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Taxon author: W.H. Wagner

ITIS records citing taxon author "W.H. Wagner"
 Kingdom Plantae
  Adenophorus epigaeus (L.E. Bishop) W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Kauai kihifern
  Adenophorus montanus (Hillebr.) W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- Maui kihifern
  Adenophorus X abbottiae W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Adiantum pedatum ssp. subpumilum (W.H. Wagner) Lellinger -- not accepted
  Adiantum pedatum var. subpumilum W.H. Wagner -- not accepted
  Adiantum X tracyi C.C. Hall ex W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Tracy's maidenhair
  Alsophila media (W.H. Wagner & Grether) R.M. Tryon -- not accepted
  Ambrosia X intergradiens W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- intergrading ragweed
  Arachniodes insularis W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Santa Cruz Island hollyfern
  Aspidotis carlotta-halliae (W.H. Wagner & E.F. Gilbert) Lellinger (pro. hybr.) -- accepted -- tufted lacefern
  Asplenium haleakalense W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Haleakala spleenwort
  Asplenium hobdyi W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Hobdy's spleenwort
  Asplenium neobrackenridgei W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Neobrackenridge's spleenwort
  Asplenium trichomanes ssp. densum (Brack.) W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- dense spleenwort
  Asplenium unisorum (W.H. Wagner) Viane -- accepted -- singlesorus island spleenwort
  Asplenium X flagrum W.H. Wagner & D.D. Palmer -- accepted
  Asplenium X heteroresiliens W.H. Wagner (pro sp.) -- accepted -- resilient spleenwort
  Asplenium X kokeense W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Asplenium X lauii (W.H. Wagner) N. Snow -- accepted
  Asplenium X morganii W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Morgan's spleenwort
  Asplenium X sphenocookii W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Asplenium X waikomoi W.H. Wagner & D.D. Palmer -- accepted
  Botrychium acuminatum W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- pointed moonwort, tailed grapefern
  Botrychium alaskense W.H. Wagner & J.R. Grant -- accepted
  Botrychium ascendens W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- trianglelobe moonwort, upswept moonwort
  Botrychium campestre W.H. Wagner & Farrar -- accepted -- botryche champêtre, botryche des champs, Iowa moonwort, prairie dunewort, prairie moonwort
  Botrychium crenulatum W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- crenulate moonwort, dainty moonwort, scalloped moonwort
  Botrychium echo W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- echo moonwort, reflected grape-fern, reflected grapefern
  Botrychium hesperium (Maxon & R.T. Clausen) W.H. Wagner & Lellinger -- accepted -- western moonwort
  Botrychium lineare W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- narrowleaf grapefern, slender moonwort
  Botrychium montanum W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- mountain moonwort, western goblin
  Botrychium mormo W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- little goblin, little goblin moonwort
  Botrychium pallidum W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- botryche pâle, pale botrychium, pale moonwort
  Botrychium paradoxum W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- paradox moonwort, peculiar moonwort
  Botrychium pedunculosum W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- stalked moonwort
  Botrychium pseudopinnatum W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- false daisyleaf moonwort, false northern moonwort
  Botrychium rugulosum W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- botryche à limbe rugueux, botryche du St. Laurent, rugulose grape-fern, St. Lawrence grapefern, ternate grapefern
  Botrychium spathulatum W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- botryche à segments spatulés, botryche spatulé, spathulate botrychium, spatulate moonwort, spoon-leaf moonwort
  Botrychium X watertonense W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Waterton grapefern
  Cheilanthes carlotta-halliae W.H. Wagner & E.F. Gilbert -- not accepted
  Cheilanthes decipiens (Hook.) W.H. Wagner -- not accepted
  Cheilanthes takeuchii W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- Takeuch's lipfern
  Cornus X friedlanderi W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Friedlander's dogwood
  Cyathea media W.H. Wagner & Grether -- accepted
  Cyclosorus boydiae (D.C. Eaton) W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Cyclosorus boydiae var. boydiae (D.C. Eaton) W.H. Wagner -- not accepted
  Cyclosorus boydiae var. kipahuluensis W.H. Wagner & A.C. Medeiros -- not accepted
  Cyclosorus exindusiatus (W.H. Wagner) W.H. Wagner -- not accepted
  Cyclosorus wailele (Flynn) W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Cyclosorus X incestus (W.H. Wagner) W.H. Wagner -- not accepted
  Cyclosorus X palmeri (W.H. Wagner) W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Diellia erecta f. pumila (Brack.) W.H. Wagner -- not accepted
  Diellia leucostegioides (Baker) W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- necklace island spleenwort
  Diellia pallida W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- pale island spleenwort
  Diellia unisora W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- singlesorus island spleenwort
  Diellia X lauii W.H. Wagner -- not accepted
  Doryopteris angelica K.R. Wood & W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Kauai digit fern
  Doryopteris subdecipiens W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Waianae Mountain digit fern
  Doryopteris takeuchii (W.H. Wagner) W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Takeuch's lipfern
  Dryopteris alboviridis W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- Pihea woodfern
  Dryopteris crinalis var. podosorus (W.H. Wagner & Flynn) D.D. Palmer -- accepted -- Palapalai aumakua
  Dryopteris glabra var. alboviridis (W.H. Wagner) D.D. Palmer -- accepted
  Dryopteris glabra var. hobdyana (W.H. Wagner) D.D. Palmer -- accepted
  Dryopteris hobdyana W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- Hobdy's woodfern
  Dryopteris podosora W.H. Wagner & Flynn -- not accepted -- Kauaikinana woodfern
  Dryopteris subbipinnata W.H. Wagner & Hobdy -- accepted -- Ainahou Valley woodfern
  Dryopteris tenebrosa W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- Na Pali-Kona woodfern
  Dryopteris tetrapinnata W.H. Wagner & Hobdy -- accepted -- Waikamoi woodfern
  Dryopteris X correllii W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Dryopteris X neowherryi W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- woodfern
  Grammitis forbesiana W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- Forbes' dwarf polypody
  Gymnocarpium heterosporum W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- blackspore oakfern
  Gymnocarpium X heterosporum W.H. Wagner (pro sp.) -- accepted -- blackspore oakfern
  Huperzia erosa Beitel & W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- toothed clubmoss
  Huperzia stemmermanniae (A.C. Medeiros & W.H. Wagner) Kartesz -- accepted -- Stemmermann's clubmoss, wawae`iole
  Huperzia subintegra (Hillebr.) Beitel & W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Kauai clubmoss
  Huperzia X carlquistii Beitel & W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Huperzia X gillettii Beitel & W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Huperzia X koolauensis (W.H. Wagner) Kartesz -- accepted
  Huperzia X medeirosii Beitel & W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Isoetes hawaiiensis W.C. Taylor & W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Hawai'i quillwort
  Lycopodiella margueritae J.G. Bruce, W.H. Wagner & Beitel -- accepted -- Marguerite's clubmoss
  Lycopodiella margueritiae J.G. Bruce, W.H. Wagner & Beitel -- not accepted -- Marguerite's clubmoss
  Lycopodiella subappressa J.G. Bruce, W.H. Wagner & Beitel -- accepted -- northern bog clubmoss
  Lycopodium hickeyi W.H. Wagner, Beitel & R.C. Moran -- accepted -- Pennsylvania clubmoss
  Lycopodium venustulum var. verticale W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Microlepia mauiensis W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- Maui fern
  Microlepia strigosa var. mauiensis (W.H. Wagner) D.D. Palmer -- accepted -- palapalai
  Microlepia X adulteriana W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Nephrolepis exaltata ssp. hawaiiensis W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Nephrolepis X copelandii W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Nephrolepis X medlerae W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Oreogrammitis forbesiana (W.H. Wagner) Parris -- accepted -- Forbes' dwarf polypody
  Pellaea X glaciogena W.H. Wagner, Pray & A.R. Sm. -- accepted -- cliffbrake
  Phlegmariurus dichotomus (Jacq.) W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- hanging clubmoss
  Phlegmariurus filiformis (Sw.) W.H. Wagner -- not accepted
  Phlegmariurus mannii (Hillebr.) W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- wawae`iole
  Phlegmariurus nutans (Brack.) W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- wawae`iole
  Phlegmariurus stemmermanniae A.C. Medeiros & W.H. Wagner -- not accepted
  Phlegmariurus X koolauensis W.H. Wagner -- not accepted
  Pityrogramma X mackenneyi W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Polystichum bonseyi W.H. Wagner & Hobdy -- accepted -- Bonsey's hollyfern
  Polystichum kruckebergii W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Kruckeberg's hollyfern
  Polystichum kwakiutlii W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Kwakiutl's hollyfern
  Populus X barnesii W.H. Wagner -- not accepted
  Psilotum X intermedium W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  Pteris X delchampsii W.H. Wagner & Nauman -- accepted -- Delchamps' brake
  Sceptridium subbifoliatum (Brack.) W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- island grapefern
  Sphaerostephanos maemonensis (W.H. Wagner & Grether) Holttum -- accepted
  Swida X friedlanderi (W.H. Wagner) Holub -- not accepted
  Thelypteris exindusiata W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Makaleha maiden fern
  Thelypteris gretheri (W.H. Wagner) Stone -- accepted
  Thelypteris maemonensis (W.H. Wagner & Grether) B.C. Stone -- not accepted
  Thelypteris X incesta W.H. Wagner -- not accepted
  Thelypteris X palmeri W.H. Wagner -- not accepted
  X Dryostichum W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  X Dryostichum singulare W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  X Lindsaeosoria W.H. Wagner -- accepted
  X Lindsaeosoria flynnii W.H. Wagner -- accepted

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