieb. -- not accepted
  Cirsium X iowense (Pammel) Fernald (pro sp.) -- accepted -- Iowa thistle
  Clarkia rubicunda (Lindl.) F.H. Lewis & M.E. Lewis -- accepted -- ruby chalice clarkia
  Coelopleurum lucidum (L.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Commelina diffusa var. gigas (Small) Faden -- accepted -- climbing dayflower
  Comptonia peregrina var. asplenifolia (L.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Comptonia peregrina var. aspleniifolia (L.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Convolvulus speciosus L. f. -- not accepted -- elephant creeper
  Coprosma granadensis (L. f.) Heads -- not accepted -- makole
  Corethrogyne linifolia (H.M. Hall) Ferris -- not accepted
  Cornus alternifolia L. f. -- accepted -- alternate-leaf dogwood, alternateleaf dogwood
  Corydalis halei (Small) Fernald & B.G. Schub. -- not accepted
  Corytholoma bulbosum (Ker Gawl.) Fritsch -- not accepted
  Corytholoma verticillatum (Vell.) Fritsch -- not accepted
  Crantzia coccinea (Aubl.) Fritsch -- not accepted
  Crataegus phaenopyrum (L. f.) Medik. -- accepted -- Washington hawthorn
  Crataegus pruinosa (Wendl. f.) K. Koch -- accepted -- frosted hawthorn, waxyfruit hawthorn
  Crataegus pruinosa var. pruinosa (Wendl. f.) K. Koch -- accepted -- waxyfruit hawthorn
  Crotalaria sagittalis var. fruticosa (Mill.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted
  Croton capensis L. f. -- not accepted
  Croton japonicus L. f. -- not accepted
  Cryptomeria japonica (L. f.) D. Don -- accepted -- Japanese cedar
  Cumulopuntia ignescens (Vaupel) F. Ritter -- not accepted
  Cyclosorus parasiticus (L.) Farw. -- accepted
  Cycnium tubulosum (L. f.) Engl. -- accepted
  Cyperus distans L. f. -- accepted -- Piedmont flatsedge
  Cyperus retrorsus var. deeringianus (Britton & Small) Fernald & Griscom -- not accepted
  Cyrtomium falcatum (L. f.) C. Presl -- accepted -- Japanese netvein hollyfern
  Cytiscus proliferus L. f. -- not accepted
  Cytisus glaber L. f. -- not accepted
  Cytisus prolifer L. f. -- not accepted
  Cytisus proliferus L. f. -- not accepted
  Dalbergia L. f. -- accepted -- Indian rosewood
  Dalbergia monetaria L. f. -- accepted -- moneybush
  Danthonia lupulina (L. f.) P. Beauv. ex Roem. & Schult. -- not accepted
  Danthonia purpurea (L. f.) P. Beauv. -- not accepted
  Desmodium arenicola (Vail) F.J. Herm. -- not accepted
  Desmodium purpureum (Mill.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted
  Deyeuxia crinita (L. f.) Zotov -- not accepted
  Dichanthelium acuminatum ssp. sericeum (Schmoll) Freckmann & Lelong -- not accepted
  Dichanthelium acuminatum ssp. thermale (Bol.) Freckmann & Lelong -- not accepted
  Dichanthelium acuminatum var. sericeum (Schmoll) Freckmann -- not accepted -- Pacific panicgrass
  Dichanthelium acuminatum var. thermale (Bol.) Freckmann -- not accepted -- Geysers panicgrass
  Dichanthelium tenue (Muhl.) Freckmann & Lelong -- not accepted
  Dichelachne crinata (L. f.) Hook. f. -- not accepted -- clovenfoot plumegrass
  Dichelachne crinita (L. f.) Hook. f. -- accepted
  Digitaria disticha (L.) Fiori & Paol. -- not accepted
  Digitaria insularis (L.) Fedde -- accepted
  Digitaria pruriens var. microbachne (J. Presl) Fosberg -- not accepted
  Dioscorea trifida L. f. -- accepted -- Indian yam
  Diospyros kaki L. f. -- not accepted -- Japanese persimmon
  Distichlis distichophylla (Labill.) Fassett -- not accepted
  Distichlis stricta var. laxa (Vasey ex Beal) Fawc. & West ex Munz -- not accepted
  Dodecatheon meadia var. brachycarpum (Small) Fassett -- not accepted
  Dodecatheon meadia var. standfieldii (Small) Fassett -- not accepted
  Dodecatheon meadia var. stanfieldii (Small) Fassett -- not accepted
  Dodonaea viscosa ssp. angustifolia (L. f.) J.G. West -- accepted
  Dodonaea viscosa var. angustifolia (L. f.) Benth. -- not accepted
  Dolichandrone spathacea (L. f.) K. Schum. -- accepted
  Doryopteris pedata (L.) Fe -- accepted -- digit fern
  Drepanocarpus lunatus (L. f.) G. Mey. -- not accepted
  Drymaria leptophylla (Cham. & Schltdl.) Fenzl ex Rohrb. -- accepted -- canyon drymary
  Drymaria leptophylla var. leptophylla (Cham. & Schltdl.) Fenzl ex Rohrb. -- accepted -- canyon drymary
  Dryopteris austriaca var. spinulosa (O.F. Mll.) Fiori -- not accepted
  Dryopteris expansa (C. Presl) Fraser-Jenk. & Jermy -- accepted -- spreading woodfern
  Duboisia hopwoodii (F. Muell.) F. Muell. -- accepted -- pituri
  Duboisia leichhardtii (F. Muell.) F. Muell. -- accepted -- Leichhardt's duboisia
  Dumortiera hirsuta var. nepalensis (Tayl.) Frye & Clark -- accepted
  Echium candicans L. f. -- accepted -- pride of Madeira
  Eleocharis capitata var. dispar (E.J. Hill) Fernald -- not accepted
  Eleusine indica var. coracana (L.) Fiori -- not accepted
  Eleutherococcus spinosus (L. f.) S.Y. Hu -- accepted
  Elymus canadensis var. brachystachys (Scribn. & C.R. Ball) Farw. -- accepted
  Elymus canadensis var. philadelphicus (L.) Farw. -- not accepted
  Elymus philadelphicus var. brachystachys (Scribn. & C.R. Ball) Farw. -- not accepted
  Elymus tener L. f. -- not accepted
  Elymus villosus f. arkansanus (Scribn. & C.R. Ball) Fernald -- not accepted
  Elymus virginicus f. australis (Scribn. & C.R. Ball) Fernald -- not accepted
  Enhalus acoroides (L. f.) Royle -- accepted
  Entada gigas (L.) Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted -- nicker bean
  Entosthodon americanus (Lindb. in Sull.) Fife -- not accepted
  Epilobium glandulosum var. occidentale (Trel.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Epurga lathyris (L.) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Eremogone gypsophiloides (L.) Fenzl -- accepted
  Eriophorum chamissonis var. albidum (F. Nyl.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Erythrodes plantaginea (L.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted -- Caribbean false helmetorchid
  Escallonia Mutis ex L. f. -- accepted -- redclaws
  Esula aleppica (L.) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Esula nicaeensis (All.) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Esula obscura (Loisel.) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Esula paralias (L.) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Esula pinea (L.) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Esula pithyusa (L.) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Esula sulcata (Lens ex Loisel.) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Esula taurinensis (All.) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Esula terracina (L.) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Eubotrys racemosa var. elongata (Small) Fernald -- not accepted
  Eucalyptus longicornis (F. Muell.) F. Muell. ex Maiden -- accepted
  Eulophia alta (L.) Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted -- Eulophia alta, wild coco
  Eupatorium rugosum var. roanense (Small) Fernald -- not accepted
  Euphorbia bivonae var. melitensis (Parl.) Fiori -- not accepted
  Euphorbia spinosa var. melitensis (Parl.) Fiori -- not accepted
  Festuca flava (L.) F. Muell. -- not accepted
  Festuca groenlandica (Schol.) Fred. -- accepted -- Greenland fescue
  Festuca vivipara ssp. hirsuta (Schol.) Fred. -- not accepted -- viviparous fescue
  Ficus microcarpa L. f. -- accepted -- Chinese banyan, curtain fig, laurel fig
  Ficus microcarpum L. f. -- not accepted
  Ficus pertusa L. f. -- accepted
  Filipendula denudata (J. Presl & C. Presl) Fritsch -- not accepted
  Firmiana platanifolia (L. f.) Schott & Endl. -- not accepted
  Fraxinus pennsylvanica var. integerrima (Vahl) Fernald -- not accepted
  Fraxinus pennsylvanica var. subintegerrima (Vahl) Fernald -- not accepted
  Froelichia floridana var. campestris (Small) Fernald -- not accepted -- plains snakecotton
  Gaga apiacea (Mickel) Fay W. Li & Windham -- accepted
  Gaga decurrens (Mickel) Fay W. Li & Windham -- accepted
  Gaga lerstenii (Mickel & Beitel) Fay W. Li & Windham -- accepted
  Gaga pellaeopsis (Mickel) Fay W. Li & Windham -- accepted
  Galarhoeus pubescens (Vahl) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Galenia secunda (L. f.) Sond. -- accepted -- onesided galenia
  Galium peregrinum (L.) Franch. -- not accepted
  Gardenia thunbergia L. f. -- accepted -- Thunberg's gardenia
  Gelidiella acerosa (Forskal) Feldmann and Hamel -- accepted
  Geochloa lupulina (L. f.) N. P. Barker & H. P. Linder -- accepted
  Gerardia flava var. macrantha (Pennell) Fernald -- not accepted
  Gerardia grandiflora var. pulchra (Pennell) Fernald -- not accepted
  Gerardia pedicularia var. austromontana (Pennell) Fernald -- not accepted
  Gerardia pedicularia var. intercedens (Pennell) Fernald -- not accepted
  Ginannia lanata (L.) F.T. Hubb. -- not accepted
  Glebionis segetum (L.) Fourr. -- accepted -- corndaisy
  Gloxinia lindeniana (Regel) Fritsch -- not accepted
  Gloxinia perennis (L.) Fritsch -- accepted -- Canterbury bells
  Glyceria nutkaensis (J. Presl) Fr. -- not accepted
  Gomozia granadensis L. f. -- not accepted
  Gracilaria flabelliformis ssp. simplex Gurgel, Fredericq & J. N. Norris -- accepted
  Gracilaria intermedia ssp. ganesana Gurgel, Fredericq & J. N. Norris -- accepted
  Guizotia abyssinica (L. f.) Cass. -- accepted -- ramtilla
  Habenaria orbiculata var. menziesii (Lindl.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Hecatonia scelerata (L.) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Hedyotis nigricans var. pulvinata (Small) Fosberg -- not accepted -- diamondflowers
  Hedyotis procumbens (J.F. Gmel.) Fosberg -- not accepted
  Hedyotis purpurea var. floridana (Standl.) Fosberg -- not accepted
  Hedyotis purpurea var. montana (Small) Fosberg -- not accepted -- Roan Mountain bluet
  Helianthemum dumosum (E.P. Bicknell) Fernald -- accepted -- bushy frostweed, bushy rush-rose
  Heliconia psittacorum L. f. -- accepted -- parakeetflower
  Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra (Dunal) Fernald -- accepted -- heliopsis, smooth oxeye
  Heliopsis helianthoides var. solidaginoides (L.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Heteropogon contortus var. hirtus (J. Presl) Fenzl ex Hack. -- not accepted
  Hippuris tetraphylla L. f. -- accepted -- fourleaf mare's-tail
  Holoschoenus romanus (L.) Fritsch -- not accepted
  Hoodia pilifera (L. f.) Plowes -- accepted
  Hoodia pilifera ssp. pilifera (L. f.) Plowes -- accepted
  Hoya carnosa (L. f.) R. Br. -- accepted -- porcelainflower
  Huperzia verticillata auct. non (L. f.) Trevis. -- not accepted
  Hydrilla verticillata (L. f.) Royle -- accepted -- Florida elodea, hydrilla, water thyme, water-thyme, waterthyme
  Hydrocotyle erecta L. f. -- not accepted
  Hydrocotyle ranunculoides L. f. -- accepted -- floating marsh pennywort, floating marshpennywort, floating pennyroyal
  Hydrophylax L. f. -- accepted
  Hydrophylax maritima L. f. -- accepted -- East Indian waterbluet
  Hymenocallis speciosa (L. f. ex Salisb.) Salisb. -- accepted -- green-tinge spiderlily
  Hymenodium crinitum (L.) Fe -- not accepted
  Hypericum reflexum L. f. -- accepted
  Ilex verticillata var. fastigiata (E.P. Bicknell) Fernald -- not accepted
  Indigofera trita L. f. -- accepted -- Asian indigo
  Ipomoea indica var. acuminata (Vahl) Fosberg -- not accepted
  Iris tripetala Walter, non L. f. -- not accepted
  Jatropha capensis (L. f.) Sond. -- accepted
  Kalmia angustifolia var. carolina (Small) Fernald -- accepted
  Karroochloa purpurea (L. f.) Conert & Trpe -- not accepted -- South African oatgrass
  Kobresia myosuroides (Vill.) Fiori -- accepted -- Bellardi bog sedge, Bellardi kobresia
  Kohleria spicata var. wageneri (Regel) Fritsch -- not accepted
  Krapovickasia physaloides (C. Presl) Fryxell -- accepted
  Lactuca muralis (L.) Fresen. -- not accepted
  Lallemantia peltata (L.) Fisch. & C.A. Mey. -- accepted -- lion's heart
  Lamprocapnos spectabilis (L.) Fukuhara -- not accepted -- bleeding heart
  Lathyrus canescens (L. f.) Gren. & Godr. -- not accepted
  Lepidium bidentatum var. o-waihiense (Cham. & Schltdl.) Fosberg -- not accepted -- `anaunau
  Lepidium bidentatum var. owaihiense (Cham. & Schltdl.) Fosberg -- accepted -- `anaunau, Kunana pepperwort
  Leptocanna L.C. Chia & H.L. Fung -- not accepted
  Lespedeza capitata var. calycina (Schindl.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Lespedeza juncea (L. f.) Pers. -- accepted -- juncea lespedeza, Siberian lespedeza
  Lessingia lemmonii var. peirsonii (J.T. Howell) Ferris -- not accepted -- Peirson's lessingia
  Leucothoe racemosa var. elongata (Small) Fernald -- not accepted
  Licania platypus (Hemsl.) Fritsch -- accepted
  Lindernia crustacea (L.) F. Muell. -- accepted -- Malaysian false pimpernel
  Litsea aestivalis (L.) Fernald -- accepted -- pondspice
  Lomariopsis sorbifolia (L.) Fe -- accepted -- acacia fringedfern
  Lomatogonium rotatum (L.) Fr. ex Fernald -- accepted -- marsh felwort
  Lomatogonium rotatum var. rotatum (L.) Fr. ex Fernald -- not accepted
  Lourea verspertilionis (L. f.) Desv. -- not accepted
  Lupinus sierrae-blancae ssp. aquilinus (Wooton & Standl.) Fleak & D.B. Dunn -- accepted -- White Mountain lupine
  Luzula campestris var. echinata (Small) Fernald & Wiegand -- not accepted
  Luzula echinata (Small) F.J. Herm. -- accepted -- hedgehog woodrush
  Luzula echinata var. echinata (Small) F.J. Herm. -- not accepted -- hedgehog woodrush
  Luzula echinata var. echinata (Small) F.J. Herm. -- not accepted
  Lycopodium verticillatum auct. non L. f. -- not accepted
  Machaerium lunatum (L. f.) Ducke -- accepted -- palo de hoz
  Maianthemum bifolium (L.) F.W. Schmidt -- accepted
  Maianthenum bifolium (L.) F.W. Schmidt -- not accepted
  Maihueniopsis atacamensis (Phil.) F. Ritter -- not accepted
  Maihueniopsis darwinii (Hensl.) F. Ritter -- accepted
  Maihueniopsis rahmeri (Phil.) F. Ritter -- not accepted
  Maihueniopsis tarapacana (Phil.) F. Ritter -- not accepted
  Malachium aquaticum (L.) Fr. -- not accepted
  Mallotus japonicus (L. f.) Mll. Arg. -- accepted
  Manilkara achras (Mill.) Fosberg -- not accepted
  Manisuris exaltata (L. f.) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Manisuris granularis (L.) L. f. -- not accepted
  Mannia sibirica (K. Mull.) Frye & Clark -- accepted
  Margaritaria L. f. -- accepted
  Margaritaria nobilis L. f. -- accepted -- bastard hogberry
  Matelea denticulata (Vahl) Fontella & E.A. Schwarz -- accepted
  Mauritia L. f. -- accepted -- mauritia
  Mauritia flexuosa L. f. -- accepted -- muriti
  Medicago italica (Mill.) Fiori -- accepted
  Melampyrum lineare var. pectinatum (Pennell) Fernald -- accepted -- narrowleaf cowwheat
  Melandrium apetalum (L.) Fenzl -- not accepted
  Melandrium noctiflorum (L.) Fr. -- not accepted
  Melochia spicata (L.) Fryxell -- accepted -- bretonica peluda
  Melochia villosa (Mill.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted
  Mentzelia multiflora ssp. longiloba (J. Darl.) Felger -- not accepted
  Merxmuellera lupulina (L. f.) Conert -- not accepted
  Mesembryanthemum cordifolium L. f. -- not accepted
  Mespilus phaenopyrum L. f. -- not accepted
  Messerschmidia argentea (L. f.) I.M. Johnst. -- not accepted
  Microchloa indica (L. f.) P. Beauv. -- accepted
  Microchloa indica (L. f.) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Microchloa indica (L. f.) Hack. -- not accepted
  Microchloa indica var. indica (L. f.) P. Beauv. -- accepted
  Microthlaspi perfoliatum (L.) F.K. Mey. -- accepted -- claspleaf pennycress
  Mikania cordifolia (L. f.) Willd. -- accepted -- Florida Keys hempvine
  Mimulus glabratus var. michiganensis (Pennell) Fassett -- not accepted -- Michigan monkey-flower, Michigan monkeyflower
  Minuartia michauxii (Fenzl) Farw. -- accepted -- Michaux's stitchwort, minuartie de Michaux
  Minuartia michauxii var. michauxii (Fenzl) Farw. -- not accepted -- Michaux's stitchwort
  Moehringia lateriflora (L.) Fenzl -- accepted -- blunt-leaf grove-sandwort, bluntleaf sandwort, grove sandwort
  Montinia acris L. f. -- accepted
  Muhlenbergia crinita (L. f.) Trin. -- not accepted
  Muhlenbergia uniflora (Muhl.) Fernald -- accepted -- bog muhly
  Muhlenbergia uniflora var. uniflora (Muhl.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Muraltia spinosa (L.) F. Forest & J.C. Manning -- accepted
  Myristica officinalis L. f. -- not accepted
  Myrosma L. f. -- accepted -- myrosma
  Myrosma cannifolia L. f. -- accepted -- cannaleaf myrosma
  Myroxylon L. f. -- accepted
  Nardus indica L. f. -- not accepted
  Nasturtium armoracia (L.) Fr. -- not accepted
  Nematanthus fluminensis (Vell.) Fritsch -- accepted
  Nertera granadensis (Mutis ex L. f.) Druce -- accepted -- makole
  Neurodium lanceolatum (L.) Fe -- not accepted
  Neurodium lanceolatum (L.) Fe -- accepted -- ribbon fern
  Noccaea montana (L.) F.K. Mey. -- not accepted -- alpine pennycress
  Noccaea montana var. montana (L.) F.K. Mey. -- not accepted -- alpine pennycress
  Notothyladaceae Mll. Frib. ex Prosk. -- accepted
  Oenothera cruciata var. stenopetala (E.P. Bicknell) Fernald -- not accepted
  Oncosiphon piluliferum (L. f.) Kllersj -- accepted -- stinknet
  Ophioglossum nudicaule L. f. -- accepted -- least adder's-tongue, least adderstongue
  Ophiopogon japonicus (L. f.) Ker Gawl. -- accepted -- dwarf lilyturf
  Osteospermum calendulaceum L. f. -- accepted -- stinking roger
  Oxalis colorea (Small) Fedde -- not accepted
  Oxalis interior (Small) Fedde -- not accepted
  Oxalis langloisii (Small) Fedde -- not accepted
  Oxalis stricta var. rufa (Small) Farw. -- not accepted
  Oxalis texana (Small) Fedde -- not accepted
  Oxytropis nigrescens (Pall.) Fisch. ex DC. -- accepted -- blackish oxytrope
  Oxytropis nigrescens var. nigrescens (Pall.) Fisch. ex DC. -- accepted -- blackish locoweed, blackish oxytrope
  Oxytropis pygmaea (Pall.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Pachypodium succulentum (L. f.) A. DC. -- accepted
  Paliavana racemosa (Vell.) Fritsch -- not accepted
  Pancratium speciosum L. f. ex Salisb. -- not accepted
  Pandanus L. f. -- accepted -- screwpine
  Pandanus odoratissimus auct. non L. f. -- not accepted
  Panicum crus-galli var. colonum (L.) Fiori -- not accepted
  Panicum hirticaule ssp. sonorum (Beal) Freckmann & Lelong -- not accepted
  Panicum longifolium var. combsii (Scribn. & C.R. Ball) Fernald -- not accepted
  Panicum rigidulum ssp. combsii (Scribn. & C.R. Ball) Freckmann & Lelong -- not accepted
  Panicum spicatum (L.) Farw. -- not accepted
  Paronychia fastigiata var. nuttallii (Small) Fernald -- accepted -- hairy forked nailwort
  Paspalum filiforme (L.) Flgg -- not accepted
  Paspalum punctatum (L.) Flgg -- not accepted
  Paspalus punctatus (L.) Flgg -- not accepted
  Passiflora mixta L. f. -- accepted -- passionflower
  Pavonia fruticosa (Mill.) Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted -- anamu
  Pelargonium quercifolium (L. f.) L'Hr. -- accepted -- oakleaf geranium
  Penstemon gracilis var. wisconsinensis (Pennell) Fassett -- not accepted -- Wisconsin penstemon
  Pentameris dentata (L. f.) Galley & H. P. Linder -- accepted
  Perularia flava (L.) Farw. -- not accepted
  Petasites frigidus (L.) Fr. -- accepted -- arctic sweet coltsfoot, arctic sweet-colt's-foot
  Petasites frigidus var. frigidus (L.) Fr. -- accepted -- arctic sweet coltsfoot
  Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Fuss -- accepted -- parsley
  Phalaris dentata L. f. -- not accepted
  Phegopteris dryopteris (L.) Fe -- not accepted
  Phoradendron bolleanum var. densum (Torr. ex Trel.) Fosberg -- not accepted
  Phoradendron juniperinum var. ligatum (Trel.) Fosberg -- not accepted
  Phyllanthus glabellus (L.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted
  Phyllanthus nobilis (L. f.) Mll. Arg. -- not accepted
  Pilea pumila var. deamii (Lunell) Fernald -- not accepted -- Deam's clearweed
  Piper cubeba L. f. -- accepted -- cubeb
  Platanthera tipuloides (L. f.) Lindl. -- accepted -- Aleutian bog orchid
  Platycladus orientalis (L.) Franco -- accepted -- oriental arborvitae
  Plectranthus verticillatus (L. f.) Druce -- accepted -- whorled plectranthus
  Plocama calabrica (L. f.) M. Backlund & Thulin -- accepted
  Pocilla agrestis (L.) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Polygonum robustius (Small) Fernald -- not accepted -- stout smartweed
  Polyscias cumingiana (C. Presl) Fern.-Vill. -- accepted -- fern-leaf aralia, Malaysian aralia, polyscias
  Polystichum falcatum (L. f.) Diels -- not accepted
  Polystichum muricatum (L.) Fe -- accepted -- West Indian hollyfern
  Polystichum triangulum auct. non (L.) Fe -- not accepted
  Pontederia rotundifolia L. f. -- accepted -- tropical pickerelweed
  Populus tacamahaca var. lanceolata (Marshall) Farw. -- not accepted
  Populus tacanahaca var. lanceolata (Marshall) Farw. -- not accepted
  Porothamnium bigelovii (Sull.) Fleisch. in Broth. -- not accepted
  Potamogeton epihydrus var. nuttallii (Cham. & Schltdl.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Prionachne dentata (L. f.) Nees -- not accepted
  Prionanthium dentatum (L. f.) Henrard -- not accepted
  Prunus domestica var. insititia (L.) Fiori & Paoletti -- not accepted -- European plum
  Prunus pensylvanica L. f. -- accepted -- fire cherry, pin cherry
  Prunus pensylvanica var. pensylvanica L. f. -- not accepted -- pin cherry
  Pseudabutilon umbellatum (L.) Fryxell -- accepted -- umbrella Indian mallow
  Psoralea psoralioides var. eglandulosa (Elliott) F.L. Freeman -- not accepted
  Psoralea psoralioides var. gracilis (Torr. & A. Gray) F.L. Freeman -- not accepted
  Psychotria hombroniana (Baill.) Fosberg -- accepted
  Psychotria hombroniana var. hombroniana (Baill.) Fosberg -- accepted
  Psychotria kaduana (Cham. & Schltdl.) Fosberg -- accepted -- kopiko kea
  Psychotria mariniana (Cham. & Schltdl.) Fosberg -- accepted -- forest wild coffee
  Pteris serrulata auct. non L. f. -- not accepted
  Pterocarpus santalinus L. f. -- accepted -- red sandalwood
  Puccinellia nutkaensis (J. Presl) Fernald & Weath. -- accepted -- Nootka alkaligrass
  Pycnanthemum beadlei (Small) Fernald -- accepted -- Beadle's mountainmint
  Pyrus arbutifolia (L.) L. f. -- not accepted
  Quercus turbinella ssp. ajoensis (C.H. Mull.) Felger & C.H. Lowe -- not accepted -- Ajo oak
  Ranunculus pensylvanicus L. f. -- accepted -- bristly buttercup, Pennsylvania buttercup
  Renealmia L. f. -- accepted -- renealmia
  Renealmia exaltata L. f. -- not accepted
  Reussia rotundifolia (L. f.) A. Cast. -- not accepted -- reussia
  Rhodocactus portulacifolius (L.) F.M. Knuth -- not accepted
  Rhus lancea L. f. -- not accepted -- African sumac, karee, willow rhus
  Roettlera kinnearii (F. Muell.) Fritsch -- not accepted
  Rorippa islandica var. microcarpa (Regel) Fernald -- not accepted
  Rottboellia L. f. -- accepted -- itchgrass, rottboellia
  Rottboellia dimidiata (L.) L. f. -- not accepted
  Rottboellia exaltata L. f. -- not accepted -- itchgrass, raoulgrass
  Rottboellia incurvata (L.) L. f. -- not accepted
  Rubus ursinus var. vitifolius (Cham. & Schltdl.) Focke -- not accepted
  Rudbeckia hirta var. brittonii (Small) Fernald -- not accepted
  Rudbeckia hirta var. monticola (Small) Fernald -- not accepted
  Rudbeckia laciniata var. digitata (Mill.) Fiori -- not accepted -- cutleaf coneflower
  Rudbeckia triloba var. beadlei (Small) Fernald -- not accepted
  Sagina nodosa (L.) Fenzl -- accepted -- knotted pearlwort
  Sagina nodosa ssp. nodosa (L.) Fenzl -- accepted -- knotted pearlwort
  Salicornia europaea var. prostrata auct. non (Pall.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Salix chlorophylla var. nelsonii (C.R. Ball) Flod. -- not accepted
  Salix glaucophylloides var. albovestita (C.R. Ball) Fernald -- not accepted
  Salsola aphylla L. f. -- accepted -- lyebush
  Saponaria pumilio (L.) Fenzl ex A. Braun -- accepted -- pygmy pink
  Satureja vulgaris (L.) Fritsch -- not accepted
  Saxifraga crenatifolia (Small) Fedde -- not accepted
  Saxifraga funstonii (Small) Fedde -- not accepted
  Saxifraga micropetala (Small) Fedde -- not accepted
  Saxifraga montana (Small) Fedde -- not accepted
  Saxifraga vespertina (Small) Fedde -- accepted -- yellowdot saxifrage
  Saxifraga vreelandii (Small) Fedde ex Just -- not accepted
  Scapania bolanderi var. americana (K. Mull.) Frye & Clark -- not accepted
  Schedonorus sterilis (L.) Fr. -- not accepted
  Schedonorus tectorum (L.) Fr. -- not accepted
  Schinopsis quebracho-colorado (Schltdl.) F.A. Barkley & T. Mey. -- accepted -- red quebracho
  Searsia lancea (L. f.) F.A. Barkley -- accepted
  Secale pumilum (L. f.) Pers. -- not accepted
  Securinega acidoton (L.) Fawc. & Rendle -- not accepted
  Semecarpus L. f. -- accepted
  Semecarpus anacardium L. f. -- accepted -- markingnut tree
  Senecio cernuus A. Gray non L. f. -- not accepted
  Senecio congestus var. palustris (L.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Senna bacillaris (L. f.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby -- accepted -- whitebark senna
  Serissa foetida (L. f.) Lam. -- not accepted -- snowrose
  Setaria italica subvar. germanica (Mill.) F.T. Hubb. -- not accepted
  Sida acuta ssp. carpinifolia (L. f.) Borss. Waalk. -- not accepted
  Sida acuta var. carpinifolia (L. f.) K. Schum. -- not accepted
  Sida carpinifolia L. f. -- not accepted
  Sidastrum micranthum (A. St.-Hil.) Fryxell -- accepted -- dainty sandmallow
  Sidastrum paniculatum (L.) Fryxell -- accepted -- panicled sandmallow
  Silene caroliniana var. wherryi (Small) Fernald -- not accepted
  Solanum marginatum L. f. -- accepted -- purple African nightshade, white-margined nightshade
  Solidago rugosa var. celtidifolia (Small) Fernald -- not accepted
  Solidago sempervirens var. mexicana (L.) Fernald -- not accepted -- seaside goldenrod
  Sonneratia L. f. -- accepted
  Sparganium minimum (L.) Fr. -- not accepted
  Spiraea japonica L. f. -- accepted -- Japanese meadowsweet, Japanese spiraea
  Spondias pinnata (L. f.) Kurz -- accepted
  Stegosia exaltata (L. f.) Nash -- not accepted
  Stellaria borealis var. crispa (Cham. & Schltdl.) Fenzl ex Torr. & A. Gray -- not accepted
  Stellaria borealis var. simcoei (Howell) Fernald -- not accepted
  Stellaria calycantha var. simcoei (Howell) Fernald -- not accepted
  Stellaria dicranoides (Cham. & Schltdl.) Fenzl -- accepted -- matted starwort
  Sterculia platanifolia L. f. -- not accepted
  Stipa spicata L. f. -- not accepted
  Streblus pendulinus (Endl.) F. Muell. -- accepted -- Hawai'i roughbush
  Streptopus roseus var. curvipes (Vail) Fassett -- not accepted
  Styphelia tameiameiae (Cham. & Schltdl.) F. Muell. -- not accepted -- pukiawe
  Swida alternifolia (L. f.) Small -- not accepted
  Talipariti tiliaceum (L.) Fryxell -- accepted
  Taxiphyllum deplanatum (Bruch & Schimp. ex Sull.) Fleisch. -- accepted -- taxiphyllum moss
  Tectona L. f. -- accepted
  Tectona grandis L. f. -- accepted -- teak
  Teramnus labialis (L. f.) Spreng. -- accepted -- blue wiss
  Ternstroemia Mutis ex L. f. -- accepted
  Teucrium canadense var. littorale (E.P. Bicknell) Fernald -- not accepted
  Teucrium occidentale var. boreale (E.P. Bicknell) Fernald -- not accepted
  Thelypteris parasitica (L.) Fosberg -- not accepted -- parasitic maiden fern
  Themeda ciliata (L. f.) Hack. ex Duthie -- not accepted
  Tigridia pavonia (L. f.) DC. -- accepted
  Tournefortia argentea L. f. -- accepted -- velvetleaf soldierbush
  Trachypogon spicatus (L. f.) Kuntze -- accepted -- spiked crinkleawn
  Tribolium purpureum (L. f.) Verboom & H. P. Linder -- accepted
  Tribolium uniolae (L. f.) Renvoize -- accepted
  Tricuspis flava (L.) F.T. Hubb. -- not accepted
  Triodia flava var. aristata (Scribn. & C.R. Ball) Fernald & Griscom -- not accepted
  Triodia flava var. chapmanii (Small) Fernald & Griscom -- not accepted
  Tripodion tetraphyllum (L.) Fourr. -- accepted
  Triticum aestivum var. hybernum (L.) Farw. -- not accepted
  Triticum aestivum var. hybernum (L.) Fiori -- not accepted
  Triticum arenarium (L.) F. Herm. -- not accepted
  Triticum prostratum (Pall.) L. f. -- not accepted
  Triticum pumilum L. f. -- not accepted
  Triticum villosum (L.) F. Herm. -- not accepted
  Tuberaria guttata (L.) Fourr. -- accepted -- European frostweed
  Uncinia uncinata (L. f.) Kk. -- accepted -- Hawai'i birdcatching sedge
  Urostachys verticillatus auct. non (L. f.) Herter -- not accepted
  Vaccinium neglectum (Small) Fernald -- not accepted
  Vachellia eburnea (L. f.) P.J.H. Hurter & Mabb. -- accepted
  Vernonia baldwinii ssp. interior (Small) Faust -- not accepted -- interior ironweed
  Veronica connata var. glaberrima (Pennell) Fernald -- not accepted
  Veronicastrum serpyllifolium (L.) Fourr. -- not accepted
  Veronicastrum virginicum (L.) Farw. -- accepted -- Culver's root
  Vigna sesquipedalis (L.) Fruwirth -- not accepted
  Vilfa tenacissima (L. f.) Kunth -- not accepted
  Vitex rotundifolia L. f. -- accepted -- roundleaf chastetree
  Waldsteinia fragarioides var. parviflora (Small) Fernald -- not accepted
  Watsonia marginata (L. f.) Ker Gawl. -- accepted -- fragrant bugle-lily
  Zamia cycadis L. f. -- not accepted
  Zamia debilis L. f. -- not accepted
  Zamia furfuracea L. f. -- accepted -- cardboard palm
  Zamia integrifolia L. f. -- accepted
  Zamia pungens L. f. -- not accepted
 Kingdom Chromista
  Alexandrium monilatum (Howell) F. J. R. Taylor, 1979 -- accepted

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