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Publication: Johansen, Jeffrey R., Rex Lowe, Shannon R. Gomez, J. Patrick Kociolek, and Susan A. Makosky 2004 New algal species records for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, U.S.A., with an annotated checklist of all reported algal species for the park Archiv für Hydrobiologie Supplement, vol. 150 (Algological Studies 111) 17-44

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Chromista
  Luticola minor (R.M. Patrick) Mayama -- not accepted
  Luticola naviculoides Johansen -- accepted
  Luticola stigma (Patrick) Johansen -- accepted
  Luticola terminata (Hustedt) Johansen -- accepted
  Navicula anglica Ralfs in Pritchard -- not accepted
  Navicula mobiliensis var. minor R.M. Patrick -- not accepted
  Navicula mutica var. stigma Patrick -- not accepted
  Navicula mutica var. tropica Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula neglecta Krasske -- not accepted
  Navicula pupula var. elliptica Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula pupula var. rostrata Hustedt -- not accepted
  Navicula terminata Hustedt -- not accepted
  Placoneis neglecta (Krasske) Lowe -- accepted
  Sellaphora rostrata (Hustedt) Johansen -- not accepted
  Sellaphora wummensis Johansen -- accepted

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