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Publication: Parin, N. V., and T. N. Belyanina 2002 Review of Flyingfishes of the Subgenus Danichthys (Genus Hirundichthys, Exocoetidae) Journal of Ichthyology, vol. 42, supplement 1 S23-S44

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 Kingdom Animalia
  Hirundichthys (Danichthys) Brunn, 1934 -- invalid
  Hirundichthys albimaculatus (Fowler, 1934) -- valid
  Hirundichthys gilberti (Snyder, 1904) -- invalid
  Hirundichthys marginatus (Nichols and Breder, 1928) -- valid -- bladewing flyingfish, volador ala navaja
  Hirundichthys rondeletii (Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1847) -- valid -- blackwing flyingfish, brownwinged flyingfish, nonsuch flyingfish, volador de alas negras, volador ala negra

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