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Taxon author: Richardson, 1828

ITIS records citing taxon author "Richardson, 1828"
 Kingdom Animalia
  Arvicola helvolus Richardson, 1828 -- invalid
  Glaucomys sabrinus alpinus (Richardson, 1828) -- valid -- Richardson flying squirrel
  Myoxus drummondii Richardson, 1828 -- invalid
  Ochotona princeps (Richardson, 1828) -- valid -- American Pika, Cony, Hay-maker, Little Chief Hare, Mouse Hare, Piping Hare, Rock Rabbit, Southern Pika, Whistling Hare
  Ochotona princeps princeps (Richardson, 1828) -- valid
  Sorex palustris Richardson, 1828 -- valid -- American Water Shrew, musaraigne palustre, northern water shrew, Water Shrew
  Sorex palustris palustris Richardson, 1828 -- valid
  Synaptomys borealis (Richardson, 1828) -- valid -- campagnol-lemming boréale, Northern Bog Lemming
  Thomomys talpoides (Richardson, 1828) -- valid -- Northern Pocket Gopher
  Thomomys talpoides talpoides (Richardson, 1828) -- valid

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