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Publication: Pearson, Joseph / Herdman, W. A., ed. 1903. Report on the Holothurioidea Collected by Professor Herdman, at Ceylon, in 1902. Report to the Government of Ceylon on the Pearl Oyster Fisheries of the Gulf of Manaar. With Supplementary Reports upon the Marine Biology of Ceylon by other Naturalists. 181-208.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Actinocucumis donnani Pearson, 1903 -- valid
  Actinopyga serratidens Pearson, 1903 -- valid
  Havelockia Pearson, 1903 -- valid
  Havelockia herdmani Pearson, 1903 -- invalid
  Holothuria gallensis Pearson, 1903 -- invalid
  Stichopus chloronotus fuscus Pearson, 1903 -- invalid
  Thyone calcarea Pearson, 1903 -- invalid
  Thyone fusca Pearson, 1903 -- valid
  Thyone hornelli Pearson, 1903 -- invalid

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