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Taxon author: Graham

ITIS records citing taxon author "Graham"
 Kingdom Animalia
  Anairetes agraphia plengei Schulenberg & Graham, 1981 -- valid
  Ceratitis anonae Graham, 1908 -- valid
  Ceratitis inscripta Graham, 1910 -- invalid
  Ceratitis nigra Graham, 1910 -- invalid
  Conostigmus fanalensis Graham, 1984 -- valid
  Dacus bipartitus Graham, 1910 -- invalid
  Dacus flavicans Graham, 1910 -- invalid
  Dacus flavicrus Graham, 1910 -- valid
  Dacus fuscovittatus Graham, 1910 -- valid
  Eupteromalus albopilosus Graham, 1969 -- valid
  Eupteromalus peregrinus Graham, 1969 -- valid
  Nucellicolidae Lamb, Boxshall, Mill & Grahame, 1996 -- valid
  Oreochromis esculentus (Graham, 1928) -- valid
  Pantherophis ramspotti Crother, White, Savage, Eckstut, Graham and Gardner, 2011 -- valid -- Western Foxsnake
  Siren reticulata Graham, Kline, Steen and Kelehear, 2018 -- valid
  Sphaerodactylus asterulus Schwartz and Graham, 1980 -- valid
  Sphaerodactylus sommeri Graham, 1981 -- valid
  Tetrastichus pompilicola Graham, 1960 -- valid
  Trirhithrum inscriptum (Graham, 1910) -- valid
  Trirhithrum nigrum (Graham, 1910) -- valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acalypha gibsonii (J. Graham) M.R. Almeida -- accepted
  Aeschynanthus grandiflorus J. Graham -- not accepted
  Alophia drummondii auct. non (Graham) R.C. Foster -- not accepted -- propeller flower
  Alophia drummondii (Graham) R.C. Foster -- accepted -- propeller flower
  Alstroemeria aurea Graham -- accepted -- Peruvian-lily
  Arabis holboellii var. retrofracta (Graham) Rydb. -- not accepted -- a holboell rock-cress, second rockcress
  Arabis retrofracta Graham -- not accepted
  Bletia patula Graham -- accepted -- flor de pasmo
  Bletia patula var. patula Graham -- not accepted -- flor de pasmo
  Boechera holboellii var. retrofracta (Graham) Dorn -- not accepted
  Boechera retrofracta (Graham) Á. Löve & D. Löve -- accepted
  Boechera stricta (Graham) Al-Shehbaz -- accepted -- Drummond's rockcress
  Cracca intermedia (Graham) Small -- not accepted
  Crotalaria ferruginea Graham ex Benth. -- accepted
  Croton gibsonii J. Graham -- not accepted
  Croton ramiflorus J. Graham -- not accepted
  Croton rheedei J. Graham -- accepted
  Curcuma caulina J. Graham -- accepted
  Cypella drummondii Graham -- not accepted
  Draba crassifolia Graham -- accepted -- Rocky Mountain draba, snowbed draba, snowbed whitlow-grass, snowbed whitlowgrass
  Draba crassifolia var. crassifolia Graham -- not accepted -- snowbed whitlowgrass
  Elephantopus martii Graham -- not accepted
  Erigeron humilis Graham -- accepted -- arctic alpine fleabane
  Euphorbia cruentata Graham -- not accepted
  Euterpe montana Graham -- not accepted
  Gaultheria humifusa (Graham) Rydb. -- accepted -- alpine spicywintergreen, western wintergreen
  Gesneria elongata var. fruticosa Graham -- not accepted
  Gesneria oblongata hort. ex Graham -- not accepted
  Gesneria rupestris Mart. ex Graham -- not accepted
  Halimeda copiosa Goreau and Graham -- accepted
  Herbertia drummondii (Graham) Small -- not accepted
  Hitchenia caulina (J. Graham) Baker -- not accepted -- chavar
  Homalanthus populifolius Graham -- accepted -- bleeding-heart, Queensland poplar
  Hylocereus napoleonis (Graham) Britton & Rose -- not accepted
  Lantana hirta auct. non Graham -- not accepted
  Libertia formosa Graham -- accepted -- snowy mermaid
  Lobelia robusta Graham -- accepted -- robust lobelia
  Lobelia robusta var. robusta Graham -- not accepted -- robust lobelia
  Mentha X smithiana Graham -- accepted -- Smith's mint
  Micranthes ferruginea (Graham) Brouillet & Gornall -- accepted -- russethair saxifrage, rusty saxifrage
  Milla uniflora (Lindl.) Graham -- not accepted
  Mitella trifida Graham -- accepted -- Pacific miterwort, threeparted miterwort
  Mitella trifida var. trifida Graham -- not accepted -- threeparted miterwort
  Monarda fistulosa ssp. fistulosa var. menthifolia (Graham) Fernald -- not accepted -- mintleaf beebalm, Oswego-tea, wild bergamot
  Monarda fistulosa var. menthifolia (Graham) Fernald -- accepted -- mintleaf bergamot, wild bergamot
  Monarda menthifolia Graham -- not accepted
  Nicotiana acuminata (Graham) Hook. -- accepted -- manyflower tobacco
  Nicotiana acuminata var. acuminata (Graham) Hook. -- accepted -- manyflower tobacco
  Nicotiana glauca Graham -- accepted -- tree tobacco, tree tobacco
  Omalanthus populifolius Graham -- not accepted
  Opuntia drummondii Graham -- not accepted
  Ozomelis trifida (Graham) Rydb. -- not accepted
  Penstemon confertus ssp. procerus (Douglas ex Graham) D.V. Clark -- not accepted
  Penstemon confertus var. procerus (Douglas ex Graham) Coville -- not accepted
  Penstemon glaucus Graham -- not accepted
  Penstemon procerus Douglas ex Graham -- accepted -- littleflower penstemon, pincushion beardtongue
  Penstemon procerus var. procerus Douglas ex Graham -- accepted -- pincushion beardtongue
  Phacelia sericea (Graham) A. Gray -- accepted -- purplefringe, silky phacelia
  Phacelia sericea ssp. sericea (Graham) A. Gray -- accepted -- silky phacelia
  Poinsettia Graham -- not accepted
  Poinsettia pulcherrima (Willd. ex Klotzsch) Graham -- not accepted
  Polemonium boreale ssp. richardsonii (Graham) J.P. Anderson -- not accepted
  Prestoea acuminata var. montana (Graham) A.J. Hend. & Galeano -- accepted -- Sierran palm
  Prestoea montana (Graham) G. Nicholson -- not accepted -- Sierran palm
  Saxifraga ferruginea Graham -- not accepted -- russethair saxifrage
  Saxifraga ferruginea var. ferruginea Graham -- not accepted -- russethair saxifrage
  Tephrosia incana (Roxb.) Graham ex Wight & Arn. -- not accepted
  Tephrosia intermedia auct. non Graham -- not accepted
  Tupa robusta (Graham) A. DC. -- not accepted
  Vaccinium humifusum Graham -- not accepted
 Kingdom Chromista
  Acanthogonyaulax (Kof.) H. W. Graham -- accepted
  Acanthogonyaulax spinifera (Murray and Whiting) Graham -- accepted
  Ceratium boehmii Graham and Bronikovsky, 1944 -- accepted
  Ceratocorys aultii Graham, 1942 -- accepted
  Ceratocorys reticulata Graham, 1942 -- accepted
  Ceratocorys skogsbergii Graham, 1942 -- accepted
  Gonyaulax fusiformis Graham, 1942 -- not accepted
  Gymnodinium catenatum Graham, 1943 -- accepted
  Spiraulax kofoidii H. W. Graham -- accepted

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