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Publication: Round, F. E., R. M. Crawford, and D. G. Mann. 1990. The Diatoms: Biology and Morphology of the Genera. 747.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Chromista
  Acanthoceras Honigmann -- accepted
  Acanthocerataceae Crawford and Round -- accepted
  Achnanthaceae Kützing emend. Mann -- accepted
  Achnanthidiaceae Mann -- accepted
  Achnanthidium Kützing -- accepted
  Achnanthosigma Pantocsek -- accepted
  Actinocyclus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Actinoptychus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Amphipleura Kützing -- accepted
  Amphiprora Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Amphitetras Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Anaulaceae (Schütt) Lemmermann -- accepted
  Anaulales Round and Crawford -- accepted
  Anaulus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Aneumastus Mann and Stickle in Round, Crawford and Mann -- accepted
  Anorthoneis Grunow -- accepted
  Arachnoidiscaceae Round -- accepted
  Arachnoidiscales Round -- accepted
  Arachnoidiscus Deane ex Shaldbolt, 1852 -- accepted
  Arcocellulus Hasle, von Stosch and Syvertsen -- accepted
  Ardissonea De Notaris -- accepted
  Asterolampra Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Asterolampraceae H.L. Smith -- accepted
  Asterolamprales Round and Crawford -- accepted
  Asteromphalus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Attheya West -- accepted
  Attheyaceae Crawford and Round -- accepted
  Aulacodiscaceae (Schütt) Lemmermann -- accepted
  Aulacodiscus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Aulacoseira Thwaites -- accepted
  Aulacoseiraceae Crawford -- accepted
  Aulacoseirales Crawford -- accepted
  Auliscus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Auricula Castracane, 1873 -- accepted
  Auriculaceae Hendey -- accepted
  Bacillariophycidae Mann -- accepted
  Bacteriastrum Shadbolt -- accepted
  Bellerochea Van Heurck -- accepted
  Bellerocheaceae Crawford -- accepted
  Berkeleya Greville -- accepted
  Berkeleyaceae Mann -- accepted
  Biddulphia S.F. Gray -- accepted
  Biddulphia aurita var. aurita (Lyngbye) Brébisson -- not accepted
  Biddulphia aurita var. obtusa (Kütz.) Hust. -- not accepted
  Biddulphia mobiliensis (J. W. Bailey) Grunow -- not accepted
  Biddulphia regia (Schultze) Ostenf. -- not accepted
  Biddulphia sinensis Grev. -- not accepted
  Biddulphiopsis H.A. von Stosch and R. Simonsen -- accepted
  Biremis Mann and Cox -- accepted
  Bleakeleya Round -- accepted
  Brachysira Kütz. -- accepted
  Brachysiraceae Mann -- accepted
  Brebissonia Grunow -- accepted
  Brightwellia Ralfs in Pritchard -- accepted
  Brockmanniella Hasle, von Stosch and Syvertsen -- accepted
  Campylodiscus Ehrenberg ex Kützing -- accepted
  Campyloneis Grunow -- accepted
  Campylopyxis Medlin -- accepted
  Campylosira Grunow ex Van Heurck -- accepted
  Catacombas Williams and Round -- not accepted
  Catacombas gaillonii (Bory) Williams and Round -- not accepted
  Catenula Mersechkowsky -- accepted
  Catenulaceae Mersechkowsky -- accepted
  Cavinula D.G. Mann and Stickle in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Cavinulaceae Mann -- accepted
  Centronella Voigt -- accepted
  Cerataulina Peragallo -- accepted
  Cerataulus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Chaetoceros Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Chaetocerotaceae Ralfs in Pritchard -- accepted
  Chrysanthemodiscales Round -- accepted
  Chrysanthemodiscus Mann -- accepted
  Cistula Cleve -- accepted
  Climacodium Grunow -- accepted
  Climaconeis Grunow -- accepted
  Climacosphenia Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Climacospheniaceae Round -- accepted
  Climacospheniales Round -- accepted
  Corethraceae Lebour -- accepted
  Corethrales Round and Crawford -- accepted
  Corethron Castracane -- accepted
  Coscinodiscophycidae Round and Crawford -- accepted
  Cosmioneidaceae Mann -- accepted
  Cosmioneis D.G. Mann and Stickle in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Cuneolus Giffen -- accepted
  Cyclophora Castracane -- accepted
  Cylindrotheca Rabenhorst -- accepted
  Cymatoneis Cleve -- accepted
  Cymatosira Grunow -- accepted
  Cymatosiraceae Hasle, von Stosch and Syvertsen -- accepted
  Cymatosirales Round and Crawford -- accepted
  Cymbellonitzschia Hustedt in Schmidt et al -- accepted
  Dactyliosolen Castracane -- accepted
  Delphineis Andrews -- accepted
  Denticulopsis Simonsen -- accepted
  Diadesmidaceae Mann -- accepted
  Diadesmis Kützing -- accepted
  Diatomella Greville -- accepted
  Dictyoneidales Mann -- accepted
  Dictyoneis Cleve -- accepted
  Dimeregramma Ralfs in Pritchard -- accepted
  Dimeregrammopsis M. Ricard -- accepted
  Diplomenora Blazé -- accepted
  Ditylum J. W. Bailey -- accepted
  Donkinia Ralfs in Pritchard -- accepted
  Druridgea Donkin -- not accepted
  Druridgea compressa (West) Donkin -- not accepted
  Druridgia Donkin -- accepted
  Druridgia compressa (West) Donkin -- accepted
  Ellerbeckia Crawford -- accepted
  Encyonema Kützing -- accepted
  Endictya Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Endictyaceae Crawford -- accepted
  Entomoneis Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Epithemia Kützing -- accepted
  Ethmodiscaceae Round -- accepted
  Ethmodiscales Round -- accepted
  Ethmodiscus Castracane -- accepted
  Eucampia Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Eucocconeis Cleve ex Meister -- accepted
  Eunotia Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Eunotogramma Weisse -- accepted
  Eupodiscus Bailey -- accepted
  Extubocellulus Hasle, von Stosch and Syvertsen -- accepted
  Falcula Voigt -- accepted
  Fallacia Stickle and D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Fallacia aequorea (Hustedt) D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Fallacia amphipleuroides (Hustedt) D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Fallacia cryptolyra (Brockmann) Stickle and D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Fallacia forcipata (Greville) Stickle and D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Fragilariophyceae -- not accepted
  Fragilariophycidae Round -- accepted
  Fragilariopsis Hustedt in Schmidt et al. -- accepted
  Frickea Heiden in Schmidt et al. -- accepted
  Frustulia Rabenhorst -- accepted
  Gephyria Arnott -- accepted
  Glyphodesmis Greville -- accepted
  Gomphoneis Cleve -- accepted
  Gomphonemataceae Kützing -- accepted
  Gomphonemopsis Medlin in Medlin and Round -- accepted
  Gomphoseptatum Medlin in Medlin and Round -- accepted
  Gomphotheca Hendey and Sims -- accepted
  Gonioceros H. Peragallo in H. Peragallo and M. Peragallo -- not accepted
  Grammatophora Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Gyrosigma Hassall -- accepted
  Haslea Simonsen -- accepted
  Haslea crucigera (W. Sm.) Simonsen -- accepted
  Heliopeltaceae H.L. Smith -- accepted
  Hemiaulaceae Heiberg -- accepted
  Hemiaulales Round and Crawford -- accepted
  Hemiaulus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Hemidiscaceae Hendey emend. Simonsen -- accepted
  Hemidiscus Wallich -- accepted
  Huttoniella Karsten -- not accepted
  Hyalodiscaceae Crawford -- accepted
  Hyalodiscus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Hydrosera Wallich -- accepted
  Hydrosilicon Brun -- accepted
  Isthmia Agardh -- accepted
  Lampriscus Schmidt -- accepted
  Lauderia Cleve -- accepted
  Lauderiaceae (Schütt) Lemmermann -- accepted
  Leptocylindraceae Lebour -- accepted
  Leptocylindrales Round and Crawford -- accepted
  Leptocylindrus Cleve in Petersen -- accepted
  Leyanella Hasle, von Stosch and Syvertsen -- accepted
  Licmophora Agardh -- accepted
  Licmophoraceae Kützing -- accepted
  Licmophorales Round -- accepted
  Lithodesmiaceae Round -- accepted
  Lithodesmiales Round and Crawford -- accepted
  Lithodesmium Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Luticola D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Luticola goeppertiana (Bleisch in Rabenh.) D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Lyrella Karajeva -- accepted
  Lyrella abrupta (Gregory) D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Lyrella clavata (Gregory) D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Lyrellales Mann -- accepted
  Mastogloiales Mann -- accepted
  Melosira Agardh -- accepted
  Microtabella Round -- accepted
  Minidiscus Hasle -- accepted
  Minutocellus Hasle, von Stosch and Syvertsen -- accepted
  Navicula aequorea Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula amphipleuroides Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula clavata Gregory -- not accepted
  Navicula granulata Bailey -- not accepted
  Navicula lyra var. abrupta Gregory -- not accepted
  Neidium Pfitzer -- accepted
  Neodelphineis Takano -- accepted
  Neodelphineis pelagica Takano, 1982 -- accepted
  Neosynedra Williams and Round -- accepted
  Odontella aurita (Lyngb.) C. Agardh -- accepted
  Odontella aurita var. aurita (Lyngb.) C. Agardh -- not accepted
  Odontella aurita var. obtusa (Kütz.) -- not accepted
  Odontella mobilensis (J. W. Bailey) Grunow -- accepted
  Odontella obtusa Kütz. -- accepted
  Odontella regia (Schultze) Simonsen -- accepted
  Odontella sinensis (Grev.) Grunow -- accepted
  Oxyneis Round -- accepted
  Papiliocellulus Hasle, von Stosch and Syvertsen -- accepted
  Paralia Heiberg -- accepted
  Paraliaceae Crawford -- accepted
  Paraliales Crawford -- accepted
  Perissonoe Andrews and Stoelzel -- accepted
  Peronia Brébisson and Arnott ex Kitton -- accepted
  Peroniaceae (Karsten) Topachevs'kyj and Oksiyuk -- accepted
  Petrodictyon Mann -- accepted
  Petroneis Stickle and Mann in Round, Crawford and Mann -- accepted
  Phacodiscus Meunier -- accepted
  Phaeodactylaceae Silva -- accepted
  Phaeodactylum Bohlin -- accepted
  Pinnularia Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Plagiodiscus Grunow and Eulenstein -- accepted
  Plagiogramma Greville -- accepted
  Plagiogrammaceae De Toni -- accepted
  Plagiogrammopsis Hasle, von Stosch and Syvertsen -- accepted
  Plagiotropis Pfitzer -- accepted
  Pleurosigma Smith -- accepted
  Pleurosira (Meneghini) Trevisan di San Leon -- accepted
  Podocystis Bailey -- accepted
  Podosira Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Progonoia Schrader -- accepted
  Proschkinia Karajeva -- accepted
  Proschkinia complanata (Grunow) D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Proschkinia complanatula (Hustedt ex Simonsen) D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Protoraphidaceae Simonsen -- accepted
  Protoraphidales Round -- accepted
  Protoraphis Simonsen -- accepted
  Psammodictyon D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Psammodiscaceae Round and Mann -- accepted
  Psammodiscus Round and Mann -- accepted
  Pseudogomphonema Medlin -- accepted
  Pseudohimantidium Hustedt and Krasske -- accepted
  Pseudotriceratium Grunow -- accepted
  Pteroncola Holmes and Croll -- accepted
  Reimeria Kociolek and Stoermer -- accepted
  Rhabdonema Kützing -- accepted
  Rhabdonemataceae Round and Crawford -- accepted
  Rhabdonematales Round and Crawford -- accepted
  Rhaphoneidaceae Forti -- accepted
  Rhaphoneidales Round -- accepted
  Rhaphoneis Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Rhoikoneis Grunow -- accepted
  Rhopalodia Müller -- accepted
  Rhopalodiales Mann -- accepted
  Roperia Grunow ex Pelletan -- accepted
  Sceptroneis Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Scolioneis Mann -- accepted
  Scoliotropis Cleve -- accepted
  Sellaphora Mersechkowsky -- accepted
  Sellaphoraceae Mersechkowsky -- accepted
  Seminavis Mann -- accepted
  Semiorbis Patrick in Patrick and Reimer -- accepted
  Sheshukovia Glezer -- accepted
  Simonsenia Lange-Bertalot -- accepted
  Skeletonemataceae Lebour, amend. Round -- accepted
  Staurophora Mersechkowsky -- accepted
  Staurosira (Ehrenberg) Williams and Round -- accepted
  Stellarima Hasle and Sims -- accepted
  Stenoneis Cleve -- accepted
  Stenopterobia Brébisson ex Van Heurck -- accepted
  Stephanopyxidaceae Nikolaev -- accepted
  Stephanopyxis (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Stictocyclus A. Mann -- accepted
  Stictodiscus Greville -- accepted
  Streptotheca Shrubsole -- accepted
  Streptothecaceae Crawford -- accepted
  Striatella Agardh -- accepted
  Striatellaceae Kützing -- accepted
  Striatellales Round -- accepted
  Subsilicea von Stosch and Reimann -- accepted
  Surirellales Mann -- accepted
  Synedrosphenia (Peragallo) Azpeitia Moros -- accepted
  Tabulariopsis Williams -- accepted
  Tetracyclus Ralfs -- accepted
  Thalassioneis Round -- accepted
  Thalassionema Grunow ex Hustedt -- accepted
  Thalassionemataceae Round -- accepted
  Thalassionematales Round -- accepted
  Thalassiophysa Conger -- accepted
  Thalassiophysales Mann -- accepted
  Thalassiothrix Cleve and Grunow -- accepted
  Toxarium Bailey -- accepted
  Toxonidea Donkin -- accepted
  Trachyneis Cleve -- accepted
  Trachysphenia Petit -- accepted
  Triceratiaceae (Schütt) Lemmermann -- accepted
  Triceratiales Round and Crawford -- accepted
  Triceratium Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Trichotoxon Reid and Round -- accepted
  Trigonium Cleve -- accepted

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