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Publication: Pyron, R. Alexander, Frank T. Burbrink, and John J. Wiens. 2013. A phylogeny and revised classification of Squamata, including 4161 species of lizards and snakes. BMC Evolutionary Biology, vol. 13, no. 93. 1-53.

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 Kingdom Animalia
  Anguidae -- valid -- Alligator Lizards, Anguid Lizards, Anguids, Galliwasps, Glass Lizards
  Anguinae -- valid -- glass lizards
  Anniellidae -- invalid -- Legless Lizards, North American Legless Lizards
  Gerrhonotinae -- valid -- alligator lizards
  Shinisauridae -- valid
  Xenosauridae -- valid -- knob-scaled lizards

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