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Expert: Beryl B. Simpson

ITIS records citing expert
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acourtia D. Don -- accepted -- desert peony, desertpeony
  Acourtia formosa D. Don -- accepted
  Acourtia microcephala DC. -- accepted -- sacapellote
  Acourtia nana (A. Gray) Reveal & King -- accepted -- desert holly, dwarf desertpeony
  Acourtia runcinata (Lag. ex D. Don) B.L. Turner -- accepted -- featherleaf desertpeony
  Acourtia thurberi (A. Gray) Reveal & King -- accepted -- Thurber's desertpeony
  Acourtia wrightii (A. Gray) Reveal & King -- accepted -- brownfoot, pink perezzia, Wright's desertpeony
  Perezia microcephala (DC.) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Perezia nana A. Gray -- not accepted
  Perezia runcinata (Lag. ex D. Don) Lag. ex A. Gray -- not accepted
  Perezia thurberi A. Gray -- not accepted
  Perezia wrightii A. Gray -- not accepted

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