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Expert: J. Patrick Kociolek

ITIS records citing expert
 Kingdom Bacteria
  Cyanarcus Pascher, 1914 -- valid
 Kingdom Chromista
  Achnanthaceae Kützing emend. Mann -- accepted
  Achnanthales Silva -- accepted
  Achnanthes Bory de Saint-Vincent -- accepted
  Achnanthes affinis Grunow -- not accepted
  Achnanthes altaica (Poretzky) A. Cleve -- not accepted
  Achnanthes amoena Hust. -- accepted
  Achnanthes atacamae Hust. -- accepted
  Achnanthes biasolettiana (Kütz.) Grunow -- accepted
  Achnanthes brevipes C. Agardh -- accepted
  Achnanthes brevipes var. intermedia (Kütz.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Achnanthes calcar Cleve -- not accepted
  Achnanthes clevei Grunow -- not accepted
  Achnanthes coarctata (Bréb.) Grunow -- accepted
  Achnanthes conspicua Mayer -- accepted
  Achnanthes deflexa C. W. Reimer in Patrick & Reimer -- accepted
  Achnanthes delicatula (Kütz.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Achnanthes depressa (Cleve) Hust. -- accepted
  Achnanthes detha M. H. Hohn & Hellerm. -- not accepted
  Achnanthes didyma Hust. -- not accepted
  Achnanthes dispar Cleve -- accepted
  Achnanthes duthii Screen. -- not accepted
  Achnanthes exigua Grunow -- not accepted
  Achnanthes exigua var. heterovalva Krasske -- not accepted
  Achnanthes exilis Kütz. -- not accepted
  Achnanthes flexella (Kütz.) Brun -- not accepted
  Achnanthes flexella var. alpestris Brun. -- not accepted
  Achnanthes gibberula Grunow -- not accepted
  Achnanthes gracillima Hust. emend. Foged -- accepted
  Achnanthes hauckiana Grunow -- not accepted
  Achnanthes hettensis A. Cleve -- accepted
  Achnanthes hungarica (Grunow) Grunow -- not accepted
  Achnanthes kryophila J. B. Petersen -- not accepted
  Achnanthes lanceolata (Bréb.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Achnanthes lanceolata var. dubia Grunow -- not accepted
  Achnanthes lanceolata var. elliptica Cleve -- not accepted
  Achnanthes lanceolata var. haynaldii (Schaarsch.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Achnanthes lanceolata var. omissa Reimer -- not accepted
  Achnanthes lapidosa Krasske -- accepted
  Achnanthes lapponica (Hust.) Hust. -- not accepted
  Achnanthes lapponica var. ninckei (H. Guerm. & Mang.) C. W. Reimer -- not accepted
  Achnanthes laterostrata Hust. -- not accepted
  Achnanthes lauenburgiana Hust. -- not accepted
  Achnanthes levanderi Hust. -- not accepted
  Achnanthes lewisiana R. M. Patrick -- not accepted
  Achnanthes linearis (W. Sm.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Achnanthes linearis var. pusilla Grunow -- not accepted
  Achnanthes marginulata Grunow -- not accepted
  Achnanthes microcephala (Kütz.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Achnanthes minutissima Kütz. -- not accepted
  Achnanthes nodosa A. Cleve -- accepted
  Achnanthes nollii Bock -- accepted
  Achnanthes oestrupii (H. Bachm. & A. Cleve) Hust. -- not accepted
  Achnanthes peragalli Brun & Hérib. -- not accepted
  Achnanthes pinnata Hust. -- accepted
  Achnanthes ploenensis Hust. -- not accepted
  Achnanthes procera Hust. -- accepted
  Achnanthes recurvata Hust. -- not accepted
  Achnanthes sublaevis Hust. -- not accepted
  Achnanthes subsaloides Hust. -- not accepted
  Achnanthes subsalsa J. B. Petersen -- accepted
  Achnanthes suchlandtii Hust. -- accepted
  Achnanthes thermalis (Rabenh.) Schönfeld -- accepted
  Achnanthes trinodis (W. Sm.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Achnanthes ventralis (Krasske) Lange-Bert. in Lange-Bert. & Krammer -- accepted
  Achnanthes wellsiae C. W. Reimer -- accepted
  Achnanthidium flexellum (Kütz.) Bréb. -- not accepted
  Actinocyclus niagarae H. L. Sm. -- not accepted
  Actinocyclus normanii (W. Greg.) Hust. -- accepted
  Actinocyclus normanii f. subsala (Juhl.-Dannf.) Hust. -- accepted
  Amphipleura Kützing -- accepted
  Amphipleura pellucida (Kützing) Kützing -- accepted
  Amphipleura sigmoida W. Sm. -- not accepted
  Amphipleuraceae Grunow -- accepted
  Amphiprora alata (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- not accepted
  Amphiprora calumetica B. W. Thomas in B. W. Thomas & H. H. Chase -- not accepted
  Amphiprora ornata J. W. Bail. -- not accepted
  Amphiprora paludosa W. Sm. -- not accepted
  Amphitropis ornata (J. W. Bail.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Amphora Ehrenberg ex Kützing -- accepted
  Amphora birugula Hohn, 1961 -- accepted
  Amphora bullatoides M. H. Hohn & Hellerm. -- accepted
  Amphora calumetica (B. W. Thomas ex Wolle) M. Perag. -- accepted
  Amphora coffeaeformis (C. Agardh) Kütz. -- accepted
  Amphora coffeaeformis var. acutiuscula (Kütz.) Hust. -- accepted
  Amphora commutata Grunow -- accepted
  Amphora crucifera A. Cleve -- not accepted
  Amphora cruciferoides Stoermer & J. J. Yang -- accepted
  Amphora delicatissima Krasske -- accepted
  Amphora exigua W. Greg. -- accepted
  Amphora fonticola Maill. -- accepted
  Amphora gigas Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Amphora huronensis Stoermer & J. J. Yang -- accepted
  Amphora libyca Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Amphora michiganensis Stoermer & J. J. Yang -- accepted
  Amphora montana Krasske -- accepted
  Amphora neglecta Stoermer & J. J. Yang -- accepted
  Amphora ovalis (Kütz.) Kütz. -- accepted
  Amphora ovalis var. affinis (Kütz.) Van Heurck ex DeToni -- accepted
  Amphora ovalis var. constricta Skvortzow -- accepted
  Amphora ovalis var. gracilis (Ehrenb.) Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Amphora ovalis var. libyca (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Amphora ovalis var. minutissima (W. Sm.) Hurter -- not accepted
  Amphora ovalis var. pediculus (Kützing) Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Amphora parallelistriata Mang. -- accepted
  Amphora perpusilla (Grunow) Grunow in Van Heurck -- accepted
  Amphora rotunda Skvortsov -- accepted
  Amphora sabiniana Reimer, 1975 -- accepted
  Amphora subcostulata Stoermer & J. J. Yang -- accepted
  Amphora submontana Hust. -- accepted
  Amphora tenuistriata Mang. in Bourr. & Mang. -- accepted
  Amphora thumensis (Mayer) A. Cleve -- accepted
  Amphora veneta Kütz. -- accepted
  Amphora veneta var. capitata E. Y. Haw. -- not accepted
  Anomoeoneidaceae Mann -- accepted
  Anomoeoneis Pfitzer -- accepted
  Anomoeoneis costata (Kütz.) Hust. -- accepted
  Anomoeoneis exilis (Kütz.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Anomoeoneis follis (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Anomoeoneis sculpta (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Anomoeoneis serians (Bréb.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Anomoeoneis serians var. brachysira (Bréb.) Hust. -- not accepted
  Anomoeoneis sphaerophora (Ehrenb.) Pfitzer -- accepted
  Anomoeoneis sphaerophora var. sculpta (Ehrenb.) O. Müll. -- accepted
  Anomoeoneis styriaca (Grunow) Hust. -- not accepted
  Anomoeoneis vitrea (Grunow) R. Ross in Patrick and Reimer -- not accepted
  Anomoeoneis zellensis (Grunow) Cleve -- not accepted
  Asterionella Hassall -- accepted
  Asterionella bleakeleyi W. Sm. -- accepted
  Asterionella formosa Hass. -- accepted
  Asterionella formosa var. acaroides Lemm. -- accepted
  Asterionella formosa var. gracillima (Hantzsch) Grunow in Van Heurck -- accepted
  Asterionella formosa var. subtilis Grunow -- accepted
  Asterionella gracillima (Hantzsch) Heib. -- accepted
  Asterionella ralfsii W. Sm. -- accepted
  Attheya West -- accepted
  Aulacoseira alpigena (Grunow) Krammer -- accepted
  Aulacoseira ambigua (Grunow) Simonsen -- accepted
  Aulacoseira granulata (Ehrenb.) Simonsen -- accepted
  Aulacoseira granulata var. angustissima (O. Müll.) Simonsen -- accepted
  Aulacoseira italica (Ehrenb.) Simonsen -- accepted
  Aulacoseira lirata (Ehrenberg) Ross -- accepted
  Aulacoseira subarctica (O. Müll.) E. Y. Haw. -- accepted
  Bacillaria Gmelin -- accepted
  Bacillaria paradoxa Gmelin -- not accepted
  Bacillaria paxillifer (O. F. Müll.) Hendy -- accepted
  Bacillariaceae Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Bacillariales Hendey -- accepted
  Bacillariophyceae Haeckel -- accepted -- diatomées, diatoms
  Bacillariophyta (West) Donkin -- not accepted
  Biddulphia laevis Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Biddulphiaceae Kützing -- accepted
  Biddulphiales Krieger -- accepted
  Brachysira exilis (Kütz.) Round and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Caloneis Cleve -- accepted
  Caloneis alpestris (Grunow) Cleve -- accepted
  Caloneis amphisbaena (Bory) Cleve -- accepted
  Caloneis bacillaris (W. Greg.) Cleve -- accepted
  Caloneis bacillaris var. thermalis (Grunow) Cleve -- accepted
  Caloneis bacillum (Grunow) Cleve -- accepted
  Caloneis bacillum var. fontinalis Hust. -- not accepted
  Caloneis bacillum var. lancettula (E. Schulz) Hust. -- not accepted
  Caloneis clevei (Lagerst.) Cleve -- accepted
  Caloneis formosa W. Greg. -- accepted
  Caloneis hyalina Hust. -- accepted
  Caloneis lamella Zakrz. -- accepted
  Caloneis leptosoma (Grunow) Krammer in Krammer and Lange-Bertalot -- accepted
  Caloneis lewisii R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Caloneis liber (W. Smith) Cleve -- accepted
  Caloneis limosa (Kützing) R.M. Patrick -- accepted
  Caloneis molaris (Grunow) Krammer in Krammer and Lange-Bertalot -- accepted
  Caloneis nubicola (Grunow) Cleve -- accepted
  Caloneis pulchra Messik. -- accepted
  Caloneis pulchra var. interrupta Gandhi -- accepted
  Caloneis schumanniana (Grunow) Cleve -- not accepted
  Caloneis schumanniana var. biconstricta Grunow -- not accepted
  Caloneis silicula (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Caloneis silicula var. truncatula (Grunow) Cleve -- not accepted
  Caloneis undulata (W. Greg.) Krammer in Krammer & Lange-Bert. -- accepted
  Caloneis ventricosa (Ehrenb.) F. Meister -- accepted
  Caloneis ventricosa var. minuta (Grunow) R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Caloneis ventricosa var. subundulata (Grunow) R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Caloneis ventricosa var. truncatula (Grunow) F. Meister -- accepted
  Caloneis ventricosa var. ventricosa (Ehrenb.) F. Meister -- accepted
  Campylodiscus Ehrenberg ex Kützing -- accepted
  Campylodiscus clypeus Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Campylodiscus cribrosus W. Sm. -- accepted
  Campylodiscus decorus Bréb. -- accepted
  Campylodiscus hibernicus Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Campylodiscus noricus Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Campylodiscus noricus var. hibernicus (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- accepted
  Capartogramma Kufferath -- accepted
  Capartogramma crucicula (Grunow) R. Ross -- accepted
  Catenulaceae Mersechkowsky -- accepted
  Ceratoneis arcus (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- not accepted
  Ceratoneis arcus var. amphioxys (Rabenh.) Brun -- not accepted
  Chaetoceraceae Ralfs in Pritchard -- not accepted
  Chaetoceros Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Chaetoceros muelleri Lemmermann -- accepted
  Chaetoceros muelleri var. subsalsum (Lemmermann) J.R. Johansen and Rushforth -- not accepted
  Chaetocerotales Round and Crawford -- accepted
  Chromista -- accepted
  Cocconeidaceae Kützing -- accepted
  Cocconeis Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Cocconeis diminuta Pant. -- not accepted
  Cocconeis diruptoides Hust. -- accepted
  Cocconeis disculus (Schum.) Cleve -- accepted
  Cocconeis disculus var. diminuta (Pant.) A. Cleve -- not accepted
  Cocconeis flexella (Kütz.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Cocconeis fluviatilis J. H. Wallace -- accepted
  Cocconeis japonica A. W. F. Schmidt -- not accepted
  Cocconeis lineata Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Cocconeis neodiminuta Krammer in Krammer & Lange-Bert. -- accepted
  Cocconeis pediculus Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Cocconeis placentula Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Cocconeis placentula var. euglypta (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- accepted
  Cocconeis placentula var. klinoraphis Geitler -- accepted
  Cocconeis placentula var. lineata (Ehrenb.) Van Heurck -- accepted
  Cocconeis placentula var. rouxii (Hérib. & Brun) Cleve -- accepted
  Cocconeis rhombea Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Cocconeis rouxii Hérib. & Brun -- not accepted
  Cocconeis scutellum Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Cocconeis scutellum var. parva (Grunow) Cleve -- accepted
  Cocconeis thumensis Mayer -- accepted
  Cocconeis thwaitesii W. Sm. -- not accepted
  Cocconeis transversalis W. Greg. -- not accepted
  Cocconema cistula Hempr. -- not accepted
  Cocconema cymbiforme (Kütz.) Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Cocconema fusidium Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Cocconema gastroides (Kütz.) Pell. -- not accepted
  Cocconema lanceolatum Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Coscinodiscaceae Kützing -- accepted
  Coscinodiscales Round and Crawford -- accepted
  Coscinodiscophyceae -- not accepted
  Coscinodiscus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Coscinodiscus asteromorphus Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Coscinodiscus decrescens Grunow -- accepted
  Coscinodiscus lacustris Grunow -- not accepted
  Coscinodiscus lanceolatum Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Coscinodiscus marginatus Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Coscinodiscus radiatus Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Coscinodiscus rothii (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- accepted
  Coscinodiscus tuberculatus Grev. -- accepted
  Craspedodiscus microdiscus Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Cyclostephanos costatilimbus (Kob. & Kob.) Stoermer, Håk. & Theriot. -- accepted
  Cyclostephanos dubius (Fricke) Round in Theriot, Håkansson, Kociolek, Round & Stoermer -- accepted
  Cyclostephanos invisitatus (M. H. Hohn & Hellerm.) Theriot, Stoermer & Håk. -- accepted
  Cyclostephanos tholiformis Stoermer, Håk. & Theriot -- accepted
  Cyclotella (Kützing) de Brebisson -- accepted
  Cyclotella antiqua W. Sm. -- accepted
  Cyclotella atomus Hust. -- accepted
  Cyclotella bodanica Eulenstein -- accepted
  Cyclotella bodanica var. michiganensis Skvortsov -- accepted
  Cyclotella bodanica var. stellata Skvortsov -- accepted
  Cyclotella caspia Grunow -- accepted
  Cyclotella catenata Brun -- accepted
  Cyclotella comensis Grunow -- accepted
  Cyclotella comta (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- accepted
  Cyclotella comta var. bodanica Grunow -- accepted
  Cyclotella comta var. glabriuscula Grunow -- accepted
  Cyclotella comta var. oligactis (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- accepted
  Cyclotella comta var. paucipunctata Grunow -- accepted
  Cyclotella comta var. radiosa Grunow -- accepted
  Cyclotella cryptica Reimann, Lewin & Guillard -- accepted
  Cyclotella dubia Hilse -- accepted
  Cyclotella facetia M. H. Hohn & Hellerm. -- accepted
  Cyclotella gamma Sovereign -- accepted
  Cyclotella glomerata Bachm. -- accepted
  Cyclotella kuetzingiana Thwaites -- not accepted
  Cyclotella melosiroides (Kirchn.) Lemm. -- accepted
  Cyclotella meneghiniana Kütz. -- accepted
  Cyclotella meneghiniana var. plana Fricke -- accepted
  Cyclotella meneghiniana var. stellulifera Cleve & Grunow -- not accepted
  Cyclotella michiganiana Skvortsov -- accepted
  Cyclotella nana Hust. -- not accepted
  Cyclotella ocellata Pant. -- accepted
  Cyclotella operculata (C. Agardh) Kütz. -- not accepted
  Cyclotella planctonica Brunnth. -- accepted
  Cyclotella pseudostelligera Hust. -- accepted
  Cyclotella rotula Kütz. -- not accepted
  Cyclotella spinosa Schum. -- not accepted
  Cyclotella stelligera (Cleve & Grunow) Van Heurck -- accepted
  Cyclotella striata (Kütz.) Grunow -- accepted
  Cyclotella striata var. bipunctata Fricke -- accepted
  Cylindrotheca gracilis (Bréb. in Kütz.) Grunow -- accepted
  Cymatopleura Smith -- accepted
  Cymatopleura angulata Grev. -- accepted
  Cymatopleura apiculata W. Sm. -- accepted
  Cymatopleura cochlea Brun -- accepted
  Cymatopleura elliptica (Bréb. & Godey) W. Sm. -- accepted
  Cymatopleura elliptica var. hibernica (W. Sm.) Van Heurck -- accepted
  Cymatopleura hibernica W. Sm. -- not accepted
  Cymatopleura solea (Bréb. & Godey) W. Sm. -- accepted
  Cymatopleura solea var. apiculata (W. Sm.) Ralfs -- accepted
  Cymatopleura solea var. clavata O. Müll. -- accepted
  Cymatopleura solea var. regula (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- accepted
  Cymbella Agardh -- accepted
  Cymbella acutiuscula Cleve -- accepted
  Cymbella aequalis W. Sm. -- accepted
  Cymbella affinis Kütz. -- accepted
  Cymbella amphicephala Nägeli -- accepted
  Cymbella amphicephala var. subundulata Cleve -- accepted
  Cymbella angustata (W. Sm.) Cleve -- accepted
  Cymbella aspera (Ehrenb.) H. Perag. -- accepted
  Cymbella aspera var. minor (Van Heurck) Cleve -- accepted
  Cymbella austriaca Grunow -- accepted
  Cymbella brehmii Hust. -- not accepted
  Cymbella cesatii (Rabenh.) Grunow ex A. W. F. Schmidt -- accepted
  Cymbella cistula (Ehrenb. in Hemprich & Ehrenb.) Kirchn. in Cohn -- accepted
  Cymbella cistula var. gibbosa Brun -- accepted
  Cymbella cistula var. maculata (Kütz.) Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Cymbella cistula var. truncata Brun -- accepted
  Cymbella cuspidata Kütz. -- accepted
  Cymbella cymbiformis C. Agardh -- accepted
  Cymbella delicatula Kütz. -- accepted
  Cymbella designata Krammer in Krammer & Lange-Bert. -- accepted
  Cymbella diluviana (Krasske) M. Florin -- accepted
  Cymbella ehrenbergii Kütz. -- not accepted
  Cymbella gastroides Kütz. -- not accepted
  Cymbella gracilis (Rabenh.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Cymbella hauckii Van Heurck -- accepted
  Cymbella hebridica Grunow ex Cleve -- not accepted
  Cymbella helvetica Kütz. -- accepted
  Cymbella hustedtii Krasske -- accepted
  Cymbella hybrida Grunow -- accepted
  Cymbella inaequalis (Ehrenb.) Rabenh. -- accepted
  Cymbella incerta (Grunow) Cleve -- accepted
  Cymbella lacustris (C. Agardh) Cleve -- not accepted
  Cymbella laevis Nägeli ex Kütz. -- accepted
  Cymbella lanceolata (C. Agardh) C. Agardh -- accepted
  Cymbella lata Grunow -- accepted
  Cymbella latens Krasske -- not accepted
  Cymbella leptoceros (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- accepted
  Cymbella leptoceros var. rostrata Hust. -- not accepted
  Cymbella lunata W. Sm. -- not accepted
  Cymbella maculata Kütz. -- accepted
  Cymbella mexicana (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- accepted
  Cymbella microcephala Grunow -- accepted
  Cymbella microcephala var. crassa C. W. Reimer -- accepted
  Cymbella minuta Hilse -- not accepted
  Cymbella minuta var. pseudogracilis (Cholnoky) C. W. Reimer -- not accepted
  Cymbella minuta var. silesiaca (Bleisch ex Rabenh.) C. W. Reimer -- not accepted
  Cymbella moelleriana Grunow -- accepted
  Cymbella muelleri Hust. -- not accepted
  Cymbella naviculiformis Auersw. ex Heib. -- accepted
  Cymbella norvegica Grunow -- not accepted
  Cymbella obtusa W. Greg. -- not accepted
  Cymbella obtusiuscula Kütz. -- accepted
  Cymbella parva (W. Sm.) Wolle -- accepted
  Cymbella parvula Krasske -- accepted
  Cymbella prostrata (Berk.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Cymbella prostrata var. auerswaldii (Rabenh.) C. W. Reimer -- not accepted
  Cymbella proxima C. W. Reimer -- accepted
  Cymbella pusilla Grunow -- accepted
  Cymbella rugosa Hust. -- not accepted
  Cymbella ruttneri Hust. -- accepted
  Cymbella ruttneri var. obtusa Hust. -- accepted
  Cymbella scotica W. Sm. -- accepted
  Cymbella similis Krasske -- accepted
  Cymbella sinuata W. Greg. -- not accepted
  Cymbella subaequalis Grunow -- accepted
  Cymbella subventricosa Cholnoky -- accepted
  Cymbella triangulum (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Cymbella tumida (Bréb.) Van Heurck -- accepted
  Cymbella tumidula Grunow -- accepted
  Cymbella turgida W. Greg. -- not accepted
  Cymbella turgida var. pseudogracilis Cholnoky -- not accepted
  Cymbella turgidula Grunow -- accepted
  Cymbella ventricosa C. Agardh -- not accepted
  Cymbellaceae Greville -- accepted
  Cymbellales Mann -- accepted
  Cymbellonitzschia diluviana Hust. -- accepted
  Cystopleura gibba (Ehrenb.) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Cystopleura turgida (Ehrenb.) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Denticula Kützing -- accepted
  Denticula elegans Kütz. -- accepted
  Denticula lauta J. W. Bail. -- accepted
  Denticula tenuis Kütz. -- accepted
  Denticula tenuis var. crassula (Nägeli) W. West & G. S. West -- accepted
  Denticula tenuis var. frigida (Kütz.) Grunow -- accepted
  Denticula thermalis Kütz. -- accepted
  Diatoma Bory de Saint-Vincent -- accepted
  Diatoma anceps (Ehrenb.) Kirchn. -- not accepted
  Diatoma ehrenbergii Kütz. -- accepted
  Diatoma elongatum (Lyngb.) C. Agardh -- not accepted
  Diatoma elongatum var. tenue (C. Agardh) Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Diatoma elongatum var. tenuis (C. Agardh) Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Diatoma hiemale (Roth) Heib. -- accepted
  Diatoma hiemale var. hiemale (Roth) Heib. -- accepted
  Diatoma hiemale var. mesodon (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- accepted
  Diatoma tenue C. Agardh -- accepted
  Diatoma tenue var. elongatum Lyngb. -- accepted
  Diatoma tenue var. pachycephala Grunow -- accepted
  Diatoma vulgare Bory -- accepted
  Diatoma vulgare var. ehrenbergii (Kütz.) Grunow -- accepted
  Diatoma vulgare var. linearis Van Heurck -- accepted
  Diatoma vulgare var. producta Grunow -- accepted
  Didymosphenia Schmidt in Schmidt et al., 1899 -- accepted
  Diploneidaceae Mann -- accepted
  Diploneis Ehrenberg ex Cleve -- accepted
  Diploneis boldtiana Cleve -- accepted
  Diploneis domblittensis (Grunow) Cleve -- accepted
  Diploneis elliptica (Kützing) Cleve -- accepted
  Diploneis elliptica var. ladogensis Cleve -- accepted
  Diploneis elliptica var. pygmaea A. Cleve -- accepted
  Diploneis finnica (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- accepted
  Diploneis interrupta (Kütz.) Cleve -- accepted
  Diploneis marginestriata Hust. -- accepted
  Diploneis oblongella (Nägeli) R. Ross -- accepted
  Diploneis oblongella var. genuina (Nägeli ex Kütz.) R. Ross -- accepted
  Diploneis oculata (Bréb.) Cleve -- accepted
  Diploneis ovalis (Hilse) Cleve -- accepted
  Diploneis papula (A. W. F. Schmidt) Cleve -- accepted
  Diploneis parma Cleve -- accepted
  Diploneis pseudovalis Hust. -- accepted
  Diploneis puella (Schum.) Cleve -- accepted
  Diploneis smithii (Brébisson) Cleve -- accepted
  Diploneis smithii var. pumila (Grunow) Hust. -- accepted
  Diploneis subovalis Cleve -- accepted
  Ellerbeckia arenaria (Moore ex Ralfs) R. M. Crawford -- accepted
  Encyonema caespitosum Kütz. -- accepted
  Encyonema gracile Rabenh. -- accepted
  Encyonema prostratum (Berk.) Kütz. -- accepted
  Encyonema triangulatum Kütz. -- accepted
  Encyonema triangulum (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- accepted
  Encyonema turgidum (W. Greg.) Grunow -- accepted
  Encyonema ventricosum Kütz. -- accepted
  Entomoneidaceae Reimer in Patrick and Reimer -- accepted
  Entomoneis Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Entomoneis alata (Ehrenb.) Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Entomoneis ornata (J. W. Bail.) C. W. Reimer -- accepted
  Entomoneis paludosa (W. Sm.) C. W. Reimer -- accepted
  Epithemia Kützing -- accepted
  Epithemia adnata (Kütz.) Bréb. -- accepted
  Epithemia adnata var. minor (M. Perag. & Hérib.) R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Epithemia adnata var. porcellus (Kütz.) R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Epithemia adnata var. proboscidea (Kütz.) R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Epithemia adnata var. saxonica (Kütz.) R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Epithemia alpestris W. Sm. -- accepted
  Epithemia argus (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- accepted
  Epithemia argus var. alpestris (W. Sm.) Grunow -- accepted
  Epithemia argus var. amphicephala Grunow -- not accepted
  Epithemia argus var. longicornis (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- accepted
  Epithemia emarginata Andrews -- accepted
  Epithemia gibba (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- not accepted
  Epithemia gibba var. parallela Grunow -- not accepted
  Epithemia gibba var. ventricosa (Kütz.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Epithemia gibberula (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- not accepted
  Epithemia intermedia Fricke -- not accepted
  Epithemia muelleri Fricke -- accepted
  Epithemia ocellata (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- accepted
  Epithemia reicheltii Fricke -- accepted
  Epithemia smithii Carruthers -- accepted
  Epithemia sorex Kütz. -- accepted
  Epithemia turgida (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- accepted
  Epithemia turgida var. granulata (Ehrenb.) Brun -- accepted
  Epithemia turgida var. westermannii (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- accepted
  Epithemia ventricosa Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Epithemia zebra (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- not accepted
  Epithemia zebra var. porcellus (Kütz.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Epithemia zebra var. saxonica (Kütz.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Eucocconeis depressa (Cleve) Hust. -- accepted
  Eucocconeis flexella (Kütz.) Cleve -- accepted
  Eucocconeis flexella var. alpestris (Brun) Hust. -- accepted
  Eucocconeis lapponica Hust. -- accepted
  Eucocconeis lapponica var. ninckei (C. W. Reimer) Stoermer & J. J. Yang -- not accepted
  Eucocconeis lapponica var. ninckei (Guermeur & Mang.) M. B. Edlund -- accepted
  Eucocconeis minuta (Cleve) Cleve -- accepted
  Eunotia Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Eunotia arcus Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Eunotia arcus var. bidens Grunow -- not accepted
  Eunotia arcus var. fallax Hust. -- accepted
  Eunotia curvata (Kütz.) Lagerst. -- accepted
  Eunotia diodon Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Eunotia exigua (Bréb.) Rabenh. -- accepted
  Eunotia flexuosa Bréb. ex Kütz. -- accepted
  Eunotia flexuosa var. eurycephala Grunow -- accepted
  Eunotia formica Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Eunotia glacialis F. Meister -- accepted
  Eunotia gracilis (Ehrenb.) Rabenh. -- not accepted
  Eunotia granulata Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Eunotia incisa W. Sm. -- accepted
  Eunotia inflata (Grunow) Nörpel-Schempp & Lange-Bert. in Lange-Bertalot -- accepted
  Eunotia intermedia (Krasske) Nörpel-Schempp & Lange-Bert. in Lange-Bertalot -- accepted
  Eunotia lunaris (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Eunotia lunaris var. excisa Grunow -- not accepted
  Eunotia microcephala Krasske -- accepted
  Eunotia monodon Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Eunotia monodon var. major (W. Sm.) Hust. -- not accepted
  Eunotia naegelii Migula -- accepted
  Eunotia parallela Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Eunotia pectinalis (O. Müll.) Rabenh. -- accepted
  Eunotia pectinalis f. minor (Dillwyn) Rabenh. -- accepted
  Eunotia pectinalis var. minor (Kütz.) Rabenh. -- accepted
  Eunotia pectinalis var. undulata (Ralfs) Rabenh. -- accepted
  Eunotia pectinalis var. ventricosa Grunow -- accepted
  Eunotia perpusilla Grunow -- accepted
  Eunotia praerupta Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Eunotia praerupta var. bidens (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Eunotia praerupta var. inflata Grunow -- not accepted
  Eunotia praerupta var. laticeps f. curta Grunow -- not accepted
  Eunotia pseudolunaris Venkt. -- accepted
  Eunotia robusta var. tetraedon (Ehrenb.) Ralfs -- not accepted
  Eunotia septentrionalis Østrup -- accepted
  Eunotia serra Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Eunotia serra var. diadema (Ehrenb.) R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Eunotia tenella (Grunow) Hust. -- accepted
  Eunotia trinacria Krasske -- accepted
  Eunotia valida Hust. -- accepted
  Eunotia vanheurckii R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Eunotia vanheurckii var. intermedia (Krasske) R. M. Patrick -- not accepted
  Eunotia woleirotii (Kütz.) Rabenh. -- accepted
  Eunotia zebrina Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Eunotiaceae Kützing -- accepted
  Eunotiales Silva -- accepted
  Fragilaria Lyngbye -- accepted
  Fragilaria acuta Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Fragilaria arcus (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Fragilaria atomus Hust. -- accepted
  Fragilaria bicapitata Mayer -- not accepted
  Fragilaria bipunctata Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Fragilaria brevistriata Grunow in Van Heurck -- accepted
  Fragilaria brevistriata var. inflata (Pant.) Hust. -- not accepted
  Fragilaria capucina Desm. -- accepted
  Fragilaria capucina var. acuta (Ehrenb.) Rabenh. -- accepted
  Fragilaria capucina var. lanceolata Grunow -- accepted
  Fragilaria capucina var. mesolepta Rabenh. -- accepted
  Fragilaria constricta Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Fragilaria constricta f. stricta (A. Cleve) Hustedt -- not accepted
  Fragilaria construens (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Fragilaria construens var. binodis (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- accepted
  Fragilaria construens var. capitata Hérib. -- not accepted
  Fragilaria construens var. subsalina Hust. -- not accepted
  Fragilaria construens var. venter (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Fragilaria crotonensis Kitton -- accepted
  Fragilaria crotonensis var. oregona Sovereign -- accepted
  Fragilaria crotonensis var. prolongata Grunow -- accepted
  Fragilaria entomon (Ehrenb.) Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Fragilaria harrisonii Grunow -- not accepted
  Fragilaria harrisonii var. rhomboides Grunow -- not accepted
  Fragilaria heideni Østrup -- accepted
  Fragilaria heideni var. istvanffyi (Pant.) Hust. -- accepted
  Fragilaria inflata (Heiden) Hust. -- not accepted
  Fragilaria intermedia Grunow -- accepted
  Fragilaria intermedia var. continua A. Cleve -- accepted
  Fragilaria intermedia var. fallax (Grunow) A. Cleve -- accepted
  Fragilaria intermedia var. lanceolata Fusey -- accepted
  Fragilaria kriegeriana Krasske -- not accepted
  Fragilaria lapponica Grunow -- not accepted
  Fragilaria leptostauron (Ehrenb.) Hust. -- not accepted
  Fragilaria linearis Castracane -- not accepted
  Fragilaria minuscula Grunow -- accepted
  Fragilaria mutabilis (W. Sm.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Fragilaria mutabilis var. intercedens Grunow in Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Fragilaria nitzschioides Grunow -- accepted
  Fragilaria parasitica (W. Smith) Grunow -- not accepted
  Fragilaria pinnata Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Fragilaria pinnata var. intercedens (Grunow in Van Heurck) Hust. -- not accepted
  Fragilaria pinnata var. lancettula (Schum.) Hust. -- not accepted
  Fragilaria spinosa Skvortsov -- accepted
  Fragilaria vaucheriae (Kütz.) J. B. Petersen -- accepted
  Fragilaria vaucheriae var. capitellata (Grunow) R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Fragilaria vaucheriae var. fallax Grunow -- accepted
  Fragilaria vaucheriae var. lanceolata Mayer -- accepted
  Fragilaria virescens Ralfs -- not accepted
  Fragilaria virescens var. capitata Østrup -- not accepted
  Fragilaria virescens var. mesolepta (Rabenh.) Schönfeld -- accepted
  Fragilaria virescens var. oblongella Grunow -- accepted
  Fragilariaceae Greville -- accepted
  Fragilariales Silva -- accepted
  Fragilariophyceae -- not accepted
  Fragilariopsis Hustedt in Schmidt et al. -- accepted
  Frustulia Rabenhorst -- accepted
  Frustulia rhomboides (Ehrenberg) De Toni -- accepted
  Frustulia rhomboides var. amphipleuroides (Grunow) Cleve in Cleve and Grunow -- accepted
  Frustulia rhomboides var. crassinervia (Bréb.) R. Ross -- accepted
  Frustulia rhomboides var. saxonica (Rabenh.) DeToni -- not accepted
  Frustulia rhomboides var. viridula (Bréb.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Frustulia viridula (Bréb.) DeToni -- accepted
  Frustulia vulgaris (Thwaites) De Toni -- accepted
  Frustulia vulgaris var. capitata Krasske -- accepted
  Frustulia weinholdii Hust. -- accepted
  Gloeonema paradoxum Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Gloeonema triangulatum Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Gomphoneis Cleve -- accepted
  Gomphoneis eriense (Grunow) Skvortsov & K. I. Mey. -- accepted
  Gomphoneis herculeana (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- accepted
  Gomphoneis herculeana var. robusta (Grunow) Cleve -- accepted
  Gomphoneis olivacea (Hornemann) P.A. Dawson ex R. Ross and P.A. Sims -- accepted
  Gomphonema Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Gomphonema abbreviatum C. Agardh -- accepted
  Gomphonema acuminatum Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Gomphonema acuminatum var. brebissonii (Kütz.) Cleve -- accepted
  Gomphonema acuminatum var. coronatum (Ehrenb.) Rabenh. -- not accepted
  Gomphonema acuminatum var. laticeps Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Gomphonema acuminatum var. pusillum Grunow -- accepted
  Gomphonema acuminatum var. turris Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Gomphonema affine Kütz. -- accepted
  Gomphonema affine var. elongatum (Mayer) Millie & R. L Lowe -- accepted
  Gomphonema affine var. insigne (W. Greg.) G. W. Andrews -- accepted
  Gomphonema angustatum (Kütz.) Rabenh. -- accepted
  Gomphonema angustatum f. undulata Grunow -- accepted
  Gomphonema angustatum var. citera (M. H. Hohn & Hellerm.) R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Gomphonema angustatum var. obtusatum (Kütz.) Grunow -- accepted
  Gomphonema angustatum var. sarcophagus (W. Greg.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Gomphonema angustatum var. undulata Grunow -- accepted
  Gomphonema apuncto J. H. Wallace -- accepted
  Gomphonema augur Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Gomphonema bohemicum Reichelt & Fricke -- accepted
  Gomphonema brasiliense Grunow -- accepted
  Gomphonema capitatum Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Gomphonema clevei Fricke -- accepted
  Gomphonema consector M. H. Hohn & Hellerm. -- accepted
  Gomphonema constrictum Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Gomphonema dichotomum Kütz. -- accepted
  Gomphonema eriense Grunow -- not accepted
  Gomphonema gracile Ehrenb. emend. Van Heurck -- accepted
  Gomphonema gracile var. cymbelloides Grunow ms. in Cleve, 1894 -- accepted
  Gomphonema gracile var. dicotoma (Kütz.) Grunow -- accepted
  Gomphonema gracile var. naviculacea (W. Sm.) Cleve -- accepted
  Gomphonema grovei M. Schmidt -- accepted
  Gomphonema grunowii R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Gomphonema helveticum Brun -- accepted
  Gomphonema herculeanum Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Gomphonema intricatum Kütz. -- not accepted
  Gomphonema intricatum var. dichotomum (Kütz.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Gomphonema intricatum var. fossilis Pant. -- not accepted
  Gomphonema intricatum var. pumila Grunow -- not accepted
  Gomphonema lanceolatum Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Gomphonema lingulatum Hust. -- not accepted
  Gomphonema longiceps Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Gomphonema longiceps var. montana (Schum.) Hust. -- not accepted
  Gomphonema manubrium M. Schmidt & Fricke -- not accepted
  Gomphonema montanum Schum. -- accepted
  Gomphonema olivaceoides Hust. -- accepted
  Gomphonema olivaceoides var. cochleariformis Mang. -- accepted
  Gomphonema olivaceoides var. hutchinsoniana R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Gomphonema olivaceum (Lyngbye) Desmazieres -- accepted
  Gomphonema olivaceum (Hornemann) Kützing -- not accepted
  Gomphonema olivaceum var. minutissima Hust. -- accepted
  Gomphonema parvulum (Kütz.) Kütz. -- accepted
  Gomphonema parvulum var. exilissima Grunow -- not accepted
  Gomphonema parvulum var. lagenula (Kütz.) Freng. -- not accepted
  Gomphonema parvulum var. micropus (Kütz.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Gomphonema quadripunctatum (Østrup) Wislouch -- not accepted
  Gomphonema sarcophagus W. Greg. -- accepted
  Gomphonema semiapertum Grunow -- accepted
  Gomphonema sphaerophorum Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Gomphonema subclavatum (Grunow) Grunow -- accepted
  Gomphonema subclavatum var. mustela (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Gomphonema subtile Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Gomphonema subtile var. sagitta (Schum.) Cleve -- accepted
  Gomphonema tenellum Kütz. -- not accepted
  Gomphonema tergestinum (Grunow) Fricke -- accepted
  Gomphonema truncatum Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Gomphonema truncatum var. capitatum (Ehrenb.) R. M. Patrick in Patrick & Reimer -- accepted
  Gomphonema truncatum var. turgidum (Ehrenb.) R. M. Patrick in Patrick & Reimer -- accepted
  Gomphonema turris Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Gomphonema ventricosum W. Greg. -- not accepted
  Gomphonema vibrio Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Gyrosigma Hassall -- accepted
  Gyrosigma acuminatum (Kütz.) Rabenh. -- accepted
  Gyrosigma attenuatum (Kütz.) Rabenh. -- accepted
  Gyrosigma exilis (Grunow) C. W. Reimer -- accepted
  Gyrosigma eximium (Thwaites) Boyer -- accepted
  Gyrosigma kuetzingii (Grunow) Cleve -- not accepted
  Gyrosigma macrum (W. Sm.) J. W. Griff. & Henfr. -- accepted
  Gyrosigma obscurum (W. Sm.) J. W. Griff. & Henfr. -- accepted
  Gyrosigma scalproides (Rabenh.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Gyrosigma spencerii (Quek.) J. W. Griff. & Henfr. -- not accepted
  Gyrosigma spencerii var. nodifera (Grunow) Cleve -- not accepted
  Gyrosigma strigilis (W. Sm.) Cleve -- accepted
  Gyrosigma temperei Cleve -- accepted
  Gyrosigma wormleyi (Sull.) Boyer -- not accepted
  Hannaea Patrick -- accepted
  Hannaea arcus (Ehrenb.) R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Hannaea arcus var. amphioxys (Rabenh.) R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Hantzschia Grunow -- accepted
  Hantzschia amphioxys (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- accepted
  Hantzschia amphioxys var. amphioxys (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- accepted
  Hantzschia amphioxys var. capitata O. Müll. -- accepted
  Hantzschia virgata (Roper) Grunow in Cleve & Grunow -- accepted
  Hantzschia virgata var. capitellata Hust. -- accepted
  Homoeocladia sigmoidea (Nitzsch) Elmore -- not accepted
  Krasskella kriegerana (Krasske) R. Ross & P. A. Sims -- accepted
  Lysigonium granulata (Ehrenb.) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Lysigonium varians (C. Agardh) DeToni -- not accepted
  Mastogloia Thwaites in W. Smith -- accepted
  Mastogloia baltica Grunow In Van Heurck, 1880 -- accepted
  Mastogloia braunii Grunow -- accepted
  Mastogloia grevillei W. Sm. -- accepted
  Mastogloia lacustris (Grunow) Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Mastogloia smithii Thwaites -- accepted
  Mastogloia smithii var. amphicephala Grunow -- accepted
  Mastogloia smithii var. lacustris Grunow -- accepted
  Mastogloiaceae Mersechkowsky -- accepted
  Mastogloiales Mann -- accepted
  Melosira Agardh -- accepted
  Melosira agassizii Ostenf. -- not accepted
  Melosira agassizii var. malayensis Hust. -- not accepted
  Melosira ambigua (Grunow) O. Müll. -- not accepted
  Melosira arenaria Moore ex Ralfs -- not accepted
  Melosira canadensis Hust. -- not accepted
  Melosira crenulata (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- accepted
  Melosira crenulata var. tenuis Kütz. -- accepted
  Melosira crotonensis (J. W. Bail.) H. L. Sm. -- not accepted
  Melosira dickiei (Thwaites) Kütz. -- accepted
  Melosira distans (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- not accepted
  Melosira distans var. alpigena Grunow -- not accepted
  Melosira granulata (Ehrenb.) Ralfs -- not accepted
  Melosira granulata var. angustissima O. Müll. -- not accepted
  Melosira granulata var. angustissima f. curvata Grunow -- not accepted
  Melosira granulata var. muzzanensis (F. Meister) Bethge -- not accepted
  Melosira italica (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- accepted
  Melosira italica ssp. subarctica O. Müll. -- not accepted
  Melosira longispina Hust. -- accepted
  Melosira undulata (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- accepted
  Melosira varians C. Agardh -- accepted
  Melosiraceae Kützing emend. Crawford -- accepted
  Melosirales Crawford -- accepted
  Meridion Agardh -- accepted
  Meridion circulare (Grev.) C. Agardh -- accepted
  Meridion circulare var. constrictum (Ralfs) Van Heurck -- accepted
  Meridion constrictum Ralfs -- not accepted
  Meridion intermedium H. L. Sm. -- accepted
  Meridion vernale C. Agardh -- not accepted
  Microsiphona potamos Weber -- not accepted
  Navicula Bory -- accepted
  Navicula abiskoensis Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula aboensis (Cleve) Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula absoluta Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula acceptata Hust. -- not accepted
  Navicula affinis Ehrenberg -- not accepted
  Navicula agnita Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula ambigua Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Navicula ambigua var. craticularis Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Navicula americana Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Navicula amphibola Cleve -- not accepted
  Navicula amphibola var. perrieri M. Peragallo and Héribaud in Héribaud -- accepted
  Navicula amphibola var. polymorpha Fusey -- accepted
  Navicula amphiceros Kützing -- not accepted
  Navicula amphigomphus Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Navicula amygdalina Hustedt in Schmidt et al. -- not accepted
  Navicula anatis Hohn and Hellerman -- accepted
  Navicula anglica Ralfs in Pritchard -- not accepted
  Navicula angusta Grunow -- accepted
  Navicula angustata W. Smith -- not accepted
  Navicula appendiculata (C. Agardh) Kützing -- not accepted
  Navicula arvensis Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula atomus (Kützing) Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula atomus var. permitis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot -- not accepted
  Navicula atomus var. recondita (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot -- not accepted
  Navicula aurora Sovereign -- accepted
  Navicula bacillaris Gregory -- not accepted
  Navicula bacilliformis Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula bacillum Ehrenberg -- not accepted
  Navicula balcanica Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula bicapitata Lagerst. -- not accepted
  Navicula bicapitellata Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula bicephala Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula biconica Patrick -- not accepted
  Navicula bicontracta Østrup -- not accepted
  Navicula binodis Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Navicula brebissonii Kütz. -- not accepted
  Navicula bryophila J.B. Petersen -- not accepted
  Navicula campylogramma Ehrenberg -- not accepted
  Navicula canalis Patrick -- accepted
  Navicula capitata Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Navicula capitata var. hungarica (Grunow) R. Ross -- not accepted
  Navicula capitata var. linearis (Østrup) Stoermer and Kreis -- not accepted
  Navicula capitatoradiata Germain -- accepted
  Navicula capsa Hohn -- accepted
  Navicula cardinalis Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Navicula cari Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Navicula cari var. angusta (Grunow) Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula caroliniana Patrick -- not accepted
  Navicula cascadensis Sovereign -- accepted
  Navicula certa Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula cincta (Ehrenberg) Ralfs in Pritchard -- accepted
  Navicula cincta var. rostrata Reimer -- accepted
  Navicula circumtexta F. Meister ex Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula citrus Krasske -- accepted
  Navicula clamans Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula clementis Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula clementis var. linearis Brander -- not accepted
  Navicula clementis var. quadristigmata Manguin ex Kociolek and Reviers -- accepted
  Navicula cocconeiformis W. Greg. ex Grev. -- not accepted
  Navicula confervacea (Kütz.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula confervacea var. peregrina (W. Sm.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula constans Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula constans var. symmetrica Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula contenta Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula contenta var. biceps (Arn. ms., Grunow in Van Heurck) Cleve -- not accepted
  Navicula contraria Patrick -- accepted
  Navicula costulata Grunow in Cleve and Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula crucicula (W. Sm.) Donkin -- not accepted
  Navicula cryptocephala Kützing -- accepted
  Navicula cryptocephala var. exilis (Kützing) Grunow in Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Navicula cryptocephala var. intermedia Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Navicula cryptocephala var. lancettula (Schumann) Grunow in Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Navicula cryptocephala var. veneta (Kützing) Rabenh. -- not accepted
  Navicula cryptocephaloides Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula cryptotenella Lange-Bertalot -- accepted
  Navicula cuspidata (Kützing) Kützing -- not accepted
  Navicula cuspidata var. ambigua (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Navicula cuspidata var. major F. Meister -- not accepted
  Navicula decussis Østrup -- not accepted
  Navicula densestriata Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula dicephala W. Sm. -- not accepted
  Navicula dicephala var. elginensis (W. Greg.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Navicula dilata Ehrenberg -- not accepted
  Navicula diluviana Krasske -- not accepted
  Navicula disputans Patrick -- accepted
  Navicula dissipata Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula divergens (W. Sm.) Ralfs -- not accepted
  Navicula dubia Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Navicula dulcis Krasske -- accepted
  Navicula elegans W. Sm. -- not accepted
  Navicula elginensis (W. Greg.) Ralfs -- not accepted
  Navicula elliptica Kützing -- not accepted
  Navicula elliptica var. minutissima Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula excelsa Krasske -- not accepted
  Navicula exigua (W. Greg.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula exiguiformis Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula exiguoides Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula exilis Kützing -- accepted
  Navicula explanata Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula farta Hustedt in Schmidt et al. -- accepted
  Navicula festiva Krasske -- accepted
  Navicula fracta Hustedt ex Simonsen -- not accepted
  Navicula gastriformis Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula gastrum (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- not accepted
  Navicula gibba (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- not accepted
  Navicula gibbosa Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula globiceps (W. Greg.) Ralfs in Pritchard -- not accepted
  Navicula globosa F. Meister -- not accepted
  Navicula gottlandica Grunow -- accepted
  Navicula gracilis Ehrenberg -- not accepted
  Navicula gracilis var. schizonemoides Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Navicula graciloides Mayer -- accepted
  Navicula gregaria Donkin -- accepted
  Navicula grimmei Krasske -- accepted
  Navicula gysingensis Foged -- accepted
  Navicula halophila (Grunow) Cleve -- not accepted
  Navicula hambergii Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula hassiaca Krasske -- not accepted
  Navicula hasta Pantocsek -- accepted
  Navicula helensis E. Schulz -- not accepted
  Navicula hemiptera Kütz. -- not accepted
  Navicula heufleri Grunow -- accepted
  Navicula heufleri var. leptocephala (Brébisson) Patrick -- accepted
  Navicula hitchcockii Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Navicula hungarica Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula hungarica var. capitata (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Navicula hustedtii Krasske -- not accepted
  Navicula hustedtii f. obtusa (Hustedt) Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula imbricata Bock -- accepted
  Navicula importuna Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula incerta Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula inflata (Kützing) Kützing -- accepted
  Navicula inflexa (Gregory) Ralfs in Pritchard -- accepted
  Navicula ingenua Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula ingrata Krasske -- accepted
  Navicula insignita Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula insociabilis Krasske -- not accepted
  Navicula integra (W. Smith) Ralfs -- not accepted
  Navicula intractata Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula iridis Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Navicula iridis var. affinis Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Navicula iridis var. amphigomphus Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Navicula iridis var. firma W. Smith -- not accepted
  Navicula iridis var. producta W. Sm. -- not accepted
  Navicula jaagii F. Meister -- not accepted
  Navicula jaernefeltii Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula jentzschii Grunow -- accepted
  Navicula kotschyi Grunow -- accepted
  Navicula krasskei Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula lacunarum Grunow -- accepted
  Navicula lacustris W. Greg. -- not accepted
  Navicula ladogensis Cleve -- not accepted
  Navicula laevissima Kützing -- not accepted
  Navicula lanceolata (Agardh) Kützing -- accepted
  Navicula lanceolata var. cymbula (Donkin) Cleve -- not accepted
  Navicula latens Krasske -- not accepted
  Navicula lateropunctata Wallace -- not accepted
  Navicula laterostrata Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula limosa Kützing -- not accepted
  Navicula limosa var. gibberula (Kütz.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula longa (Gregory) Ralfs in Pritchard -- accepted
  Navicula longirostris Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula luzonensis Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula major (Kützing) Kützing -- not accepted
  Navicula maxima Gregory -- not accepted
  Navicula mediocris Krasske -- not accepted
  Navicula menisculus Schumann -- accepted
  Navicula menisculus var. obtusa Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula menisculus var. upsaliensis Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula mesolepta Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Navicula micropupula Cholnoky -- accepted
  Navicula minima Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula minima var. okamurae Skvortzov -- accepted
  Navicula minnewaukonensis Elmore -- accepted
  Navicula minuscula Grunow in Van Heurck -- accepted
  Navicula minuscula var. alpestris Hustedt in Schmidt et al. -- not accepted
  Navicula minusculoides Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula monoculata Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula muraliformis Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula muralis Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula mutica Kützing -- not accepted
  Navicula mutica var. cohnii (Hilse) Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula mutica var. tropica Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula muticoides Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula muticopsis Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Navicula neoventricosa Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula nobilis (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- not accepted
  Navicula notha Wallace -- accepted
  Navicula nyassensis O. Müll. -- not accepted
  Navicula obdurata Hohn and Hellerman -- not accepted
  Navicula oblonga (Kützing) Kützing -- accepted
  Navicula odiosa Wallace -- accepted
  Navicula omissa Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula opportuna Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula oppugnata Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula ordinaria Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula paanaensis Cleve-Euler -- accepted
  Navicula paca Hohn and Hellerman -- accepted
  Navicula paludosa Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula parva (Ehrenberg) Ralfs in Pritchard -- accepted
  Navicula paucivisitata Patrick -- accepted
  Navicula pelliculosa (Kützing) Hilse -- accepted
  Navicula peratomus Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula peregrina (Ehrenberg) Kützing -- accepted
  Navicula permitis Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula perpusilla Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula placenta Ehrenberg -- not accepted
  Navicula placentula (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- not accepted
  Navicula placentula var. rostrata Mayer -- not accepted
  Navicula platycephala Müller -- not accepted
  Navicula platystoma Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Navicula platystoma var. pantocsekii Wislouch and Kolbe -- accepted
  Navicula potzgeri Reimer -- accepted
  Navicula producta W. Sm. -- not accepted
  Navicula protracta (Grunow) Cleve -- not accepted
  Navicula protracta f. subcapitata (Wislouch and V.S. Poretzky) Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula protracta var. elliptica Gallik -- not accepted
  Navicula pseudobacillum Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula pseudoclementis Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula pseudoreinhardtii Patrick -- accepted
  Navicula pseudoscutiformis Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula pseudoventralis Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula punctata Donkin -- accepted
  Navicula pupula Kützing -- not accepted
  Navicula pupula var. capitata Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula pupula var. elliptica Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula pupula var. mutata (Krasske) Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula pupula var. rectangularis (W. Greg.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula pupula var. rostrata Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula pusilla W. Sm. -- not accepted
  Navicula pygmaea Kützing -- not accepted
  Navicula quadripartita Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula radiosa Kützing -- accepted
  Navicula radiosa var. parva J.H. Wallace -- not accepted
  Navicula radiosa var. tenella (Brébisson ex Kütziny) Grunow in Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Navicula recondita Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula reinhardtii (Grunow) Grunow -- accepted
  Navicula reinhardtii var. elliptica Héribaud -- accepted
  Navicula rhomboides Ehrenberg -- not accepted
  Navicula rhynchocephala Kützing -- accepted
  Navicula rhynchocephala var. amphiceros (Kützing) Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula rhynchocephala var. germainii (Wallace) Patrick -- not accepted
  Navicula rostellata Kützing -- accepted
  Navicula rotaeana (Rabenh.) Grunow in Van Heurck -- accepted
  Navicula rotaeana var. excentrica Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula rotunda Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula sabiniana Patrick -- accepted
  Navicula salinarum Grunow -- accepted
  Navicula salinarum var. intermedia (Grunow) Cleve -- not accepted
  Navicula saugerii Desmazieres -- accepted
  Navicula schmassmannii Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula schoenfeldii Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula schroeteri F. Meister -- accepted
  Navicula schumanniana Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula sculpta Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Navicula scutelloides W. Smith -- not accepted
  Navicula scutiformis Grunow ex A. Schmidt -- not accepted
  Navicula secreta Pantocsek -- accepted
  Navicula secura Patrick -- not accepted
  Navicula semen Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Navicula semenoides Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula seminuloides Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula seminulum Grunow -- not accepted
  Navicula similis Krasske -- not accepted
  Navicula simplex Krasske -- accepted
  Navicula skabitschewskyi Sabelina -- not accepted
  Navicula smithii Brébisson -- not accepted
  Navicula sovereignae Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula splendicula VanLandingham -- accepted
  Navicula staurifera Thomas in Thomas and Chase -- accepted
  Navicula stroemii Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula stroesei (Østrup) A. Cleve -- not accepted
  Navicula subbacillum Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula subclementis Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula subcostulata Hust. -- not accepted
  Navicula subhalophila Hust. -- not accepted
  Navicula subhamulata Grunow in Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Navicula submuralis Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula subocculta Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula subrhynchocephala Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula subrotundata Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula subseminulum Hustedt in Brendemühl -- accepted
  Navicula subsulcata Hustedt -- accepted
  Navicula subtilissima Cleve -- not accepted
  Navicula symmetrica Patrick -- accepted
  Navicula tabellaria (Ehrenb.) Kütz. -- not accepted
  Navicula tantula Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula tecta Krasske -- not accepted
  Navicula tenella (Brébisson ex Kütziny) Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Navicula tenera Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula termes Ehrenberg -- not accepted
  Navicula terminata Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula texana Patrick -- accepted
  Navicula tridentula Krasske -- accepted
  Navicula tridentula var. parallela Krasske -- accepted
  Navicula trinodis Lewis -- not accepted
  Navicula tripunctata (O.F. Müller) Bory -- accepted
  Navicula tripunctata var. cuneata (Lauby) Stoermer and Yang -- accepted
  Navicula tripunctata var. schizonemoides (Van Heurck) Patrick -- accepted
  Navicula trochus Schum. -- not accepted
  Navicula tumida W. Smith -- not accepted
  Navicula tuscula Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Navicula vanheurckii R. M. Patrick -- not accepted
  Navicula varians Gregory -- accepted
  Navicula variostriata Krasske -- not accepted
  Navicula vaucheriae J.B. Petersen -- not accepted
  Navicula ventosa Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula ventralis Krasske -- not accepted
  Navicula verecunda Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula viridis (Nitzsch) Ehrenberg -- not accepted
  Navicula viridula (Kützing) Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Navicula viridula var. avenacea (Brébisson) Van Heurck -- accepted
  Navicula viridula var. linearis Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula viridula var. rostellata (Kützing) Cleve -- not accepted
  Navicula vitabunda Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula vulpina Kützing -- accepted
  Navicula wittrockii (Lagerst.) Tempère and M. Peragallo -- not accepted
  Navicula zanoni Hustedt -- accepted
  Naviculaceae Kützing -- accepted
  Naviculales Bessey -- accepted
  Neidiaceae Mersechkowsky -- accepted
  Neidium Pfitzer -- accepted
  Neidium affine (Ehrenberg) Pfitzer -- accepted
  Neidium affine var. amphirhynchus (Ehrenberg) Cleve -- accepted
  Neidium affine var. capitata Mölder -- accepted
  Neidium affine var. ceylonicum (Skvortsov) C. W. Reimer -- accepted
  Neidium affine var. hankense (Skvortsov) C. W. Reimer -- accepted
  Neidium affine var. humerus C. W. Reimer -- accepted
  Neidium affine var. undulatum (Grunow) Cleve -- accepted
  Neidium amphigomphus (Ehrenb.) Pfitz. -- not accepted
  Neidium ampliatum (Ehrenberg) Krammer in Krammer and Lange-Bertalot -- accepted
  Neidium apiculatum C. W. Reimer -- accepted
  Neidium binode (Ehrenb.) Hustedt -- not accepted
  Neidium bisulcatum (Lagerst.) Cleve -- accepted
  Neidium bisulcatum var. baicalense (Skvortsov & K. I. Mey.) C. W. Reimer -- accepted
  Neidium calvum Østrup -- accepted
  Neidium dilatatum (Ehrenberg) Cleve -- accepted
  Neidium distinctepunctatum Hust. -- accepted
  Neidium dubium (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- accepted
  Neidium hankensis Skvortsov -- accepted
  Neidium hitchcockii (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- accepted
  Neidium iridis (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- accepted
  Neidium iridis var. amphigomphus (Ehrenb.) A. Mayer -- accepted
  Neidium iridis var. ampliatum (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Neidium iridis var. vernalis Reich. -- accepted
  Neidium kozlowi Mersechk. -- accepted
  Neidium ladogense (Cleve) Stoermer & J. J. Yang -- accepted
  Neidium productum (W. Sm.) Cleve -- accepted
  Neidium temperei C. W. Reimer -- accepted
  Nitzschia Hassall -- accepted
  Nitzschia accomodata Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia acicularioides Hust. -- not accepted
  Nitzschia acicularis (Kütz.) W. Sm. -- accepted
  Nitzschia acidoclinata Lange-Bert. -- accepted
  Nitzschia actinastroides (Lemm.) Van Goor -- accepted
  Nitzschia acula Hantzsch ex Cleve & Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia acuminata (W. Sm.) Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia acuta Cleve -- not accepted
  Nitzschia adapta Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia agnewii Cholnoky -- accepted
  Nitzschia agnita Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia amphibia Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia amphibia var. fossilis Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia amphicephala Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia amphioxoides Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia amphioxys (Ehrenb.) W. Sm. -- not accepted
  Nitzschia angustata (W. Sm.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Nitzschia angustata var. acuta Grunow -- not accepted
  Nitzschia apiculata (W. Greg.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Nitzschia bacata Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia bremensis Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia brevirostris Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia capitellata Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia circumsuta (Bailey) Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia clausii Hantzsch -- accepted
  Nitzschia closterium (Ehrenb.) W. Sm. -- accepted
  Nitzschia communis Rabenh. -- accepted
  Nitzschia communis var. abbreviata Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia commutata Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia confinis Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia debilis (Arn.) Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia delicatissima Cleve -- accepted
  Nitzschia denticula Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia diserta Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia dissipata (Kütz.) Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia dissipata var. borneensis Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia dissipata var. media (Hantzsch) Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia dubia W. Sm. -- accepted
  Nitzschia epiphytica Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia epiphyticoides Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia fasciculata Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia filiformis (W. Sm.) Van Heurck -- accepted
  Nitzschia flexa Schum. -- accepted
  Nitzschia fonticola Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia fonticola var. pelagica Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia frustulum (Kütz.) Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia frustulum var. perminuta Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia frustulum var. perpusilla (Rabenh.) Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia frustulum var. subsalina Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia frustulum var. tenella Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia gandersheimiensis Krasske -- accepted
  Nitzschia gracilis Hantzsch -- accepted
  Nitzschia graciloides Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia hantzschiana Rabenh. -- accepted
  Nitzschia holsatica Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia hungarica Grunow -- not accepted
  Nitzschia ignorata Krasske -- accepted
  Nitzschia inconspicua Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia innominata Sovereign -- accepted
  Nitzschia insecta Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia intermedia Hantzsch -- accepted
  Nitzschia interrupta (Reich.) Hust. -- not accepted
  Nitzschia kuetzingiana Hilse -- accepted
  Nitzschia kuetzingiana var. exilis Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia lacunarum Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia lauenburgiana Hust. -- not accepted
  Nitzschia levidensis (W. Sm.) Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia linearis (C. Agardh) W. Sm. -- accepted
  Nitzschia linearis var. tenuis (Kütz.) Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia longissima (Bréb.) Ralfs -- accepted
  Nitzschia longissima f. parva Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia longissima var. reversa Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia lorenziana Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia luzonensis Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia macilenta W. Greg. -- accepted
  Nitzschia mediocris Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia microcephala Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia minutula Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia obsidialis Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia obtusa W. Sm. -- accepted
  Nitzschia ovalis Arn. -- accepted
  Nitzschia palea (Kütz.) W. Sm. -- accepted
  Nitzschia palea var. debilis (Kütz.) Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia palea var. tenuirostris Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia paleacea Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia paleoides Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia paradoxa (Gmelin) Grunow -- not accepted
  Nitzschia parvula W. Sm. -- accepted
  Nitzschia parvula var. terricola J. W. G. Lund -- accepted
  Nitzschia perminuta (Grunow) M. Perag. -- accepted
  Nitzschia philippinarum Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia planctonica Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia pseudoamphioxys Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia pseudofonticola Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia pumila Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia pusilla (Kützing) Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia pusilla (Kützing) Grunow emend. Lange-Bert. -- not accepted
  Nitzschia radicula Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia recta Hantzsch -- accepted
  Nitzschia romana Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia rostellata Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia scalaris (Ehrenb.) W. Sm. -- not accepted
  Nitzschia sicula (Castracane) Hustedt -- accepted
  Nitzschia sicula var. migrans (Cleve) Hasle -- accepted
  Nitzschia sigma (Kütz.) W. Sm. -- accepted
  Nitzschia sigma var. diminuta Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia sigma var. sigmatella (W. Greg.) Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia sigmoidea (Nitzsch) W. Sm. -- accepted
  Nitzschia sinuata W. Sm. -- accepted
  Nitzschia sinuata var. delognei (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot -- accepted
  Nitzschia sinuata var. tabellaria (Grunow) Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia sociabilis Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia sphaerophora A. Cleve -- accepted
  Nitzschia spiculoides Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia spiculum Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia stagnorum Rabenh. -- accepted
  Nitzschia stricta Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia subacicularis Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia subamphioxoides Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia subcapitellata Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia sublinearis Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia subrostrata Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia subrostroides Cholnoky -- accepted
  Nitzschia subtilis (Kütz.) Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia subtilis var. paleacea Grunow -- not accepted
  Nitzschia tabellaria Grunow -- not accepted
  Nitzschia tarda Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia tenuis W. Sm. -- accepted
  Nitzschia thermalis (Ehrenb.) Auersw. -- accepted
  Nitzschia thermalis var. intermedia Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia thermalis var. minor Hilse -- not accepted
  Nitzschia tropica Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia tryblionella Hantzsch in Rabenh. -- not accepted
  Nitzschia tryblionella var. debilis (Arn.) Mayer -- not accepted
  Nitzschia tryblionella var. levidensis (W. Sm.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Nitzschia tryblionella var. victoriae Grunow -- not accepted
  Nitzschia valdestriata Aleem & Hust. -- accepted
  Nitzschia vermicularis (Kütz.) Hantzsch -- accepted
  Nitzschia vexans Grunow -- accepted
  Nitzschia vitrea Norman -- accepted
  Nitzschia woltereckii Hust. -- accepted
  Odontidium mutabile W. Sm. -- not accepted
  Oestrupia Heiden ex Hustedt -- accepted
  Opephora Petit -- accepted
  Opephora ansata M. H. Hohn & Hellerm. -- accepted
  Opephora martyi Hérib. -- not accepted
  Opephora pinnata Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Orthoseira dickiei Thwaites -- not accepted
  Pinnularia Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Pinnularia abaujensis (Pant.) R. Ross -- accepted
  Pinnularia abaujensis var. linearis (Hust.) R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Pinnularia abaujensis var. rostrata (R. M. Patrick) R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Pinnularia abaujensis var. subundulata (Mayer) R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Pinnularia acrosphaeria W. Sm. -- accepted
  Pinnularia amphioxys Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Pinnularia appendiculata (C. Agardh) Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia biceps W. Greg. -- accepted
  Pinnularia borealis Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Pinnularia borealis var. rectangularis G. W. F. Carlson -- accepted
  Pinnularia brandelii Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia braunii (Grunow) Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia braunii var. amphicephala (Mayer) Hust. -- accepted
  Pinnularia brebissonii (Kütz.) Rabenh. -- accepted
  Pinnularia brebissonii var. diminuta (Grunow) Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia brevicostata Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia burkii R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Pinnularia cardinaliculus Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia cardinalis (Ehrenb.) W. Sm. -- accepted
  Pinnularia cocconeis Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Pinnularia dactylus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Pinnularia distinguenda Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia divergens W. Sm. -- accepted
  Pinnularia divergens var. bacillaris (M. Perag.) Mills -- accepted
  Pinnularia divergens var. elliptica (Grunow) Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia fasciata Lagerst. -- accepted
  Pinnularia gentilis (Donkin) Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia gibba Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Pinnularia gibba f. subundulata Mayer -- accepted
  Pinnularia gibba var. linearis Hust. -- accepted
  Pinnularia gibba var. parva (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- accepted
  Pinnularia globiceps W. Greg. -- accepted
  Pinnularia globiceps var. krockii (Grunow) Cleve -- not accepted
  Pinnularia hemiptera (Kütz.) Rabenh. -- accepted
  Pinnularia intermedia (Lagerst.) Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia interrupta W. Sm. -- accepted
  Pinnularia interrupta var. crassior (Grunow) Cleve -- not accepted
  Pinnularia krockii (Grunow) Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia latevittata Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia latevittata var. domingensis Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia legumen (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Pinnularia leptosoma (Grunow) Cleve -- not accepted
  Pinnularia lundii Hust. -- accepted
  Pinnularia mesolepta (Ehrenb.) W. Sm. -- accepted
  Pinnularia microstauron (Ehrenb.) Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia microstauron var. biundulata O. Müll. -- accepted
  Pinnularia molaris (Grunow) Cleve -- not accepted
  Pinnularia nobilis (Ehrenb.) Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Pinnularia nodosa (Ehrenberg) W. Smith -- accepted
  Pinnularia obscura Krasske -- accepted
  Pinnularia radiosa W. Sm. -- accepted
  Pinnularia rupestris Hantzsch -- accepted
  Pinnularia ruttneri Hust. -- accepted
  Pinnularia semicruciata A. Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia socialis (T. C. Palm.) Hust. -- accepted
  Pinnularia stomatophora (Grunow) Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia subcapitata W. Greg. -- accepted
  Pinnularia subcapitata var. paucistriata (Grunow) Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia subrostrata (A. Cleve) A. Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia substomatophora Hust. -- accepted
  Pinnularia sudetica Hilse -- accepted
  Pinnularia tabellaria Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Pinnularia tenuis W. Greg. -- not accepted
  Pinnularia termes Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Pinnularia termitina (Ehrenb.) R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Pinnularia tibetana Hust. -- accepted
  Pinnularia torta (A. Mann) R. M. Patrick -- accepted
  Pinnularia trigonocephala Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnularia undulata W. Greg. -- not accepted
  Pinnularia viridis (Nitzsch) Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Pinnularia viridis var. commutata (Grunow) Cleve -- accepted
  Pinnulariaceae Mann -- accepted
  Placoneis pseudanglica (Cleve-Euler) E.J. Cox -- accepted
  Plagiotropidaceae Mann -- accepted
  Plagiotropis Pfitzer -- accepted
  Plagiotropis lepidoptera var. proboscidea (Cleve) C. W. Reimer in Patrick & Reimer -- accepted
  Pleurosigma Smith -- accepted
  Pleurosigma acuminatum (Kütz.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Pleurosigma attenuatum (Kütz.) W. Sm. -- not accepted
  Pleurosigma delicatulum W. Sm. -- accepted
  Pleurosigma eximium (Thwaites) Cleve & Grunow -- not accepted
  Pleurosigma kuetzingii Grunow -- not accepted
  Pleurosigma obscurum W. Sm. -- not accepted
  Pleurosigma salinarum (Grunow) Grunow in Cleve and Grunow, 1880 -- accepted
  Pleurosigma sciotense Sull. -- not accepted
  Pleurosigma spencerii Grunow -- not accepted
  Pleurosigma wormleyi Sull. -- not accepted
  Pleurosigmataceae Mersechkowsky -- accepted
  Pleurosira laevis (Ehrenb.) Compère -- accepted
  Pseudoeunotia lunaris Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Reimeria Kociolek and Stoermer -- accepted
  Reimeria sinuata (W. Greg.) Kociolek & Stoermer -- accepted
  Rhizosolenia Brightwell -- accepted
  Rhizosolenia eriensis H. L. Sm. in Briggs -- not accepted
  Rhizosolenia gracilis H. L. Sm. -- not accepted
  Rhizosolenia longiseta Zach. -- not accepted
  Rhizosoleniaceae De Toni -- accepted
  Rhizosoleniales Silva -- accepted
  Rhoicosphenia Grunow -- accepted
  Rhoicosphenia curvata (Kütz.) Grunow -- accepted
  Rhoicospheniaceae Chen and Zhu -- accepted
  Rhopalodia Müller -- accepted
  Rhopalodia gibba (Ehrenb.) O. Müll. -- accepted
  Rhopalodia gibba var. ventricosa (Kütz.) Perag. & M. Perag. -- accepted
  Rhopalodia gibberula (Ehrenb.) O. Müll. -- accepted
  Rhopalodia parallela (Grunow) O. Müll. -- accepted
  Rhopalodiaceae (Karsten) Topachevs'kyj and Oksiyuk, 1960 -- accepted
  Rhopalodiales Mann -- accepted
  Schizonema viridulum Bréb. -- not accepted
  Schizonema vulgare Thwaites -- not accepted
  Scoliopleura Grunow -- accepted
  Scoliotropidaceae Mersechkowsky -- accepted
  Skeletonema Greville -- accepted
  Skeletonema costatum (Grev.) Cleve -- accepted
  Skeletonema potamos (Weber) Hasle in Hasle & Evensen -- accepted
  Skeletonema subsalsum (A. Cleve) Bethge -- accepted
  Skeletonemaceae Lebour -- not accepted
  Sphinctocystis elliptica (Kütz.) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Sphinctocystis librilis (Ehrenb.) Hassall -- not accepted
  Stauroneidaceae Mann -- accepted
  Stauroneis Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Stauroneis acuta W. Sm. -- accepted
  Stauroneis agrestis J. B. Petersen -- accepted
  Stauroneis alabamae Heiden -- accepted
  Stauroneis amphioxys W. Greg. -- not accepted
  Stauroneis anceps Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Stauroneis anceps f. gracilis Rabenh. -- accepted
  Stauroneis anceps f. linearis (Ehrenb.) Hust. -- not accepted
  Stauroneis anceps var. americana C. W. Reimer -- accepted
  Stauroneis anceps var. hyalina Brun & M. Perag. -- not accepted
  Stauroneis anceps var. siberica Grunow -- not accepted
  Stauroneis borrichii (Boye Petersen) Lund -- accepted
  Stauroneis dilatata Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Stauroneis dilatata f. baicalensis Skvortsov & K. I. Mey. -- accepted
  Stauroneis fluminea R. M. Patrick & Freese -- accepted
  Stauroneis gracilis Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Stauroneis gregorii Ralfs -- not accepted
  Stauroneis lauenburgiana Hust. -- accepted
  Stauroneis linearis Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Stauroneis livingstonii C. W. Reimer -- accepted
  Stauroneis nobilis Schumann -- accepted
  Stauroneis nobilis var. baconiana (Stodd.) C. W. Reimer -- accepted
  Stauroneis obtusa Lagerst. -- accepted
  Stauroneis phoenicenteron (Nitzsch) Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Stauroneis phoenicenteron f. gracilis (Ehrenb.) Hust. -- accepted
  Stauroneis phoenicenteron f. lanceolata (Kütz.) Brun -- accepted
  Stauroneis phoenicenteron var. brevis Dippel -- accepted
  Stauroneis phylloides Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Stauroneis producta Grunow -- accepted
  Stauroneis semen Ehrenberg -- not accepted
  Stauroneis smithii Grunow -- accepted
  Stauroneis smithii var. borgei Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Stauroneis smithii var. incisa Pant. -- accepted
  Stauroneis smithii var. minima E. Y. Haw. -- accepted
  Stauroneis stodderi Greenleaf -- accepted
  Staurosira capucina Borzsc. -- not accepted
  Staurosira entomon Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Staurosira mutabilis (W. Sm.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Staurosirella pinnata (Ehrenb.) D. M. Williams & Round -- accepted
  Stephanodiscaceae Glezer and Makarova -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus alpinus Hust. -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus astraea (Ehrenb.) Grunow -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus astraea var. intermedia Fricke -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus astraea var. minutula (Kütz.) Grunow in Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Stephanodiscus binderanus var. oestrupii (A. Cleve) A. Cleve -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus carconensis Grunow -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus carconensis var. pusilla Grunow -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus dubius (Fricke) Hust. -- not accepted
  Stephanodiscus hantzschii Grunow -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus hantzschii var. pusilla Grunow -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus invisitatus M. H. Hohn & Hellerm. -- not accepted
  Stephanodiscus lucens Hust. -- not accepted
  Stephanodiscus medius Håk. -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus minutulus (Kütz.) Cleve & J. D. Möll. -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus minutus Grunow -- not accepted
  Stephanodiscus niagarae Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus niagarae var. magnifica Fricke -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus parvus Stoermer & Håk. -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus rotula (Kütz.) Hendey -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus rotula var. minutula (Kütz.) Grunow -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus subsalsus (A. Cleve) Hustedt -- not accepted
  Stephanodiscus subtilis (Van Goor) A. Cleve -- accepted
  Stephanodiscus tenuis Hust. -- not accepted
  Striatella fenestrata (Lyngb.) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Striatella flocculosa (Roth) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Surirella Turpin -- accepted
  Surirella amphioxys W. Sm. -- not accepted
  Surirella angusta Kütz. -- accepted
  Surirella apiculata W. Sm. -- accepted
  Surirella bifrons Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Surirella birostrata Hust. -- accepted
  Surirella biseriata Bréb. & Godey -- accepted
  Surirella biseriata var. bifrons (Ehrenb.) Hust. -- accepted
  Surirella biseriata var. constricta Grunow -- accepted
  Surirella biseriata var. diminuta A. Cleve -- accepted
  Surirella cardinalis Kitton -- accepted
  Surirella didyma Kütz. -- accepted
  Surirella elegans Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Surirella gracilis (W. Sm.) Grunow -- accepted
  Surirella guatemalensis Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Surirella iowensis R. L. Lowe -- accepted
  Surirella lagerheimii Cleve -- accepted
  Surirella librile Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Surirella linearis W. Sm. -- accepted
  Surirella linearis var. constricta Grunow -- accepted
  Surirella linearis var. helvetica (Brun) F. Meister -- accepted
  Surirella minuta Bréb. in Kütz. -- accepted
  Surirella molleriana Grunow -- accepted
  Surirella norvegica Eulenstein -- accepted
  Surirella oregonica Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Surirella ovalis Bréb. -- accepted
  Surirella ovalis var. minuta Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Surirella ovata Kütz. -- not accepted
  Surirella ovata var. salina (W. Sm.) Rabenh. -- not accepted
  Surirella panduriformis W. Sm. -- accepted
  Surirella peisonis Pant. -- accepted
  Surirella regina Janisch -- accepted
  Surirella robusta Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Surirella robusta var. splendida (Ehrenb.) Van Heurck -- accepted
  Surirella robustior MacKay -- accepted
  Surirella saxonica Auersw. -- accepted
  Surirella sigmoidea Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Surirella spiralis Kütz. -- accepted
  Surirella splendida Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Surirella striata Leud-Fortm. -- accepted
  Surirella striatula Turp. -- accepted
  Surirella suecica Grunow -- accepted
  Surirella tenera W. Greg. -- accepted
  Surirella tenera var. nervosa A. W. F. Schmidt -- accepted
  Surirella tenuis Mayer -- accepted
  Surirella tenuissima Hust. -- accepted
  Surirella turgida W. Sm. -- accepted
  Surirella undulata Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Surirellaceae Kützing -- accepted
  Surirellales Mann -- accepted
  Synedra Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Synedra acus Kütz. -- accepted
  Synedra acus var. angustissima Grunow in Van Heurck -- accepted
  Synedra acus var. radians (Kütz.) Hust. -- accepted
  Synedra affinis Kütz. -- not accepted
  Synedra amphicephala Kütz. -- accepted
  Synedra amphicephala var. intermedia A. Cleve -- accepted
  Synedra capitata Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Synedra chaseii B. W. Thomas -- not accepted
  Synedra crotonensis Grunow -- not accepted
  Synedra crotonensis var. prolongata Grunow -- not accepted
  Synedra cyclopum Brutschy -- accepted
  Synedra danica Kütz. -- not accepted
  Synedra delicatissima W. Sm. -- accepted
  Synedra delicatissima var. angustissima Grunow -- accepted
  Synedra famelica Kütz. -- accepted
  Synedra fasciculata (C. Agardh) Kütz. -- not accepted
  Synedra fasciculata var. truncata (Grev.) R. M. Patrick -- not accepted
  Synedra filiformis Grunow -- accepted
  Synedra filiformis var. exilis A. Cleve -- accepted
  Synedra gaillonii (Bory) Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Synedra goulardi Bréb. -- accepted
  Synedra goulardi var. fluviatilis (Lemm.) Freng. -- accepted
  Synedra hyperborea Grunow -- not accepted
  Synedra hyperborea var. rostellata Grunow -- not accepted
  Synedra incisa Boyer -- accepted
  Synedra laevigata Grunow -- not accepted
  Synedra lanceolata Kütz. -- not accepted
  Synedra longiceps Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Synedra longissima W. Sm. -- accepted
  Synedra lunaris Ehrenb. -- not accepted
  Synedra mazamaensis Sovereign -- accepted
  Synedra montana Krasske -- accepted
  Synedra nana F. Meister -- accepted
  Synedra netronoides M. H. Hohn & Hellerm. -- accepted
  Synedra ostenfeldii (Willi Kreig.) A. Cleve -- accepted
  Synedra oxyrhynchus Kütz. -- not accepted
  Synedra parasitica (W. Smith) Hust. -- not accepted
  Synedra parasitica var. subconstricta (Grunow) Hust. -- not accepted
  Synedra radians Kütz. -- not accepted
  Synedra rumpens Kütz. -- accepted
  Synedra rumpens var. fragilarioides Grunow -- accepted
  Synedra rumpens var. meneghiniana Grunow -- accepted
  Synedra stela M. H. Hohn & Hellerm. -- accepted
  Synedra tabulata (C. Agardh) Kütz. -- not accepted
  Synedra tenera W. Sm. -- accepted
  Synedra tenuissima Kütz. -- accepted
  Synedra ulna (Nitzsch) Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Synedra ulna var. aequalis (Kütz.) Hust. -- accepted
  Synedra ulna var. biceps (Kütz.) Kirchn. -- accepted
  Synedra ulna var. chaseana B. W. Thomas -- accepted
  Synedra ulna var. claviceps Hust. -- accepted
  Synedra ulna var. constricta Venkt. -- accepted
  Synedra ulna var. contracta Østrup -- accepted
  Synedra ulna var. danica (Kütz.) Van Heurck -- accepted
  Synedra ulna var. longissima (W. Sm.) Brun -- accepted
  Synedra ulna var. obtusa (W. Sm.) Grunow -- accepted
  Synedra ulna var. oxyrhynchus (Kütz.) Van Heurck -- accepted
  Synedra ulna var. spathulifera (Grunow) Van Heurck -- accepted
  Synedra ulna var. splendens (Kütz.) Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Synedra ulna var. subaequalis (Grunow) Van Heurck -- accepted
  Synedra vaucheriae (Kütz.) Kütz. -- not accepted
  Synedra vaucheriae var. capitellata (Grunow) Cleve -- not accepted
  Synedra vaucheriae var. truncata (Grev.) Grunow -- not accepted
  Synedra vitrea Kütz. -- not accepted
  Tabellaria Ehrenberg ex Kützing -- accepted
  Tabellaria fenestrata (Lyngb.) Kütz. -- accepted
  Tabellaria fenestrata var. asterionelloides Grunow -- accepted
  Tabellaria fenestrata var. geniculata A. Cleve -- accepted
  Tabellaria fenestrata var. intermedia Grunow -- accepted
  Tabellaria flocculosa (Roth) Kütz. -- accepted
  Tabellaria flocculosa var. linearis Koppen -- accepted
  Tabellariaceae Kützing -- accepted
  Tabellariales Round -- accepted
  Terpsinoe Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Terpsinoe musica Ehrenb. -- accepted
  Tetracyclus Ralfs -- accepted
  Tetracyclus rupestris (Braun) Grunow -- accepted
  Thalassiophysales Mann -- accepted
  Thalassiosira Cleve -- accepted
  Thalassiosira fluviatilis Hust. -- not accepted
  Thalassiosira guillardii Hasle -- accepted
  Thalassiosira incerta Marakova -- accepted
  Thalassiosira lacustris (Grunow) Hasle -- not accepted
  Thalassiosira levanderi Van Goor -- accepted
  Thalassiosira pseudonana Hasle & Heim. -- accepted
  Thalassiosira visurgis Hust. -- accepted
  Thalassiosira weissflogii (Grunow) Fryxell & Hasle -- accepted
  Thalassiosiraceae Lebour -- accepted
  Thalassiosirales Glezer and Makarova -- accepted
  Tropidoneis lepidoptera (W. Greg.) Cleve -- not accepted
  Tropidoneis lepidoptera var. proboscidea Cleve -- not accepted
  Tryblionella levidensis W. Sm. -- accepted

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