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Taxon author: (L.) Bernh.

ITIS records citing taxon author "(L.) Bernh."
 Kingdom Plantae
  Arabis glabra (L.) Bernh. -- not accepted -- tower rockcress, tower-mustard
  Arabis glabra var. glabra (L.) Bernh. -- not accepted -- rock cress, tower rockcress
  Asplenium fontanum (L.) Bernh. -- not accepted
  Aster linosyris (L.) Bernh. -- accepted -- goldilocks
  Beckeria ciliata (L.) Bernh. ex B.D. Jacks. -- not accepted
  Bromus temulentus (L.) Bernh. -- not accepted
  Chrysanthemum parthenium (L.) Bernh. -- not accepted
  Chrysanthemum vulgare (L.) Bernh. -- not accepted
  Cystopteris bulbifera (L.) Bernh. -- accepted -- bulb bladderfern, bulblet bladderfern
  Cystopteris fragilis (L.) Bernh. -- accepted -- brittle bladder fern, brittle bladderfern, fragile fern
  Dicentra cucullaria (L.) Bernh. -- accepted -- Dutchman's breeches
  Huperzia selago (L.) Bernh. ex Schrank & Mart. -- accepted -- fir club moss, fir clubmoss
  Huperzia selago var. selago (L.) Bernh. ex Schrank & Mart. -- not accepted -- fir clubmoss
  Lathyrus niger (L.) Bernh. -- accepted
  Lathyrus vernus (L.) Bernh. -- accepted -- spring vetch
  Poa caerulea (L.) Bernh. -- not accepted
  Pulicaria dysenterica (L.) Bernh. -- accepted -- meadow false fleabane
  Sieglingia decumbens (L.) Bernh. -- not accepted
  Weingaertneria canescens (L.) Bernh. -- not accepted

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