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Publication: Collette, Bruce B., and Christopher R. Aadland. 1996. Revision of the frigate tunas (Scombridae, Auxis), with descriptions of two new subspecies from the eastern Pacific. Fishery Bulletin, vol. 94, no. 3. 423-441.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Auxis Cuvier, 1829 -- valid -- frigate mackerels, frigate tunas
  Auxis hira Kishinouye, 1915 -- invalid
  Auxis maru Kishinouye, 1915 -- invalid
  Auxis rochei (Risso, 1810) -- valid -- bonitou, bullet mackerel, bullet tuna, long corseletted frigate mackerel, melvera
  Auxis rochei eudorax Collette and Aadland, 1996 -- valid
  Auxis rochei rochei (Risso, 1810) -- valid -- bullet mackerel, bullet tuna, frigate mackerel, melva aleticorto
  Auxis tapeinosoma Bleeker, 1854 -- invalid
  Auxis thazard (Lacepède, 1800) -- valid -- auxide, frigate mackerel, frigate tuna, melva
  Auxis thazard brachydorax Collette and Aadland, 1996 -- valid
  Auxis thazard thazard (Lacepède, 1800) -- valid -- frigate mackerel, melva aletilargo
  Auxis thynnoides Bleeker, 1855 -- invalid
  Scomber rochei Risso, 1810 -- invalid
  Scomber thazard Lacepède, 1800 -- invalid

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