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Taxon author: (Benth.) Benth.

ITIS records citing taxon author "(Benth.) Benth."
 Kingdom Plantae
  Eriogonum flavum var. crassifolium (Benth.) Benth. -- not accepted
  Gilia dichotoma (Benth.) Benth. -- not accepted
  Gomphocarpus cordifolius (Benth.) Benth. ex A. Gray -- not accepted
  Hedeoma ciliata (Benth.) Benth. ex A. DC. -- not accepted
  Isoloma inaequale (Benth.) Benth. ex Jacks. -- not accepted
  Micromeria douglasii (Benth.) Benth. -- accepted -- yerba buena
  Penstemon centranthifolius (Benth.) Benth. -- accepted -- scarlet bugler
  Sabatia maculata (Benth.) Benth. & Hook. f. -- not accepted
  Striga densiflora (Benth.) Benth. -- accepted -- denseflower witchweed, witchweed
  Synthyris reniformis (Douglas ex Benth.) Benth. -- accepted -- snowqueen
  Synthyris reniformis var. reniformis (Douglas ex Benth.) Benth. -- not accepted -- snowqueen
  Tipuana (Benth.) Benth. -- accepted

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