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Publication: Bruder, Katrin, and Linda K. Medlin. 2007. Molecular assessment of phylogenetic relationships in selected species/genera in the naviculoid diatoms (Bacillariophyta). I. The genus Placoneis. Nova Hedwigia, vol. 85, no. 3-4. 331-352.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Chromista
  Dickieia Berkeley ex Kützing -- accepted
  Eolimna Lange-Bertalot and W. Schiller -- accepted
  Haslea Simonsen -- accepted
  Hippodonta Lange-Bertalot, Witkowski and Metzeltin -- accepted
  Luticola D.G. Mann in Round, R.M. Crawford and D.G. Mann -- accepted
  Mayamaea Lange-Bertalot -- accepted
  Navicula hambergii Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula tripunctata (O.F. Müller) Bory -- accepted
  Parlibellus E.J. Cox -- accepted
  Placoneis Mersechkowsky -- accepted
  Placoneis hambergii (Hustedt) K. Bruder in Bruder and Medlin -- accepted
  Proschkinia Karajeva -- accepted

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