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Publication: Boubli, Jean P., Anthony B. Rylands, Izeni P. Farias, Michael E. Alfaro, and Jessica Lynch Alfaro. 2012. Cebus Phylogenetic Relationships: A Preliminary Reassessment of the Diversity of the Untufted Capuchin Monkeys. American Journal of Primatology, vol. 74, no. 4. 381-393.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Cebus albifrons trinitatis Pusch, 1942 -- valid
  Cebus brunneus Allen, 1914 -- valid -- Brown Capuchin, Venezuelan Brown Capuchin
  Cebus cesarae Hershkovitz, 1949 -- valid -- Rio Cesar White-fronted Capuchin, Río Cesar White-fronted Capuchin
  Cebus kaapori Queiroz, 1992 -- valid -- Ka'apor Capuchin, Kaapori Capuchin
  Cebus leucocephalus Gray, 1865 -- valid -- Sierra de Perijá White-fronted Capuchin
  Cebus olivaceus Schomburgk, 1848 -- valid -- Guianan Weeper Capuchin, Weeping Capuchin
  Cebus versicolor Pucheran, 1845 -- valid -- Varied White-fronted Capuchin
  Cebus yuracus Hershkovitz, 1949 -- valid -- Marañón White-fronted Capuchin, Peruvian White-fronted Capuchin

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