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Publication: Mantilla-Meluk, Hugo, and Robert J. Baker. 2006. Systematics of small Anoura (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae) from Colombia, with description of a new species. Occasional Papers of the Museum of Texas Tech University, no. 261. 1-18.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Anoura aequatoris (Lönnberg, 1921) -- valid
  Anoura cadenai Mantilla-Meluk and Baker, 2006 -- valid
  Anoura caudifer (E. Geoffroy, 1818) -- valid -- tailed tailless bat, Tailed Tailless Bat
  Anoura cultrata Handley, 1960 -- valid -- Handley's tailless bat, Handley's Tailless Bat
  Anoura fistulata Muchhala, Mena and Albuja, 2005 -- valid -- Tube-lipped Nectar Bat
  Anoura geoffroyi Gray, 1838 -- valid -- Geoffroy's tailless bat, Geoffroy's Tailless Bat
  Anoura latidens Handley, 1984 -- valid -- broad-toothed tailless bat, Broad-toothed Tailless Bat
  Anoura luismanueli Molinari, 1994 -- valid -- Luis Manuel's Tailless Bat

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