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Publication: Holdich, David M., and Francesca Gherardi / Gherardi, Francesca, and David M. Holdich, eds. 1999. Native and alien crayfish in Europe: An Introduction. Crustacean Issues 11. Crayfish in Europe as Alien Species. How to Make the Best of a Bad Situation?. 3-9.

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 Kingdom Animalia
  Cherax destructor Clark, 1936 -- valid
  Cherax quadricarinatus (von Martens, 1868) -- valid
  Cherax tenuimanus Smith, 1912 -- valid
  Orconectes limosus (Rafinesque, 1817) -- invalid -- spinycheek crayfish
  Orconectes rusticus (Girard, 1852) -- invalid -- rusty crayfish
  Pacifastacus leniusculus (Dana, 1852) -- valid -- signal crayfish
  Procambarus clarkii (Girard, 1852) -- valid -- red swamp crawfish, red swamp crayfish
  Procambarus zonangulus Hobbs and Hobbs III, 1990 -- valid -- Southern White River Crawfish

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