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Taxon author: Irving

ITIS records citing taxon author "Irving"
 Kingdom Animalia
  Pelagodroma marina albiclunis Murphy & Irving, 1951 -- valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Catenella repens (Withering) L. Irving -- not accepted
  Hedeoma costata var. pulchella (Greene) Irving -- accepted -- false pennyroyal, falsepennyroyal, ribbed false pennyroyal
  Hedeoma costatum var. puchellum (Greene) Irving -- not accepted
  Hedeoma drummondii var. crenulata Irving -- not accepted
  Hedeoma pilosa R.S. Irving -- accepted -- falsepennyroyal, old blue false pennyroyal
  Hedeoma pilosum Irving -- not accepted -- old blue mock pennyroyal
  Hedeoma reverchonii var. serpyllifolia (Small) Irving -- accepted -- Reverchon's false pennyroyal, Reverchon's falsepennyroyal
  Hedeoma reverchonii var. serpyllifolium (Small) Irving -- not accepted
  Hedeoma todsenii R.S. Irving -- accepted -- Todsen's false pennyroyal, Todsen's pennyroyal
  Poliomintha longiflora var. congesta R.S. Irving -- accepted
  Spartina cynosuroides var. aureo-marginata W. Irving -- not accepted

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