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Publication: Heyning, John E., and William F. Perrin. 1994. Evidence for Two Species of Common Dolphins (Genus Delphinus) from the Eastern North Pacific. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Contributions in Science, no. 442. 1-35.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Delphinus capensis Gray, 1828 -- invalid -- Long-beaked Common Dolphin, long-beaked saddle-backed dolphin, long-beaked saddleback dolphin
  Delphinus delphis Linnaeus, 1758 -- valid -- common dolphin, Delfín común, saddle-backed dolphin, Short-beaked Common Dolphin, short-beaked saddle-backed dolphin, Short-beaked Saddleback Dolphin
  Delphinus tropicalis van Bree, 1971 -- invalid -- Arabian common dolphin, Arabian saddle-backed dolphin, Arabian saddleback dolphin, Malabar common dolphin, Malabar saddleback dolphin

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