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Publication: Van Landingham, Sam L. 1969. Catalogue of the Fossil and Recent Genera and Species of Diatoms and their Synonyms Part III. Coscinophaena through Fibula. 1087 - 1756.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Chromista
  Cyclotella (Kützing) de Brebisson -- accepted
  Dimeregramma lanceolatum Peragallo and Peragallo -- not accepted
  Dimeregramma marinum (Gregory) Ralfs in Pritchard -- accepted
  Dimeregramma marinum f. lanceolata Peragallo and Peragallo -- accepted
  Dimeregramma marinum var. marinum (Gregory) Ralfs in Pritchard -- accepted
  Dimeregramma minor (Gregory) Ralfs in Pritchard -- accepted
  Eucampia Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Eucampia antarctica (Castracane) Mangin -- accepted
  Eucampia balaustium Castracane -- accepted
  Eucampia groenlandica Cleve -- accepted
  Eucampia groenlandica var. recta Kisselev, 1925 -- accepted
  Euodia atlantica Petit in H. Peragallo, 1888 -- not accepted

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