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Publication: Graham, Herbert W., and Natalia Bronikovsky. 1944. The genus Ceratium in the Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans. Scientific Results of Cruise VII of the Carnegie during 1928-1929 under command of Captain J. P. Ault, Biology - V, Publication 565. vii+209.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Chromista
  Ceratium boehmii Graham and Bronikovsky, 1944 -- accepted
  Ceratium lunula f. megaceros Jörgensen, 1911 -- accepted
  Ceratium palmatum (Schröder, 1900) Karsten, 1907 -- not accepted
  Ceratium paradoxides Cleve, 1900 -- accepted
  Ceratium sumatranum (Karsten) Jörgensen, 1911 -- not accepted
  Ceratium tenue f. inclinatum (Kofoid) Jörgensen -- accepted

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