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Taxon author: (L.) Nutt.

ITIS records citing taxon author "(L.) Nutt."
 Kingdom Plantae
  Carya alba (L.) Nutt. -- not accepted -- mockernut hickory
  Cimicifuga racemosa (L.) Nutt. -- not accepted -- black bugbane, black cohosh, black snakeroot
  Comandra umbellata (L.) Nutt. -- accepted -- bastard toadflax
  Comandra umbellata ssp. umbellata (L.) Nutt. -- accepted -- bastard toadflax
  Crypsis virginica (L.) Nutt. -- not accepted
  Diachroa procumbens (Muhl.) Nutt. -- not accepted
  Diplacus glutinosus (J.C. Wendl.) Nutt. -- not accepted
  Eubotrys racemosa (L.) Nutt. -- accepted -- coastal fetterbush, swamp doghobble
  Euthamia graminifolia (L.) Nutt. -- accepted -- flat-top goldentop, flattop goldentop, slender goldentop
  Euthamia graminifolia var. graminifolia (L.) Nutt. -- not accepted -- flat-top goldentop
  Glandularia canadensis (L.) Nutt. -- accepted -- rose mock vervain, rose verbena
  Hymenolobus procumbens (L.) Nutt. ex Schinz & Thell. -- not accepted
  Krigia dandelion (L.) Nutt. -- accepted -- potato dwarfdandelion, tuber dandelion, tuber dwarfdandelion
  Leptandra virginica (L.) Nutt. -- not accepted
  Orthopogon hirtellum (L.) Nutt. -- not accepted
  Saccharum alopecuroides (L.) Nutt. -- accepted
  Saccharum alopecuroidum (L.) Nutt. -- not accepted -- silver plumegrass
  Shepherdia canadensis (L.) Nutt. -- accepted -- russet buffalo-berry, russet buffaloberry
  Thaspium aureum (L.) Nutt. -- not accepted
  Xerophyllium asphodeloides (L.) Nutt. -- not accepted
  Xerophyllum asphodeloides (L.) Nutt. -- accepted -- eastern turkeybeard

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