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Publication: Hoffmann, Michael, Peter Grubb, Colin P. Groves, Rainer Hutterer, Erik van der Straeten, et al. 2009. A synthesis of African and western Indian Ocean Island mammal taxa (Class: Mammalia) described between 1988 and 2008: an update to Allen (1939) and Ansell (1989). Zootaxa, issue 2205. 1-36.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Barbastella barbastellus guanchae Trujillo, Ibáñez and Juste, 2002 -- valid
  Eidolon helvum annobonensis Juste, Ibáñez and Machordom, 2000 -- invalid
  Epomophorus minimus Claessen and De Vree, 1991 -- invalid -- East African epauletted fruit bat, Least Epauletted Fruit Bat
  Glauconycteris curryae Eger and Schlitter, 2001 -- valid -- Curry's Butterfly Bat
  Miniopterus gleni Peterson, Eger and Mitchell, 1995 -- valid -- Glen's Long-fingered Bat
  Miniopterus minor occidentalis Juste and Ibáñez, 1992 -- valid
  Pipistrellus africanus meesteri Kock, 2001 -- invalid
  Plecotus balensis Kruskop and Lavrenchenko, 2000 -- valid -- Bale Long-eared Bat
  Rhinolophus clivosus hillorum Koopman, 1989 -- invalid
  Rhinolophus maendeleo Kock, Csorba and Howell, 2000 -- valid -- Maendeleo Horseshoe Bat
  Rhinolophus sakejiensis Cotterill, 2002 -- valid -- Sakeji Horseshoe Bat
  Rhinolophus ziama Fahr, Vierhaus, Hutterer and Kock, 2002 -- valid -- Ziama Horseshoe Bat
  Rousettus aegyptiacus princeps Juste and Ibañez, 1993 -- valid
  Rousettus aegyptiacus tomensis Juste and Ibañez, 1993 -- valid

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