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Publication: Giribet, G., and G. Hormiga, revisers, in Brusca, Richard C., Wendy Moore, and Stephen M. Schuster. 2016. Chapter 24: Phylum Arthropoda: The Chelicerata. Invertebrates, Third Edition. 911-966.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Arachnida -- valid -- arachnids, aracnídeo, arácnidos, araignées
  Chelicerata -- valid -- cheliceriformes, quelicerado, queliceriforme
  Euchelicerata -- valid
  Opilioacariformes -- valid
  Pycnogonida -- valid -- sea spiders
  Xiphosura -- valid
  Xiphosura -- invalid -- horseshoe crabs

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