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Publication: Gelder, Stuart R., and Lee Ann Hall. 1990. Description of Xironogiton victoriensis n.sp. from British Columbia, Canada, with remarks on other species and a Wagner analysis of Xironogiton (Clitellata: Branchiobdellida). Canadian Jounal of Zoology, vol. 68, no. 11. 2352-2359.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Xironogiton Ellis, 1919 -- valid
  Xironogiton cassiensis Holt, 1974 -- valid
  Xironogiton fordi Holt, 1974 -- valid
  Xironogiton instabilis (Moore, 1894) -- invalid
  Xironogiton kittitasi Holt, 1974 -- valid
  Xironogiton occidentalis Ellis, 1919 -- valid
  Xironogiton oregonensis Ellis, 1919 -- invalid
  Xironogiton oregonensis oregonensis Ellis, 1919 -- invalid
  Xironogiton victoriensis Gelder and Hall, 1990 -- valid

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